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    Well, the YOU was meant more rhetorically than personally, Annie, I should have made that clearer, because everyone alive is responsible for the state of affairs, some more than others. Most of us are powerless to direct the course of events, but however virtuous our lives may have been, we have not been able to fix the fundamental problem, and most still don’t understand that. At all.

    The news concerning the Arctic icecap should have impacted everyone with the sort of shock that they would receive if their doctor told them they had a brain tumour, because that’s the sort of significance it has for everyone’s future.

    What has happened ? Well, it’s human psychology, isn’t it. Forget the nasty news about the brain tumour, and carry on as if you never ever even heard it…

    So, the ignorant morons ‘running’ the country, whose major concerns are getting and keeping power, and making money for their buddies, propose building more roads... because trashing more countryside and covering it with concrete and tarmac so more people can drive and pollute… will surely solve the problem ?  so smart, eh ? What a good plan !

    Well, what will it do ? Certainly nothing that addresses climate change… quite the opposite, more emissions of CO2, more of ‘nature’, or ‘semi-nature’, gets defiled and destroyed… so someone can make money, provide jobs, pay taxes to the Treasury, who can use the cash to subsidise more environmental destruction, so some more people can make money… whilst everyone everywhere loses, as the global climate becomes increasingly chaotic…

    But there we are. The morons making these decisions, as they stuff their gullets with cornflakes, have spent their whole lives plotting and scheming and dreaming of more cash, more power… the news about the brain tumour will just have to wait until they are rich enough to afford to…

    …erm, well, rich enough to live on a planet where the forests and phytoplankton that provide the oxygen have all died, and the oceans are toxic dead zones, producing clouds of poisonous gases that drift overland… ?

    At least the Norwegians are trying. But it is a very odd strategy. It’s like punching yourself very hard in the face all day, causing grave injury and bruising. Then spending the next day tenderly applying salves and healing ointments. So that the next day you can punch yourself in the face all over again, and keep repeating the crazy feedback loop…

    “Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, said: “Norway is showing how you can use oil income to fund the transition out of oil, we should be doing the same with UK oil revenues. The Scottish National Party have always been keen on the Norwegian oil fund, and now it is setting an example really worth following.”

    So, the Scots have a plan, too… The face punching strategy to achieve a nice rosy complexion…


    Except it is all PR bullshit. The ‘transition out of oil’ ? The transition to WHAT ? A world where the biosphere has collapsed… because all these fucking PR placeholders, who get their trickle down crumbs from a system built on oil and economic growth, have not yet grasped the brain tumour news either, as they stuff cornflakes down their gullets…

    The catastrophe we have TODAY, is the result of what happened three decades ago. We never stopped increasing emissions three decades ago. The results of that are in the pipeline… even if we stop emissions completely, today, things still keep getting worse for many decades to come…

    And what is that ‘worse’ ? It’s what we are ‘transitioning’ into. A fucking dystopian nightmare of chaotic climate change. Methane, methane, methane. Ocean acidification. Unpredictable extreme weather events. Prolonged droughts, where the crops all fail. Severe floods. Extreme snow falls and extreme cold periods. All much more disruptive and deadly than anything ‘civilisation’ has had to encounter, or any of the morons eating the cornflakes can imagine…

    And it gets worse… but why go on ? The brain tumour news spoils the cornflakes… so comfort yourselves with warm fuzzy platitudes like….

    “Don’t let the prospect of impending disaster crush your spirits. Don’t let the prospect of a suboptimal long-term future kill your hope. Hope for the unlikely! Work for the unlikely! Remember, too, that even if we do not succeed in our fight for a better world, there will still be a future world. And there will still be a world with a future – just less beautiful and less harmonious than it could have been.”

    Someone else will sort it, don’t worry, it can’t really be a brain tumour, the doctor must have made a mistake, they do, sometimes, you know…

    Sub fucking optimal ?? You mean, extinction of most living things ?

    Hope for the unlikely ?? The Fairy Fucking Godmother with the Wand ??

    Yeah. Right. But we don’t need to bother with ‘hope’ or ‘the unlikely’, because we have empirical science, we can measure stuff and predict the likely, and even the goddam certain… brain tumours have a predictable prognosis… they tend to make for a kinda ‘less harmonious‘ future…

    Probability with error bars. Feedback loops, like ‘more methane = faster warming = more methane released, means higher temperatures faster, sooner… means more dramatic climate change faster sooner… it’s ALREADY happening sooner than the climatologists expected, and it’s happening so fast that the scientists cannot even keep up, and it’s going to get very much worse…

    But never mind, all you clueless ones… because there’s nothing you can do about it, is there. Keep on driving, flying, consuming the stuff, voting for the morons who make wars to steal the oil and gas, from other people somewhere out there in tv land…. so they can build more roads and drive more cars… and keep the economy growing, growing… and making global warming worse…

    And anybody who thinks this is a crazy state of affairs and protests or resists, well, there are the truncheons and the tear gas and the prison cells and the kind of surveillance and propaganda that made North Korea famous as a world leader, showing us all the way forward…

    Sub fucking optimal... right. Finish your cornflakes and prepare to transition to a sub optimal future, whilst hoping for the unlikely… Sounds good, eh ?

    And, hey, don’t forget the brain tumour !

    Two degrees centigrade… we are ALREADY way past !






    And for those, like me, who enjoy philosophy… some brain food…

    Thomas Nagel, Mind and Cosmos: Overview

    “I think I shall have to write a number of posts on this exciting and idea-rich book by one of our best philosophers.  Here is the first.”



    More Orwellian double-speak PR bullshit from the corporate-funded shills…

    Investing In Nature Makes Economic Sense



    “The challenge of a human life is to live truly free. When you realize that you are not your name, you are not any function, you are not your gender, and in truth you are not anything you can think yourself to be, you recognize the spaciousness of who you truly are. You recognize this spacious consciousness to be already free, regardless of any thought that may appear in consciousness. I am — beingness — is primary spaciousness in form. In our human form I think follows being. To discover that by stopping thinking (while remaining conscious) for only a moment is to discover yourself independent of any thought of yourself.”


    Yeah, well, how about forgetting about being ‘truly free’, because that implies a ‘someone’ who is not truly free, and a ‘something’ which limits that freedom, and maybe think about serving the biosphere, dedicating one’s existence to Right Livelihood, which, at this critical point, must mean fighting for fragments of ecological integrity that still remain ? Because, in the absence of a viable biosphere, there are no people. Free or not.





    “We have built an economy that does not reliably value or conserve the natural capital on which it depends. As we chart a transition to sustainability, we must find diverse, creative mechanisms for getting the economics right. These innovations – in harnessing markets, funding protected areas and redirecting subsidies into the regeneration of natural resources – offer parts of the solution.”


    Financing a Greener Future.


    Yeah. Sure. Having watched what happened to the Forestry Stewardship Council, forgive me if I’m somewhat cynical about this crap… when corporate power and money co-opts conservation and then does pretty much what it would have done anyway… greenwashing…


    I mean, this vacuous waffle about ‘charting a transition to sustainability’ is garbage.

    ‘Sustainable’ means ‘Stop trashing the ecology of the biosphere’ which is incompatible with ‘Getting the economics right’, unless it means dismantling the entire global economic, financial, banking, and currency system that we presently have, which is entirely dependent upon the fundamental principle of eternal and infinite expansion and growth…

    If you remove that cornerstone of the capitalist economic system, constant growth, the whole thing collapses. And what governments, what corporations, what banks, are going to voluntarily annihilate themselves ? What voters are going to vote in favour of losing their jobs and their incomes ?

    Making a profit, means growing. Companies HAVE to make profits, or else they contract, lose to competition, and go out of business. People only invest in companies to make money, they don’t invest in companies that don’t make any money. The whole system is built upon profitable growth.

    It’s controlled by the big banks, who create the money out of nothing, so they have all the power.

    Are they, or rather the mega-rich families who own them, and the governments who are married to them, going to willingly give up that position, in favour of ‘nature’ ?

    And that has to happen, like, yesterday, if we want to avoid catastrophic climate change ?


    I don’t like living in a world where nobody will tell the truth…




    “Last month, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Zoological Society of London published a list of the 100 most endangered species on the planet. It included species with wonderful names, such as the Silky sifaka, Somphongs’s rasbora and the Gooty tarantula.

    Fiona Harvey, the Guardian’s environment correspondent, wrote:

    The list is presented as a challenge, with the title: “Priceless or worthless?” Its compilers ask whether we care only for species that are iconic and “charismatic”, such as tigers and pandas and those, such as the appetite-suppressing hoodia cactus of the Kalahari, that may yield benefits for medicine or other purposes. Or should we decide, they wonder, that even the apparently less-favoured species we are wiping out deserve to be preserved.

    The same article also quoted Prof Jonathan Baillie, director of conservation at the Zoological Society of London:

    The donor community and conservation movement are increasingly leaning towards a ‘what can nature do for us?’ approach, where species and wild habitats are valued and prioritised according to these services they provided for people. This has made it increasingly difficult for conservationists to protect the most threatened species on the planet…We have an important moral and ethical decision to make: do these species have a right to survive or do we have a right to drive them to extinction?”





    Ah, those soft, soft drinks…


    “Reducing the risk of extinction for threatened species and establishing protected areas for nature will cost the world over $76bn dollars annually.

    Researchers say it is needed to meet globally agreed conservation targets by 2020.

    The scientists say the daunting number is just a fifth of what the world spends on soft drinks annually.

    And it amounts to just 1% of the value of ecosystems being lost every year, they report in the journal Science.

    Back in 2002, governments around the world agreed that they would achieve a significant reduction in biodiversity loss by 2010. But the deadline came and went and the rate of loss increased.”





    Some good news, sort of… the evil Disney Corp agrees to be slightly less evil…


    “Environmentalists campaigning to prevent the wholesale destruction of the Indonesian rainforest scored a major victory on Wednesday after coaxing the Walt Disney company, one of the world’s largest publishers of children’s books, to revamp its paper purchasing policies and sever ties with two of Asia’s most controversial pulp and paper manufacturers.

    After two years of occasionally testy exchanges and intense negotiation with the Rainforest Action Network (Ran), a San Francisco-based advocacy group, Disney agreed in a new written policy to do everything it could to safeguard endangered forests and their ecosystems, which support the sorts of animals celebrated in Disney feature films and their multimedia spinoffs.”




    The European Union have just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize… you couldn’t make it up!


    Wonder what Greece thinks about that!



    Even more bad news… Wales 2 Scotland 1 🙁



    “For how much more terrifying is the evildoer who pretends to be good – the devil who tries, and succeeds, in passing himself off as a saint?”

    The evil of Jimmy Savile and the lengths the  BBC institution will go to cover up for one of its own.



    How could the creator of Big Brother co-operate with the covert operators of the British state? The resolution is not that difficult to find. From The Road to Wigan Pier to the end of his life, Orwell used his books and essays to name and shame suspects. He criticised the establishment but, more often than not, he established himself as the archetypal contrarian facing down the deviant left. He had patrolled the borders of socialism as a lone ranger of decency, the authoritative voice of dissent limiting the dissent of others. He had used decency and morality to discredit others as indecent and immoral. And now, having warned of the power of the state, he had discreetly shared his campaign with the state.

    “Comrade Orwell, the former police officer of British imperialism . . . Comrade Orwell, former fellow-traveller of the pacifists . . . [whom] he now attacks! . . . Comrade Orwell, former extreme left-winger . . . defender of anarchists . . . And now Comrade Orwell who returns to his imperialist allegiances and works at the BBC . . .” – has never been rebutted effectively, either by Orwell or by generations of his defenders.



    I’ve been wondering, alongside many, as to why the British tabloids didn’t attempt to expose Jimmy Savile for the creep he was. I mean, they’re not shy at exposing  and fabricating evidence of others when it suits them. Something Ian Hislop (editor of Private Eye) hinted at last night on HIGNFY made me wonder if more than the institutions of the BBC and NHS were involved in shielding him. Apparently, Sir Jimmy spent Christmas day and New Years Eve with ex Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her family at Chequers for 11 years of her premiership. Now I’m not saying Maggie knew he was a pervert, but she made it plain to the tabloids and everyone who was ‘anyone’ that he was one of ‘them’, which translates as ‘Lay off!’




    Hmmm. I’d need to devote a lot more of my life than I feel willing to do, at this moment, to keep up with you on your Orwell hunt, Annie…


    As for Savile and your suggestion… my unprovable suspicion is this, it’s been clear for years that there is some dark satanic organisation concealed in America, that uses paedophilia as a tool and a recreational resource… it goes right back to Operation Paperclip and MKultra, when the imported nazis and the CIA trained little children to provide sexual services, so that they could be used as honeytraps to seduce and blackmail politicians and Soviet people who had been identified as having a taste for that sort of thing…

    When paedophilia connections and child porn became available on the internet, the US authorities identified hundreds and hundreds of prominent ‘respectable’ individual, in this country and many others, who were involved, judges, policemen, teachers, etc,. My suspicion is that the dark forces used, and are using, that knowledge, for their own ends. They can say to anyone who holds an influential position, ‘work for us, or we expose you and ruin your career and family life’.

    They care nothing about the actual children, they just want ever-more power. It’s like the mafia or the mexican cartels. Would you like the lead or the silver ? Lead is death, silver is cash. An offer you can’t refuse.

    Look how Dominique Strauss Khan got set up sodomising a chamber maid. Or not. According to whom you believe. Supposedly by Sarkozy and the French secret intelligence agencies. Murdoch press have always been up to their necks in dirt and intrigue, specialising in character assassination and nasty deals behind the scenes. They tell the stories to smear their opponents and  promote their allies. Paedophilia and child abuse cases almost always seem to get covered up and quickly disappear from public scrutiny. Somebody likes it that way.



    You might find this interesting…


    “As Marxists, we share the premise that Marx’s “critique of political economy” remains the starting point for understanding our socio-economic predicament. In order to grasp the specificity of that predicament, however, we must get rid of the last vestiges of Marx’s evolutionary historicism…”

                         – Zizek, Slavoj, The Year of Dreaming Dangerously





    So the 1%, the bankers, and their horrible undemocratic attack dog, the IMF, with it’s insane and obsolete neo-classical economic policies, has now admitted it ‘made a mistake with its arithmetic’, so all this misery and suffering in Greece and elsewhere, results from idiots who can’t do their sums properly… so how about an apology and compensation for the victims ? well, the ones who are still alive…


    The move came after IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard admitted the Fund’s calculations of the impact of austerity had been seriously wrong.

    The Fund’s World Economic Outlook, published on Monday, contained a serious revision of the way its experts calculate the so-called “fiscal multipliers”.

    They had assumed, as the British Treasury does, that each 1 euro of cuts and tax rises takes 50 cents off GDP growth. Now, because of the paralysed banking system and the co-ordinated nature of austerity, preventing countries from recovering through export markets, the Fund estimates the impact is between 0.9% and 1.7%.

    This is quite a massive revision – and explains why the Fund has been continually unable to predict the outcome of austerity measures, and constantly disoriented by the capacity for developed economies to take a double dip.




    The rumour was that Strauss Khan got assassinated because he was too soft and not willing to do the dirty work that Geithner and Wall St and the Fed wanted done, to spread their fascist corporatism into Europe…






    I hate those american cartoons.


    Hmm, thinking of american cartoons and myths and fables… Animal Farm (a book and movie cartoon fable :-)) was not the first book to describe a revolt by animals that take over their farm in order to introduce ‘equality.’  ‘Revolt‘  by Władysław Stanisław Reymont, polish author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1924, was an extremely similar book to Orwells, apparently;

    Reymont’s last book, Bunt (Revolt), serialized 1922 and published in book form in 1924, describes a revolt by animals which take over their farm in order to introduce “equality”. The revolt quickly degenerates into abuse and bloody terror.

    The story was a metaphor for the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and was banned 1945–1989 in communist Poland, along with George Orwell‘s similar novella, Animal Farm(published in Britain in 1945). It is unknown whether Orwell knew of Reymont’s Revolt of over two decades earlier. Reymont’s novel was reprinted in Poland in 2004.

    Maybe it was all coincidental, after all, coincidences do happen! And heaven forbid anyone accusing St George of being a plagiarizing pig as well as a grass! Hmm, however, Reymont was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature over rivals Thomas MannMaxim Gorky and Thomas Hardy (!) which leads one to imagine that he must have, at least, heard of it…

    Interestingly, Reymont’s book ‘The Promised Land’ (1899) was adapted to film in 1974 by Andrzei Wajda, unfortunately, it was not shown in American movie theaters due to accusations of anti-Semitism, but it did receive an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. Ah, wasn’t that nice of them 🙂

    His most famous work, The Peasants’, is the book I’d most like to read, having been compared to the best works of Thomas Hardy and Émile Zola.

    The narrative structure followed the seasons from autumn to summer and the church holidays and religious rituals interwoven with the rhythm of the season. Because Reymont had used a local dialect, the novel, especially its dialogue, was not easy to translate into another language. However, the first volume came out in Russian in 1904 and a German translation was published in 1912.

    Sounds wonderful 🙂






    They all stole ideas from Zamyatin’s ‘We’, from 1921



    Hmm, well, I dunno. Reymont was writing much earlier (although he did finish writing his first draft of  Revolt in 1922) He was a genuine polish ‘peasant’ though, which maybe implies he was a touch more authentic in his work.


    Plus, the similarities of Revolt and Animal Farm are incredible!



    WikiLeaks, famous for publishing submissions of secret information, news leaks and classified media from anonymous news sources has started releasing highly confidential and secret documents about ”THE DETAINEE POLICIES” of the U.S. Army Prison facilities around the world.




    Uh-oh, is this the beginning of even more damaging wikileaks info? Julian better pay close attention to what he’s eating/drinking/smoking…


    Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

    AS PROTESTS against financial power sweep the world this week, science may have confirmed the protesters’ worst fears. An analysis of the relationships between 43,000 transnational corporations has identified a relatively small group of companies, mainly banks, with disproportionate power over the global economy.


    The top 50 of the 147 superconnected companies
    1. Barclays plc
    2. Capital Group Companies Inc
    3. FMR Corporation
    4. AXA
    5. State Street Corporation
    6. JP Morgan Chase & Co
    7. Legal & General Group plc
    8. Vanguard Group Inc
    9. UBS AG
    10. Merrill Lynch & Co Inc
    11. Wellington Management Co LLP
    12. Deutsche Bank AG
    13. Franklin Resources Inc
    14. Credit Suisse Group
    15. Walton Enterprises LLC
    16. Bank of New York Mellon Corp
    17. Natixis
    18. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
    19. T Rowe Price Group Inc
    20. Legg Mason Inc
    21. Morgan Stanley
    22. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc
    23. Northern Trust Corporation
    24. Société Générale
    25. Bank of America Corporation
    26. Lloyds TSB Group plc
    27. Invesco plc
    28. Allianz SE 29. TIAA
    30. Old Mutual Public Limited Company
    31. Aviva plc
    32. Schroders plc
    33. Dodge & Cox
    34. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc*
    35. Sun Life Financial Inc
    36. Standard Life plc
    37. CNCE
    38. Nomura Holdings Inc
    39. The Depository Trust Company
    40. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
    41. ING Groep NV
    42. Brandes Investment Partners LP
    43. Unicredito Italiano SPA
    44. Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
    45. Vereniging Aegon
    46. BNP Paribas
    47. Affiliated Managers Group Inc
    48. Resona Holdings Inc
    49. Capital Group International Inc
    50. China Petrochemical Group Company


    The main “flaw” in this study, is that it equates ownership with control. Would be interesting to see a study that reveals the real controllers.

    Yaneer Bar-Yam, head of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), warns that the analysis assumes ownership equates to control, which is not always true. Most company shares are held by fund managers who may or may not control what the companies they part-own actually do. The impact of this on the system’s behaviour, he says, requires more analysis.




    The Four Companies That Control the 147 Companies That Own Everything


    That means the real power to control the world lies with four companies: McGraw-Hill, which owns Standard & Poor’s, Northwestern Mutual, which owns Russell Investments, the index arm of which runs the benchmark Russell 1,000 and Russell 3,000, CME Group which owns 90% of Dow Jones Indexes, and Barclay’s, which took over Lehman Brothers and its Lehman Aggregate Bond Index, the dominant world bond fund index. Together, these four firms dominate the world of indexing. And in turn, that means they hold real sway over the world’s money.


    Somebody else having Frankenstein nightmares!


    Frankenstorms and climate change:
    How the 1% created a monster

    “If the study to which you apply yourself has a tendency to weaken your affections, and to destroy your taste for those simple pleasures in which no alloy can possibly mix, then that study is certainly unlawful, that is to say, not befitting the human mind. 

    “If this rule were always observed; if no man allowed any pursuit whatsoever to interfere with the tranquility of his domestic affections, Greece had not been enslaved; Caesar would have spared his country; America would have been discovered more gradually; and the empires of Mexico and Peru had not been destroyed.”

    —Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley.

    There is little doubt that freakish and unnaturally-assembled storms are a taste of what the future holds under an economic system that has “interfered with the tranquility of domestic affections,” galvanized the forces of nature into a fury of clashing dislocations as we pump ever-more heat-trapping gases into our atmosphere and industrial filth into our lungs.

    The riptides of climate change are beginning to tear at the fabric of our biosphere as the earth’s climate system lurches, in ungainly and lumbering jerks, from the relatively dormant and benign stability of the last 10,000 years, toward a more volatile, violent and less hospitable new climatic state previously unknown to human civilization.



    It will be over soon, sweetheart 🙂

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