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    The Deep State runs everything in America since at least Nov 22, 1963. Kennedy promised to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds. Instead, the CIA shattered his brains into a thousand pieces.

    The Deep State is a troika of the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street and the Spooks who spy on everyone.

    The NSA spies on the Supreme Court, Congress and the White House and you.

    The most extraordinary passage in the memo requires that the Israeli spooks “destroy upon recognition” any communication provided by the NSA “that is either to or from an official of the US government.” It goes on to spell out that this includes “officials of the Executive Branch (including the White House, Cabinet Departments, and independent agencies); the US House of Representatives and Senate (members and staff); and the US Federal Court System (including, but not limited to, the Supreme Court).”

    The stunning implication of this passage is that NSA spying targets not only ordinary American citizens, but also Supreme Court justices, members of Congress and the White House itself. One could hardly ask for a more naked exposure of a police state.

    Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State

    There is the visible government situated around the Mall in Washington, and then there is another, more shadowy, more indefinable government that is not explained in Civics 101 or observable to tourists at the White House or the Capitol. The former is traditional Washington partisan politics: the tip of the iceberg that a public watching C-SPAN sees daily and which is theoretically controllable via elections. The subsurface part of the iceberg I shall call the Deep State, which operates according to its own compass heading regardless of who is formally in power.

    Who rules America?

    The secret collaboration of the military, the intelligence and national security agencies, and gigantic corporations in the systematic and illegal surveillance of the American people reveals the true wielders of power in the United States. Telecommunications giants such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, and Internet companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, provide the military and the FBI and CIA with access to data on hundreds of millions of people that these state agencies have no legal right to possess.

    Congress and both of the major political parties serve as rubber stamps for the confluence of the military, the intelligence apparatus and Wall Street that really runs the country. The so-called “Fourth Estate”—the mass media—functions shamelessly as an arm of this ruling troika.



    So why is Turkey shelling Syria you ask? Well that’s an open question but there are two rather obvious possibilities. First, Ankara could be hitting the YPG, who Erdogan deeply distrusts and equates with the PKK.

    It’s also possible Turkey is attempting to assist the opposition as Russia and Iran bear down on the rebels and militants. Sputnik said on Monday that one Syrian soldier was killed in shelling from Turkey in norther Latakia. “At present, it is the region where the Syrian Armed Forces are carrying out an offensive against the Nusra Front militants and a number of other extremists,” Sputnik notes. “The jihadists aim to establish full control over the Turkish border, through which they regularly receive reinforcements such as equipment and fighters.”

    So Turkey, it would appear, is now actively involved in the ground battle – on the side of the terrorists.

    “We expect an immediate reaction and explanations of the actions of Turkish military by NATO and the Pentagon,” Gen. Konashenkov says.

    Good luck with that.



    The Fraternal Order of Police, or FOP, describes itself as “the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 325,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges.”

    “We have learned today that our data system has been hacked by the Group known as Anonymous,” read a Facebook post Thursday from FOP president Chuck Canterbury. The attack “appears to have originated outside of the United States,” the statement continued.

    Further reports indicate the attack was traceable to an IP address in the UK.



    Why Did AnonSec Hack into NASA?
    If you are going to point your fingers against the AnonSec Hackers, then Wait! Here’s what the group of hackers wants to highlight:



    Yes, indeed, nice to hear the British PM and FM whine, squirm, slobber and sob.

    A pair of lying little zionist shits, as nasty and greedy as their foul ‘our allies in the Gulf’, their ‘we’ is Rothschilds and the rest of their banker paedophile buddies, never ‘we, the British people’.



    First Case Of Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus Confirmed In Texas



    Bush family surrounded by suspicious deaths, pedaphilia. Btw, I happen to have read both of the Washington Times stories regarding pedaphilia, Congress and male prostitutes visiting the White House. Also at the time of his death William Colby, the former CIA head, had an internet site on which he published many indiscreet things– not terribly sensational, just indiscreet. I wondered if it was dangerous for him to do that. One of the items that he published was that the formation of OPEC had been forced by the US. They had literally kidnapped high-ranking people from each of the signatory countries, or a relative, and in this way coerced their presence. He related that a CIA agent who had kidnapped a female relative had fallen in love with her and they’d been married. Colby said that his present occupation was as advisor to foreign govts in the Middle East. He died in an improbable boating accident.



    I think Bush dynasty, just like any other mafioso crime family, get whatever they want by extortion, bribes, corruption, and anyone who gets in the way or is a threat gets rubbed out.

    They are filth. But all around the world, power is in the hands of people like that, who divide up the rackets, banking, arms, drugs, prostitution and people trafficking, pharmaceuticals, timber, mining, whatever makes large amounts of easy money, they rape nature, they rape the human populations.

    You are optimistic that something can be done.

    I am not. That does not mean ‘give up’, I think fight them until the last breath. But to succeed, needs either a global power that is greater, in the way that Vladimir Putin over ruled the Russian robber barons, or for the peasants of the planet to exert their interests, and that never worked, historically, they are easy to manipulate, or both of those forces to unite.

    Imo, it is too late. Once irreversible feedbacks are triggered, then the natural system will do whatever it will do, and interests of humans are irrelevant. The biosphere is collapsing, the climate is destabilised, and this cannot now be changed, whatever action humans take.

    Anyone who suggests a way forward that sounds positive and convincing will gain tremendous support, everybody is looking for hope and leadership. I’d like to see the criminals face justice and retribution. But I do not see how anything can be fixed that satisfies the requirements that people have. It is not possible to offer a future where none can be provided. Except by being dishonest.



    “I think it will be huge,” former Turing chief executive Martin Shkreli wrote in a Aug. 27, 2015 email after his company bought a decades-old drug and made plans to hike its price more than 5,000 percent. “Almost all of it is profit and I think we will get three years of that or more. Should be a very handsome investment for all of us. Let’s all cross our fingers that the estimates are accurate.”

    Probably, people like this would get the death penalty in China. I have no objection at all to that. I think it should apply in Britain. Simply as a deterrent which says, very clearly, some conduct is not acceptable.



    1. On April 20, 2015, Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi, a Goldman Sachs executive, had dinner with Ian Reisner and his one-time gay partner, Mati Weiderpass.

    Weiderpass is a military veteran.

    One of Reisner’s gay friends is Ken Mehlman, the former Republican National Committee chairman.

    One of Cruz’s good friends is the openly-gay San Francisco investor Peter Thiel.

    Where Ted Cruz met Reisner and where Sean Verdi died in suspicious circumstances.

    2. In 2014, Sean Verdi was found unconscious in a bathtub in Reisner’s townhouse, the same apartment visited by Cruz.

    3. On September 23, 2013, Reisner’s brother, Ross Reisner, was shot and killed in the Long Island home that he shared with his longtime male partner, Kevin Murray.




    Yes, and I already linked it on the comments on the blog post 🙂

    Which you do not read, or you’d know all abput blockchains 🙂

    And other important stuff about stones…

    Economic minister’s resignation plunges Ukraine into new crisis
    Aivaras Abromavičius and his entire team quit complaining of ingrained corruption, a major blow to president and government

    The takeover of London-listed JKX Oil and Gas Plc, which was completed last week with a purge of the board and senior management, is an operation for the benefit of Igor Kolomoisky (lead image, right) and Gennady Bogolyubov, the Ukrainian oligarchs, according to sources in Kiev, Moscow, and London.



    There has been an economic coup d’état in America and most of the world. We are now ruled by about 200 unelected central bankers, monetary apparatchiks and their minions and megaphones on Wall Street and other financial centers.

    Unlike Senator Joseph McCarthy, I actually do have a list of their names. They need to be exposed, denounced, ridiculed, rebuked and removed.

    The first 30 includes Janet Yellen, William Dudley, the other governors of the Fed and its senior staff. The next 10 includes Jan Hatzius, chief economist of Goldman Sachs, and his counterparts at the other major Wall Street banking houses.

    Then there is the dreadful Draghi and the 25-member governing council of the ECB and still more senior staff. Ditto for the BOJ, BOE, Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia and even the People’s Printing Press of China. Also, throw in Christine Lagarde and the principals of the IMF and some scribblers at think tanks like Brookings. The names are all on Google!

    Have you ever heard of Lael Brainard? She’s one of them at the Fed and very typical. That is, she’s never held an honest capitalist job in her life; she’s been a policy apparatchik at the Treasury, Brookings and the Fed ever since moving out of her college dorm room.

    Now she’s doing her bit to prosecute the war on savers. She wants to keep them lashed to the zero bound—-that is, in penury and humiliation—–because of the madness happening to the Red Ponzi in China. Its potential repercussions, apparently, don’t sit so well with her:



    The allocation of the next tranche of the IMF, which is expected in February, has been postponed. As reported to Apostrophe by a source in the Cabinet of Ministers, on Jan 21, after meeting with Christine Lagarde, Poroshenko hastened to declare that the agreement to continue lending has been achieved. In fact, the parties have not agreed on the final version of the Memorandum fixing mutual obligations. And although political factors, as a rule, do not affect the decisions of the IMF (sic: this is the same myth of the neutral but benevolent bank manager that we were all brainwashed with as children, but written in globally-sized letters – RB) but the possible resignation of the mad rabbit as PM also can influence the timing of disbursements. That the allocation of the next tranche of the IMF loan is delayed, a source in the government told Apostrophe. The source said:

    While it is difficult to predict when it may be decided by the IMF on the allocation of the next tranche. But reason to expect it in the near future, as announced recently by high-ranking representatives of the Ukrainian government, (there is none) so far.

    On Jan 21, after meeting with Lagarde, Poroshenko said that an agreement on the allocation of the next tranche of $1.7b is almost reached. After the President, the heads of the national Bank and the Ministry of Finance Valeria Gontareva and Natalie Jaresko said that the funds the IMF can come to Ukraine until the end of February. However, according to “Apostrophe”, Poroshenko said at a briefing after the meeting with the head of the IMF a few rushed to its conclusion:

    We have reached an agreement, and, from my point of view, an ambitious program of reforms will help Ukraine in 2016, and I thank you for that Christine Lagarde.

    According to the video briefing, the emphasis on the fact that the agreements already reached, has caused some surprise (on the part of) Mrs Lagarde.



    Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center has a special wing, 10-South, in which terrorism suspects who have been kidnapped from foreign territories are imprisoned and tortured in secret, before being given secret trials and lengthy sentences.

    The families and attorneys of prisoners in 10-South are subject to “special administrative measures” (SAMs) that prohibit them from discussing the conditions in the wing. Multiple terrorism suspects have been kidnapped from overseas and brought to 10-South for years of solitary confinement, a practice classed as torture by the UN and by the majority of academics who study torture.



    The defense establishment is furious with Infrastructure Minister Yuval Steinitz after learning of the comments he made on Saturday concerning security cooperation with Egypt. Steinitz, speaking at a cultural event in Beersheba, said that Sisi ordered the flooding of several Hamas tunnels linking Egypt to the Gaza Strip, to a certain extent “due to Israel’s request.” The minister affirmed that security cooperation with Egypt is “better than ever,” and asserted that “flooding is a good solution” for tackling Hamas’s intricate tunnel system used for smuggling and terrorism. Defense cooperation is one of the most sensitive issues concerning both countries, and disclosures on the exact nature of Egyptian-Israeli security activities are confidential. Highlighting that sensitivity is the Military Censor’s concern. Heavy restrictions have been placed on what Israeli journalists can report on Egyptian- Israeli ties. The censor has even been known to reject Israeli coverage of the subject based on foreign media reports, at the behest of Cairo. Sisi and his regime are extremely reluctant to disclose publicly their relationship with Israel, concerned that opposition forces will stoke populist anger by painting Sisi as a “collaborator” with Israel. Security cooperation with Israel is highly unpopular among the Egyptian public. Sisi, however, needs little prodding from Israel to destroy the tunnels linking Gaza to the Sinai, viewing Hamas as a dangerous security threat (that is why we authorized his coup, without consulting the State Dept before doing so, just to prove that we could do it and the pindo slaves would eat it – RB) . In the eyes of the Egyptian government, Hamas, is just the Gaza branch of the MB, which has been outlawed and its leadership killed or thrown in prison since Sisi came into seized power in 2014. The Egyptian government routinely accuses Hamas of being in communication with terrorist elements in the Sinai, including the Guardians of Jayloomia, the ‘ISIS affiliate’ (previously ‘the AQ affiliate’) pseudo-gang in the Sinai. This was not the first time in which an Israeli official made known information that the security establishment would prefer to keep quiet made one of these calculated and deliberate pseudo-gaffes, cos we think it’s clever to yell at the world deniably in this dishonest and cowardly way. In September, at a similar cultural event in Beersheba, Amos Gilad, senior adviser to Defense Minister Yaalon, told an audience that Russian jets periodically periodically violate Israeli airspace as they attack rebel targets in Syria. On Saturday night, Steinitz expressed regret for the “unintended impression” his words caused.



    In order to counter neutralist tendencies within the British Labour Party, the CIA financed an influence operation via the Congress for Cultural Freedom, to provide the political leverage for such Labour Party leaders as Hugh Gaitskell, Anthony Crosland and Denis Healey to move the Labour Party into a more pro-NATO position. Conversely, when Labour leaders Harold Wilson and Michael Foot took the party down a leftward path, the CIA arranged for them to be ousted by CIA implants within the party. For Wilson, the replacement was James Callaghan, a right-winger, and for Foot, it was Neil Kinnock, a committed globalist and European federalist. When Wilson was forced from power in 1976, the CIA went on red alert to prevent Tony Benn from succeeding him. The CIA’s efforts paid off, and their man Callaghan took over from Wilson. It was the same story in France, where the CIA actually worked with the 1968 Paris Left leaders, including Daniel Cohn-Bendit, to ensure that the demonstrations against the French government merely forced De Gaulle from power, to be replaced by a series of French presidents more to Faschingstein’s liking: Pompidou, Giscard, Mitterand, Chirac, and the most completely demented and contemptible of them all, Sarkozy. France, which under De Gaulle withdrew from the NATO military command, eventually was slowly absorbed back into the alliance by successive pro-Pindo Pindo-Jewish French presidents.

    The fear of the CIA is that Le Pen’s presidency in France may copy De Gaulle and leave the NATO military structure. That is why Faschingstein is doing everything possible to demonize the National Front as agents of Russia. Similar horror stories of the CIA’s actions against political parties from Portugal and Greece to Denmark and Belgium can be found in the historical record. If any country is in need of a full examination of its covert political and influence operations in Europe, it is Pindostan, not Russia.



    Experts have suggested a number of niche industries that will be made more secure by the untamperable data record provided by blockchain technology — including international art dealing, pharmaceuticals and international trade of high-value goods — but to date, very little attention has been given to the potential effects on the real estate market.



    “Most recently, the F-35 program is expected to miss a deadline for releasing the Block 3F software upgrade. Missing the deadline will likely mean that the F-35 won’t be ready for its July 2017 deadline,” the publication wrote.

    Read more:

    NEVERMIND, another trillion dollars should do it…



    I’ve been analysing this case since Litvinenko’s death, and I’ve followed the inquiry closely. I don’t know whether or not his murder was ordered by the Russian president or anyone in the Kremlin. What I do know is that Owen’s findings are not supported by reliable evidence.

    The report relies on hearsay and is marred by inconsistent logic. It offers no factual insights into what really happened to Litvinenko, yet has been taken as gospel truth by governments and pundits across the west.

    Here are some of the problems





    By the end of this article, you’re going to understand blockchains in general (and Ethereum, a next-generation blockchain platform, in particular) well enough to decide what they mean to your life.



    Bob@88 – U.S. re: not ruling out Saudi ground troops “…A bluff of course…”
    I hope to God you’re right, but I grow more and more wary of what might happen in Syria.
    Despite Erdogan’s wackyness and illegal air attacks in northern Iraq last week, NATO is playing dumb and 1) sending Patriots back to cover the Turkish-Syrian border and NATO’s main Middle East surveillance facilities in Diyarbakir (without any reason for doing so), and 2) sending three German NATO-owned AWACS to augment Turkey’s four very sophisticated ones, supposedly to support coalition ground strikes in Syria. Almost like NATO is gearing up to support some kind of air war over Syria, but they deny any such suggestions.
    Turkey and Saudi Arabia were chumming around last week and announced plans for a joint military training exercise without giving any specifics.
    The U.S. is adding 1,600 101st Airborne Div. soldiers to it’s Iraqi presence. They’ll be based near Mosul but will only be 20 minutes or so from the Syrian border by chopper. Ash Carter says they ‘may’ be used in Syria, but there’s no immediate plans.
    Saudi Arabia’s bizarre offer of ground troops comes, coincidentally, at a time when a combined 150,000 to 350,000 troops (reports vary), 2,500 aircraft 20,000 tanks from 21 other Arab/Persian Gulf states are participating in a military exercise called Northern Thunder in northeastern Saudi Arabia near Kuwait. That’s a lot of kill toys. That’s also curiously close to the spot either they would launch an invasion of Iran or counter one from them. This is the largest exercise of it’s type in the Middle East’s history. Saudi Arabia denies it has anything to do with Syria or Iran.
    Despite the announced location in northeast Saudi Arabia, videos have surfaced of hundreds of Humvees and flatbed-carried armor heading across the Saudi border into Jordan, although no part of Northern Thunder was to take place there. Saudi Arabia denies that they sent anyone there.
    The U.K. is sending 1,600 troops and vehicles to Jordan for what’s billed as a logistics exercise called Shamal Storm. “…More than 300 military vehicles are being shipped to the Jordan, where logistics, medical, intelligence and bomb disposal experts will practise supporting a massive British military expedition…,” although the U.K. denies it has anything to do with Syria or ISIS. But hey – why not conduct an exercise right on the border of a country at war. What could possibly go wrong?
    Israel just attacked a Syrian missile base near Damascus last week for some unknown reason. Assad has no reason to launch any at Israel. Is Israel expecting that to change? Incidentally, the Syrian Army is close to taking Dara’a and will continue westward – which will push the retreating al Nusra into the Golan Heights, whether Israel approves or not.
    And all this as western MSM ramps up the rhetoric about a Russian/Syrian-caused humanitarian crisis at the Turkish border. Kind of like someone needs to go in to Syria to do something. Apparently the five million refugees created up until now by the U.S. didn’t warrant any kind of intervention on our part.
    One other last ‘coincidence’ – world oil storage is at capacity and they’re using tanker ships for additional storage again. These are oil middlemen paying for the storage, not politicians. They would not keep buying more and more crude and paying for storage if nobody wanted it. The only way that would make sense is if they expected the supply to disappear and prices to spike in panic. Now why would they think that?
    If normal human beings ran the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, then you could dismiss their words as bluff and bluster. But both countries and Turkey are run by dangerous psychopaths, not normal human beings.
    Considering all the events above, is it really so hard to believe they would be scheming for a massive Saudi/Gulf invasion from the south, a Turkish invasion from the north, and NATO hiding behind the curtains orchestrating everything and providing intel? Russia seems to be taking this seriously – they’re increasing their Mediterranean fleet to 20 warships and have airborne troops in Crimea and the southwest on alert. We can assume Iran is similarly prepared.
    Even if it is a bluff, it won’t take much for some idiot to blow something up he shouldn’t have and make everyone else come out swinging. We might soon know if the answer to the question, “Is removing Assad and destroying Syria really worth WW III to Team Chaos?”

    Posted by: PavewayIV | Feb 10, 2016 3:49:28 PM | 93



    Victim was director of the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute.

    So he went for a walk with his dog in the woods but while he was walking he gets so much sexually turned on that he now wears a rubber mask and hangs hinself from a tree in a masturbation game that went wrong ….. and the dog watched?

    If he were “Jack next door”, then nobody would care. However, his profession creates quite some question marks in connection with the style of his death. What did he know? For what pharma company was his knowledge a threat.



    The typical sexual fantasy for women is to be violently gang-raped, according to an essay by Bernie Sanders (above).

    In 1964, Sanders married Deborah Shiling.

    They divorced in 1966.

    Sanders spent several months on the Israeli kibbutz Sha’ar HaAmakim.

    His son, Levi Sanders, was born in 1969 to girlfriend Susan Campbell Mott.

    In 1988, Sanders married Jane O’Meara Driscoll (née Mary Jane O’Meara).

    With her he has three stepchildren – Dave Driscoll, Carina Driscoll, and Heather Titus (née Driscoll).

    In the late 1960s, Sanders bought a property in Vermont.

    Sanders travelled between Vermont and New York City, where he worked at a psychiatric hospital.

    This was when he wrote his essay on sex.



    Yes, but foreign speculators understand the problem: if the shares are bought by a Russian firm under the scrutiny of Russian law, then all of the subsequent conflicts with the state or potential expropriations will be dealt with in accordance with Russian law, with the Russian holding company being a party to the proceedings. this makes the Yukos situation, where the shares were held to foreign offshore firms, impossible to be repeat.

    So it turns out that the only foreign investors who will participate in the privatization are those who are not afraid of Russian law and are not afraid to play in accordance with the rules set by the Russian state. Those who wanted to snap up assets on the cheap, then sell them and run, are being selected out of the pool, in the process wetting the pages of Bloomberg, Vedomosti, and with their tears.

    It would seem that at this point foreigners ought to be green with envy toward Russian oligarchs, since every internet-patriot knows that the new round of privatization would mean the country’s plunder. But foreign journalists and financiers know how to operate calculators and delve into details.

    It comes down to this: that which the government intended to be a sale of assets at any price turned into a “forced investment” of sorts for those oligarchs who want to work in Russia. Reuters agency source “close to privatization” claims that the oligarchs will be compelled to buy minority share packets at above the market price, and the operation is conducted in order to bring oligarch capital back to Russia.

    It’s good that we have a judo-magician for president using even the most dangerous proposals by our liberals in order to improve the country’s situation. It’s bad that one has to read the correct assessment of some actions in foreign media, while the state and supposedly patriotic publications are preoccupied with the relationship between Timur the Goat and Amur the Tiger. Fundamentally bad information policy could be very costly to us.



    Here’s a quite excellent interview of Andrew Korybko about how & why the US is producing instability in Germany & elsewhere. Korybko is an American educated in Russia.

    Audio interview Andrew Korybko at about 67



    Eliot Higgins, founder of “Bellingcat by and for citizen investigative journalists“, has dominated the discussion about what happened to Malaysia MH17 quite a while. Professional journalists quoted and copy pasted any information delivered by Bellingcat often without doing their own investigations and double checks.

    In January this year professional forensic analyst and expert witness with specific expertise in digital media, manipulation of images, metadata and micro-meteorology Charles Wood explained the fundamental flaws of Bellingcat’s article Examining the MH17 Launch Smoke Photographs written by Daniel Romein:

    No provenance for the image files
    Basic checks on authenticity not performed
    Unjustified assumptions made from the checks they did do
    Writing on areas completely outside their expertise – weather conditions, rocketry, satellite image interpretation, image forensics
    Failure to use publically available data to verify the images
    Failure to release image data to support their claims
    Failure to have effective internal checks before publication
    Mr Wood’s analysis shows that the skills and methodology of the ‘Bellingcat Team’ fall way below any accepted standard.

    In June Spiegel Magazine apologized to its readers for coverage of another Bellingcat report on MH17.



    The FBI holds an iPhone that was owned by one of the San Bernardino terrorists, Syed Rizwan Farook, and wants Apple to crack it. Apple CEO Tim Cook is defying the FBI request and the court order that accompanied it, saying that cracking the phone would require developing a special version of iOS that could bypass passcode encryption. If such a genetically modified mobile OS escaped into the wild it could be used by anyone to crack any current iPhone, which would be bad for Apple’s users and bad for Amurica, Cook says. So he won’t do it, dag nabbit.

    That’s the big picture story dominating the tech news this week. However compelling, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong. Apple isn’t defying the FBI. Or at least Apple isn’t defying the Department of Justice, of which the FBI is supposed to be a part. I believe Apple is actually working with the DoJ, which doesn’t really want to compel Apple to do anything except play a dramatic and very political role.

    Now for some more details. In order to get their court order the FBI had to tell the judge that its own lab couldn’t crack the phone. Or maybe they said their lab didn’t crack the phone. Nobody knows. But the first question any cynic with technical bones would ask is, “Can’t the CIA/NSA/Steve Gibson, somebody crack that darned iPhone?”

    John McAfee, who is one of my absolute favorite kooks of all time says he can do it, no problem, in about a month. McAfee says the FBI is just cheap and unwilling to drop big bucks on the right bad guys to make it happen, which kinda suggests that iPhones have been broken-into before, doesn’t it?

    One important point: I know John McAfee and if he says he can do it, he can do it.



    Here’s a link to the findings of the independent inquiry into allegations made against Lord Greville Janner by Sir Richard Henriques, published yesterday (19th Jan 2016)

    In my opinion at least, its fairly damning reading

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