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    Jimmy Savile was an ageing disc jockey who was invited into the ‘Inner Royal circle’ in the 60s by Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten was a known visitor to Kincora boy’s home (where abuse took place) in Northern Ireland & was known to have abused “Indian peasant boys” whilst visiting India. Savile was not only abusing but also procuring children for judges, politicians, members of the military & other ‘VIPS’ in the 60s before he was ‘famous’.

    It’s public knowledge that the police had received a number of allegations against Savile for decades. Are you telling me that the Royal family, on top of security vetting, the aid of the intelligence services & the nation’s police force did not know what he was up to?

    Why was he so close to Margaret Thatcher (who’s cabinet was full of paedophiles) ‘entertaining’ him at her house for 12 consecutive New Years Eves, why did she put him forward for a knighthood from the Royals along with paedophile Sir Cyril Smith?

    This is without mentioning the Royals (in particular Prince Andrew) friendship with another convicted paedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein who frequently visited them. Then you have Prince Charles visiting Jimmy Savile’s private cottage in the Scottish Highlands where survivors of abuse have come forward to say they were abused in that property. Prince Charles also lent a property to his best friend Bishop Peter Ball, who is also a paedophile. Prince Philip’s and the Queen mother’s former aide Benjamin Herman has also been charged for sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl while working for them. What about paedophile & elm guest house visitor (where kids were abused) Sir Anthony Blunt, who was a surveyor of the Queen’s pictures?

    There’s also an injunction against people talking about a member of the Royal family involved in a sexual assault against a staff member at the Palace. There’s people saying they were abused at Balmoral Castle and Buckingham Palace itself. Sir Peter Hayman the ex MI6 chief was also very close friends with the Queen who frequently visited countries abroad who just so happens to have been a sadistic child abusing psychopath.

    A former Metropolitan Police officer says a member of the Royal family was part of a paedophile ring which was also claimed to include an MP and it was shut down for national security reasons. Another ‘coincidence’ is the fact there was a paedophile ring operating out of the Palace made up of its butlers and other people.

    On top of all of this, we have corroborating testimony from whistleblowers such as Arizona Wilder & Cathy O’Brien who testify that the Royal Family are child killing, paedophiles. Cathy & her disabled daughter went through absolute hell, & were abused on a scale that you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

    Why have the Royals stayed so silent after Jimmy Savile’s exposure? Why haven’t they apologised to his victims? Why do they stay so silent on these countless links of paedophilia to them?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg & the evidence is humongous. I often hijack the BBC news or Daily Mail’s Royal Family Facebook articles with this comment. It’s quite astounding watching the sheep at work. They ALWAYS ignore the evidence provided & call you a “conspiracy theorist”, or “get your tinfoil hat”. < to which I love replying, "the aluminium in your vaccine made my tinfoil hat." So what I'm trying to get across is, if anyone says there's no evidence linking the Royal family & paedophilia, please feel free to copy & paste this comment. I've not had one of their staunch supporters challenge the points made. They simply can't justify it.



    On behalf of UK Prime Minister Harold Wilson, George Weidenfeld went on a secret mission to Washington to meet George HW Bush of the CIA to find out about right-wing plots in the UK.

    In 1969, Harold Wilson gave Weidenfeld a knighthood.

    In 1976, Weidenfeld became a lord.

    In 9992, Weidenfeld attended Bilderberg.

    He became an Honorary Fellow of St Peter’s College, Oxford, an Honorary Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford, and an Hon. Fellow, King’s College London.



    It has been alleged that the security services control top BBC staff by using:

    1. Child abuse rings

    2. Narcotics

    3. Mind control.

    It has been alleged that Sir Jimmy Savile worked for the security services.

    ‘Savile was protected by the police.’

    A report, by retired judge Dame Janet Smith, leaked by Exaro, states that:

    1. Jimmy Savile raped children at every BBC studio he worked in, throughout the UK.

    2. BBC bosses turned a blind eye to this behaviour.

    3. BBC managers and stars are “above the law”.

    4. There is evidence a child abuse ring operated at the BBC.

    5. Whistleblowers are still scared to come forward.



    INCIRLIK is enormous. The NATO base in southern Turkey has two runways and is like a city in itself. It’s where Turkish, Pindosi and, more recently, German soldiers live and work. The German minister pays them a visit and asks for on-site details on how the German contribution to the anti-ISIS coalition’s fight against the terrorist group works. Right at the beginning, she praises the Bundeswehr for the quick, accurate and conscientious manner in which it goes about its work. After all, the six reconnaissance Tornado jets have flown nearly 40 missions over Syria and Iraq in 14 days. They always fly in pairs, two planes in the morning and two in the afternoon. They provide real-time or slightly-delayed images of ISIS positions and troops so that aircraft from other nations can bomb them later. The Turkish Defense Minister is present during the German Defense Minister’s visit. Pleasantries are exchanged, respects are paid to the other country’s victims of terrorism, and the aim to fight terrorism is voiced. Yet there is one small but important difference between them. Yilmaz does not use the word ISIS. He prefers to say:

    We want to fight terrorism no matter what name it bears.



    More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized in a short period of time because of new and deadly virus, which is immune to all medicines. Donetsk People’s Republic intelligence has reported that Californian Flu is leaked from the same place where research of this virus has been carried out. The laboratory is located near the city of Kharkov and its base for US military experts. Information from threatening epidemic is announced by Vice-Commander of Donetsk Army, Eduard Basurin.



    January 22nd, 2016 at 11:09 pm
    Donbass Lab accident today – epidemic killing hundreds spreads:

    Direct NSA Intel on our Army lab project mistake:
    Traditional “common” vaccines targeting measles, mumps and rubella for instance, contain small amounts of “attenuated” live viruses which have been “weakened” but not 100% killed outright. Research has shown that these weakened “live” viruses create a very mild form of the disease in the human that has been vaccinated, which in turn creates a cellular immunity from that pathogen. The science behind this is correct, and valid for the most part. To keep the targeted viral pathogen in a perpetually weakened state, specific amounts of formaldehyde and ether are typically added, and in some formulations, mercury in the form of thimerasol is added as a preservative to keep the egg albumin cells from decaying and dying prematurely. The established theory behind all of this ‘vaccination’ is the “protect the herd” theory which originated with Pasteur in the late 19th century. As in all vaccines, a certain small percentage of the herd will develop severe, ‘full blown’ disease states CAUSED by the attenuated viruses in the vaccine itself, and another percentage will exhibit side effects from the chemicals added to the vaccine ­ but if the vast majority of the herd is “protected” from the disease condition the vaccine is approved and stamped “safe and effective”.

    Science has also proven that each viral pathogen has its own unique characteristics that produce its own set of symptoms in the human hosts. Thus, each viral pathogen has its own unique fingerprints of replication and reproduction as well. Each virus also has a different level of effectiveness in its attenuated (weakened) state.

    Moreover, some viruses have shown the ability to “drift” and acquire additional genetic alterations over time. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE OF THE SO-CALLED “NOVEL” RECOMBINATION VIRUSES that have been “reverse engineered” in the world’s weapons laboratories!

    When the RNA of the virus is spliced with other viral genes, the resulting “Franken-virus” is very unpredictable. Studies conducted (yet currently unpublished) by Terrence Tumpey, Jeffrey Taubenberger, and others at the NIH and CDC show that these ‘resurrected pandemic viruses’ do not exhibit the NORMAL tendencies of traditional, NATURAL influenza viruses such as seasonal H3N2 human strains. They are best described as “Viral Wild Cards”.

    This is just one problem with the headlong, mad rush to vaccinate Americans with a series of reverse-engineered lab-created viruses, attenuated or otherwise, in an UNTESTED, UNTRIED, EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE that has not been subjected to LONG-TERM CLINICAL TRIALS TO DETERMINE THE LEVELS OF “DRIFT” or even ATTENUATED TENDENCIES OVER TIME.

    To supposedly minimize this “safety” issue, the CDC is now recommending a DUPLEX vaccination, of all things. A “duplex” vaccination basically involves a two-shot series. The first shot consists of a VERY WEAK, HIGHLY ATTENUTATED dose of the live virus.
    This is intended to create an initial immune response patterning the specific virus injected. Within a couple of weeks of the 1st shot, a BOOSTER SHOT is given. The booster shot has only lightly attenuated, or even FULL STRENGTH VIRUSES in the injection. This 2nd shot is then intended to create a full-strength immune system response in the human subject.

    This is, at the very least, BAD SCIENCE and borders on insanity for self-evident and fairly obvious reasons. By their own admissions, the NIH scientists in their various writings have declared that the level of potency of these REVERSE ENGINEERED VIRUSES show abnormal, almost RANDOM tendencies in their attenuated states. Nobody really knows what will happen over time as the inevitable “genetic drifts” occur. It is a literal crap shoot. It is highly probable that even the HIGHLY ATTENUATED FRANKEN-VIRUSES can swiftly regain their FULL POTENCY even in the presence of ether and formaldehyde. (See Addendum Below) Secondly, the full-strength BOOSTER shot viruses could just as easily “DRIFT” into something much more deadly than the “original’ recombinant virus that it is targeting.

    I submit that the scientists responsible for this “pandemic” are not stupid. They have to know these facts as well as I do.

    Therefore, I can only conclude that this entire affair is following the Modus Operandi of the medical elite since the 1920 engineered smallpox epidemics. It is all being ORCHESTRATED first and foremost for MONEY, and secondly, for social and geographical restructuring of the “human herd”.



    After Poppi’s death, the police appeared to be trying not to collect any forensic evidence.

    Poppi had broken legs.

    Paul Worthington’s laptop ‘went missing’.

    Detective Chief Inspector Mike Forrester, “would not permit even basic tests to be conducted, refusing to authorise forensic testing of any samples or items seized.”

    Cumbria police failed to use any individual with specialist knowledge of investigating sexual abuse.



    Mossad, the CIA and their friends are again stirring up trouble in North Africa.



    You have got to see this Panda, ecstasying in the snow:



    it appears that Owen has chosen to accept the version according to which Litvinenko, together with associates like the Italian Mario Scaramella and their common collaborator Yuri Shvets, was engaged in bona fide attempts to uncover terrible truths about Putin and his ‘sistema’. To do this, Owen both suppresses a vast mass of information, much of it unearthed by Mr Italian collaborator Mr David Loepp, and repeatedly drawn to the Inquiry team’s attention by myself, and makes highly selective use of the information he does accept into evidence. A key document is a letter supplied to Scaramella by Litvinenko on 1 December 2005 for use by the so-called ‘Mitrokhin Commission’, of which my Italian collaborator Mr David Loepp obtained the full (Italian) version, and an abbreviated (English) version was presented at the Inquiry. Not discussed by Sir Robert Owen, however, was a key claim in the letter: that the notorious Ukrainian mobster Semyon Mogilevich, while acting as an agent for the FSB and under Putin’s personal ‘krysha’, was attempting to obtain a ‘mini nuclear bomb’ for Al Qaeda. This was clearly an attempt to capitalise on the ‘suitcase nuke’ hysteria. At the time he and Scaramella were collaborating in disseminating this and similar claims – with the involvement of other figures, such as Oleg Gordievsky, Vladimir Bukovsky, Vladimir Rezun (aka ‘Viktor Suvorov’), and the former CIA operative Lou Palumbo – Litvinenko was, as we now know, an agent of MI6.



    Mario Scaramella (above) met with Litvinenko during the meal when Litvinenko was poisoned by nuclear material.

    Professor Scaramella is from Naples and has a deep knowledge of nuclear materials.



    The European Court of Human Rights is refusing to act on a year-old case from the daughter of a Dutch passenger killed when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down on July 14, 2014. Denise Kenke, daughter of Willem Grootscholten, accuses the Ukraine Government of failing its legal duty to prevent civilian aircraft from flying into the airspace Ukrainian officials knew to be dangerous. Her court papers say the claim is also founded on the conclusion of the Dutch Safety Board, reported last October, that the government in Kiev had been negligent in failing to act on “sufficient reason for closing the airspace above the eastern part of Ukraine”.
    Although the 11-page application was filed on November 17, 2014, the Court has imposed a secrecy blackout on all details of the case, preventing website access. After Kenke’s lawyer, Elmar Giemulla of Berlin, a leading German aviation law specialist, filed additional argument, legal precedents, and evidence from the Dutch Safety Board (DSB), the Court refused to acknowledge receipt or to reply. Tracey Turner-Tretz, spokesman for the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and its registrar, Roderick Liddell, a British national, said this week: “the application in question was granted confidentiality.”
    Giemulla for the Grootscholten family said he had not applied for confidentiality, and was not informed by the court that it had been imposed. “I do not know anything about ‘grant of confidentiality’ . I do not even know whether the court has ever dealt with my complaint apart from internal administrative procedures.”

    A UK human rights lawyer says the ECHR has become “notorious” for its onesidedness and political prejudice. “It’s now a Star Chamber”, he said, referring to the court run by British monarchs from the 15th century until the overthrow of King Charles I in 1641. The Star Chamber operated in secret, and its name has become synonymous with politically motivated prosecution.



    The poisoning of Vicktor Yushchenko with Dioxons is also a possible false flag poisoning and is especially noteworthy given that there is a connection to Berezovsky:
    … in September 2005, former president Leonid Kravchuk accused exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky of financing Yushchenko’s presidential election campaign, and provided copies of documents showing money transfers from companies he said were controlled by Berezovsky to companies controlled by Yushchenko’s official backers. Berezovsky confirmed that he met Yushchenko’s representatives in London before the election, and that the money was transferred from his companies, but he refused to confirm or deny that the money was used in Yushchenko’s campaign.
    He was poisoned just before very close elections (each side at about 39% in first-round voting). They tried to pin the blame on Russia/pro-Russians. But the chief beneficiary was Yushchenko/Yulia because they got enough sympathy that they were expected to win in a run-off. Yanukovych resorted to election malfeasance to overcome this sympathy vote but that only made his side look more culpable, so that:
    After thirteen days of massive popular protests in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities that became known as the Orange Revolution, the Supreme Court overturned the election results and ordered a re-vote of the run-off election … [Yushchenko won] with 52% of the vote.
    There are serious questions about whether Yushchenko really was poisoned or by how much. Blood/fluids test samples are said to have been tampered with, and:
    … chief medical director [of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic where Yuschenko was treated], Dr. Lothar Wicke, … stated there was no evidence of poisoning other than the severe chloracne visible on Yushchenko’s face, and claimed to have been forced to resign because of his disagreement. Wicke also claimed to have been threatened by Yushchenko’s associates.

    Posted by: Jackrabbit | Jan 23, 2016 1:38:00 PM | 111



    If you live in the UK, you might not have noticed how your legal rights are being eroded without challenge from your elected representatives. This inquiry is just one aspect of this erosion. The findings of the Litvinenko Inquiry may not have even have got close to the truth. And the public may never even learn the cause of Litvinenko’s death — murder, accident or some other cause. Sir Robert Owen is the second ‘coroner’ to be involved in the case. The first coroner, Andrew Reid, had failed to reach any conclusion after five years of consideration as to the cause of death. That is the purpose of an inquest — to establish cause of death. Reid focused almost exclusively on finding proof of Russian involvement in Litvinenko’s death. He clearly found none. But that was not his job anyway. It is not the purpose of an inquest to establish guilt, and taxpayers’ money was squandered in this meaningless pursuit. William Dunkerley, a business analyst who has been closely following the case says that when eventually Reid called for disclosure of MI5/MI6 documents related to the death, a scandal broke that Reid had employed his wife some years earlier, and he was taken off the case. Sir Robert Owen took over and announced that the secret documents would remain secret.[3] If they were integral to the inquest, MI5/MI6 documents should have been called for from the beginning.



    In the Kurdish area in the north-east of Syria Russian specialist are working to establish another air base. The Turkish President Erdogan said such a base would not be tolerated. But what can he do besides launching an open war against Russia which Turkey would lose just like the other 17 wars it once waged against Russia. The U.S. is establishing its own base nearby to supply Kurdish forces. The Russian base will make sure that the U.S. base will not gain any permanence.

    A report in the NYT describes how the U.S. organized the attack on Syria while the Saudis provided the financing at a rate of several billions per year. The report misleads as it only looks from 2013 onward. We already know that the CIA provided weapons and fighters from Libya reached Syria in late 2011 to early 2012.





    So you can see where the rot is, it comes down from the top

    And now? The major banks are still publicly listed, and bankers as well as compliance staff can still be fired in five minutes. There was some reason for hope when the UK government promised a new law making it possible to prosecute top bankers for reckless behaviour. But in May 2015 the Conservatives won the election and George Osborne quickly moved to dilute the measure. It was fatal. He went on to declare “a new settlement” with the banks, forced out his toughest regulator and scrapped a review of banking culture.



    I have speculated we would be hit over the head with a “truth bomb” from the East and most likely from Mr. Putin himself. Just this week Britain has alleged Mr. Putin personally ordered a “hit” on an ex KGB agent for calling him a pedophile. Another story came out that Turkey shot down a NATO helicopter which made no press coverage at all in the West. Also, Victoria Nuland recently travelled to Russia and was refused an audience by Mr. Putin. This, after John Kerry had a meeting where he went into it saying “Assad must go” and came out saying Mr. Assad can stay … Why all of this now? I would simply say this reeks of desperation and also a VERY dangerous strategy to attack Mr. Putin personally. I say “dangerous” because it raises the likelihood of a response from him. Can you imagine the outrage were Russia to accuse president Obama or the Prime Minister Cameron of Britain for ordering the murder of someone who called them a pedophile?

    Before going any further, I believe nearly ALL of what we are seeing is centered by and on the “petrodollar”. Will it survive or be replaced? In my opinion it is no longer “if”, but “when” and by “what” will it be replaced with? Just over the last two weeks we have seen three very important yet interrelated events.



    Three British travelers have been infected with the Zika virus, health officials revealed this week.

    “As of January 2016, three cases associated with travel to Colombia, Suriname and Guyana have been diagnosed in UK travelers,” Public Health England said on its website.

    The government agency did not provide further details about the cases but added that the virus “does not occur naturally in the UK.”



    Can that crowd at Davos not understand that it is despised because it is seen as having subordinated the interests of the nations and people in whose name it presumes to speak, to advance an agenda that serves, first and foremost, its own naked self-interest?

    The political and economic elites of Davos have grow rich, fat, and powerful by setting aside patriotism and sacrificing their countries on the altars of globalization and a New World Order.



    Hamilton was a friend of Ben Philip, the senior housemaster at Queen Victoria School.

    Ben Philip died in December 1993, aged 46, ‘when he fell from a ladder while hanging decorations’.

    Malcolm Rifkind’s close friend Robert Bell sold guns and ammunition to Thomas Hamilton only a few weeks before the Dunblane massacre, according to the Edinburgh Evening News on 23 March 1996.


    Malcolm Rifkind is the cousin of Sir Leon Brittan.

    Headmaster Hankinson.

    Secretary of State for Scotland, Michael Forsyth was on the Board of Directors of QVS, and was also responsible for the appointment of Cullen to conduct the school shooting Inquiry.

    Prince Philip, a Freemason, is the patron of the Board of Directors of QVS.

    Lord Donald Ross, the then Lord Justice-Clerk and Cullen’s superior in the judiciary, was also on the Board of Directors.

    StolenKids-Dunblane: 29-Oct-03 – Cullen Inquiry Whitewash



    retired jersey police officer jailed for 3 years.
    this officer used to be the child liaison officer in jersey where i am from. he visited schools for many years giving talks. 1,557 images seized, 570 category 4 and 30 category 5. and he only got 3 years… shocking



    Now the U.S. wants to attack Libya again:

    Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr., the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on Friday that military officials were “looking to take decisive military action” against the Islamic State, or ISIS, in Libya, where Western officials estimate the terrorist group has roughly 3,000 fighters.
    Administration officials say the campaign in Libya could begin in a matter of weeks. They anticipate it would be conducted with the help of a handful of European allies, including Britain, France and Italy.

    This will go it always goes, bomb strikes, special forces on the ground, proxy fighters trained by U.S. forces or private companies who will then develop into their death squads and terrorize the population.



    What’s going on here?

    This morning’s (1/26/16) NYTimes has an editorial reporting that the U.S. and some European allies are about to take on ISIS in Libyia. And yes, (even!) the Times is suspicious.



    This analysis shows why the Litvinenko Inquiry was a farce and why its report is in the end worthless.

    The Judge who headed the Inquiry was obsessed with proving the Russian state murdered Litvinenko. In order to prove what he always believed he threw legal procedure out of the window and interpreted the evidence how he wanted.

    In the end even he could not prove that the Russian state murdered Litvinenko, which is why he could only say they “probably” did.

    In reality the facts – if looked at objectively – show the Russian state almost certainly did not murder Litvinenko and played no part in his death.

    The Inquiry and its report actually say more about the pathological hostility to Russia of some sections of the British establishment than they do about the Litvinenko case.

    The first point to grasp about the Public Inquiry that has now delivered its verdict in the Litvinenko case is that it should never have happened at all.

    The second point is that Inquiry’s decision that the Russian authorities were “probably” behind Litvinenko’s murder is unsustainable and makes no sense.



    I am lost for words…

    The whole thing is beyond disgusting.

    I think we are definately getting to the point where we the people, have to take things into our own hands because the system IS A COMPLETE FUCKING JOKE.

    “Interviewed the parents 9 MONTHS LATER” – what is this shit?!



    In other words, Mossad and the CIA want Trump to win in Iowa.

    Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. endorses Trump.

    Moon, suspected pedophile

    Rense has an article about CIA links to Christian evangelical leaders.

    Nearly all the top Christian evangelicals in the USA have had connections with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a suspected pedophile.

    Moon had links to the CIA.

    Moon, the Moonies, and the Unification Church have been accused of being involved with mind control.



    We Americans, like the Europeans, are an occupied people at this point, and must overthrow our occupiers as well : the TNCs.



    The Bundy Bloodline
    Families in the world who are allied
    with the Illuminati



    In an expose titled “Top Secret America,” The Washington Post revealed the private side of this shadow government, made up of 854,000 contract personnel with top-secret clearances, “a number greater than that of top-secret-cleared civilian employees of the government.”

    Reporting on the Post’s findings, Lofgren points out:

    These contractors now set the political and social tone of Washington, just as they are increasingly setting the direction of the country, but they are doing it quietly, their doings unrecorded in the Congressional Record or the Federal Register, and are rarely subject to congressional hearings…
    The Deep State not only holds the nation’s capital in thrall, but it also controls Wall Street (“which supplies the cash that keeps the political machine quiescent and operating as a diversionary marionette theater”) and Silicon Valley.

    As Lofgren concludes:

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