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    We have lost the war on cancer. At the beginning of the last century, one person in twenty would get cancer. In the 1940s it was one out of every sixteen people. In the 1970s it was one person out of ten. Today one person out of three gets cancer in the course of their life.
    We live in a society that is highly toxic, and it is getting worse with each passing day.

    And once you do develop cancer, doctors are not allowed to prescribe any “alternative treatments” for you. They are only permitted to offer you the treatments that the system tells them that they must offer.

    One of these is chemotherapy. It is an absolutely nightmarish treatment that often kills the patient before it kills the cancer.




    Elections are held, but the real rulers remain the same – people like the Rothschilds (David de Rothschild above), Rockefellers, Hapsburgs and Oppenheimers, and, their underlings such as Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair or Barack Obama.

    According to former banker Gerald James, writing in In the Public Interest, 1995:

    Thatcher was brought to power by people within MI5 and MI6, certain top civil servants and certain top people within Industry and the City.

    “Whether Margaret Thatcher was herself at the real centre of power as the leader of this inner group cannot be said for certain…

    “The cabal needs the City to finance its deals and launder its funds… The passage of officers from British Intelligence to the City is a common enough occurrence…”




    *Warning*: Not For Children. Although not visually graphic, this video contains references to child sexual abuse, violence and murder. The children’s identities have been disguised although the original videos are freely available on the web for further investigation.

    This video looks at individuals possibly connected to the police and judicial cover-up of the Hampstead SRA case. This video explains further information about the allegations of abuse at Finchley Lido and looks at the way that the UK mainstream media have savagely attacked Ella Draper and Abraham Christie without looking clearly at the facts. The video contains excerpts from the children’s ABE interviews with Barnet police and other relevant content. Ella Draper has been forced into hiding whilst Dearman remains free, due to a travesty of justice perpetuated by abusers and a parasitic group of corrupt officials in the United Kingdom. The children are being held against their will by Social Services and are denied access to their innocent mother and loving Russian grandparents. Unbelievably, their father (said to be the cult leader and their main abuser) is allowed contact despite the allegations by his children that he is a child pornographer and sadistic killer.



    The Danger of War

    In the context of a downward economic spiral, the Wall Street-London cartels have escalated their international aggression against competitors and opponents. Western countries are spreading war and chaos throughout the formerly colonized world, hoping they can stay atop the market despite their system’s continued failure and crisis. Syria, led by the Baath Arab Socialist Party, is facing a bloody, lengthy civil war with over 200,000 already dead. Western countries have poured billions of dollars into the armed terrorist insurgency against the Syrian government. Libya, formerly the most prosperous African country, has been reduced to rubble and chaos.

    The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has exposed a campaign of domestic terrorism funded and directed by the United States. The overthrow of Yanukovich has put Ukraine into a state of civil war, with a “national guard” made up of neo-Nazis receiving direct training and funding from the US as it terrorizes the population. The US continues to fund and promote opposition within Russia itself, and recent events in Brazil and Ecuador are probably “false starts” or failed attempts to foment “color revolutions” in Latin America.

    Despite the violence from the United States, the Third World continues to gradually march away from western control. African countries get friendlier to China each day, and Buhari’s return to power in Nigeria likely means an even bigger push in this direction. Bolivarianism is rising in Latin America. The Islamic Republic of Iran sits at the center of an alliance of anti-imperialist forces in the Middle East. The global economic model is changing, and western, laissez-faire neoliberalism is being pushed aside.

    The only hope western finance capital has for keeping its grip on economic power is forcibly smashing any emerging competitor. This is done with economic sanctions, funded campaigns of subversion and terrorism, and direct military assault.

    The Chinese Communist Party, with its millions of members who have studied the Marxist methods of analyzing the world, know what is on the horizon. They see the “Asian pivot” of the US military, as well as the joint military exercises of the US and its allies in the Philippines. They see the increased US presence in South Korea, and know very well what to expect.

    As China emerges as a stronger, economic competitor with the United States, Wall Street will be driven to restore its economic hegemony — not with stiffer competition and improving its products and services, but with war.

    Building Solidarity in Chinese Society

    China is preparing to defend itself from the increased hostility of the United States. The anti-corruption campaigns are designed to restore and reinforce the support Chinese people have for the Communist Party, and roll back any level of cynicism that has developed over the course of the last few decades.

    Films criticizing the policies which led to the destruction of the Soviet Union are being shown and discussed by military and government officials, as China is strengthening itself, preparing for any attack that looms on the horizon. Its no secret that, in the USSR, the depoliticization of much of the population and widespread corruption were key to that country’s destruction. In this context, it should be no surprise China is slowly returning to the egalitarian principles that built the People’s Liberation Army and held the country together even in the hardest years.

    Anticipating the possibility having to fight for its life, the People’s Republic of China is strengthening itself, re-establishing its roots of support among the working class and the peoples of the countryside. China is adjusting its economic and political setup for a world in which the threat of a desperate western monopolists onslaught constantly hangs over its head.

    Prominent voices in the US bemoan the actions of Xi Jinping: firstly because it directly cuts into Wall Street street profits, and secondly because they fear that he is building alliances across Chinese society that are unbreakable.

    Campaigns of austerity and political repression are making western capitalist societies weaker. The “Mass Line Campaign,” and the revival of Mao Zedong Thought and concepts like “Serve the people”, are preparing China to be stronger than ever before.

    First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2015/05/08/behind-the-chinese-dream-the-rise-of-xi-jinping-and-its-global-conte/



    There’s an article in the Graun today entitled “What can the Lusitania teach us about MH17?” Good question you might think. Apposite. After all the Lusitania was an oversimplified and madly exploited meme that helped perpetuate a needless and massively costly world war. MH17 at least had the makings of being something very similar until Marie Harf’s promised presser July 21 (in which the “proof” the Russians did it would be offered) failed to materialise, and the official MH17 narrative was stillborn. So, yes, good question Guardian.

    But nah. Post-Snowden, the Graun knows its place and knows better than to visit questions like these. The Graun knows – and tells us – that the only lesson the Lusitania can teach us about MH17 is that British/US propaganda is good and other propaganda is bad/evil, “conspiracy theories” (i.e. stories that don’t fit the approved narrative) are always daft and always “theories” even if they are provably true, and that any dodgy narrative thrown together by an approved source is “the truth” even when it has yet to be substantiated by a shred of corroborative data.

    Big Brother is always right, even when he seems to be wrong. Even when he never produced his evidence and his allegations collapsed into allusions and sulking. That’s what the Guardian – or at any rate the people who tell the Guardian what to print – think we should all learn on the centenary of the sinking of the Lusitania. The Germans were mean and wrong. Russia is currently mean and wrong. Now all go back to sleep, (or back to trying to figure out why more than 20% of the UK want David Cameron to run their country).




    conservative lawmaker in Vermont was arrested for sexual assault, human trafficking, and other charges. The Vermont state senator, Norman McAllister, was scheduled to be arraigned on Friday at the Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans, the Burlington Free Press reports.

    Police arrested McAllister, 63, of Highgate on Thursday evening after he spent the day at the Statehouse working on legislative issues. Allegations against McAllister include “that he either accepted or solicited sex from two women in exchange for overdue rent,” writes the Free Press.




    Syria: Chemical Weapon meme rerun as US readies airstrikes supporting ISIS etc
    Flashback: US Begins to Train & Equip “Syrian” fighters in Jordan
    There are no moderate Syrian rebels- There are multiple brands of NATO/Israeli backed fighters. Including ISIS. AQ. Al Nusra. As previously mentioned the US is ‘training’ these killers and will use air power to support them. Covering all bases the US is recirculating the already implanted meme regarding chemicals weapons
    US air support for terrorists:
    “they are likely to run up against a myriad of forces, including those of the Syrian government”
    “Once they return, (to Syria) Washington will defend the forces”
    “Washington will provide the rebels with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assistance, and potentially air support as well”
    The terrorists, western backed, are being trained to enable the US & company, including Israel no doubt, to bomb a sovereign nation, that threatened no one, more extensively then has been done.

    So, imagine my non surprise to see the “Assad used chemical weapons” spin, lie, mind virus, rear it’s ugly head, yet again.




    How Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard Came Up With Their Big Ideas



    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh was blunt in his warning about the condition of such aircraft as the F-16 fighter jet and the B-1 bomber, both of which have been flying for decades. The service recently grounded dozens of F-16D two-seater models made by Lockheed Martin Corp. after finding cracks between the front and rear pilot seats in a section called the canopy longeron sill, a strip of metal that affixes to the fuselage.

    “Airplanes are falling apart,” he said during a presentation Tuesday at the Air Force Association’s annual conference. “I don’t care if it’s B-1 oil flanges that are breaking and starting fires or if it’s F-16 canopy longerons that are cracking. There’s just too many things happening because our fleets are too old. They’re just flat too old. We have to re-capitalize.”






    200,000 + Voting papers were reported missing from a van that was stolen in London bound for Hastings/Eastbourne, East Sussex, Then the Tories gain seats and the number of votes total the same amount of missing votes in 30+ of those seats, giving them the majority rule, it was rigged.

    There is one name that is outstanding throughout many of the issues we have raised and that is of that notorious “Scumbag” – Sir Mark Thatcher….the precious son of our dear “Iron Lady” Baroness Margaret Thatcher who raped our country of its identity by implementing “Neo Liberalism” from her dear friends in the US.

    It is of my opinion that she, her son Mark and her apron string protégé David Cameron, our current PM, should all be behind bars for the damage they have done to this country and in particular for David Cameron’s involvement in the illegal purchase of three nuclear weapons that then went missing and provided £17.8 million pounds of taxpayers money into the Tory Party Election Funds (Re Lord Hoyle/Margaret Beckett – Hansard June 22 1993 From Column 197)

    Pelindaba cylinders Ken Warren http://petereyrepatch.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/pandoras-box-lifts-lid-off-fraud-part-4.html

    DISASTER ! — Zionist -Michael Gove is to be returned to a major government department as justice secretary

    Recall how Israel Firster Gove had a hysterical hissy fit when parliament refused to go to war in Syria

    Syria: Michael Gove’s Fury At Rebels After Historic Defeat For The Government

    A furious Michael Gove had to be calmed down by colleagues after he yelled at rebels who defied the government over Syria.

    The Education Secretary shouted “disgrace, you’re a disgrace” at Tory and Liberal Democrat rebels, according to the SNP’s Angus Robertson and lobby journalists watching from the press gallery.

    Robertson, the SNP’s Westminster leader, told Sky News he watched on as Gove had to be “persuaded to calm down” following the outburst. ends

    Expect what is left of free speech to be over and done with. See how Gove conflates “anti-semetism” with criticism of Israel.

    The CFI reported on Gove’s speech.

    In a passionate speech touching up his memories of Israel and explaining why he is a Zionist, Chief Whip Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP stated: “Israel, you are not alone. You will never be alone. Jewish, Christian, Muslim – we will be behind you”.

    The senior Conservative MP said that he feels “an enormous sense of pride in what the Jewish people have achieved in Israel”.

    25th March 2015 — Gove “Describing anti-Semitism as a “poisonous ideology”, Mr Gove warned that anti-Semitism has increasingly taken an anti-Jewish state form.”

    The Right Hon. Michael Gove MP’s Speaks at the We Believe in Israel 2015 Conference

    Gove despite being a British MP and paid to represent British interests fails to put Britain first and takes a particularly blinkered zionist view of history.

    Lest we forget a few inconvenient facts.

    Aug 1945
    World Zionist Congress in London resolved that Palestine be immediately established as a Jewish state.

    Sept 28th
    BC James Barry (26); “Shot and killed at the central post office Tel-Aviv by two young men he had stopped. He died instantly after being hit by three bullets at close range; at the same time as this incident an explosion occurred near to the scene.”

    Oct 10th 1945
    BC Gordon Hill (22); killed on duty; Sharon, Haifa. Athlit camp was attacked and 208 detainees released though some refused and were bound and gagged causing one woman to be asphyxiated. Constable Hill was in the pursuit party

    Nov 1st 1945
    Gnr Harold Yates (25) from Sheffield; RA; “Killed by Jewish insurgents, dressed as British Officers, armed with tommy guns when a mass attack took place on the railway system.”

    Dec 27th 1945
    Killed: BC Edward Hyde (28), BC Noel Nicholson (20), ASP George Smith (44) and Ptes Likoebe Kurata, Vincent Nthinya, Tapotsa Ntisa all in African Pioneer Corps; in terrorist attack on CID HQ, Jerusalem.
    ASP Denis Flanagan (33); “Killed in one of three attacks against police buildings at Jerusalem and Jaffa and a military installation at Tel Aviv. MOD
    L/Cpl Richard Symons (30), REME, from Westminster; killed by terrorists attempting to steal from arms store, Tel Aviv. [5]

    The terrorism and carnage continues.

    In 1952 the Zionists blew up the Christian village of Ikret and its churches and schools. In 1953 the Zionists destroyed the Christian village of Kafr Bur’om in Galilee together with its churches and schools. The Zionists continue to persecute Christians and violate their religious rights today.



    London, Live Feed




    Margaret Thatcher secured a knighthood for a top Tory despite being warned of claims that he had held sex parties with under-age boys.


    And the millions of Tory voters STILL think those filthy, vile, criminal, lying, rancid vermin are GREAT ! Nobody gets prosecuted, except for fools who don’t matter, like Rolf Harris, who don’t have enough money, power and connections to escape.




    It’s no wonder that the region has become a magnet for intelligence operatives from all over the world. “American, British, Jordanian, Saudi, you name it,” says Sığırcıkoğlu. “Hatay is teeming with spooks from all of them. In fact we determined that Turkish journalist and academician Mehmet Y. who made regular trips in and out of Syria was working for German intelligence. Hatay became the spook capital of the world. Every intelligence agency you could think of opened up shop in Hatay. Some are involved in public relations while others work to shape events, contacting and trying to steer various terror groups to their own purposes. Many of these are based in Kusakli village which has become out of bounds for civilians.”


    Weapons were primarily brought in by ship. Sığırcıkoğlu remembers seeing a lot of armament that had previously been used in Libya. “There appeared to be a preference for brands from non-EU countries. Weapons of Albanian or former Yugoslavian origin were brought in, for example, and were dealt out to salafi terror gangs.” Indeed, I personally saw reports that mentioned I.K.86 bullets. I.K. is the acronym for Igman-Konyits, former Yugoslavian weapons and munitions factory in present-day Bosnia.

    “All transportation and transfers were organized by MIT Adana Regional Directorate, under full knowledge of the then regional director Nihat B. and his deputy Mücahittin K. But there have been occasions when Ankara bypassed the regional directorate and carried out some operations over one-to-one connections with figures on the ground,” Sığırcıkoğlu states.


    “Beginning from early August 2011, departmental managers and senior employees from MIT Strategic Intelligence Department and Counter-Espionage Department came to Hatay for private meetings with high level opposition organizers, particularly with the founders and top names of the Free Syrian Army. Figures they met included Harmoush, Riad al Asad and Ahmed Hijazi among others. I found out about this from the grapevine as well as some of their written exchanges. Ankara was now bypassing us and establishing direct connections. The Ankara team also gave their contacts special mobile phones so they could communicate over a hotline. When these guys neglected to check their phones, Ankara prompted us to go and warn them to respond to the calls.”




    While leaders of countries like China, India, Vietnam, Serbia and Cuba came to Moscow for the occasion, many European leaders allied with the US chose to reject their invitations. Maduro says they succumbed to pettiness.

    “It was probably a case of short-sightedness on the part of today’s western leaders,” he said. “It’s about conspiring and petty grudges… But humanity has enough strength and values not to allow this pettiness to win.”

    The Venezuelan leader said similar notions were prevailing in Europe when the rise of politicians like Germany’s Hitler, Italy’s Mussolini and Spain’s Franco was ignored in other nations in the hope that these anti-communist regimes would target the Soviet Union.

    “Europe partially turned a blind eye and bet on the creation of an insane monster who would finish off the Soviet Union. It was apparent what would that bring on their heads. Hitler had been supported at the time by the bourgeoisie, by financiers in all of Europe, not just Germany, and even in the US… Humanity had to pay a great price for that bet,” he said.




    The NSA has reportedly sought the help of Germany’s intelligence agency in spying on Munich-based Siemens over the company’s suspected business with Russian intelligence, Bild am Sonntag newspaper revealed. Siemens has denied any connection with Russia.

    The revelation came from an unknown US intelligence source speaking to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag, and is the latest report in a spy scandal involving a widening gap in trust between the Americans and the Germans.

    According to the report, the NSA had asked Germany’s intelligency agency, the BND, to spy on European defense company Airbus and on Siemens. For the latter, the US explained its request by alleging that it had a contract partnership with a Russian intelligence agency. The NSA supposedly suspected the Munich-based Siemens supplied communication technology to Russia’s Special Communications and Information Service.

    In its separate comments to Bild am Sonntag and Reuters, Siemens has rejected any partnership with Russian intelligence.

    It also said it was “not aware of any facts in the company’s area of responsibility” that would warrant such close scrutiny of its work, Siemens spokesman told the German newspaper.

    It remains unclear whether BND has satisfied the NSA’s request, the report said. The BND was not available for comment, Reuters said.

    Bild am Sonntag’s revelation comes shortly after German media reported that the BND stopped sharing internet surveillance data with the NSA on May 4. It allegedly demanded that the US spy agency first file an official request, explaining the need for the internet-based data from Germany’s Bad Aibling listening post in Bavaria, where 120 BND employees and some NSA technicians work.

    The US, however, refused to comply with the request, saying it was given at short notice.




    This week’s visit by People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) to the Russian port of Novorossiysk comes amid reports Russia is considering a purchase of PLAN Type 054A frigates. Unthinkable just ten years ago, it’s a reminder of how far China’s domestic arms industry has come since the West imposed an arms embargo.

    In the past five years the People’s Republic of China has announced a series of arms deals cementing its position as a major player in the global arms market. Among others deals, China will supply Argentina with offshore patrol vessels, Nigeria with corvettes, and Pakistan with submarines.

    China’s long push to create a domestic arms industry is bearing fruit, and Chinese ships, aircraft, radar, and missiles are seen as an affordable alternative to Western offerings. While Chinese designs are likely inferior to Western—and even Russian counterparts—they are cheap, can be purchased in quantity, are delivered more quickly, and are attached to fewer political strings.

    In the early 1980s, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping began opening China up politically and economically to the rest of the world. For a brief period China’s defense industry enjoyed considerable cooperation with its Western counterparts, as the prospect of arming the massive People’s Liberation Army was a lucrative prospect.

    The arms embargo imposed in the aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre ended that cooperation. China was left with few options other than to develop an industrial base capable of fully meeting the needs of the entire PLA. Toward that end China has spent a great deal of effort modifying Western equipment, conducting espionage against Western defense contractors, importing Russian technology and talent, and innovating to produce a new generation of post-Tiananmen weapons.

    Overseas sales are welcome to offset research and development costs. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, China’s arms exports have risen 143 percent worldwide in the past five years. China is now third in exports of military equipment worldwide— behind the United States and Russia.

    The proliferation of inexpensive, technologically advanced Chinese weapons will eventually prove a challenge for Western countries, particularly the United States and United Kingdom. The sale of advanced ships, missiles, and planes to Argentina, for example, will complicate the U.K.’s defensive plan for the Falkland Islands.





    John A. Ruskamp Jr., Ed.D., reports that he has identified an outstanding, history-changing treasure hidden in plain sight. High above a walking path in Albuquerque’s Petroglyph National Monument, Ruskamp spotted petroglyphs that struck him as unusual. After consulting with experts on Native American rock writing and ancient Chinese scripts to corroborate his analysis, he has concluded that the readable message preserved by these petroglyphs was likely inscribed by a group of Chinese explorers thousands of years ago.

    On the fringe of archaeology have long been claims that the Chinese reached North America long before Europeans. With some renowned experts taking interest in Ruskamp’s discovery, those claims may be working their way from the fringe to the core.




    Brief intermission, I’ve been offline, very busy Spring cleaning…


    Or, someone zapped my system because they don’t like my comments.

    You can draw your own conclusions.





    Wolfowitz and all his senior-level colleagues in the Bush-Cheney administration got Iraq wrong. They each were guilty of wishful thinking and arrogantly believed they knew better than area experts in various government agencies. But within this crew, as a ferocious advocate of a wacky and paranoid conspiracy theory, Wolfowitz went further in denying reality. And for that, his judgment ought to be questioned. After all, his passionate embrace of Mylroie’s unproven and screwy thesis caused him to miscalculate one of the most serious threats to Pindostan. He could have been run out of the public sphere for this. Yet Wolfowitz was awarded the Medal of Freedom by Bush 43 and named president of the World Bank (where he went on to have a scandalous tenure). And now Wolfowitz is advising yet another Bush who may end up in the White House. One can only imagine what dark global conspiracies he’s pitching these days.




    The U.S. and Russia are currently involved in heated competition amidst the New Cold War, with their latest rivalry threatening to turn hot over Macedonia. They had already duked it out over Ukraine (and still are, to a large extent), and a deadly stalemate has now settled over Syria as the U.S. covert war on the country drags through its fourth year.

    The latest flare-up between the two Great Powers is now gearing up to be for Macedonia, with the U.S. following the template it’s learned in the previous two cases to throw the country into chaos during the forthcoming 17 May Color Revolution offensive. The terrorists intercepted last weekend in Kumanovo were supposed to have coordinated their attacks with the Color Revolutionaries during this Sunday’s destabilization, which would have symbolized the strategic merger between the Color Revolution and Unconventional War elements of the U.S. regime change toolkit.




    The cosmetic concessions offered to the weak-kneed Democrats included some empty votes on currency manipulation and an extension of an African trade agreement – in short, nothing. Senate Democrats have set themselves up to get rolled when TPP comes up for a final vote and voting no means scuttling an agreement all their donors will be demanding they approve. Then again, maybe that was the plan all along – offer token opposition to appease the base, cave, then say your hands are tied because the fast-track has made the vote on TPP so binary you have to vote yes.




    Anyone looking to get a better understanding of the origins of the radical ethnic nationalism and openly neo-Nazi views of elements of Ukraine’s youth need look no further than a Ukrainian language textbook for grade school students from 2011.
    The state-approved textbook, entitled ‘Ukrainian Language’, and oriented toward grade 11 students studying the Ukrainian language, has recently been rediscovered by Russian and Ukrainian social media users over its radical, hateful language. It is worth quoting here in full:

    Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20150506/1021795428.html#ixzz3aLJXFcQT



    It would appear that American attempts to isolate Russia have resulted in the exact opposite: if 10 nations, among them the world’s largest economy, comprising some 3 billion people, are willing to set aside their differences and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Russians to counter American attempts at global dominance, then clearly the American plan isn’t going to work at all. Western media focused on the fact that western leaders declined to attend the celebration, either in a fit of pique or because so ordered by the Obama administration, but this only highlights their combined irrelevance, be it in defeating Hitler, or in commemorating his defeat 70 years later. Nevertheless, in his speech Putin specifically thanked the French, the British and the Americans for their contribution to the war effort. I am sorry that he left out the Belgians, who had been so helpful at Dunkirk.




    Remember the security researcher who was pulled from a United flight and had his equipment taken (before its frequent flier miles-paying bug hunt) for tweeting about hacking into the plane via its entertainment system? In an application for a search warrant, FBI agents said he previously told them he’s gone further than that. APTN National News obtained the document, which contains claims that Chris Roberts told them he connected his laptop to a plane via an Ethernet cable, hacked into a thrust management computer and briefly controlled one of the engines, causing the plane to change course. As reported previously by Wired, he has warned of vulnerabilities in planes for years — manufacturers deny they exist — and the conversations were apparently intended to get these problems fixed.





    Thatcher allowed paedophile to keep knighthood: Late former Prime Minister blocked plans to strip Sir Peter Hayman of honour

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3084781/Thatcher-allowed-paedophile-knighthood-Late-former-Prime-Minister-blocked-plans-strip-Sir-Peter-Hayman-honour.html



    After a trial that lasted over two months, a federal jury needed just 14 hours of deliberations to come to the unanimous decision that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be executed. Tsarnaev, who along with his brother, Tamerlan, (supposedly) planted bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon, did not express any emotion in the courthouse as the verdict on his punishment was announced late this afternoon. In the immediate aftermath of the ruling, newly appointed Attorney General Loretta Lynch called the sentence “a fitting punishment for this horrific crime.” Tsarnaev, who was 19 years old at the time of the bombing, will soon be moved to the federal death row penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. As I watched the trial up close, this outcome seemed preordained. The government was set on the death penalty, and today they achieved that goal. Before the start of the trial, Tsarnaev’s lawyers had made repeated entreaties to settle the case with a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. These were denied by the government despite widespread opposition within the city of Boston to executing him, and mitigating factors which strongly suggested that Dzhokhar played a secondary role in the crime and the events leading up to it.




    Death Penalty for Boston Marathon Suspect Drives Nail in the Coffin of US Justice System




    The news comes after it was revealed that Mr Umunna is a member of a private and exclusive boys club behind the Bank of England called the M Den.
    He has a special key to a secret entrance and keeps a cognac locker at the club, which sells bottles for anything between £300 and £4,000.
    On the opening night of its restaurant, Chuka’s personal friend Tinie Tempah played a 90-minute set.
    And he even has a bar named after him. The Chuka bar opened in April with a glamorous ceremony in which horses were photographed inside, being ridden by Britain’s top professional polo players.
    Umunna was photographed that night surrounded by women at the club, which calls itself a ‘boys playground’ and exhibits a £10,000 pop art picture of a topless woman leaning over a snooker table by American photographer Miles Aldridge.


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