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    And one Chevy Cobalt was harmed in the making of this story…

    Their neighbors in Phoenix said they had no clue about what they were going to do.

    Ariel Whitlock was actually about to buy a car from Simpson. She was horrified to see the same black Chevrolet Cobalt, damaged from the attack, on the news.

    “I’m getting goose bumps thinking about it right now just because I wanted to buy that car,” she told CNN’s Kyung Lah. “On the news, I see it, it’s just blown up. I’m like, ‘I was going to purchase that car.'”




    The individual who wrote this article believes it’s a good idea for the EU- European Union to put pressure on Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine by cutting cut oil purchases. He continues with the following mind numbing wisdom:

    If the West did not trade with Russia as much as it still does, the Kremlin would not have the financial means to conduct its “hybrid” operations — military interventions, propaganda campaigns, political manipulations, etc, in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

    I gather the author believes it’s only Putin who is the BOOGEYMAN in this Ukrainian situation. Furthermore, does he realize the U.S. still imports a nice chunk of its petroleum from the Russian Bear?? For some strange reason, the West seems to be suffering from serious BRAIN DAMAGE. While propaganda is taking place on both sides, it seems as if the West is dishing out a great deal more BS than Russia.

    I make it an effort not to chat with people on this issue because they simply regurgitate what they hear or read from the MSM. According to information from the weekly John Batchelor-Prof Stephen Cohen interviews on Russia found on TFmetalsReport, Putin has an 86% approval rating by its citizens while Obama comes in at 45%.

    Some may think those high Putin approval ratings are manipulated. However, the west also does polls in Russia and comes up with roughly the same approval ratings.

    That being said, I don’t like to get into a political debate because it isn’t based on sound REASON or LOGIC. It’s based upon the misinformation, garbage or propaganda the MSM puts out on a daily basis. You cannot debate a person who is brainwashed in this fashion.

    Regardless of the collective BRAIN DAMAGE of the West, the United States after all its saber-rattling, shipping of weapons and military personal to Ukraine, sanctions and some of the worst anti-Russian propaganda seen since the Cold War, the U.S. still imports a significant amount of petroleum from Russia.

    This is the world we live in today…. total and complete BULL EXCREMENT. Believe me you, I am not anti-American. I am just anti-BS.




    And then, of course, there are the really big winners in all this blood, the weapons manufacturers. Raytheon and Lockheed Martin supplied £1.3bn of missiles to the Saudis only last year. But three years ago, Der Spiegel claimed the European Union was Saudi Arabia’s most important arms supplier and last week France announced the sale of 24 Rafale fighter jets to Qatar at a cost of around £5.7bn. Egypt has just bought another 24 Rafales.

    It’s worth remembering at this point that the Congressional Research Services in the US estimate that most of Isis’s budget comes from “private donors” in – you guessed it – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait.

    But blow me down if the Yanks are back to boasting. More than a decade after “Mission Accomplished”, General Paul Funk (in charge of reforming the Iraqi army) has told us that “the enemy is on its knees”. Another general close to Barack Obama says that half of the senior commanders in Isis have been liquidated. Nonsense. But it’s worth knowing just how General Pierre de Villiers, chief of the French defence staff, summed up his recent visits to Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraq, he reported back to Paris, is in a state of “total decay”. The French word he used was “decomposition”. I suspect that applies to most of the Middle East.




    Mossad and its friends reportedly organised a ‘Mohammad cartoon competition’ at the Curtis Culwell Center, in Garland, in Texas, on May 3, 2015.

    The competition involved the shooting dead of two alleged patsies.

    At least one of the patsies was reportedly under the control of the FBI.

    Elton Simpson ‘Handled’ By Paid FBI Informant.

    John McCain and the boss of ISIS al Baghdadi.

    ISIS, which is reportedly run by Mossad and its friends, has claimed responsibility for the Garland event.

    The event featured alleged Mossad assets Pamela Geller and Geert Wilders.

    Geller is a fan of the ‘fascist’ Ayn Rand. Wilders has Indonesian Jewish origins.




    Protesters for civil liberties groups launched a last-ditch campaign against the bill under the banner “24 hours before 1984” in reference to George Orwell’s dystopian novel about life under an all-knowing dictatorship. Groups including Amnesty International warned of “extremely large and intrusive powers” without judicial controls.

    But despite opposition from green and hard-left MPs, the bill won the overwhelming backing of the majority of MPs from the Socialist and rightwing UMP parties, which said it was necessary to tackle the terrorist risk. The bill was passed in the national assembly by 438 votes to 86, with a handful of no votes from Socialist MPs.

    The new law will allow authorities to spy on the digital and mobile phone communications of anyone linked to a “terrorist” inquiry without prior authorisation from a judge. It forces internet service providers and phone companies to give up data upon request.

    Intelligence services will have the right to place cameras and recording devices in private homes and install so-called keylogger devices that record every key stroke on a targeted computer in real time. The authorities will be able to keep recordings for a month and metadata for five years.

    One of the most contentious elements of the bill is that it allows intelligence services to vacuum up metadata, which would then be subject to analysis for potentially suspicious behaviour. The metadata would be anonymous, but intelligence agents could follow up with a request to an independent panel for deeper surveillance that could yield the identity of users.

    Another controversial element is the so-called “black boxes” – or complex algorithms – that internet providers will be forced to install to flag up a succession of suspect behavioural patterns online, such as keywords used, sites visited and contacts made

    Surveillance agencies will also be able to bug suspects’ homes with microphones and cameras and add keyloggers to their computers to track every keystroke.

    The French prime minister, Manuel Valls, defended the bill as “necessary and proportionate”, saying that to compare it to the mass surveillance Patriot Act introduced in the United States after the 9/11 attacks was a lie.




    The Authorities’ Achilles Heel in all of this is the recordings “The evidence document audio” and the “Distinguishing Marks” videos given to DC Alan Rogers by JC Yaohirou. Rogers concealed this evidence from the police and social services investigating teams. This evidence supporting the children’s accusations passes the BURDEN OF PROOF from the accusers to the accused, who NOW have to disprove the children’s claims (those in the “legal” profession are aware of this). There’s only one way they can do this: medical examinations. The police, social services, Pauffley, all the MSM, hoaxsters and trolls have maintained a unified total silence over these identifying vids/drawings, because they cannot refute this evidence. They daren’t even fling filth at it to try to discredit it for fear of drawing attention to this utterly damning evidence.

    I posted the following at “Whistleblowers” some weeks ago:

    Video evidence aside, it’s quite obvious that standard questions police officers (especially those in a special Child Abuse Unit) NEED to ask in a child rape investigation are those aimed at verifying any identifying marks on or around the alleged attackers’ private parts – just as ella and abraham realised, and therefore did ask. This is a routine line of questioning, regardless if there is video evidence or not. We know the children had already identified many (all?) of their attackers by name. Yet in all of the police interviews of the children, there’s not ONE question aimed at verifying any identifying marks on or around their NAMED attackers’ private parts. Why? But perhaps a police video interview where the children ARE asked such questions does exist? And ella states she made the police aware she had “a lot of other evidence”, but ”the police never asked her for the evidence.” Why? What’s the MOTIVE for NOT asking the children questions aimed at verifying any identifying marks on or around their alleged attackers’ private parts? What’s the MOTIVE for NOT asking ella for all that evidence she had in her possession which included videos, diary pages and drawings? What’s the MOTIVE for concealing video evidence in Chingford, out of sight from HONEST police/social services investigators, judges, and ultimately, the general public? The MOTIVE to all this is quite clear: The desperate need to AVOID having to go to the next stage, i.e. to require those people both NAMED and intimately IDENTIFIED by the children to undergo a medical examination in order to eliminate themselves from the inquiry. And who could possibly object to the investigation going to that next stage? Also quite clear: Those people NAMED by the children as their attackers who also have IDENTIFIABLE DISTINGUISHING MARKS on or around their privates MATCHING the descriptions given by the children.
    When alisa and gabriel named their attackers and described in great detail, identifiable distinguishing marks on and around their attackers’ private parts, the BURDEN OF PROOF passed from the accusers to the accused. The ONLY way those accused can acquit themselves is by submitting to a medical examination, conducted by UNBIASED doctors, to prove their innocence. They KNOW this. The police, social services, the judiciary, Judge Pauffley, the media, the trolls, hoaxsters, and anyone not in a coma KNOW this. There is no other way to defend themselves from these accusations. The counter allegation that the children were coached could only be considered AFTER the medical examinations had DISPROVED the allegations. But if you CAN’T disprove the allegations because the medical examinations can CONFIRM them, and you don’t want the TRUTH to come out, then your only possible alternative is to try to cover it up with lies. The Authorities skipped the necessary medical examinations of the accused child rapists because they HAD TO. That is why the so-called investigation was a fraud, the subsequent hearing was a fraud and Judge Pauffley’s so-called judgement is a fraud. Detective Constable Rogers is a fraud. He had no authority to conceal important evidence in a rape and murder inquiry. Detective Inspector John Cannon is a fraud. He had no authority to close the investigation when he did – and it is NOT closed. Judge Pauffley is a fraud. She had, and has, no authority covering up a fraudulent investigation with a fraudulent hearing. And it is NOT covered up. Judge Pauffley also has no authority to concoct a foul potion of lies, half-truths, smears, slurs and slanders designed to poison and harm those brave children, their brave mother and partner, an honest doctor, and the minds of the general public, and then call it a “judgement”. And it is NOT a judgement – it is a filthy sham, and utterly rejected. The people of this land and the law of this land do not consent to give public servants the authority to behave like criminals.




    Police and council officials in Rotherham were warned that gangs of men were grooming children for sex as long ago as 2003 but failed to act, it emerged today.
    South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council were given a list of suspects along with a report that linked drug-dealing and ‘significant’ child abuse in the Yorkshire town.
    The warnings were repeated in another report three years later, but no action was taken against the gangs trafficking children.
    The expert who produced both reports – which were released for the first time today – says police told her such crimes were ‘awful’ but the force’s priorities were burglary and car crime.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3068309/Police-council-told-child-sex-abuse-Rotherham-12-YEARS-AGO.html



    Psychopathic megalomaniacs….

    CFR Says China Must Be Defeated And TPP Is Essential To That

    Wall Street’s Council on Foreign Relations has issued a major report, alleging that China must be defeated because it threatens to become a bigger power in the world than the U.S.

    This report, which is titled “Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China,” is introduced by Richard Haass, the CFR’s President, who affirms the report’s view that, “no relationship will matter more when it comes to defining the twenty-first century than the one between the United States and China.”

    Haass gives this report his personal imprimatur by saying that it “deserves to become an important part of the debate about U.S. foreign policy and the pivotal U.S.-China relationship.” He acknowledges that some people won’t agree with the views it expresses.

    The report itself then opens by saying: “Since its founding, the United States has consistently pursued a grand strategy focused on acquiring and maintaining preeminent power over various rivals, first on the North American continent, then in the Western hemisphere, and finally globally.” It praises “the American victory in the Cold War.” It then lavishes praise on America’s imperialistic dominance: “The Department of Defense during the George H.W. Bush administration presciently contended that its ‘strategy must now refocus on precluding the emergence of any potential future global competitor’—thereby consciously pursuing the strategy of primacy that the United States successfully employed to outlast the Soviet Union.”

    The rest of the report is likewise concerned with the international dominance of America’s aristocracy or the people who control this country’s international corporations, rather than with the welfare of the public or as the U.S. Constitution described the objective of the American Government: “the general welfare.”

    The Preamble, or sovereignty clause, in the Constitution, presented that goal in this broader context: “in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”




    Deutsche Bank’s illegal conduct involved nearly a decade of lying, cheating, and stealing. This criminal conduct was pervasive and widespread, involving dozens of employees from Deutsche Bank offices including New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and London. Deutsche Bank’s traders engaged in a brazen scheme to defraud Deutsche Bank’s counterparties and the worldwide financial marketplace by secretly manipulating LIBOR. The conduct is appalling. It was a complete criminal fraud upon the worldwide marketplace.




    When I started using the Internet in the 90s, I was just posting stuff. It never struck me that 20 years later I could go Google myself and pull all this up. Imagine if I posted something on alt.binaries.pictures.erotica or something like that, and now that post is going to embarrass me forever.

    The same is increasingly becoming the case with voice communication, he said. And the stakes are even higher, given that the majority of the world’s communication has historically been conducted by voice, and it has traditionally been considered a private mode of communication. Raj said:

    People still aren’t realizing quite the magnitude that the problem could get to. And it’s not just surveillance. People are using voice services all the time. And where does the voice go? It’s sitting somewhere. It’s going somewhere. You’re living on trust. Right now, I don’t think you can trust anybody.




    The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance. [It] was at best indifferent about casualties among the Plastelinan population.

    At best. This should surprise nobody who paid any attention to the brutal Israeli destruction of Gaza or, for that matter, countless Israeli attacks before that. The UN has said that 7 out of 10 people killed by the Israelis were civilians, “including 1,462 civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women”; video of Israelis killing four Gazan boys as they played on a beach sickened anyone decent. Nonetheless, reading the accounts from these Israeli soldiers is revolting and important in equal parts. It shines considerable light on the reality of what Israeli loyalists have long hailed as “the most moral army in the world,” one unfairly held to a difference standard that ignores their great “restraint.” The Intercept has chosen some selected, representative excerpts from the report, with the rank of the testifying soldier indicated. Each one was granted anonymity by the report’s organizers. This is the savage occupying force known as the IDF:

    “Whoever you see there, you kill”




    IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA… Countries ripped apart through sectarian and political violence in the aftermath of cataclysmic external interventions: American invasion and occupation in Iraq, NATO intervention in Libya, and international proxy war in Syria. Mere mention of these countries conjures images of sectarian driven atrocities and societal collapse into the abyss of a Hobbesian jungle. And now it is commonplace to just assume it’s always been so. Increasingly, one hears from all corners of public discourse the lazily constructed logic, “but they’ve always hated each other”… or “violence and conflict are endemic to the region.” But it was not always so — I found a place of beauty, peace, and coexistence in a Syria that is now almost never acknowledged, and which risks being forgotten about. But Syrians themselves will never forget.

    I SERVED IN THE MARINE CORPS during the first years of the Iraq War and was a 9/11 first responder while stationed at Headquarters Battalion Quantico, 2000–2004. I thought I knew something about Iraq upon the start of our new “war on terror”: Arab culture, with its intrinsic primal religious passions and resulting sectarian divisions, must be brought to heel under Western values of pluralism, secularism, and equality if peace and stability are to ever have a chance. This was a guiding assumption among the many Marine officers, active and retired, that I conversed with during my years at Quantico. Iraqis and Middle Easterners were, for us, abstractions that fit neatly into categories learned about by viewing a C-span lecture, or perhaps in a college class or two: there are Sunnis, Shia, some dissident sects, they all mistrust each other, and they all want theocratic states with their group in charge.







    Earth’s herbivores are disappearing, according to a new study. It revealed that specifically, the Earth is becoming a less suitable place for large herbivores that have been common throughout its history. That’s a bad sign for a climate change discussion that seems to be focusing more recently on the disappearing life forms from this planet, rather than the things that are being done to actually change the course Earth appears to be set on, as it continues to heat up.

    However, the study points out that the problems aren’t just that of reduction of habitat due to climate change. Rather, the study pointed out just how much impact humans can have on these animals in other ways. Those most directly impacted were large herbivores, which are regularly the target of poaching and hunting.

    The authors of the study worked on focusing on a series of species. Specifically, they looked at 74 large herbivore species, and found that they were all at risk for declining over the course of the next several years. However, they found that they already had started declining in recent years. The study pointed out that, “without radical intervention, large herbivores (and many smaller ones) will continue to disappear from numerous regions with enormous ecological, social, and economic costs.”

    However, William Ripple of Oregon State University pointed out that, “Surprisingly, the results show that the two main factors in herbivore declines are hunting by humans and habitat change. They are twin threats.” This reveals the major problem that animals around the world are facing. It really just comes down to a change that animals can’t cope with because of the habitat change that is occurring throughout the process. This is just the latest in issues that have been raised regarding the population of animals. It was just recently that a study revealed how one in six species on Earth could disappear thanks to the changing climate. The problems are real, and they need to be addressed.




    It’s Official: The U.S. Collaborates With Al Qaeda

    The propaganda against Syria is milking the capture of Idlib city by Jabhat al-Nusra and assorted other Islamist groups. The general tone is “Assad is losing” illogically combined with a demand that the U.S. should now bomb the Syrian government troops. Why would that be necessary if the Syrian government were really losing control?

    A prime example comes via Foreign Policy from Charles Lister, an analyst from Brooking Doha, which is paid with Qatari money but often cooperating with the Obama administration. That headline declares that Assad is losing and the assault on Idlib is lauded in the highest tone. Then the piece admits that this small victory against retreating Syrian troops was only possible because AlQaeda was leading in the assault.

    The piece admits that the U.S. which wants to balance between AlQaeda and the Syrian government forces prolonging the conflict in the hope that both sides will lose, was behind that move:

    The involvement of FSA groups, in fact, reveals how the factions’ backers have changed their tune regarding coordination with Islamists. Several commanders involved in leading recent Idlib operations confirmed to this author that the U.S.-led operations room in southern Turkey, which coordinates the provision of lethal and non-lethal support to vetted opposition groups, was instrumental in facilitating their involvement in the operation from early April onwards. That operations room — along with another in Jordan, which covers Syria’s south — also appears to have dramatically increased its level of assistance and provision of intelligence to vetted groups in recent weeks.
    Whereas these multinational operations rooms have previously demanded that recipients of military assistance cease direct coordination with groups like Jabhat al-Nusra, recent dynamics in Idlib appear to have demonstrated something different. Not only were weapons shipments increased to the so-called “vetted groups,” but the operations room specifically encouraged a closer cooperation with Islamists commanding frontline operations.

    The U.S. led operations room encouraged cooperation between the Islamists of the so called Fee Syrian Army and AlQaeda. A U.S. drone, shot down over Latakia in March, was gathering intelligence for the AlQaeda attack on Idlib. More that 600 TOW U.S. anti-tank missiles have been used against Syrian troops in north Syria. These are part of the 14,000 the Saudis had ordered from the U.S. producer.

    Even if the U.S., as now admitted, would not officially urge its mercenaries to cooperate with Jabhat al-Nusra such cooperation was always obvious to anyone who dared to look:




    These restrictions include the provision that the winning coalition exercise complete control over Germany’s mass media and communications; that every Federal Chancellor is to sign the so-called Chancellor Act; that the gold reserve of Germany is kept under arrest. In fact, all the German Chancellors, including the incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel, pay their first foreign visit necessarily to the United States. The whole spectrum of German political parties is supervised by a special Washington-based controlling body, while local US-licensed media serve as a more sophisticated means of brainwashing than the Nazi propagandist machine. Meanwhile, Germany’s territory is still occupied by US troops. This astonishing picture is not a fancy concoction of a political leftist. It is drawn by a military man whose mind has accumulated the experience of several crucial stages of development of the European civilization and Germany in particular. Gen. (Ret.) Gerd-Helmut Komossa took part in World War II and later in the Cold War. Possessing huge amounts of information, he analyzes the existing mechanisms of global policy with strong criticism. Joining the Wehrmacht in 1943 as a volunteer, Komossa served at the Eastern front. Between May 1945 and April 1949, he was a prisoner of war. In the USSR, he got acquainted with many Russians who appeared to be quite different from the image imposed by the official Nazi propaganda. Since 1956, he served in the German Bundeswehr, re-established under certain conditions. The abovementioned secret treaty admitted that the German sovereignty is sufficient for the right to build up military forces. According to the Constitution, the troops of the Federal Republic of Germany are carrying put exceptionally defensive functions.




    The USA has an obscene culture, which ensures that the most vicious, psychopathic and depraved individuals rise to the top and gain power, so it is run by a bunch of insane criminals who endanger all life on Earth.

    What struck me was the sheer number of corporate violations of laws and regulations–thousands upon thousands, the vast majority of which occurred since corporate profits began their incredible ascent in the early 2000s–and the list of those paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and settlements, which reads like a who’s who of Corporate America and Top 100 Global Corporations.

    I encourage you to open one of the three alphabetical tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet on Google Docs and scroll down to find your favorite super-profitable corporation.

    Many have a long list of fines and settlements, and many of the fines are in excess of $100 million. Many are for blatant cartel price-fixing, not disclosing the dangers of the company’s heavily promoted medications, destroying documents to thwart an investigation of wrong-doing, etc.

    In other words, these were not wrist-slaps for minor oversights of complex regulations– these are blatant violations of core laws of the land.




    Ironically, this happens days if not hours after US federal regulators were forced to devise new rules for oil trains after 141 oil train derailments and fires in 2014. However, as RT reported earlier today, the regulations have sparked criticism from nearly all interested parties, including politicians and activists.

    The trains in question are often called “bomb trains” because their black, torpedo-shaped tanks are filled with potentially explosive crude oil. They are an increasingly common sight on the nation’s rail systems as they carry a million barrels of oil per day to refineries along the East Coast.

    The Department of Transportation (DOT) spent two years formulating the recently released new train rules. The regulations introduce new tank car standards for oil and ethanol, and mandate the use of electronically controlled brakes.

    “The truth is that 99.9 percent of these shipments reach their destination safely,” DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx said to the press. “The accidents involving crude and ethanol that have occurred, though, have shown us that 99.9 percent isn’t enough. We have to strive for perfection.”
    And hours later we have this:




    The station’s most recognizable face, Ali Velshi, a veteran of CNN, who hosts a prime-time show, led a similar meeting in February. Mr. Velshi’s line of questioning and his exchanges with Mr. Al Shihabi were particularly heated, according to five people present at the meeting.

    Days later, when Mr. Velshi was not present, Mr. Al Shihabi threatened to sue Mr. Velshi and fire him, according to employees who said they heard him speaking openly in the newsroom.

    “I’ll spend whatever I have to spend to bankrupt him in court,” Mr. Al Shihabi said, according to one employee who was there. Another heard Mr. Al Shihabi say, “He’s finished here.”

    Mr. Velshi remains employed. In a statement, he said: “To hear that public threats of litigation and of bankrupting me have been made, if true, is disheartening and deeply troubling.” He declined to comment further.

    In the interview on Tuesday, Mr. Al Shihabi said he had never made those comments.

    “We are creative thinkers, and we allow debates, we encourage debates and we encourage different views,” he said.




    Yesterday I was at a funeral. The crowd was well over 500, much more than I originally thought would be possible. It was a deeply emotional event. The man to whom everyone bid farewell was Oles’ Buzina, a writer, historian, free thinker, wacky conversationalist, warm friend, a man who identified deeply with both the complex yet incomplete Ukrainian culture and with the multifaceted entity of eastern Slavic Orthodox Russian civilization, a man who would not take sides easily, and would adhere to his lone stand even when death threats started to arrive at his doorstep on a weekly basis.

    The event was all over the Russian language news. But there was precisely zero coverage of it in the English-language news. He was murdered at 1:25, Thursday, April 16. There were two masked men waiting for him in front of his house. Five shots were fired, and that was that. It was the third such hit in a span of four days.


    Having worked with Yu on revising his first rough draft, and on translating the result into Russian, I feel some amount of ownership, and pride, in this piece. How much pride? Well, much more than I could have felt had it only been published in English, where the response it received was undeservedly muted. Did a major English-language periodical pick it up? Ha-ha-ha you’ve got to be kidding! Oh, and in light of what Paul Craig Roberts said, and that list of measures… Draw your own conclusions, but for Yu’s next piece I am contemplating skipping the step of producing the intermediate, English-language result, and have it go straight into Russian.




    Amanda Taub and I traveled to Moscow to try to understand Russian views of the struggle for Europe. One of the people we spoke to was Fyodor Lukyanov. The editor of the journal Russia in Global Affairs and chair of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Lukyanov is one of Russia’s most influential and well-connected foreign policy experts. He is widely considered to reflect the views of Russia’s official foreign policy establishment. Our conversation left me deeply concerned about the Russian-Western rivalry in Europe, the mismatch in how the two sides see dangers in that rivalry, and the remote but real possibility of an unwanted spiral into war.

    What follows is a transcript of the section of our conversation that touched on these issues. Sections on Russia’s relationship with the US and on its approach to the Middle East have been published separately. This has been edited and condensed for clarity.




    All of that is about to change the moment the MIC figurehead known as president Obama greenlights the dispatch of billions of dollars in fighters, drones, missile batteries, and surveillance equipment to Saudi Arabia and its peers, in the process dramatically reshaping the balance of power status quo and almost certainly leading to yet another middle eastern war which will inevitably drag in not only Israel and Russia at least in a proxy capacity, but ultimately, the US as well.

    Just as the US military industrial complex wanted.

    Because as every Keynesian fanatic will tell you: in a world saturated by debt, and where organic growth is no longer possible, there is only one remaining option.


    * * *

    And just to assure the required outcome, moments ago John Kerry arrived in Riyadh to conclude the deal.




    Instead of taking credit for airstrikes or ground attacks, Israel blames them on Jabhat al-Nusra (the Nusra Front), an al-Qaida-aligned group fighting in Syria. However, claims of “selective non-involvement” ring false in the face of multiple reports of Israel’s direct support of al-Nusra.

    Arab news sources reported in December that Syrian rebels from the group were being treated in Israeli hospitals, and widely circulated video footage shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting Syrian militants in the hospital.




    This is quite amazing. For anyone who followed investigations into WHO it was that actually fired into the crowds, and WHO committed mass murder in Ukraine.

    “Of course, not all protesters on Maidan were peaceful, but is there really no space to mention that police fired into the crowds, killing many, and that these killings made Yanukovych’s further tenure as president deeply problematic, perhaps even impossible?” wrote Sandborn, head of the history department at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

    Sanborn is among the more than 130 members of the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), who signed a letter supporting Cohen in a scandal that erupted over a dissertation prize that was to bear Cohen’s name.

    Cohen and his wife, the American magazine publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel, pulled their offer of several hundred thousand dollars for the grant after members of the U.S.-based organization objected to having his name attached to the prize.

    The ASEEES board has called a “special meeting” to discuss the controversy on May 11 in Pittsburgh and on May 4 published dozens of comments from members on the matter. Most of the published input supported accepting the gift and naming it after Cohen.

    “Cohen’s 40 years in the field as a scholar and educator should make the organization bend over backwards to avoid any possible implication of rejecting philanthropic gifts because of political statements made in the public domain,” wrote Michael David-Fox, a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union at Georgetown University.

    A handful of scholars voiced their objections to Cohen’s ties to the gift, however.

    “Stephen Cohen has been a mouthpiece for a mass murderer and the ASEEES does not have my support if it reverses its earlier decision and allows for the creation of any fellowship in his name,” wrote Lynn Lubamersky, an associate professor of history at Boise State University.

    Cohen told RFE/RL that depending on the outcome of the May 11 meeting, he may reexamine his association with an existing ASEEES-administered dissertation prize bearing his name and that of his late mentor, historian Robert C. Tucker, that vanden Heuvel’s Kat Charitable Foundation has sponsored for a decade.

    Sanborn wrote in his open letter that he hopes Cohen’s commentary on the Ukraine conflict will move in the direction of “more richness, complexity, and believability.”

    If this doesn’t happen, Sanborn added, “I’ll read your pieces with gritted teeth, but my respect for your career will remain.”




    Prominent American historian Stephen Cohen believes that Ukraine is the epicenter of a global geopolitical transformation, and that the world as it existed before the crisis will never be the same again.

    Speaking on the John Batchelor radio program, Dr. Cohen observed that while “we talk each week about the micro and macro events emanating from the Ukraine crisis, we’re living through a geopolitical transition, and to what we do not know.” In any case, “the world will not again be the way looked 5-6 years ago, at least in Europe. These are historic times, and the epicenter is Ukraine.”

    Noting that the “essential confrontation” in the conflict “is between the United States and Russia,” Cohen believes that Europe and China too are reconfiguring and reorienting themselves around events in Ukraine.

    Fears of Ukrainian Military Conflict Reigniting

    Speaking about the dangers of the military conflict in Ukraine spreading into a wider regional war, Professor Cohen warned that “very loud and authoritative voices in Kiev, Washington and in the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, are saying almost daily that a larger war is coming and coming soon. Each blames the other; Kiev, Washington and Brussels are saying that Russia is going to launch this war. But Moscow is warning that all this war talk is preparation for a Kiev-led US-backed assault on eastern Ukraine. The appearance of American, Canadian and UK trainers to train Ukrainian National Guard makes Moscow think that this too is part of the preparation.”

    Russia Does Not Seek to Rebuild the USSR, or a Traditional Sphere of Influence

    Commenting on the growing tendency by Western politicians and media to say that Russia is looking to rebuild the Soviet Union, Dr. Cohen argues that “there is absolutely no evidence” to confirm this claim. The academic notes that Russia “doesn’t have the resources, the ideology, the inclination, or the popular support. The leaders have another mission in mind: They are busy rebuilding at home the Russian state that collapsed in 1991, 25 years ago,” which had tremendous negative ramifications in every sphere of national life.




    So the fucking Zionists have taken over the Church of England now ?

    Hahahaha, Israel had NOTHING to do with 9/11 ?????

    “The Diocese of Guildford has taken extremely seriously the reports and complaints regarding Stephen Sizer over the past two weeks. Concerns surrounding Stephen were raised both in response to allegedly offensive materials linked from his Facebook account, and to comments he made to the Jewish News and the Daily Telegraph thereafter.

    “Commenting on this matter, the Council of Christians and Jews has helpfully highlighted that:

    ‘It is perfectly possible to criticize Israeli policies without such criticism being anti-Semitic, and Christians and others should feel free to do so. However, such legitimate criticism must not be used as a cloak for anti-Semitism, nor can anti-Semitism itself ever be disguised as mere political comment’. (see CCJ website)

    “Having now met Stephen, in my brand new role as Bishop of Guildford, I do not believe that his motives are anti-Semitic; but I have concluded that, at the very least, he has demonstrated appallingly poor judgment in the material he has chosen to disseminate, particularly via social media, some of which is clearly anti-Semitic.

    “By associating with or promoting subject matter, which is either ambiguous in its motivation, or (worse still) openly racist, he has crossed a serious line. I regard these actions as indefensible.

    “I have welcomed Stephen’s apology, his recognition of the deep hurt caused by his actions, his acknowledgement of the gross insensitivity of their timing just prior to Holocaust Memorial Day, and his retraction of the ridiculous suggestion that Israel may have been complicit in the events of 9/11.

      I have also recognized that much of Stephen’s ministry in other areas and at other times has been good, wise and wholesome.

      “Having consulted closely with my colleagues here in the Diocese, though, it is my view that Stephen’s strong but increasingly undisciplined commitment to an anti-Zionist agenda has become a liability to his own ministry and that of the wider church. Many who more moderately support the Palestinian cause, and share his critique of a particular brand of Christian fundamentalism, themselves find Stephen’s actions to be increasingly unhelpful and counter-productive, a fact he himself now recognizes.


    There’s tons of evidence re the Israeli connections !

    Just as there is for the SAUDI connections !



    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Our beloved amigos at the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), have just issued the first-ever ‘civil enforcement action’ against a virtual currency.

    The offending criminal mastermind in this case? Ripple Labs.

    If you’re not familiar, Ripple is a virtual currency platform that was once the darling of Silicon Valley, attracting top VC firms like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

    Ripple’s technology allows users to conduct financial transactions with one another — sending and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as fiat currency.

    Imagine Bitcoin meets Paypal… and you have the basic idea.

    As part of its technology, the parent company Ripple Labs also created a native virtual currency called ‘XRP’, which is the second largest in the world after Bitcoin when measured by market capitalization.

    Because of all of these features, Ripple Labs qualifies as a ‘money service business (MSB)’ according to FinCEN… which makes them subject to all sorts of regulations.

    At the top of the list is the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), which, contrary to its name, requires banks and MSBs to betray their customers’ financial secrets to the US government.





    The Obamas in their message also congratulated “all the people of the UK,” though quite what they had to do with the creation and arrival is hard to fathom. Netanyahu congratulated Cameron. In a throwback to empire, the 8lb mite was greeted with royal gun salutes in London’s Hyde Park and at the Tower of London. There are royal baby stamp collections, royal baby coins struck by the Royal Mint. Legoland in Windsor, near one of the Queens palaces announced:

    At the Legoland Windsor resort we have welcomed the new royal baby in miniature into our Lego royal family in our world famous Miniland attraction.

    Bookmakers have paid out over £1m to those who guessed the baby’s name correctly (Charlotte Elizabeth Diana) and Pizza Hut gave free “royal” pizzas to customers named Charlotte. But whilst former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Obama Small Business Advisor Karen Mills have enthusiastically supported David Cameron, will he, with less than 24 hours to go, as he sweats around the country, jacketless, tieless, sleeves rolled up, trying to look how he thinks “ordinary” people look, manage “to annex some of the mood of celebration and associate himself and his government with the outpouring of emotion”? We will have to wait and see. His Senior Advisor is Jim Messina, former campaign manager of Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election bid, known as “the fixer”, a stated Cameron admirer, he has a reputation for pulling advantageous political stunts. However what works in Pindostan often does not travel well across the Atlantic. Cameron’s chief election strategist is Australian Lynton Crosby, a political strategist dubbed “ the master of the dark arts” and the “Australian Karl Rove.” He ran the Conservative election failure in 2005. That he is a lobbyist for the tobacco industry introduces another contradiction for Cameron who has finally made some weak efforts to discourage smoking. Further (2):


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