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    Only six years ago, Norwegian politicians decided that Russia no longer posed a significant threat and that it was time to sell its top secret base called Olavsvern, which was hewn into a mountain and equipped with the most sophisticated electronics available. It’s located near the small town of Ramfjord near Norway’s border with Russia.

    “Our military and civilian readiness has been badly weakened,” says Anne-Margrete Bollmann, a former career military officer and now president of the Norwegian Defence Association. “Facilities have been closed, reserve capabilities have been reduced, readiness plans have been forgotten. Olavsvern is a prime example of a facility that has been lost, and in hindsight it’s clear that selling it was not a good decision.”


    IMO, perfectly sensible decision. There is no threat from Russia, the whole problem comes from the USA and NATO. European countries have to try and reassert their independence, escape from the CIA and NATO.



    I’m a full professor (tenured) at the [redacted], and a Christian.

    I think what you describe in your piece has been going on for quite a while now. These developments that are driving Christians and non-Christians further apart are not new. I guess you’ve just taken notice because of Indiana.

    I’ve been on the same faculty for 23 years, and just about every Christian faculty member on campus has remained closeted during the entire time, and none are hired in the social sciences and humanities if they are at all open about their profession of faith. In the hard sciences and engineering it depends upon the field. Generally speaking, though, the rule the entire time I’ve been here has been to keep it closeted.

    Hello! Nothing new here.

    I looked the correspondent up online, and see that he teaches in the social sciences.

    Here is another, much longer letter in response to the Kingsfield piece. I publish it with permission of its author, but I’ve had to take out some identifying details:




    A video provided to the environmental group Amazon Watch by a whistleblower from oil giant Chevron, appears to show what the group is describing as “smoking gun evidence” of corruption, as Chevron attempted to cover up their contamination of the Amazon.
    The footage, provided to Vice News, was part of a package of 47 DVDs containing internal videos from the company, which were mailed to the group with no return address in April 2011. A note included with the DVD’s read, “I hope this is useful for you in the trial against Texaco/Chevron! A friend from Chevron.”

    Read more: http://sputniknews.com/news/20150410/1020690300.html#ixzz3Wu3MHJA2



    Field, who did his Ph.D. work on String Theory, a unified explanation for the workings of the universe related to particle physics, seems to approach the challenge of solving the information problems inherent to a decentralized marketplace with the same zeal that he might have for tackling a difficult math proof. But it’ll be a different sort of challenge convincing customers who just want a convenient late-night ride home from the bar to grapple with La’Zooz’s many intricacies. Field may be building a system that’s too complex to sell.

    Steve Dekorte of Bitmarkets says that despite these early problems in finding users, the rise of the decentralized peer-to-peer economy is inevitable. Bitcoin and cryptography are such powerful tools that their manifest benefits will eventually win over a mass public. “I can’t imagine how this could be stopped without the government imposing totalitarian-like controls,” he says.

    This notion that in the tech space certain ideas have a momentum of their own is reminiscent of Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly’s theory of the “technium,” the subject of his 2011 book, What Technology Wants. Kelly imagines new innovations as part of a complex interconnected web that acts like a living organism, proliferating according to its own logic.

    There’s little doubt that Bitcoin or similar technologies will, in one way or another, make the world freer, richer, and more equitable. But a lot of false starts and failed ventures are likely along the way to a more libertarian world.




    West and Ukraine against Putin and his politicians

    Today I’ve got docs on Russia and Ukraine for you. The West got used to solving its problems using someone else to do the dirty work. Putin’s regime is an eyesore for the U.S., UK and NATO. Regardless whether it’s good or bad (everyone has his own opinion) Russia opposes the unipolar world order and western values exclusiveness. The West has a simple solution; it just needs to overthrow Putin and his close companions.

    The West can’t do it openly and directly. Russia isn’t Yugoslavia, or Libya, or Iraq. That’s why they are acting via Ukraine which is undergoing dramatical changes now. Though they are using the old methods of ideological warfare, discredit of leaders, and society values erosion.

    The attached docs show that NATO and the U.S. and UK military advisors are acting in Ukraine. Non-governmental organizations are working there under the auspices of the Western and Ukrainian special services.

    For instance, here’s a NATO doc testifying that the popularity of the Russian leaders among the population of the Southern and Eastern regions is a challenge for Ukraine.





    In an op-ed published in the Oslo daily Aftenposten, five Nordic ministers have signed the text outlining a very distinct military cooperation. An extended cooperation.

    The agreement and the text – which has the form of a declaration – is a direct answer to aggressive Russian conduct in the vicinity of these Nordic nations.

    The joint text also describes extended cooperation with the Baltic states.

    Defence analyst Janne Haaland Matlary concludes that the message involves a joint deterrence. The cooperation described, including military exercises, is as far as you can go in pulling the non-NATO members Sweden and Finland into a community, without explicitly stating that it is a NATO-community.

    However, in the case of these two countries, this looks like a preparation for membership in the alliance, says Haaland Matlary.


    Just stupid. They give away their sovereignty to the USA and get nothing in return except bad relations with the Russians, whom they should cultivate as friends, because if if comes to war, they will all be instantly obliterated, and the Americans do not care.

    Europe is turning into a new Nazi fascist dystopia, and the stupid public welcome it, because the Zionist media keep telling them they have to scared of Putin, and the CIA controls the filthy political leaders.

    If you look at what has actually happened, Russia has not shown ANY aggression. It’s all propaganda, to keep Europe under the control of NATO.



    Didn’t I just write something along these lines in the previous Miscellany thread a couple of days ago ! hahahahaha

    Iran’s army is creating military explosive-mounted killer drones, increasing the risk for Israeli and U.S. ships in the Gulf, the Washington Times reported on Thursday, citing U.S. Army analysis.

    The army is believed to have tested the suicide drones in December last year against ship targets near the Strait of Hormouz, the report added.

    The analysis report reads: “While it is easy to dismiss the idea of a suicide drone as more symbolic than real in an age of cruise missiles and precise Predators, utilizing suicide drones is an asymmetric strategy which both allows Iran to compete on an uneven playing field and poses a risk by allowing operators to pick and choose targets of opportunity over a drone’s multi-hour flight duration.”


    I was thinking that the crossbow technological advance made knights in armour on horseback, obsolete. And it was with regard to the Stratfor idiot boasting how USA rules the waves.

    But of course, a small change, like that, doesn’t just change the battlefield.

    The whole of feudal soceity was structured, so that the peasants had to work, to provide a surplus, that would allow the Lord, who owned them and the land, to pay for the horses and knights and armour, to go off to war, for the King.

    Once the knights become useless, the entire social order is in disarray and has to restructure.

    So what happens, when fleets of warships are obsolete, because of drones, and hypersonic missiles, or whatever ?



    Earlier this week Florida Judge Kenneth Marra ordered Miss Roberts’ claims that she was a ‘sex slave’ to billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend of Andrew, be struck from the record.
    Amid the other ‘lurid’ allegations removed from the record were claims that she slept with the Duke of York, Mr Dershowitz and Mr Brunel.
    Mr Dershowitz, who used to represent Epstein, said there was ‘no way’ Miss Roberts could repeat any of the allegations in court ever again.
    He said: ‘If they try to bring it up in court we’re going to seek contempt proceedings against them.
    ‘The ultimate goal is for (Miss Roberts) to go to prison for perjury.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3032968/Andrew-accuser-sued-U-S-Two-men-make-claim-defamation-one-lawyer-saying-wants-jailed.html

    PRINCE Andrew has been “cut off and left out in the cold” by his brother Charles following the damaging sex allegations against him, it was claimed today.




    Reports of child sex abuse cases have risen by more than 60 per cent in the wake of investigations such as Operation Yewtree and the Rotherham scandal.
    Figures revealed thousands more people had contacted police with allegations of abuse since 2011, with nearly 9,000 reports filed in 2014.
    Despite a surge in reports, the number of arrests fell by nine per cent, prompting critics to accuse the Government of failing victims of abuse.
    Among the forces to see the largest rise in reported cases was South Yorkshire where there was a 577 per cent increase over the last five years.
    It comes after an estimated 1,400 children were abused in the area over several years, with officials in Rotherham ousted as a result of the scandal having been deemed not fit for purpose.
    While only 74 cases of child sex abuse were reported to the force in 2011, 501 were investigated in 2014, the figures, obtained via Freedom of Information request by The Guardian, revealed.
    But while a surge in the number of reports suggested victims felt more comfortable coming forward, a decrease in the number of arrests made prompted critics to accuse police of not doing enough.
    Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper described the ratio of reported crimes to arrests as a ‘national scandal’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3031760/Child-sex-abuse-reports-rise-60-wake-Operation-Yewtree-Rotherham-investigations.html



    Though a right-wing, pro-Zionist Israeli, Barry Chamish is known for his fearless exposés of corruption at the top of Israel’s power hierarchy. When someone like Chamish, who hates Netanayahu’s Labor Zionist opponents with a passion, nonetheless singles out Bibi as a suspect in the Charlie Hebdo psy-op, it would seem that January’s false flag in Paris has backfired.

    Below is a transcript from yesterday’s Barry Chamish – Kevin Barrett interview. (Chamish’s words are in boldface.) Extracts from the first interview pointing the finger at Netanyahu have been published in We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.




    “In general, we can say that the ceasefire is over – the entire front is under fire, including artillery. Shock troops of the enemy moved to the forefront.”

    Donetsk under fire

    War correspondent “Step” reports:

    Shells are whistling again over the cities of Donbass. In Donetsk the sirens of ambulances and emergency services are heard. Under fire: Kievsky district, Oktyabrsky village, Panfilov mine village, Gladkova, Severny, Putilovka.

    The entire evening of April 9 there was a battle in the village of Spartak and near Peski. The punishers used artillery guns, tanks, mortars, heavy barreled artillery. Under the cover of artillery, the enemy attempted to seize the positions of the militia in Spartak and near the airport. During the battle, this attempt was severely suppressed.




    3) An ongoing attempt to push the world into a World War III scenario
    appears to round out the AAA multi-decade agenda toward total world
    domination. War has always been their primary means to rearrange the
    geopolitical chessboard in their favor, especially at critical points of
    devolution such as now. World wars, in particular, have also served to
    create myriad opportunities for practically instant ‘wealth creation’.
    The first two world wars are perfect illustrations of this time-worn
    scheme to build a new order from the chaos of disaster capitalism.
    Putin’s Russia Aims To Be On The Right Side Of History
    It’s extremely important to understand Russia’s role in this
    unfolding World War III. Simply put, President Vladimir Putin has done
    everything to prevent war from breaking out as a full-scale armed
    conflict. Even as he watched the coup in Kiev, his response was as
    measured and appropriate as possible. In light of the existential
    threats posed by a newly NATO-leaning government in the western Ukraine,
    Putin had no choice but to protect the Russian speakers in Crimea, as
    well as in the Donbass region.
    Likewise, Putin’s peace-making initiatives in Syria were critical in
    maintaining the vital leadership role of Bashar Assad. The tinderbox of
    the Mideast could have exploded into the first major theatre of WWIII
    had it not been for his levelheaded response to Obama’s warmongering.
    That’s not to say that the current state of affairs in Iraq and Syria
    is acceptable. However, those enemy-occupied areas are but the
    playground for real terrorists sponsored by the AAA.
    Just as Russia was on the winning side of both World Wars I and II,
    she knows that the outcome of World War III is of paramount importance …
    for the future of humanity. The rapidly evolving global geopolitical
    chessboard, which is defining the two sides of the current WWIII
    conflict, does have multiple hidden forces operating conspiratorially.
    The many furtive actions taken by these clandestine organizations begs
    for exposure at this critical juncture. The following article lays bare
    some of their names and sponsors, false flag operations and other
    significant MOs.


    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=35a_1428524593#oluhOEwQJKgEDU8v.99



    These countries are completely insane. IF or WHEN any REAL war breaks out, these measures that they take are just childish, ridiculous, and irrelevant.
    All their cities will be instantly wiped off the map, and all their military installation will vanish in vapour and smoke.

    They are being USED as puppets, by the USA, to provoke Russia. The USA does not care what happens to them. Russia has no interest at all in invading any of them. Putin could not care less what the Swedes or Norwegians or Estonians do, why would he ? He’s busy with the whole fucking Russian Federation, the biggest country on the planet, it’s enough of a problem.

    WHY are these countries being so idiotic ? Because their media are telling the public non-stop lies, every day, about ‘Russian Aggression’. And that’s because of the CIA and US State Dept putting pressure, and forcing this crap onto everyone, to keep control over an occupied Europe, so that NATO stops Germany and Russia becoming a trade block, and threatening US power, by linking up to China and a new Silk Road.

    To prevent that, the US will sacrifice the whole of Europe, and destroy everything in another war. And the stupid people do not see it coming.

    After the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, the stream of anti-Russian propaganda in the world has reached the scale of the times of the Soviet Union. But if the majority of EU countries have relatively neutral forces, calling for reconciliation, in Scandinavia and the Baltics the line towards Russia is most radical and destructive. It is in these countries, where the US influence is constantly growing: in the Baltics there are no longer any independent states, and in Scandinavia the process is actively moving in the same direction. Interestingly, of the four Scandinavian countries (including Finland – it’s not always included in this geographical concept), only Norway and Denmark are a part of NATO, and Sweden and Finland so far have a non-aligned status, at least on words. Nevertheless, the wave of anti-Russian hysteria and militarization is sweeping through these two states.

    The tools are misinformation and lies at the highest level: just remember the story about the Russian nuclear submarine, supposedly entering the territorial waters of Sweden. Only what was the reason and how such an object could be missed, no one answered – irresponsibility in big politics is now in fashion.

    Norway constantly sheds “crocodile tears” – drawing attention to the flights of Russian strategic aviation (which, incidentally, never violated anyone’s borders), and most recently voicing ridiculous assumption that the Russian research vessels are “spying” on them, located at the former submarine base Olavson. The base was sold a few years ago by Norwegian authorities themselves, as the cost of its operation was huge, but there was no real military purpose -in the war with Russia it will not help, though, it really is a powerful refuge for submarines, and in the global conflict the underwater forces of the Norwegian Navy are miniscule – only 6 diesel-electric submarines of “Ula” class.

    The rhetoric in Denmark and Finland is not as harsh, and the amount of too obvious misinformation, voiced by officials, is much smaller. But this are just words. But actions are no different – Denmark has already agreed to participate in the formation of the system of European missile defense, and Finland is actively establishing the cooperation of their armed forces with the armies of other Scandinavian and Baltic countries (especially Sweden), and, of course, with the U.S. forces.

    Military tandem Sweden-Finland

    The most active is the formation of a military tandem Sweden-Finland and, although the intention to create a military bloc with the participation of these countries was officially refuted, in fact, the opposite is happening. The countries expressed their readiness to create joint land and naval brigades, and at the end of March held joint Air Force exercises. They were also joined by the U.S. Air Force, landing at the Estonian airfield “Amari”. Moreover, the integration of Air Forces of those two countries will continue to grow – instead of 62 aging American fighters F/A-18, Finland is going to buy either the Swedish SAAB JAS-39 Gripen of new modification or French Dassault Rafale, and most likely the choice will fall on the Swedes. In both cases, the interaction of the Air Forces of the countries will grow significantly, and in the case of the purchase of JAS-39 it will reach the maximum – even the weapons and spare parts will be standardized.

    Now a key objective for the U.S. in this area is pulling these countries into NATO. The population is actively prepped – in the event of a further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, the accession of Sweden and Finland into NATO may be a matter of time.




    The United States of Death, in a nutshell..

    US Exceptionalism is a cult created by the circumstances of US history. The country was populated initially by European Christian zealots, who could not live peacefully with their compatriots back in England. They were equipped with an ideology, based on the Holy genocides outlined in the Torah/Old Testament,which were inflicted by the Israelites on the Canaanites, Egyptians (Passover) and Persians(Purim), that they immediately began to execute against the indigenous.

    Stannards ‘American Holocaust’ outlines what happened thereafter. Following their ‘Good Book’, the colonists targeted women and children and crops and livestock, to ensure genocide. Disease aided their efforts, as did utter unscrupulousness in never honouring any Treaty with the indigenous( like Israel with the Palestinians). The ruling American elites, leavened with Roundhead losers from the Civil War, saw themselves as the inheritors of the position of ‘God’s Chosen People’ from the Jews, who they detested.

    The US elite, as a consequence of these influences, has been aggressive, arrogant, bellicose and always aggressive. And murderous. Killing is an almost sacred act for the Americans, it giving them a false sense of power over life and death, that feeds their gigantic egomania and assuages their terror of death, which they fear so very greatly, having no real spiritual substance, which is evidenced by their hollow, histrionic and hysterical religiosity.

    The USA contains perhaps the greatest endowment of riches of timber, deep, fertile, vast agricultural soils and minerals anywhere, a Divine Providence which was ruthlessly exploited, enriching US elites and feeding their narcissistic sense of exceptionalism. Naturally they were not content with that, so set out to conquer or control the universe. Anything that gets in the way of their ‘Manifest Destiny’, whether a Filipino, Korean or Vietnamese peasant, or Putin, must be obliterated-that is ‘God’s Will’, and the USA is merely the means by which it is achieved.

    US wars are always genocidal, whether in the terror-bombing of Europe, Japan, Korea, Indochina, Iraq, Afghanistan, or in the A-bombs, or in the omnipresence of death-squads, the creation and fostering of scores of murderous despots, or seen in murderous sanctions, economic sabotage and relentless subversion.

    In my opinion the Yankee murderer is nowhere better illustrated than in the hideous Madeleine Albright and her infamous observation that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children under five, caused directly and deliberately by US/UK imposed sanctions, were a price that was ‘..worth it’. Or by that other horror, Hillary Clinton, celebrating Gaddaffi’s death by buggery with a knife (you just know that US ‘Special Forces’ must have been on the spot)by uttering ‘We came, we saw-he died”, with that brutish inhumanity that hundreds of millions have suffered under for centuries.

    The US power system produces psychopaths, and those that cannot ‘cut the mustard’ are weeded out or leave voluntarily once their own moral boundaries are transgressed.This process of unnatural selection of the worst, the most violent, sadistic, arrogant and cruel cannot be transformed magically into some other form. The US MSM, entertainment, advertising and political processes are saturated with ‘Exceptionalist’ ideology, drummed into every head, from the lowest street-person all the way to the pinnacle, the confidence-trickster Obama, the black Bush. The USA cannot act any other way, so it will destroy the world rather than lose control over it-be certain of that. Every Iraqi, Afghan, Syrian, Vietnamese, Somali, Libyan etc knows it all too well.





    History shows that this will be for private and government benefit only.

    An LHC sponsor, the United States itself is responsible for more death, destruction, and permanent environmental damage than any other country on Earth. Its objectives are “command and control” and “full spectrum dominance”. That’s how the U.S. uses technologies and knowledge gained. What about the other sponsors?

    Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.




    Russian military intervention in Ukraine is a myth, General Christophe Gomart, France’s Military Intelligence Head has said.

    As reported by RT, General Gomart made his explosive comments in a parliamentary hearing on the Ukrainian crisis. He questioned NATO’s claims of Russia preparing to attack Ukraine as French agents failed to spot any activities signaling this – either before or after the crisis began.

    A statement by the chief of France’s military intelligence, General Christophe Gomart, was published on the National Assembly’s website:

    “NATO announced that the Russians were about to invade Ukraine. But, according to French intelligence, there is nothing to corroborate this hypothesis – we determined that the Russians were deploying neither command posts nor logistical facilities, including field hospitals, needed for a military incursion,” General Gomart told a parliamentary hearing.

    The real difficulty with NATO is that US intelligence is dominant, while French intelligence is more or less taken into account – hence the importance for us to supply enough information of French origin to NATO commanders.

    NATO announced that the Russians would invade Ukraine while according to the information of the DRM, nothing came to support this hypothesis – we had indeed found that the Russians had not deployed command or logistics centers, including field hospitals, to consider a military invasion and the units of second level had made no movement.




    So by embarking on a military gamble in Yemen, King Salman is now risks losing it all. Especially since he has finally become a king in his 80s no more than three months ago. Immediately after his coronation he has started reshuffling the government, weeding out those who didn’t contribute to him in the establishment of his authority. Now he has two options – achieve a quick victory in the war against the Houthis, which is impossible without ground operations, or stop this aggression. The next few days will show how things go. But since Salman is known for its ambition, stubbornness, and excessive optimism, there’s little chance that the outcome will be any good for Saudi Arabia.




    Summing Up America Today:-
    The clinically insane Neocon Fascist @anneapplebaum is now a columnist with @Slate



    Earlier today we reported that local militiamen in the key Yemeni port city of Aden had captured two Iranian officers suspected of aiding Houthi rebels in the battle to control the city where fighters still loyal to President Hadi are determined to beat back an advance by the Houthis in the wake of a humanitarian crisis and reports that the Shiite militia has its sights set on the local branch of Yemen’s central bank located in the city’s Crater district.

    Now, reports suggest the Houthis are battling Saudi forces near Najran, with some contending the rebels have overtaken a Saudi post which, if true, would appear to mark an escalation in the conflict as it would indicate the Houthis are willing to take the fight to the Saudis on their own turf.




    The regime under which UK intelligence agencies, including MI5 and MI6, have been monitoring conversations between lawyers and their clients for the past five years is unlawful, the British government has admitted.

    The admission that the activities of the security services have failed to comply fully with human rights laws in a second major area – this time highly sensitive legally privileged communications – is a severe embarrassment for the government.

    It follows hard on the heels of the British court ruling on 6 February declaring that the regime surrounding the sharing of mass personal intelligence data between America’s national security agency and Britain’s GCHQ was unlawful for seven years.




    July, 2013

    We all knew this was happening.

    Anybody who worked in computer security looked at the NSA’s budget and the falling cost of hardware and simply said “they’re storing everything.”

    There had been evidence before. The secret rooms in the telecom company data centers which piped data straight to the NSA, for example. But something about Ed Snowden’s presentation, the straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth documents, the banality-of-evil Powerpoint presentations, completely with their dreadful graphics and strange codenames, then the international circus as Snowden scoots across the map of America’s enemies before getting parked in Limbo in a Russian airport where he could spend months (or decades.)

    Whatever it is, something in the drama caught the public imagination. Even with D-Notices and the usual American news blackout, the centre of gravity of the internet has shifted.

    America are no longer even slightly plausibly the good guys. They’re using the internet against everybody – their own citizens, their allies, the European parliament. They’re storing everything. Snowden’s video describes how they could go back over years of your activity, your email and phone calls, and find something, anything to prosecute you for if they chose to.




    Moscow’s official line on Ukraine–and it should not be dismissed just because that’s what it is–is that the U.S. spent about $5 billion backing “regime change” in that sad, bankrupt country, resulting in a coup d’etat (or putsch) in Kiev in February 2014 in which neo-fascists played a key role. The coup occurred because the U.S. State Department and Pentagon hoped to replace the democratically elected administration with one that would push for Ukraine’s entry into NATO, a military alliance designed from its inception in 1949 to challenge Russia. The ultimate intent was to evict the Russian Black Sea Fleet from the bases it’s maintained on the Crimean Peninsula for over 230 years.

    Personally, I believe this interpretation is true, and that any rational person should recognize that it’s true. Victoria Nuland, the neocon thug who serves as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and is the key official shaping U.S. Ukraine policy, openly admitted to an “international business conference on Ukraine” in December 2013 that Washington had “invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine achieve [the development of democratic institutions] and other goals.” The unspoken goal was NATO membership.

    (Imagine if a top-ranking official in the Russian Foreign Ministry were to boast of a $5 billion Russian investment in undermining the Mexican or Canadian government, with an aim towards incorporating one of those countries into an expanding military alliance. John McCain and Fox News would be demanding the immediate nuking of Moscow.)





    The results of the Euromaidan color revolution are, as they say, history. Yet it is not distant history but a one that is playing out before our eyes as a shaky ceasefire agreement continues to hold in Eastern Ukraine while the West does everything it possibly can to violate the agreement and initiate a war with Russia which could take the form of WW3 or even thermonuclear war.

    The American people and the world’s population as a whole must become more streetwise regarding movements that appear to oppose corrupt governments as the vast majority of the movements are nothing more than the “Order out of Chaos” strategy employed by governments themselves – foreign or domestic – for agendas that have nothing to do with the interest of the general population.

    We must quickly learn the formula behind color revolutions, destabilizations, and the agendas of the world oligarchy before it becomes too late for us all.




    Obama capped off his remarks in Panama by saying that Pindostan’s days of meddling in Latin America are over. That will come as a surprise to Suriname, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Haiti, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Nicaragua, all of which have seen more than their fair share of meddling from the CIA, the DEA, and the Pentagon during the Obama administration.




    Cops or DEA agents who take down a narcotics trafficking group often seize millions of dollars in assets. Soghoian says:

    When agencies bust a drug dealer and get $5m and a kilo of coke, they keep the money. Surveillance is expensive … In many ways, the drug cases subsidize the surveillance technology used by law enforcement.

    That gives drug investigators both the mandate and the incentives to constantly advance their surveillance techniques. To be clear, the DEA and local drug-fighting cops likely aren’t pushing the technological limits of surveillance as much as the NSA, intercepting router shipments to plant bugs, or secretly rewriting the hard drive firmware of their spying targets. But drug-related surveillance, which is far more domestic in its focus, does push the legal limits of that spying.




    A prosecutor has told a jury: ‘This prosecution will take you into a world you wish did not exist.’

    In the UK, a group of men ‘raped babies and pre-school children as their friends watched on the Internet.’

    The ‘rapists’ are from Wiltshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Humberside, Manchester and Somerset.

    Five of the gang have pleaded guilty to a range of offences, including rape of a baby, during 2013 and 2014.

    Two others are currently on trial in Bristol.


    Google has removed the following post:


    The post linked the CIA and its friends to child sex orgies.



    “Zionism was supported by the German SS and Gestapo.[3] [4] [5] [6]

    “Hitler himself personally supported Zionism.[7] [8]

    “During the 1930’s, in cooperation with the German authorities, Zionist groups organized a network of some 40 camps throughout Germany where prospective settlers were trained for their new lives in Palestine.”

    Nazi Support of Zionism




    Though Boyes’ article is not specifically about RT’s coverage of the Ukrainian conflict, it is obvious that that is what the article is actually about. As I have said many times before, the reason RT’s and the Russian media’s narrative of the Ukrainian conflict is prevailing over the Western narrative is not because of the effectiveness of “the Kremlin’s propaganda machine,” but because it is true. The conflict in Ukraine is a civil war triggered by a violent unconstitutional coup. Crimea’s secession from Ukraine was not a conquest but was a valid and highly popular exercise of the right of self-determination provoked by the coup. The present government in Kiev includes right-wing extremist elements. It is pathologically Russophobic and intolerant and resorts to violence whenever it is challenged. It is opposed by a large proportion of Ukraine’s population, who reject its intolerant ideology and its violent and lawless methods. RT’s and the Russian media’s narrative of the Ukrainian conflict is convincing because it is based on these facts. The Western narrative of the Ukrainian conflict, that it is entirely the result of Russian aggression against a “democratic” and otherwise “peaceful” Ukraine, is not convincing because it denies these facts. It is simply impossible to persuade (in Boyes’ words) “intelligent people” like Boyes’s Latin American and Egyptian acquaintances, or “the billions of non-aligned people who make up the BRIC countries” or “the internet community” that the West “hasn’t persuaded” about Crimea, that the West’s narrative of the conflict is true, when the facts so clearly show it is false. Blaming RT for this problem is a classic case of shooting the messenger to suppress the message.




    The stories told here are not the only ones to stain Aberlour House and Gordonstoun. A startling series of allegations, dating back to the 1960s, has emerged in recent years. They’re not all ancient history. Kevin Lomas, a teacher at the senior school during Kate and John’s time was jailed in 2008 for sexual offences against young girls at a tutoring school he ran in Oxfordshire.

    During the 16 years Lomas worked at Gordonstoun he had a reputation for inappropriate sexual activity: he was known for his fumbling attempts to kiss the girl pupils – “with tongue”. He, too, took children on exped. A Gordonstoun spokesperson told us: “There is no suggestion that Mr Lomas committed any criminal behaviour during his time at the school.” If there were, then or now, the school would inform the police.

    Such events and others, coupled with the stream of recent stories about sex scandals and cover-ups in celebrated public schools, sparked talk among Gordonstoun’s ex-pupils. In 2013 some of them began a private Facebook group, discussing things that had happened at the school, “that you don’t see in the brochures and the class photographs”, as one of them put it. Rapes, of boys and girls, were mentioned. Kate started to receive messages from girls she had known, apologising for the gossip and rumours, for the bullying, and for not having done more to help.

    The group eventually involved more than 100 ex-pupils. Acting in concert, they presented the school with a list of demands: it should do more to address bullying and sexual abuse, issue an apology to past victims and fund help for them and, notably, promise in future to report any incidents to the police.

    John briefly joined the group, but left it, thinking the chatter was futile: “It was mainly about bullying, old classroom rows.” But he had already decided that he had to act on Jones: “I had a duty to make sure this bastard was not still out there doing things to kids.” So in February 2014 he went to the police. Their subsequent investigation stretched as far as New Zealand. Eventually, John was told Derek Jones could not be brought to trial or offend again. He had died in a car crash in Kenya, five years earlier.

    But if that was any consolation for John, it was spoilt by the shock of the other information the officer – who has declined to comment – then handed over. Despite Gordonstoun’s solemn assurances, Derek Jones had gone on to teach, and potentially abuse, elsewhere. He had been forced to leave a school in Essex and had then surfaced and taught in Kenya. It is unclear what happened in East Africa, but former colonies there have provided a home for several predatory paedophiles sacked from English private schools – some of whom have gone on to offend again. Scottish police have identified both the Essex and Kenya school where Jones taught, but have refused to name them to the Observer.


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