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    As I have said many times, I am not anti-science, I am against a particular kind of ‘science’, that is strongly ideological, scientism, which is a belief system that holds that ‘science’ is the only way of knowing or viewing ‘existence’, etc.

    It’s basically people who are indoctrinated with left-brain dominated viewpoints on all matters, and are intolerant of any other views, which they simply cannot understand or grasp at all.

    So, there’s much that I agree with, in what that author says.

    If he had tried to connect his ‘mysticism’ to something related to, say, ‘quantum consciousness’, I’d be a lot more sympathetic.

    Penrose and Hameroff have a theory which is at least plausible and testable.



    @ AmyBe

    Re your comment, all this :

    Also, an update on the body sensations I was originally calling “twitching”. I now realize it is
    more of a ‘rolling’ sensation, and perhaps if others feel it like that it might be where the original idea of kundalini being like that of a snake comes from? It’s just speculation for me, but I do know this,that this feeling is one I have never had before, it comes and goes, and for me even when it’s on the back it still is reminscent of when I was in my second and third trimesters of pregnancy, to the point to where I could feel the baby in my womb developing inside me kicking and moving.

    I don’t think there is anything physical I am doing or not doing that is causing this physical sensation, though. And I don’t know what label would fit for it. But when I just feel it, and examine it as a sensation/feeling, it it does feel like it is something THERE and it is ‘rolling’ around inside of me. I am not bothering to figure out what it means, but I do admit that sometimes it makes me grin and cry at the same time.

    When I do the breathing, and think of the way it has been described as “blowing on a coal” and kind of picture that but not getting very ‘hot’ but simply allowing myself to blow on it a bit and feel it get warm, and when I am feeling these rolling sensations..if was to get lyrical and wax poetic about it, I would say it is like a membrane/bubble/permeable force/life/whatever that doesn’t fit it either..I would say that it is all the verification and validation I need for know that this doesn’t have to be physical or documented by science to be as real as I am, and that I do have and am more than my physical body.

    and then I think of where I want that energy to go and what good it can do if it’s not in my belly getting something warm, lol…and so have been seeing if it does any good to send blessings that way. Or even keep it inside of me and find a place for it, too..but’s already there.

    It is very difficult to try to explain or discuss internal subjective experience, as we know. Everybody has a tongue in their mouth, everybody knows what it is like, but nobody knows how to put the experience of having a tongue – what it feels like, what it tastes like – into words that they can convey to other people. It’s just about impossible. Words, numbers, are good for some tasks, useless for others.

    So this is one of those very difficult tasks, beyond words.

    But words are all I have.

    So, from what you say, it’s hard to tell, but I don’t think that’s right. But I could be wrong.

    So, from the start…

    You need attention. That’s fairly easy to describe and communicate, isn’t it ? You focus all of your attention, concentrated on some particular place. If you close your eyes, you can easily practice this, by making a strong stimulus at some place, e.g. rub a part of your ear, and just feel that sensation and no other sensory input. That’s what I mean by directed attention. You can obviously divide it, roughly 50% 50% and feel some other stimulus, somewhere else, or let it be diffuse, and spread widely and generally. But for this meditative exercise, it’s the main tool, so it needs to be as strong as possible, so you constantly practice intense focus on a single point, as often as you can.

    So, roughly, if you start with this ‘attention thing’, inside your forehead, and then, whilst breathing out quite softly and gently and firmly, out through your nostrils, you sort of roll the attention down the centre line of your body, so that as the last of the breath is exhaled, you’ve reached the point below the navel.

    So then, that’s where your attention remains. And you breath in and out, from that point.

    The first one, if you like, you can do it in ‘puffs’, 1,2,3,4,5, in and 1,2,3,4,5, out. and then just breath very relaxed and normally from that point. The reason for the ‘puffs’ is rather like rubbing the ear, it’s just to establish a strong sensation there so it is easier to maintain concentration. Two puffs is just as good, and you can do that every now and then, if it helps to keep the attention, or if you lose attention and have to return.

    So then, you keep that up, for as long as you can.

    What you are looking for, is nothing dramatic or startling. This stuff is very subtle and delicate. I think that is the main reason that most people don’t get it. They are gross, insensitive, they don’t notice anything that doesn’t have the volume knob at 10.

    So you are breathing from the belly. It’s expanded out when full, and then you exhale by pulling it in toward your spine.

    This is actually a tremendously potent and powerful spiritual exercise, and it CAN have some dramatic results. But that’s not what we are looking for.

    As I have said before, you should be doing this for no reason.

    Not because you expect to get some kicks, or occult powers,or Enlightenment, or anything at all. If you are expecting to find or gain or achieve anything, then that is a bad mistake.

    Just be absolutely ‘in the now’, with no purpose.

    So, you look inside yourself, where that attention is situated. And what you want to be doing is to find what is unchanging and constant.

    Obviously, there’s a contradiction, I’ve used the word ‘find’ after just saying you don’t want to be seeking anything. But that’s because I am trapped by language. There is no ‘you’ that is involved here, when it’s being done properly, because all there is, is the intense concentrated attention.



    Although there may be other reasons why some practitioners
    fail to progress, it may be true that demons and other evil spirits
    interrupt practitioners’ progress when practitioners reach a
    watershed level as the demons and other evil spirits are afraid
    that the practitioners may attain divine grace and are beyond the
    grasp of the demons and evil spirits. We in Shaolin Wahnam do
    not have this problem. Demons and evil spirits are just afraid of
    our chi flow.
    Why is chi >ow a protection against demons and other evil
    spirits? It is because our chi >ow is like electricity to them. If
    demons and other evil spirits get near us, they will be repulsed by
    our chi >ow. There is no need for us to do anything extra. As
    long as our chi is >owing well, it will act like electricity repulsing
    demons and other evil spirits.
    Our chi >ow also repulses other evil elements sent by black
    magicians or any evil elements meant to harm us. The evil
    elements will just be bounced off.
    If the chi >ow of a chi kung practitioner who practices genuine
    but low-level chi kung is not powerful, demons, evil spirits and evil
    elements may penetrate through. But our chi >ow is very
    vigorous and powerful. It acts as a protection shield for us
    against evil.
    The person practicing our high-level, powerful chi kung must
    also be noble. If he is evil himself, he creates his own evil energy
    from within, and his chi flow may not protect him.



    Is Jesus actually God?
    Christians, mostly :-), say yes to that question, whereas Jews and Muslims say no, he’s not, …prophet maybe, but God? …not on your nellie. One way to find out is to ask a demon, …they recognized Him straight away but Jesus told them to keep their ideas to themselves.

    Whenever the impure spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, “You are the Son of God.” But he gave them strict orders not to tell others about him. -Mark 4:11,12

    So maybe a better way to find out would be to ask the Canaanite woman. She is the mysterious woman who features in a somewhat controversial encounter with Jesus. A meeting which, incidentally, had been mysteriously foreshadowed by Jesus himself in his remarks on being chased out of and Chorazin and Bethsaida when the locals took offence at His straight talking.

    “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the miracles that were performed in you had been performed in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.
    – Matthew 11:21*

    The story of the “”woman” as related firstly by Mark and then by Matthew.

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