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Hello Gail 🙂

The trees were fine this summer (as far as I could see). Last summer (2011) it was mainly the beech trees that were damaged, especially further inland. Nearer the coast, they did suffer windburn AND sand damage, with numerous species being affected. What I noticed with the trees in the woods near me was that the wind didn’t uproot them, but kinda snapped their branches off or broke their trunks. This was different to winter storms we’ve had in the past (never had a summer storm like this) where the wind usually uproots them.

I’ve been keeping an eye on them this year 🙂 If you want me to take some pics to help with your research, just let me know (or if there’s anything else I can do to help.)

I’ve uploaded three pictures of the woods taken in October, November and December. It ‘felt’ like a pretty normal year – apart from the RAIN!