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Petrified Tracks, Fabians, Inca Walls, Fox Weddings, Diet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The faeries mean different things to different people. There is a great range in their taxonomy; they can be the archetypal characters found in faerie tales, folkloric entities existing in a liminal reality, animistic nature spirits responsible … Continue reading

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Music, Megalithic Mysteries, Human Evolution, Vikings, Servants, Depression, Vanishing Insects

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    If you try to play in this style, you’ll need patience and a willingness to experiment, sometimes with little hope of achieving much in the short run. There are no easy shortcuts. Existing banjo arrangements almost never translate … Continue reading

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Janas, Faeries, Foel Drygarn, Denisovans, Self-domestication, Psilocybin, Wim Hof, Hyperthymesia, The Tjapwurung

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “The Janas are imaginary creatures of the Sardinian popular tradition, tiny women with a volatile temperament, a bit witches and a bit fairies, both kind and naughty” . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   What are the faeries? Where … Continue reading

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One Hundred and Ninety Eighth Blog Post

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  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is hard to claim that the design is beautiful, dazzling or engrossing. But the artwork is destined to be priceless and famous, because it seems to be the earliest evidence for a drawing in the … Continue reading

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Some Album Tracks Again, Some Petrified Tracks Again, Some Jordan Peterson Again

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  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paganism and witchcraft, like most subcultures, tends to go through trends – periods where different things become popular for a period of time. I’ve seen this repeatedly over the years, rather like the tide, things become a prime … Continue reading

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Playing Hide and Seek with The Grim Reaper, (and some other stories)

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  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The megalithic remains of Anglesey by Baynes, Edward Neil ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is a cause of genuine regret to me that I did not commence my inquiries earlier, when I had more opportunities of pursuing them, especially when … Continue reading

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Reality, Faeries, Parapsychology, Orthodox History, Forbidden History

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This article is based primarily on the results of the recent census into faerie sightings by Simon Young and The Fairy Investigation Society. It includes c.500 reports from all over the world, although the majority are from Britain, Ireland … Continue reading

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Story Wars, Prehistory, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Archaeology, etc.

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  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ringforts are the most common monuments on the Irish landscape and are known by a variety of names, including fort, rath, dún, lios, cashel and caher. They consist of an area, usually circular, enclosed by one or more … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Cart Ruts, Megalithic Anomalies, Vortices of Reindeer,

This gallery contains 18 photos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was also a society steeped in legends of the supernatural. Fairy belief, in particular, was pervasive in Irish rural societies at the time, and had long coexisted with Christian doctrine. Children grew up hearing legends of the … Continue reading

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Ravens, Ayahuasca, Story Wars, Usual Stuff…..

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                            <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Spoiler Alert: The Egyptian government turned an ancient and mysterious site of interest into a garbage dump, now damaged and inaccessible.<br><br>This is … Continue reading

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