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Hello !

I am, or I was, wolfbird.

WordPress says the name is taken, so now I have become ulvfugl, that is, wolfbird, in Norwegian.

Here are the rules of this site :

There are no rules for this site.

Please feel free to ask or say anything.

If you have a problem, tell me, publicly or privately.

Please think three times first. Perhaps resolve it yourself.

If you give me your problem, I have one more. I have a large collection already.

What makes you think I can solve your problem, when I cannot fix all of mine ?

If I can, I may, or may not, have a go at fixing your problem for you, if it will make you happier 🙂 But why aren’t you already happy ?

I live on a mountain. I am it, it is me. After more than twenty years, the boundaries are indistinct. I don’t remember exactly when I was last off this mountain, but it wasn’t recently.

The photo in the header is of the rocky peak of Carn Ingli in wintertime.

It is called Carn Ingli, in Welsh, which means Mount of the Angels, which is Mons Angelorum, in the ancient Latin manuscripts that mention this place.

One source ( there may be others, I don’t know ) is the 12th. century document in the British Museum, called Cotton MS Vespasian A xiv. which describes The Life of St. Brynach. He lived here on this mountain, some 600 years earlier than that, so it is unsurprising that over such a long period his adventures became embellished with some fascinating, if somewhat fanciful, details.

He led a life so pleasing to God, that he attained to enjoy frequently the sight of angels and also their discourse. Wherefore, too, that mountain, whereon they met, to wit, at the foot of which a church has been built, is called Mons Angelorum, Carningli.

The story can be read here.



When I was a small child, I decided I would be a person who learned everything and knew all human knowledge. I have not yet succeeded. But at least I have tried. Now it no longer bothers me, that I do not know everything. I’m happy to forget most things. I learned that being alive and knowing nothing is sufficiently astonishing that all other modes of being are inferior, but to understand this, a person has to have woken up. Are you awake, in that profound and radical sense of the word ? What is it like being you ?


More on moderation. Think of it this way : you’re visiting my house. If you bring me metaphorical flowers, wine and cakes, news, funny stories and considered opinions, I’m likely to be pleased to see you. However, if you’re determined to insult me, break the furniture, spray graffiti on the walls, make a mess I have to clear up, I may be somewhat less friendly. Despite any appearances to the contrary, I am not a very kind or very patient man, I am full of fury about what people are doing to this world and one another and to their children’s future. I seek solace in trying to understand what is occurring, even if I am powerless to change the course of events.

The way I see it, it’s not my job to control you, it’s your job to control yourself, so that you can feel some self-respect and, showing consideration for others, receive theirs in turn.

You are free to say anything you wish, but by the same token, I’m free to object, and so I may well delete your comment and banish you forevermore. There are, without any doubt, a great many humans in the real world whom I find repugnant and would never invite into my home. If you feel driven to upset and abuse people, go throw rocks at the bad guys. There’s enough of ’em out there. Please leave me in peace to get on with what I do.

That said, if you have something you feel compelled to tell me, I will probably listen. I’ve already heard stuff so horrible that I had never expected to have to encounter or endure in my life, out there in the harsh and jagged world. Can’t you take it somewhere else ? Are you completely out of your own control and lacking all judgement ? What do you want here ? Absolution ? I am not a priest, it is not my job to forgive or even to heal or rescue or educate nor even to help you.

If you offend me, I believe that three chances are sufficient. We are all on a learning curve, and some are a little slower to learn than others. But if I have asked you nicely, then not so nicely, then even less nicely, please do not expect me to waste more time on you, when there are so many others who need and appreciate my time and consideration. Lifetime is very precious, not to be wasted on frivolous idiots and scumbags. If you are not honourable yourself, do not expect to be honoured by other people’s concern and care. ‘K ?

That all said, I wouldn’t be going to all this trouble if I didn’t know that there are a lot of really great and wonderful people out there. We need to talk. We need to gather and share information. Here’s somewhere to do it.

If you put yourself in the position of any corporate CEO, President, Prime Minister, politician, spy chief, anybody really, the pace of change is now so fast that nobody can keep up, least of all those guys, who receive a constant daily fire-hose blast of facts and opinions and statistics, and never know which source to trust or believe.

As Judith noted a while ago, Alan Moore predicted that there has to be a point where change becomes so rapid that everything begins to turn into steam… How can each of us make intelligent well-informed choices and plans and decisions under those stressful circumstances ? We have to be each others eyes and ears, so we can see ahead as far as possible, and know what is coming and what it means.


I have tried to make this website as simple as possible, but I don’t have any ability to test it on different systems and browsers. If something isn’t working for you do please speak up and let me know, here :

ulvfugl AT monsangelorum DOT net



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60 Responses to Welcome to Mons Angelorum

  1. annie says:

    Happy Beltane, ulvfugl 🙂 An auspicious day!

  2. Thankyou annie. ‘Tis possible that wolfbird was already taken, because it was taken by me ! I didn’t check, I was looking at other things. But anyway I think ulvfugl is better, more elvish 😉

  3. Mari says:

    Gratulerer med ny blogg, ulvfugl, wolfbird, mons! Lovely aerial

  4. Thanks so much, Mari, for being so nice. You must put some photos here sometime, of where you grew up. People will be in awe 🙂

  5. Hi judith, thanks for that grim sad snippet. And also for that excellent copy/paste of Kingsnorth’s piece. I hope they think about it. I see that the site views there have gone from about 400 per day, down to about 20. They must be doing something right ? hahahahaha

  6. judith says:

    well i had an excellent day. finished preparing a bed for planting and suggested that my daughter do the planting of seeds. and sat by on the grass holding my little granddaughter. 🙂
    it would be nice if paul would be proactive, but ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride’……

  7. I planted 6 blackthorns and moved some fence posts, but mostly I’ve been fiddling with wordpress trying to get a nice appearance here. What do you think ? Is it easy to read ?

  8. judith says:


  9. judith says:

    well, i guess i need help posting a video (again),

  10. Hahahaha, but this time I don’t know either ! 🙂
    Mari did it, but I don’t know how. She knows something we don’t !

  11. judith says:

    trying to see what happened to today with occupy everywhere.
    wish this would show up for you:

  12. judith says:

    weird, all i did was copy the address this time instead of the embed code.

  13. Mari says:

    Hi Judith, use the shortest code, I think

  14. Ah yes, we’re running out of reply space 🙂
    I’ll have to fiddle with it more tomorrow, now I must sleep again 🙂
    Hi mari, you’re up late too ! but I’ve had enough for tonight, more in the morning I hope 🙂 x

  15. annie says:

    Looking good, ulvfugl 🙂 Going to the mountains for a few days of peace and truth… will take some pics and post them when I get back. Keep up the good work… blog and trees!

  16. judith says:

    best wishes for your retreat, annie. will look forward to photos. 🙂

  17. Hi all, some progress… and James very kindly suggested a sort of bolt-on forum that fits to these wp blogs, but seems to be a snag, won’t fit to wp blogs hosted on wp.com (like this one) for security reasons… now I plant trees, more later…

  18. ulvfugl says:

    Okay, I scrapped the first WordPress attempt, and moved to another host. Now everything is more or less sorted out again, although needs lots of tweaking.
    So that little chapter is now over ; goodbye Dark Mountain, hello Angel Mountain. Dogs bark, caravan moves on….

  19. J E says:

    That works well doesn’t it. You’re off and running . . .

  20. annie says:

    Wow! What a difference a day makes! Much, much better 🙂

    Still up the mountains (well, sitting by the mountains :-)) Looking forward to some interaction when I get back home and to Angel Mountain – even if it is via internet!

  21. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks J E ! 🙂

  22. ulvfugl says:

    Vinay Gupta doing his thing….

    ( seems that after pasting the embed code, it is necessary to refresh the page to get the video to appear )

  23. ulvfugl says:

    Fascinating insight into Obama, from Naked Capitalism

    “Barack Obama remains an icon to many on what passes for the left in America despite incontrovertible evidence that he does not represent their interests. There are many contributing factors, including his considerable skills as a speaker and his programmatic effort to neuter liberal critics by getting their funding cut.

    A central component of the seemingly impenetrable Obama mythology is his personal history: a black man, son of a broken home, who nevertheless got on the fast track to financial success by becoming editor of the Harvard Law Review, but turned instead to working with and later representing a particularly disadvantaged community, the South Side of Chicago.

    Even so, this story does not quite add up. Why did Obama not follow the usual, well greased path of becoming a Supreme Court clerk, and seeking to exert influence through the Washington doors that would have opened up to him after that stint?

    A remarkable speech by Robert Fitch puts Obama’s early career in a new perspective that explains the man we see now in the Oval Office: one who pretends to befriend ordinary people but sells them out again and again to wealthy, powerful interests – the banks, big Pharma and health insurers, and lately, the fracking-industrial complex.”

  24. ulvfugl says:

    “Blissed-out, ecstatic union with our divine selves — we seek it at raves and rock concerts, and in the desert with the Burning Man. I try to get there when I’m jamming with my band — but I didn’t realize until I wrote The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu how much this longing relates to Voodoo, and the concept of possession.

    Vodou (the proper Kreyol/Creole spelling of Voodoo) is a neo-African religion that evolved in the New World from the 6.000-year-old West African religion Vodun. This was the religion of many slaves brought from West Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean. Vodun was brutally repressed by slave-owners, yet its powerful ethics and aesthetics endured. We owe our concepts of cool, soul and even rock and roll to it. “


  25. ulvfugl says:

    “Thousands of troubled children, for instance, now attend tough “wilderness programs” “emotional growth boarding schools” and other “tough love” camps where they face conditions like total isolation, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and daily emotional attacks.

    Thousands also attend religiously based residential programs, some of which claim to “cure” homosexuality and stop teen promiscuity. In this context, the recent poll showing that evangelicals are the group with the highest level of support for torture begins to make sense.

    If we think humiliation, stress positions, and isolation are OK for disobedient teens, why not for suspected terrorists?

    As the author of the first book-length history and expose of the troubled-teen industry, I’m familiar not only with the distressing stories of abuse coming from these programs, but also with their roots in the same tactics now being exposed in the CIA torture program.”


  26. ulvfugl says:

    Nature Porn…

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