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Clinically, we understand death to mean the state that takes hold after our hearts stop beating. Blood circulation comes to a halt, we don’t breathe, our brains shut down—and that’s what divides the states we occupy from one moment (alive) to the next (dead). Philosophically, though, our definition of death hinges on something else: the point past which we’re no longer able to return. Those two were more or less the same until about 50 years ago, when we saw the advent of CPR. Today, someone’s heart can stop and they can be dead, and then they can come back.

Modern resuscitation was a game-changer for emergency care, but it also blew apart our understanding of what it means to be dead. Without many people returning from the dead to show us otherwise, it was natural to assume, from a scientific perspective, that our consciousness dies at the same time as our bodies. Over the last few years, though, scientists have seen repeated evidence that once you die, your brain cells take days, potentially longer, to reach the point past which they’ve degraded too far to ever be viable again. This does not mean you’re not dead; you are dead. Your brain cells, however, may not be.

“What’s fascinating is that there is a time, only after you and I die, that the cells inside our bodies start to gradually go toward their own process of death,” Dr. Sam Parnia, director of critical care and resuscitation research at New York University Langone Medical Center, told Newsweek. “I’m not saying the brain still works, or any part of you still works once you’ve died. But the cells don’t instantly switch from alive to dead. Actually, the cells are much more resilient to the heart stopping—to the person dying—than we used to understand.”


Evolutionary theory is universally accepted among the mainstream science community. And yet, when the evolutionary perspective is applied to human behaviour, the approach continues to meet with resistance, and in some cases outright disdain.

A team led by Benjamin Winegard thinks part of the reason is because of the misrepresentation of evolutionary psychology in textbooks, especially social science textbooks on the topics of sex and gender. Based on their analysis of eight types of error in 12 widely used books in this genre, the researchers conclude that the treatment of their subject is “shoddy”.


And because anthropology tuned into these other aspects of their lives, the idea of “primitive affluence” fell out of favour. Some branded it a romantic myth. Others raised questions about the accuracy of the some of the original data pointing out that hunter-gatherers suffered from occasional hardships, that the 15 hour work week didn’t apply equally to all hunter-gatherer groups and that the likes of Lee ignored time and effort domestic tasks like preparing food and fires.

But in focusing argument on these particular details they conveniently ignored the central cultural pillar of the argument which was that regardless of many hours the likes of the Ju/’hoansi worked they only worked to satisfy their immediate needs.

The early work on primitive affluence has recently been given new impetus by recent advances in genomics that have enabled us to map in increasingly greater detail the 200,000 year history of our species. These indicate that the northern Kalahari, rather than east Africa, may well have been cradle of modern Homo Sapiens. The data also suggests that this core group of Homo sapiens split into two around 150,000 years ago and while one branch restlessly expanded northwards gradually colonising the rest of the planet, the ancestors of the Bushmen remained where they were, so that by the time modern humans first set foot in South America eleven thousand years ago the Bushmen had remained in the Kalahari for 140 thousand years or more.

Taken in tandem with a series of new archaeological finds it also suggested that for at least 70,000 years- and possibly considerably more, the ancestors of modern Bushmen lived in the same places and in a very similar manner to those that were still hunting and gathering midway through the twentieth century. Perhaps most importantly, the data also reveals that if we measure the success of a civilization by its longevity, then the Bushmen were by far the most successful civilization in all of human history. Given that a society’s ability to reproduce over time depends on its ability to feed itself then the key to the Bushmen’s success lay in their economic approach.




The transition to agriculture is one of the most important points of human evolution. This process has been the subject of intense debate over the last hundred years, but recent results from early DNA have shown the predominant role of migration of populations from Anatolia to Europe. These migrations followed two main roads, one along the Mediterranean coast and the other towards Central Europe and Northern Europe. These dispersions have been accompanied by genetic mixtures with local hunter-gatherer populations to varying degrees. The Neolithic transition in Britain begins only a millennium after its arrival in the North-West of the European continent.

Selina Brace and her colleagues have just published a paper entitled:Population Replacement in Early Neolithic Britain . They sequenced the genome of six Mesolithic individuals and sixteen Neolithic individuals from Britain. These results were merged with the genome of 51 previously published British Neolithic individuals :

The proportion of Anatolian ancestry among British farmers is equivalent to that of the first farmers of the Iberian Peninsula or farmers of the Middle Neolithic of Central Europe. In the interior of Great Britain, farmers in Wales have the least hunter-gatherer ancestry, while the South-East English and Scots have the most. These proportions remain stable throughout the British Neolithic. In addition, the British Neolithic people share more genetic affinity with the farmers of the Iberian Peninsula than with those of Central Europe. There does not seem to have been (or very little) genetic mixing between farmers who arrived in Britain and British hunter-gatherers.





Cross-Modality Information Transfer: A Hypothesis about the Relationship among Prehistoric Cave Paintings, Symbolic Thinking, and the Emergence of Language


There are no such things as “wild” horses anymore.

Research published in Science today overturns a long-held assumption that Przewalski’s horses, native to the Eurasian steppes, are the last wild horse species on Earth. Instead, phylogenetic analysis shows Przewalski’s horses are feral, descended from the earliest-known instance of horse domestication by the Botai people of northern Kazakhstan some 5,500 years ago.

Further, the new paper finds that modern domesticated horses didn’t descend from the Botai horses, an assumption previously held by many scientists.

“This was a big surprise,” said co-author Sandra Olsen, curator-in-charge of the archaeology division of the Biodiversity Institute and Natural History Museum at the University of Kansas, who led archaeological work at known Botai villages. “I was confident soon after we started excavating Botai sites in 1993 that we had found the earliest domesticated horses. We went about trying to prove it, but based on DNA results Botai horses didn’t give rise to today’s modern domesticated horses—they gave rise to the Przewalski’s horse.”

The findings signify there are no longer true “wild” horses left, only feral horses that descend from horses once domesticated by humans, including Przewalski’s horses and mustangs that descend from horses brought to North America by the Spanish.

“This means there are no living wild horses on Earth—that’s the sad part,” said Olsen. “There are a lot of equine biologists who have been studying Przewalskis, and this will be a big shock to them. They thought they were studying the last wild horses. It’s not a real loss of biodiversity—but in our minds, it is. We thought there was one last wild species, and we’re only just now aware that all wild horses went extinct.”





“To take something on faith means to believe it without good reason, so by definition a faith in the existence of supernatural entities clashes with reason.”

Well, it’s good to have that settled once and for all. There is no need to trouble yourself with the arguments of historians, anthropologists and evolutionary biologists, who treat religion as a highly complex phenomenon, serving a variety of human needs. All you need do is consult a dictionary, and you will find that religion is – by definition – irrational.




A younger Jordan Peterson:

  • Maps of Meaning 1 (Harvard Lectures)

It’s that time again, when I need to write something here to keep this blog alive.

It has become an increasingly difficult task, because my head, my whole being, is messed up because of the stroke, and also because of the handful of pills the doctors say I must take every day.

Nonetheless, I think it is important for me to persevere and to stay with it. Nobody compels me to do this. It’s entirely my own volition. But it’s become a central focal point of my existing, which is quite interesting, because, without it, how would I be ?

My little perch here on my sofa, in my living room, at the keyboard and screen, is, for me, the Centre of the Universe, a more-or-less fixed point around which to circulate.

It’s rather like driving a car on a long journey, except that, geographically speaking, I remain static. But the imagery and information on the screen moves and changes, and me, the viewer and pilot, I move and change too, from hour to hour, day to day.

But it’s a lot like meditation in a meditation hall. I break to eat, sleep, visit the bathroom, but mostly I have this precious luxury of continuity and stability, where as many aspects of existence as possible are stabilised and kept fairly tranquil and static.

This is in marked contrast to the lives that most people I’ve known live, where the constant is continual challenges, distractions and interruptions. You know, customers, children, colleagues, schedules, myriad urgent demands and constant changes, which prevent the establishment of a coherent stabilised inner state.

I think that a person has the right, indeed the obligation, to change their mind if they receive new evidence, information, facts, insights. I used to find myself agreeing with people on the Left, (such as Ian Welsh, George Monbiot, Vinay Gupta, Yves Smith, Kevin Carson, etc, etc ) whose thoughts I used to read regularly. But I believe that our socio-political circumstances, the landscape, has changed, much like the turning of the tide. I see those people’s positions as ridiculous, they are stranded on the dry beach yet still insist on pointlessly paddling, waving their oars in the air, flailing about like dying lobsters.

It is the hardest, thinnest, time of the year in this part of the world. The abundant growth of last summer has all shrivelled and died off, and the Spring has yet to arrive, but it is getting closer. There are a few birds practising their songs early in the morning and soon the daffodils will be blooming. Will I reach my three score plus ten ? Who knows ? I am rather weak and decrepit, personally I wouldn’t bet money on it. I’m actually quite surprised that I am still here. Very surprised 🙂

Still here ? Where is ‘here’ precisely ? Most people seem to be rather shallow and never give it much thought or serious attention. I mean, being alive in the world, or on a flat or round planet, etc.

But that is a sort of physical or partly physical location. We are much more than that. We are mentally, emotionally, spiritually located. A good illustration is, for example, if a man or woman whose been married for, say, twenty years or so, who discovers that all that time their partner had been cheating and having sex with someone else. Suddenly they realise that all their assumptions about the decades before have been wrong. They never really knew or understood the other person whom they had trusted.

Which means, that at that sort of psychological, emotional and intellectual level, ‘the past’ is not some definite fixed thing at all, it can be overthrown and disrupted, devastating a person’s sense of identity and place in the world.

Vinay Gupta, whose thinking I used to find entertaining at one time, once wrote that he based his life work on a vision that he’d once had, where the gods had asked him to try and avoid having the whole human species, (presumably the seven and a half billion and rising), all arriving in Eternity (or wherever) at the same time. That’s what would happen, supposedly, in the event that we all annihilate ourselves with our weapons of mass destruction.

But I do not buy that. For one thing, I’ve had many, many such visions, and they have been contradictory. The domain of visions does not follow the rules of ordinary rational discourse, as anybody experienced with psychedelics will know. I don’t mean to disparage the value or worth of visionary experiences, only to point out that they can be, indeed usually are, bewildering, inconsistent, contradictory, open to multiple interpretations.

For every one example, like when God speaks to Noah and tells him to build an Ark, where there seems to be some wise divine guidance, there’s zillions of cases of lunacy, like those folk in Syria who felt that Christ’s teaching required them to go around naked and live by eating grass.

I mean, we do have the modern Tower of Babel, everybody talking in different languages and mutually incomprehensible. There are almost countless voices out there, plugging their own particular theme, trying to exert influence and gain support. So which are you going to choose ? How are you going to select and decide ?

You can grab onto one, in the attempt to give your existence meaning, or you can reject them all, and try meaningless nihilism.

For life to be tolerable, you need something that makes you want to wake up and get out of bed. If you are so lost in defeat and despair that you don’t want to wake up and live, then try giving up and exploring the pain and agony that you are submerged in, and see if you can find the strength to begin to rebuild and make something of yourself. You can begin, as Jordan Peterson recommends, by cleaning and tidying your room. Because, essentially, your room is not some abstract space equivalent to all and any other spaces. It IS you. Like the clothes you choose to wear, an extension and expression of what YOU are.

But then, there are homeless people who don’t even have that as an option. It’s not hard to take wrong turns and end up in a mess. At the moment I am so weak and ill that I can hardly do anything much. I absolutely love my room, it’s full of stuff that I love, but it’s not very clean or tidy, mostly because I can hardly hobble about anymore. But I do have my wonderful perch on this sofa, gazing at this screen, which, in my personal estimation, is far superior to anything Elon Musk has come up with, or ever will come up with.

Perhaps I will recover and get stronger again. But even if so, there will still eventually be a limit and the inevitable ending. That above is ME now, my external photographic appearance, amidst all my splendour, perched at the Centre of the Universe 🙂

Despite my affection for quirky thinkers, like Jay Dyer, Brien Foerster, the New Earth Lady and others, I still subscribe more or less, to the mainstream view of history and prehistory, which, despite the many gaps and anomalies, disputation and constant updates, makes most sense to me personally.

You know, there’s a lot of people who cannot clearly recall what happened yesterday or last week, let alone have any joined up memory of their own life back to childhood, even to birth and before, as a few exceptional individuals do. So they have no real individual identity across time. It’s just a mush, a fuzzy blur.

Perhaps that’s the case with this person who seems inappropriately and callously amused by Jordan Peterson’s condition here.


That occurred before Peterson’s rapid rise to fame and popularity, at the time when he was very seriously ill. It tells us something about the character, insight and values of his opponents on the Left. (I gather that the comment comes from a socialist, although I don’t know much about that person.)

As a sort of zen buddhist, but also merely as a fairly decent and honourable civilised man, I’m rather disgusted by that individual finding amusement in someone’s agony and distress. Still, this world is full of ignorant, insensitive, immoral, depraved barbarians, and that is not going to change just because I do not like it, is it.

I’ve probably loved some animals and birds I’ve been privileged to share my life with, at least as much, if not more, than humans, which is one reason why I loathe and despise the teaching of Mohammed. I’m somewhat disgusted by much of Islam, but I can sort of accept that if those people in those countries, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, really want to live like that, then it’s their problem, not mine. But when Mohammed instructs that all dogs are ‘unclean’ and should be killed because ‘they are of the Devil’, that’s too much for me. I’d be willing to die to keep that appalling doctrine far faraway from where I live.

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  1. ulvfugl says:

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    enjoy the newest stuff not allowed on youtube about 9-11

    In reply to “The United Nations Demands”… by Moe Hamhead
    Vote up!

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    I never watched AJ until this youtube censorship thing started up but now I’m getting interested. He has some interesting guests but he needs to listen more and quit interrupting the guests. Its very clear that the jewish terrorists at the SPLC are behind it. The thing they don’t understand that its just good publicity for the banned sites who start getting more interest and hits than ever.

    As another example, I never visited the daily stormer until it got banned. It now has more traffic than ever! It had to use the onion router on the dark web for a time but it keeps popping up because people wonder why it got banned. They can be quite interesting and outrageous and I recommend people to visit them and learn the truth about Charlottsville and the fat slob Heather who died from a heart attack not from getting hit by a car. The videos on their site show this quite clearly. That’s why her family refused an autopsy. (You know get rid of the evidence like in Sandy Hoax, and now in Florida by tearing down the school) Anyway, this article reminded me I haven’t visited their site for awhile so popped over there using the TOR browser and found they are now on the normy web again. Check out their article on this subject:

    They point out that pro-gun videos are vanishing on jootube like endangered rhinos in darkest Africa. It will soon be a pro gun free zone. And then it will slowly meet the fate of myspace. Anyone remember myspace? That’s what we’ll be asking about facefarce and jootube 10 years from now. its not like they’re using some exotic, esoteric technology that no one else can duplicate!

    Vote up!

  9. ulvfugl says:

    Feb 26 – State Department Troll Farm Receives Huge Cash Infusion

    The above is one ‘success’ of the neo-conservatives and Clinton apparatchiks who created the idiotic Hamilton 68 project which U.S. media extensively used to make up bullshit stories about Russian bots. But it has become too obvious that the whole thing is based on fakery. The alleged Russian bots are just normal people who do not agree with some U.S. policies and tweet and use hashtags to express themselves. The proprietors and salesmen of that outlet finally admit as much:

    “I’m not convinced on this bot thing,” said Watts, the cofounder of a project that is widely cited as the main, if not only, source of information on Russian bots. He also called the narrative “overdone.”
    Will any of the media now retract their fake-news stories about “Russian bots”?

  10. ulvfugl says:

    However, for some reason, none of the speakers took time to explain what is involved in the possible indictment of Netanyahu and his Missus. Cases 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000. Even though, one of the sugar-daddies for the Netanyahu household was an Israeli spy against the United States. Gideon Levy dismissed the possible ouster of the “longest-serving PM” hopeful, Netanyahu, because, after all, a left Zionist and a right-wing Zionist, is … a Zionist. Levy mercilessly ridiculed the “left” Zionists for their self-satisfaction that they are so much “better” than the right wing. But, still the “left” Zionists ignore the killings, beatings, jailings of children, and sadistic mistreatment of the Palestinians, in and outside the 1967 border.
    Anyway, with AIPAC coming to town, expect a week of high-octane propaganda. Stay tuned.

    Croesus said in reply to catherine…
    Purdue U. history professor Randy Roberts stated that “the term Judeo-Christian’ originated in the WWII era.”
    Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg thinks the pair should divorce:
    “his might be a good time to note that “Judeo-Christian” is not a thing and we Jews would like you to stop conflating our tradition with your American Christianity.”

    In Christianity’s earliest days, the New Testament was frequently paired with the Aeneid, and Christianity with Roman culture.

  11. ulvfugl says:

    Hipólito Collado is head of the Archeology section of the Junta de Extremadura and has been part of the international research team headed by the University of Southampton, in England, which has turned the tide of history with the dating of rock paintings from the caves of Maltravieso, La Pasiega (Cantabria) and Ardales (Málaga). The revolution consists of certifying that such paintings were not made by modern men, homo sapiens, but by Neanderthals, and in the case of Maltravieso’s hands, they are the oldest paintings in the world: they are 66,700 years old. Juan Carlos Aguilar and José Ramón Bello, also archaeologists of the Junta, have worked with him.

    – Could be described as the discovery of the last 50 years of the world of archeology?

    -The world of archeology and the world of rock art because it is the most singular advance of recent years linked to the interpretation of rock art.

    – Then it would be the second most important event for the cave after the discovery of his paintings by Carlos Callejo in 1956?

    -Yes Yes. All are important steps, each in its line. This is just a consequence of the fact that methodologies and research work advance as science advances. We had a limit on dating that has been overcome by the application of new technologies. Before we were standing on a border around 40,000 years ago. Thanks to the development of technology, the process has been fine-tuned and very reliable dating is achieved. This was not possible ten years ago. This has been a revolutionary leap.

    – What is this revolutionary leap?

    -This is like a waterfall that opens with multiple tributaries, where everyone will want to investigate. About how far the human brain is able to have that symbolic capacity and when it arrives and when it does not arrive. Or, on the contrary, see if we can sustain the proposal we are talking about. Now we are saying that today, with these dates, this cave art, in the Iberian Peninsula, would be Neanderthal, but that does not mean that we are in absolute reality because it may be that as the investigation progresses we will be able to demonstrate that the sapiens came out a lot before Africa and instead of entering from the north they managed to jump the Strait of Gibraltar and have been planted in the peninsula instead of, as we think now, around 40,000 years, since they would have reached around 100,000, 120 000 or 140,000 years. That would put us in a crossroads of doubts about who made these representations. Were the Neanderthals, of whom we knew for sure that they were here or were not they? Everything can change from one day to another.

    «We have taken a leap, but a jump that is a bit scary because it throws you almost into a void»

    -It seems as if it were not certain that these paintings are works of Neanderthals.

    -Today is sure. Today, with the data we have, yes, because at that time in the Iberian Peninsula there were no modern humans, there were no sapiens like us. Insurance. Insurance. But an investigation can change by a data, something as simple as a datum, that today does not exist.

    -Okay, then tomorrow a skeleton of a sapiens that is 100,000 years old is discovered in the Iberian Peninsula and Neanderthal rock art is over.

    -In Fuentes de León we have a phalanx of a human 190,000 years ago and if it turns out that when they do DNA and say oysters, because this DNA is of our species … Well then we will have a problem. Blessed problem.

    – But it would also be revolutionary to demonstrate that the sapiens were already in the Iberian Peninsula 70,000 years ago and not 40,000 years ago?

    -Of course, if this has been an informative pitch, that other would also be a pitch of the same draft.

    – In short, will a scientific debate be generated?

    -It will generate debate. There will be professors who say that this is not the case. Well, it’s a scientific debate. But in the end we have put Maltravieso in the world. I have colleagues who have written to me from Turkey, from South America, from Asia, from Australia … The Maltravieso cave was already on the scientific map, but now we have placed it in the world.

    «The cave of Maltravieso has been very badly treated, it has had 40 years of very bad life»

    – How does it feel to be part of a research team of this caliber?

    -Well, the truth … This has not been an investigation now. We’ve been four years since 2014, when we started taking the first samples. At the beginning we said, so we have made a mistake. They have dated very old and can not be true. They repeat a second time. They go out again. Well let’s make sure. Let’s fine-tune as much as possible and go back out the third time. Well, we are no longer wrong. From there you get a tingling in the belly and you say ‘jope this is fat’. We have been researching for 15 years, studying the limits to which symbolic capacities can reach. We had always worked with hypothetical approaches. We considered a Neanderthal, who was a human, a species that painted his face and the whole body with pigments, that he put on feathers and necklaces, and that he was a magnificent hunter, that he could recognize an imprint that an animal left on snow or earth, which in the end are capacities from the symbolic and aesthetic point of view … It was hard to admit that this species did not have the capacity to make rock art. He had refused. It is true that it takes us a lot of work to assume new realities and to me the first. You say: this was what I was missing. I’ve been working for 15 years and now I have the data, now I can present myself at a congress and not put it as a working hypothesis, as a possibility, but as a certainty. Therefore it was hard to admit that this species did not have the capacity to make rock art. He had refused. It is true that it takes us a lot of work to assume new realities and to me the first. You say: this was what I was missing. I’ve been working for 15 years and now I have the data, now I can present myself at a congress and not put it as a working hypothesis, as a possibility, but as a certainty. Therefore it was hard to admit that this species did not have the capacity to make rock art. He had refused. It is true that it takes us a lot of work to assume new realities and to me the first. You say: this was what I was missing. I’ve been working for 15 years and now I have the data, now I can present myself at a congress and not put it as a working hypothesis, as a possibility, but as a certainty.

    – Can it be said that history has been rewritten from these caves of Cáceres, Cantabria and Málaga?

    Yes, we have rewritten the story. The history of art must begin to be raised from a different perspective. This is a starting point. We start a new stage. From here you have to confirm a lot of things. We have taken a leap, but a jump that is a bit scary because it throws you almost into a vacuum. It is a blank book that you have to start writing again. We have said: ‘Neanderthals can make rock art’. Well, what kind of art, how far do they go, what are they capable of doing, do they do hands or are they capable of doing something else? Are they capable of representing an animal or not? Or are they simply staying in symbolic elements?

    – By the way, it has to come people of outside, of the University of Southampton, to investigate.

    -We can not look at our own navel. We must tend to collaboration. We have had the infinite luck of having an international connection. Recently, the international congress of cave art was held here in Cáceres. Here came researchers from more than 50 countries and a good part of the contacts that are made in the congresses are then articulated in collaborations. We knew the Southampton team. I had worked with them on other projects.

    – The investigation will continue in Maltravieso?

    -We are going to continue in Maltravieso because the investigation never ends. Now we start Now a new stage begins. In Maltravieso we will continue to make it possible to conserve and to work with all efforts to guarantee conservation.

    -Why was the work of the First Settlers team cut off?

    -I am one of those who have systematically opposed and will continue to oppose me as a technician and as a specialist. It is not that the investigation of First Settlers is bad. Quite the opposite. The problem is that conservation and research must be balanced. With the data in hand is that kind of work inside a cave with conservation conditions … and it’s not because they would have worked for this to be destroyed. Is that the cave of Maltravieso has been very battered, the cave has had 40 years of very bad life, since Carlos Callejo discovered it. The cave has been pasture of all kinds of outrages.

    – Do you think that this finding should translate into a tourist profitability for Cáceres?

    -The scientist’s job has to have a social outlet. We work for that. How far a public administration wants to go is something that public managers will have to say: the Junta, the City Council of Cáceres, the councils … They are the ones who manage the resources. Cáceres is World Heritage because it has an absolutely wonderful heritage. Live a lot of tourism. It would be wonderful if you could diversify the tourism of Cáceres and take it out of the old town to go also to a neighborhood.

    – Are scientific rigor and tourism exploitation compatible?

    -Of course. They are two parallel things. That this generates a new focus of tourist attraction, of course, and we can move from the interpretation center to a sensational tourism, where you can provide a replica of the cave, where people can get in, duck and discover a hand and see how they were the sensations of narrowness that Carlos Callejo passed.

    ‘The cave has been pasture of all kinds of outrages’ :-))))))

  12. ulvfugl says:

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  14. Keith S Elder says:

    I’m planning to respond to a letter to the editor regarding gun control. Do you think they will print this?

    Regarding “Suggestions for extreme vetting for gun purchases”, I agree that vetting should be improved and loopholes in the law closed. But I disagree with the conclusion that “extreme vetting would prevent most of the mass shooting we have had in recent decades”. That’s because most mass shootings are orchestrated by the deep state with the goal of terrorizing the population, to ultimately confiscate all guns. The recent speech by Va state senator Nick Freitas is worth a listen.

    By the deep state I mean the wealthy global elite and their minions, who have infiltrated the top levels of government and corporations, especially the media in all its forms. This infiltration has been going on for decades. Elites control the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Federal Reserve, the corporate media, social media, and Hollywood.

    The last president to take on the deep state was JFK, who was murdered by the CIA a week after he said “There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I plan to expose this plot”. He also said “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless consipiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations”.

    One more quote from JFK on the CIA. He said “I will shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind”. The CIA is the tip of the spear for the global elite, their mercenary army. The CIA is involved in arms trafficking, drug trafficking, and human trafficking. The CIA controls the media via their operation Mockingbird (supposedly disbanded but obviously alive and well). They prefer pedophilia in their politicians, makes them much easier to control. And they and the FBI control the population via these mass shooting events. The latter is operation Gladio, and has been going on in Europe and the US for decades.

    Bill Cooper predicted in his 1991 book “Behold a Pale Horse” that school shootings would increase:

    “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

    Notice how reports of multiple shooters surface when these mass shootings occur? Notice how the FBI seems to have known about these shooters? Notice how many of these shooters are taking SSRIs? The CIA/FBI prey on the most vulnerable of our citizens, and set them up to take the blame for these events, even helps them plan the attacks and acquire the weapons! This mind control program is called MK-ULTRA, and picked up where the Nazis left off after WWII (with the help of some of those same Nazis (operation PaperClip)).

    The mass shootings won’t decrease until this vast corruption is eliminated from our government, media, and corporations. This is the draining of the swamp that President Trump is referring to. We are in the middle of a war, not between Democrats and Republicans, but between the global elites and 99.99% of humanity. Since we obviously outnumber them, they do everything they can to control us. As long as they can keep us divided they can maintain power.

    Divide and rule is an ancient strategy, but still effective. They fear an educated and unified citizenry, because then peace might break out. If the country seems divided now, that’s all according to plan. The media plays a huge role in sowing this divisiveness. We need to stop paying attention to the corporate media and their focus on anything negative: race, abortion, gender, gender identity, sexual identity, bathroom rights, whatever. What about the real issues, like the opioid crisis, health care in general, our endless wars of aggression for the profit of a few, the lack of jobs? The media should hold the gov accountable instead of being their propaganda conduit.

    Other attacks on the population included a degraded and poisoned (glyphosate) food supply, flouride, big pharma (which treats/causes symptoms requiring perpetual treatment, no cures). To paraphrase the late great George Carlin, education is designed to produce obedient workers. Critical thinking is apparently a thing of the past. There’s a frightening shift towards censorship, led by the corporate branch of corp/gov, so the government can claim they aren’t censoring. People are being locked up for saying things, while others get away with murder. An 88 year old grandmother in Germany is going back to prison because she questions the holocaust.

    Trump wasn’t supposed to be elected, and is a direct threat to the deep state. He promised to drain the swamp and is fulfilling this promise, which is why he’s being attacked from all sides. On Dec 21 Trump signed an EO allowing confiscation of assets of anyone guilty of corruption or human trafficking. He’s been going after human especially child trafficking since elected. Trump is in a war with the deep state. Trump’s side consists of the NSA and the military. Opposing him is most of corp/gov (especially CIA and FBI), the media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, all guilty of vast amounts of illegal activity and corruption, and determined to cover it up.

    If you’ve read this far and think I’m a conspiracy theorist, you are correct. This term has been maligned by the CIA to ridicule anyone who questions the official narrative. Ex CIA director William Colby said in 1981 “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

    What we can do about this:

    2. Vote, and quit reelecting incumbents. We need fresh blood, people with an understanding of the constitution to step up to the plate and run for office.
    3. Find alternatives to the corporate media and educate yourself with an open mind. You have been lied to for decades, it’s time to wake up.
    4. Demand an internet bill of rights.
    5. Let your house and senate representatives know expect them to work for you.
    6. Demand that previous administrations and the media be prosecuted for their many crimes.
    7. Boycott corporate media.

    Let’s support Trump so he can rid us of this evil cabal that is causing the mass shootings.
    I think 2018 can be a fantastic year for the many. Let’s make it so with our participation. This is a once in decades opportunity.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world shall know peace”. Jimi Hendrix.

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  16. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks Keith. Seems good to me. No idea if it’ll be published, I suppose depends on who edits the site….
    For some unknown reason this youtube vid won’t show, copy and join the parts

  17. ulvfugl says:

    The United States Army M1 Abrams tank, an American third-generation main battle tank, is being upgraded with an invisible shield that will destroy all chemical energy anti-tank threats and other threats before reaching the vehicle.

    In other words, America’s main battle tank is adding an invisible force field to its defensive measures, which is straight out of a military science fiction novel

    Known as Trophy, this is the world’s first and only fully operational “Active Protection and Hostile Fire Detection System for Armored Vehicles,” said Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. This cutting-edge technology will provide M1 Abrams tanks with 360-degree security from all threats, as advanced algorithms are continually detecting, locating, and neutralizing anti-tank threats on the battlefield.

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  19. ulvfugl says:

  20. ulvfugl says:

  21. ulvfugl says:

  22. ulvfugl says:

    For such magnificence to depend for its future on being instagrammable seems to offend against dignity. But what else is there? The obsessively monitored fortresses cannot last forever, and they are hardly the natural habitats they were once believed to be. There will always be wildness in the ways of animals—in what they choose, unbidden, to pursue. But to seek the natural, in India as elsewhere, must also be to accept that the world of the wild is shared with, and shaped by, humans; to be a human who loves nature is to try and make that sharing work. The idea of powerful creatures in the vast untouched wilderness has a sublime thrill to it. It also has a certain cosiness; it is the imaginary ideal where many human ideas about nature grew up. But as T3 discovered after he swam across the Ken, you really can’t go home again. “The old world is gone,” says Mr Thapar. “We cannot bring it back.”

  23. ulvfugl says:

    Here’s proof of how far we’ve come in science – in June 2017, researchers recorded up-close footage of a single DNA molecule replicating itself for the first time, and it’s raised questions about how we assumed the process played out.

    The real-time footage revealed that this fundamental part of life incorporates an unexpected amount of ‘randomness’, and it could force a major rethink into how genetic replication occurs without mutations.

    “It’s a real paradigm shift, and undermines a great deal of what’s in the textbooks,” said one of the team, Stephen Kowalczykowski from the University of California, Davis.

    “It’s a different way of thinking about replication that raises new questions.”

    The DNA double helix consists of two intertwining strands of genetic material made up of four different bases – guanine, thymine, cytosine, and adenine (G, T, C and A).

    Replication occurs when an enzyme called helicase unwinds and unzips the double helix into two single strands.

    A second enzyme called primase attaches a ‘primer’ to each of these unravelled strands, and a third enzyme called DNA polymerase attaches at this primer, and adds additional bases to form a whole new double helix.

    You can watch that process in the 2017 footage below:

  24. ulvfugl says:

    And God knows they’re going to need all the help they can get after the government’s most recent bid to create widespread famine, starvation, and ultimately revolution. I am, of course, talking about the vote to steal and redistribute “expropriate” white-owned farms in South Africa without compensation.

    “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice,” Malema told the parliament. We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.
    Julius Malema, is the head of South Africa’s Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters, which has got to be the funniest name I’ve come across in a long time. Marxism and economic freedom go together like peanut butter and nails. It’s like a death cult calling itself a charity. It’s one or the other… and I’m here to tell you it’s one and NOT the other.

    Sadly, after the coming white genocide (yes, it’s a very real possibility even probability and thinking it won’t happen is plain foolish), followed by mass starvation (Zimbabwe 2.0), and civil strife (folks have no idea how racially charged and ultimately tribal South Africa is, and I’m talking here about black on black violence), even large-scale commercial projects and enterprise will become relatively meaningless on the global stage. It’s coming. Watch!

  25. ulvfugl says:

    Background pic – A Real House – what if we all lived like this ???

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  27. ulvfugl says:

    sgt_doom DownWithYogaPants Mon, 03/05/2018 – 13:33 Permalink

    Fake News Historical Update

    >>>On think tanks, Chinese emperors and the JFK assassination< << Heard the latest disinformational story on the JFK assassination last week, this time it concerned space aliens. The fake news female featured on the CoasttoCoastAM show, Linda what's-her-name, interviewed some dude on his deathbed (they are always on their deathbeds, of course) who claimed that Richard Nixon had an "enormous intellect" --- guess that dude never listened to the Nixon tapes featuring a submediocrity named Richard Nixon, originally chosen by a guy named Prescott Bush, father and grandfather to several future US presidents? The Bush family money originally derived from Buckeye Ball Bearings Company --- which was a Rockefeller company. It is still a mystery as to why the Rockefeller family gave that company to the Bush family --- usually the Rockefellers would hand off a company to another for crimes committed on their behalf, the way they gave the Truesdale family a railroad for blowing up competitors' oil refineries.

      (The descendant of the Truesdale family and fortune is Robert Swan Mueller III, presently in the news as special prosecutor in Washington, D.C.)

      So when Nixon went to China, predictably, also aboard Air Force One with Nixon and Kissinger was David Rockefeller — who, I’m reasonably certain, directed Nixon to fly to China in the first place.

      David Rockefeller would establish banking operations in Beijing in 1973.

      During and after that time, all those so-called American think tanks: Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute, Brookings Institution, etc., all claimed that shipping jobs, technology and investment to China would insure a future democracy there.

      Today we officially have a new Chinese ruler, Emperor Xi Jinping — with pro-democracy activists and attorneys routinely disappeared!

      Guess all those think tankers, today routinely featured on CNN, Fox, NPR, PBS, CBS, etc., didn’t know what they were talking about — or purposely misled everyone!?

      [And not a one of those so-called think tanks could ever figure out who killed JFK, nor even that Tracy Barnes, deputy director at the CIA, was cousin to Allen Dulles!]

      In reply to adsf by DownWithYogaPants
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      Vote down!
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      CoolHandLuke DownWithYogaPants Mon, 03/05/2018 – 13:56 Permalink

      One bit I gleaned was that Obama was groomed from an early age to be in politics and clearly later they took him to the presidency

      Yep, important article–>

      In reply to adsf by DownWithYogaPants
      Vote up!

  28. ulvfugl says:

    As part of what Donald Trump has dubbed an ongoing “witch hunt”, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed longtime Donald Trump associate and former aide Sam Nunberg. requesting he appear before a grand jury investigating Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Nunberg, however, told Bloomberg he has no intention of cooperating with Mueller’s subpoena.

    “I’m not going to cooperate with Mueller. It’s a fishing expedition,” Nunberg told Bloomberg News. “They want me in there for a grand jury for testimony about Roger Stone. He didn’t do anything. What is he going to do? His investigation is BS. Trump did not collude with Putin. It’s a joke.”

    Nunberg was on Trump’s payroll from mid-2011 to August 2015 when he was fired from Trump’s campaign shortly after it emerged that he had posted racially charged Facebook posts. In July 2016, Trump sued him for violating a confidentiality agreement, however the suit was dropped the following month.

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