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But others say scaring people is the only way to make them care. Perhaps the most famous purveyor of climate scare tactics is Guy McPherson. Described by the New York Times as an “apocalyptic ecologist”, McPherson’s doomsday theory of “near-term extinction” has attracted something of a following. McPherson wrote on his website, which includes links to suicide hotlines, that the David Wallace-Wells piece “largely captures my message”.

I am not at all well. Reflection upon my personal mortality is in order. I find it is a hard struggle to organise clear lines of thought, compared with my abilities before the stroke, so it is a challenge to write these blog posts. I remain positive and optimistic that I’ll get better. I chose to do this, so this is what I do. Nobody instructed me to do it, nobody pays me to do it. I share what’s on my mind with my readers, for better or worse, and hope someone out there finds it helpful and rewarding.

McPherson’s analysis, that we humans are upon the brink of imminent extinction, may well be correct. Or, it might be wrong. Am I going to live long enough to find out ? Possibly not, but those younger than me will likely be around after I’m gone, and they’ll discover whatever the Fates have in store for them…

Having followed McPherson for some years, I know that he began by predicting human extinction was likely to occur somewhere around the end of this 21st. century, and then, as time passed, he fast-forwarded it toward being imminent in our immediate future.

So, in accord with his predictions, we should really all be gone by now, and if not last year, then definitely by next year. Or the year after. Or the one after that…. Or…

By using his status and authority as an (ex) professor, he can manipulate people by scaring them, rather like the eccentric Jehovah’s Witnesses that used to walk around in London wearing ‘Repent, because the End is Nigh’ sandwich boards. They may still be doing it, for all I know.

Christen Dalsgaard (1824-1907), Krabbesholm. Vinter, 1839-1907

So, he’s been playing the Prophet of Doom role for a long time now, and attempts to support his claim by way of logic, reason, and evidence. And then, there’s the fascinating vicious sadistic twist, that if people do indeed accept his analysis and believe that we are all upon the brink of extinction, he tells them that there is nothing at all that they can do about it…. we are in a PREDICAMENT with no EXIT. Except death. The curious adventure that occurs between the womb and the tomb….

So we, or rather, they, his audience, are locked into a horrible and scary fantasy about oncoming terminal global disaster, where all that they know and love comes to a very nasty ending. And we are all powerless to avoid this doom, and are thus forced to follow his recipe to appreciate the brief moments that remain. Thus we can think about our lives as being locked in paralysis, helpless, like someone in one of those nightmares where you cannot move your body as the demonic spectre approaches ever closer…

Time will tell whether he is correct about his apocalyptic scenario. It’s worth bearing in mind that the Archdruid scoured the literature and found many earlier examples from the historical record where individuals have proclaimed similar prophetic ‘End of the World’ scenarios. It’s a recognisable pattern of behaviour for the last two or three millennia.

Mostly these tactics seem like a form of psychological and emotional manipulation, using rhetoric to try to push the audience in one direction or another, much as a lawyer in a courtroom attempts to persuade a jury to convict or acquit. Typically, the figures using this strategy have been religious or pseudo-religious individuals whose preaching and dramatic pronouncements provide them with status and attention they would not receive otherwise.

It used to be Old Testament prophet types exorting the public toward moral conduct by means of fear of God’s Wrath, an archetype which can be easily traced all the way back to Moses.

Now we have McPherson, crying in the wilderness from self-imposed exile, claiming to use climate science and biology, rather than mysticism, to sustain his case.

One problem is, that for a speaker to carry conviction, demands some personal integrity. Otherwise, you’re always open to attack as a fraud or hypocrite. You know, if a preacher from a pulpit instructs the faithful followers that adultery is sinful, and all the while is having an illicit affair with someone else’s wife, how can you trust him and the integrity of his teaching ?

I don’t know how widespread this moral stricture is, maybe it’s a Western Christian thing, or from the Greek philosophical heritage, I read somewhere that it’s not been a part of Japanese culture. The Japanese always understood that individuals have a fake public face, so to speak, which is distinct from their authentic private viewpoint. If I recall correctly, that came up re the Fukushima disaster, when all the public officials followed the same line, that there was no problem, despite the obvious mounting evidence of a catastrophe. It’s kinda impolite and asking for trouble to contradict a superior.

This latest episode in the McPherson saga… well, I think it’s the third or fourth time, isn’t it ? No smoke without fire ? He’s got a lot of enemies and there are powerful forces which wish to discredit and neutralise him, of course. But that’s all the more reason why he should have had impeccable morals. It makes me wonder, when the same pattern recurs, and people who were previously close friends and supporters who know him much better than I do, now choose to reject him and distance themselves.

It might be the case, that he was overly confident, having gained University tenure at an unusually young age, that he judged himself secure enough to behave in a reckless fashion. But that judgement proved to be mistaken. The University decided to throw him out, possibly because of his conduct with some female students. Or possibly, because (as he claimed) of his radical politics. Or possibly both ?

Or perhaps he was altogether innocent, as he has insisted. It must have been a shock, that he misjudged his own power, and he seems to have spent most of his time since then trying to get revenge, both on the education establishment and society in general. Because he had, still has, legal tenure, he can still claim to be titled as an emeritus professor, and get paid, even though he’s not done that job for years.

Maybe he was treated unjustly, or maybe he had exploited his position and did have inappropriate sexual liaisons. I do not know. I believed him when he denied it the first time, but when the same sort of question has been raised repeatedly, doubts do appear.

Presumably, he is still sufficiently lucid, compos mentis, to know in his own heart what really occurred. In earlier centuries such cases were handed over to the torturers, who’d extract a confession with red hot pincers on the rack, and similar tools and devices. But, unfortunately, that’s no guarantee of ‘truth’, is it, because people will say anything, if they think it’ll make the unendurable pain stop.

Being an individual of impeccable moral virtue is also not an effective defence. Many people hate those who are more honourable than themselves, those who refuse to join sordid crimes or evil schemes. I suppose the Jesus story is the best exemplar of that pattern.

Whether we like it or not, we are all of us caught up in this enormous strange pageant of unfolding human history. Some are more driven to try and make some sense of it all than others. But who really knows ? We are fragile participants in some cosmic drama which is barely understood, a saga where we inevitably encounter The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse…

One hundred years after the Spanish flu pandemic, could we be facing another deadly global outbreak?

Some resources for pandemic preparedness are this article and this book.

How the flu kills

When you start getting sick, it can be hard to tell if you have a cold or the flu. This guide can help. You can treat your symptoms with home remedies, but this is really NOT a virus to mess around with. It’s killing people. Rapidly. Even those who seem to be in prime health can be felled by the virus, like the 21-year-old fitness enthusiast who died 5 days after contracting H3N2.

According to Scientific American, it isn’t the flu that kills people, but the body’s attempt to heal itself.


The aftermath of the false alert was “crazy,” she told NBC Bay Area, and prompted people to run around on the streets “crying and screaming,” wondering what to do.

“I prayed to God and asked for forgiveness of my sins and for Him to protect us,” she said, adding that people are still shaken up.

Andy Thammavongsa, who tweeted a screenshot of his phone that showed the time between each alert, lives in Ewa Beach and told NBC in a Twitter message, “Everyone was panicking, the whole island was awake and alert.”

He added that “there’s nothing really you can do honestly” if the alert were real, saying there’s “nowhere to take shelter, the island is only so big.”

As we detailed below, many people in Hawaii took to social media during and after the alert.

*  *  *

Update 1: Gov. David Ige and head of Hawaii’s Emergency Management agency, Vern Miyagi, told Hawaii News Now that the false alert was the result of human error – and boiled down to someone pushing the wrong button.

Oddly, while the local officials proclaimed it an error, The White House described a false inbound missile alert received by Hawaii residents on Saturday morning as an “emergency management exercise,” offering no further explanation for the erroneous warning.


*  *  *

Shortly after 8am local time Saturday, Hawaii’s emergency alert system sent out a shocking tweet to its citizens: “Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek Immediate shelter, This is not a drill.”

The emergency alert was sent to all cellphones…


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As James Thurber demonstrated there’s something absurdly funny about folks running for their lives when no real danger exists.

The Day the Dam Broke

Meanwhile hundreds of people were streaming by our house in wild panic, screaming “Go east! Go east!” We had to stun grandfather with the ironing board. Impeded as we were by the inert form of the old gentleman — he was taller than six feet and weighed almost a hundred and seventy pounds — we were passed, in the first half-mile, by practically everybody else in the city.

Had grandfather not come to, at the corner of Parsons Avenue and Town Street, we would unquestionably have been overtaken and engulfed by the roaring waters — that is, if there had been any roaring waters.

As I see it, human life has always been brief, insecure and temporary. This is why we need stories, narratives and meta-narratives, to sustain us from day to day, so that we can cope and deal with the anxiety, pain and suffering. People differ a lot in temperament and intelligence, so ‘one size fits all’ is unlikely to work for a large populace of many millions from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds.

The weaponry exists sufficient to kill all human beings and most other organisms several times over. It’s controlled by the leaders and military of several nations, the USA, China, Russia, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea… did I forget any ? I was thinking of thermo-nuclear bombs, but there are many other options. I mean, conventional explosive weapons are powerful and horrendous, and then there’s chemical and biological agents, and all manner of electronic devices which can scramble people’s nervous systems and debilitate them.

It’s all rather depressing and grim. But, we have survived, as a species, for hundreds of thousands of years, against great odds. Mother Nature has confronted and challenged us with myriad horrors, wars, fierce beasts, poisonous insects and snakes, multiple disease organisms, all manner of natural catastrophes, floods, freezes, famines, volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and whatnot. And – somehow – we, the survivors, are still here. Think about it. It’s most remarkable.

As individual humans, we each have a short time to glimpse this incredible display, and to contribute whatever we can, hopefully to make it better rather than worse.

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  1. ulvfugl says:

    Of the many outrageous claims made by irrelevant, D-List artists and celebrities in the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Moby’s assertion that the Trump dossier is “100% real”, and that Trump is a Manchurian candidate sent to destroy America stand out for their unmistakably Menschian absurdity.

    If you missed it the first time around – or just need a reminder – here’s Moby’s original Facebook post from February 2017:

    And today as Moby explains (seemingly incapable of using Capital letters)… (bolding added) after spending the weekend talking to friends who work in dc i can safely(well, ‘accurately’…) post the following things:

    1-the russian dossier on trump is real. 100% real. he’s being blackmailed by the russian government, not just for being peed on by russian hookers, but for much more nefarious things.

    2-the trump administration is in collusion with the russian government, and has been since day one.

    3-the trump administration needs a war, most likely with iran. at present they are putting u.s warships off the coast of iran in the hope that iran will attack one of the ships and give the u.s a pretense for invasion.

    4-there are right wing plans to get rid of trump. he’s a drain on their fundraising and their approval ratings, and the gop and koch brothers and other u.s right wing groups are planning to get rid of trump.

    5-intelligence agencies around the world, and here in the u.s, are horrified by the incompetence of the trump administration, and are working to present information that will lead to high level firings and, ultimately, impeachment.

    i’m writing these things so that when/if these things happen there will be a public record beforehand.

    these are truly baffling and horrifying times, as we have an incompetent president who is essentially owned by a foreign power.


    Moby’s hilarious claim that he received his top-secret intel from “friends who work in DC” (not Langley?) will surely stand out in the annals of left-wing fever dreams regarding Trump’s connections with the government of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

    Nearly a year later, Moby offered an interesting clarification about this theory during a radio interview with 91.9 WFPK.

    Those friends Moby was talking about? Yeah, they worked for the CIA. And they allegedly wanted to enlist Moby’s help in spreading the word about the corrupt Trump administration because he had a larger social media following…

    …And the claims contained within the dossier? Well, they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

    Hopefully Moby’s psychiatrist is paying attention: It might be time to switch out his meds.

    macholatte wmbz Jan 13, 2018 2:36 PM Permalink
    Who is Moby? Who cares?

    in other news

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Possible Links To Pedophilia Ring Revealed

  2. ulvfugl says:

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    MK ULTRA Alpha BobEore Jan 13, 2018 5:59 PM Permalink
    Excellent Bob, the drones look like first generation drones. This was the design before every nation copied the sleek US predator style. Early first generation drones were designed to be closer to an airplane, like a downsized Cessna Skyhawk. Many nations, Israel included sold the early first generation drones to many countries.

    These could have come from anywhere. It would be good to know more about the drones and yes, Turkey has moved in to Syria to protect the faction of Turkman tribes and to block the Kurds from joining with the Kurdish held territory in northern Syria. It’s funny, Turkey was trying to break up Syria for an Ottoman revival, but now Turkey fears being broken up by the Kurds.

    And Russia, helped parts of Europe throw off the yoke of Ottoman rule. Russia and Turkey have fought many wars, Russia and Turkey are historical enemies, even now.

    In reply to Carefully scrubbed from the… by BobEore
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    BobEore MK ULTRA Alpha Jan 13, 2018 7:21 PM Permalink
    he he heh.(X2)…

    you must be another “olde man” like me Ultra!

    Capable of comprehending, then collating, diverse information sources, putting forth a precis, rooted in rational thinking…

    all the hallmarks of a non-‘common core’ educated mind – no longer available to scrubs who imagine their hive-mind like synaptic devolution to be an acceptable toolkit for negotiating the perils of published agitprop by a phony press….

    grounded in historical realism and therefore free of the need to fall in with the crowd…

    just another ordinary bloke, in other words… before the peeples of the west got miniaturized into the tiny Lilliputian dredges we see on display here today. With all those attributes going for ya… you probably even took note o the tiny link left in my comment- leading to the explosive take down of fanbouy fantasies about the middle east… which I’ll give a highlight too now,

    Syria Saved? Dispatches from ‘behind the mask’

    in honor of our acquaintance!

    In reply to Excellent Bob, the drones… by MK ULTRA Alpha
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    Profile picture for user booboo
    booboo ATM Jan 13, 2018 6:15 PM Permalink
    I’m guessing the stars on the wall at Langley are piling up. Janitors are keeping busy too

    In reply to The CIA arms the “militants”… by ATM
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  3. ulvfugl says:

  4. ulvfugl says:

  5. ulvfugl says:

  6. ulvfugl says:

    I omitted one tweet which featured film of a bunch of black kids beating and beheading one of their number, on what looks like a rubbish tip. Too gruesome and sickening to show here. I mention that so that readers know that I do sometimes self-censor some material, and I do sometimes see material that leaves me scarred and horrified. I’d prefer not to have seen it. But, sadly, there’s a hell of a lot going on in the world that is nasty beyond description. Unfortunately, we do not get an accurate impression, because most sources are censored and sanitised.

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  13. ulvfugl says:

    It’s never good news when an autonomous automobile is involved in an accident. Lately, Alphabet’s Waymo crashed an autonomous bus in Las Vegas, and Uber managed to flip a self-driving Volvo in Arizona.

    In the latest installment of autonomous car accidents across America, a self-driving test car from the Ford-backed startup Argo-AI was severely damaged Wednesday that sent two people to the hospital.

    It’s gonna be even more fun when Elon Musk’s new autonomous heavy goods vehicles start crashing into crowds of people and buildings…

  14. ulvfugl says:

    Including a video with the confession:

    A member of the White Helmets confesses before the cameras the manipulations during the Syrian War

    A member of the White Helmets has confessed before the cameras his manipulations during the Syrian War, in which they staged alleged massacres including underage children to discredit the government of Bashar Al-Assad.
    The White Helmets are a part of Al-Qaeda created in 2013 and, as it could not be otherwise, there is nothing else behind that the war propaganda, the smoke screens and the media intoxication. Let’s see some headlines of fascist media, only a few, not to exhaust the patience of the long-suffering reader:

    – The only crack of light in a particularly dark world (La Sexta)
    – The ‘white helmets’ that save lives amid debris in Syria (El País)
    – The ‘White Helmets’: volunteers offering primary care to the wounded in Syria (Doctors Without Borders)
    – Who are the ‘White Helmets’ and why do they consider them heroes (One Magazine)
    – The anonymous saviors of Syria (The Day)

    This false humanitarian organization has not only falsified its work but has been one of the elements of struggle used by imperialism against Syria. They are the humanitarian front that detracts from the reality of a war of aggression.

    Posted by: elsi | Jan 13, 2018 4:17:02 PM | 19

    Allow me to summarize the ‘human rights’ philosophy of Ken Roth and HRW:

    “We are sincerely for the human rights of whoever is fighting against the official enemies of the USA. We don’t care about the human rights of anyone else.”

    Posted by: WorldBLee | Jan 13, 2018 4:19:03 PM | 20

  15. ulvfugl says:

  16. ulvfugl says:

    Cases of scarlet fever have rocketed in Wales over the past six weeks – and are almost twice as high as in the same period last year.

    In the six weeks to January 7, covering December and the festive period, 170 suspected cases of scarlet fever were reported in Wales to Public Health England (PHE), which gathers all the data for both England and Wales.

    The number of reports is much higher than over the same period in the previous five years.

    There were 98 cases reported in 2016-17, as well as a previous peak of 112 in 2015-16 – and just 12 in 2013-14.

  17. ulvfugl says:

    The politically incorrect NYU professor accused of “incivility” by liberal colleagues and put on leave is now suing the college and four fellow profs for calling him everything from a drug addict to Satan.

    The “malicious” statements appeared in an e-mail thread that blasted out over five days in May from school accounts to more than 100 university staffers, claims a defamation lawsuit filed Friday by professor Michael Rectenwald.

    He blames NYU for doing nothing to stop the “nasty screed,” according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.
    Rectenwald, 58, told The Post that the 20 “hateful” e-mails turned his once-pleasant academic life into a nightmare and might torpedo his career.

    “I’ve been universally shunned by the entire department,” the liberal-studies professor said. “In academia, to be called a ‘racist’ and a ‘sexist’ is like the kiss of death.”

  18. ulvfugl says:

  19. ulvfugl says:

  20. ulvfugl says:

    The ocean is losing its oxygen. Last week, in a sweeping analysis in the journal Science, scientists put it starkly: Over the past 50 years, the volume of the ocean with no oxygen at all has quadrupled, while oxygen-deprived swaths of the open seas have expanded by the size of the European Union. The culprits are familiar: global warming and pollution. Warmer seawater both holds less oxygen and turbocharges the worldwide consumption of oxygen by microorganisms. Meanwhile, agricultural runoff and sewage drives suffocating algae blooms.

    The analysis builds on a growing body of research pointing to increasingly sick seas pummeled by the effluent of civilization. In one landmark paper published last year, a research team led by the German oceanographer Sunke Schmidtko quantified for the first time just how much oxygen human civilization has already drained from the oceans. Compiling more than 50 years of disparate data, gathered on research cruises, from floating palaces of ice in the arctic to twilit coral reefs in the South Pacific, Schmidtko’s team calculated that the Earth’s oceans had lost 2 percent of their oxygen since 1960.

  21. ulvfugl says:

    In the next few weeks, a research group at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands expects to receive an important package. Its contents promise to increase competition in the race to produce useful quantum computers.

    Shipped from the research-and-development facilities of semiconductor giant Intel in Hillsboro, Oregon, the parcel holds the first quantum computer manufactured with the techniques used to fabricate silicon chips in conventional computers.

  22. ulvfugl says:

    Everybody is familiar with the sense of shock and betrayal at having been lied to. At the same time, people are familiar with the temptation to lie to benefit themselves. Many will have done so.

    And that raises an interesting question—given the chance to lie for their own benefit, which people will take the opportunity? What percentage always tell the truth regardless of how much is at stake? And what percentage always lie to maximize their gain?

  23. ulvfugl says:

    It may seem crude, but to put the achievement into context, it can be compared on pure financial terms with other sports. For a frame that lasted a mere 320 seconds, O’Sullivan was awarded bonus prize money of £165,000. Few can brag that they’ve ever earned £515.63 per second for the work they do—especially at such a tender age. At its most basic, he makes his money with a length of polished wood and a lump of chalk. For many people, earnings aside, O’Sullivan’s feat ranks among the very best sporting achievements in the world. But for me, it’s a celebration of mankind’s perfection at stick usage: a poetically beautiful combination of craft, genius, nerve, and swagger.

  24. ulvfugl says:

  25. ulvfugl says:

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  30. ulvfugl says:

  31. ulvfugl says:

    This is impressive stuff. R+6 are carving up the Greater Idlib Pocket like a Thanksgiving turkey. I see that a spokesman for the Kurdish SDF/YPG says that Kurdish forces will enter Idlib to participate in the destruction of HTS and friends. It seems clear to me that the Kurds will fight on the government side if they enter the fight in Idlib. This must really be a disppointment to CENTCOM. pl

  32. ulvfugl says:

    DianaLC said in reply to Dr. George W. Oprisko…
    I try not to comment here, as I am just a rube when it comes to the twisted working of our national government, but give me a break.

    Bernie doesn’t even have the intelligence to live like a true socialist. Does anyone with any intelligence–especially in regard to human nature–really believe that socialism and/or communism would ever work for the long run of any government. Please, study some history to discover what became of many of those attempts and what it’s like living in the ones still existing.

    His young followers are probably the most uneducated/mis-educated generation I have ever dealt with as a teacher.

    My bias against Bernie’s stated idea of governance is personal, as my great-grandparents and grandparents were smart enough to escape the Bolshevicks to come here.

    Why go after Bernie–it would have been a waste of time, money, and effort. His followers would have had a hard time really figuring out how to register to vote or tearing themselves away from their useless endeavors to occupy their time to find out where and how to vote.


  33. ulvfugl says:

    What was behind the false missile attack alarm in Hawaii yesterday. Poynter has some context:

    One of the big stories in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser Saturday morning was that military “brass” updated island officials on how the military would respond to a nuclear attack from North Korea. Military authorities warned there was a “real” threat.
    At 8:07 a.m. Saturday, Hawaiian residents saw a terrifying alert message on their phones.

    It took 38 minutes to correct the “mistake”. A missile from North Korea would take 32-35 minutes from launch to impact in Hawaii.

    But of interest is the newspaper report hyping the “threat” followed by the false alarm. Coincidence? And the “leaking” of the Draft Nuclear Posture Review this week, in which the military demands hundreds of new “small” nuclear weapons to fight North Korea and Russia, is also just a coincidence? Or is all of this part of a public relation campaign designed to increase the acceptance of new nuclear weapons and “limited” nuclear warfare? A preparation for war on North Korea?

    My tweet announcing my above piece was censored in Germany after someone had contacted Twitter and alleged that its content was illegal. This is a consequence of new law the lunatic social-democratic justice minister Maas had pressed for. Twitter would risk a high fine in Germany if it would not block allegedly illegal stuff. The law is a perfect tool for trolls to suppress any author or content they dislike. (It is also obviously unconstitutional and will soon be discarded by the relevant courts.)

  34. ulvfugl says:

    The earliest figural art known from Greece is dated to the Neolithic period (ca. 8,5 to 5 thousand years ago). A recent study of the petroglyphs at Asphendou Cave on the island of Crete, however, suggests that such art has a much longer history in the Aegean basin. First published over forty years ago, the debate concerning the petroglyphs’ age has lain dormant for decades. In light of technological advances in digital imaging and recent archaeological and palaeontological discoveries on the island we re-assess the dating of the petroglyphs and prove that some were made in the Late Pleistocene, or Upper Palaeolithic. Comparison of the iconography to fossil data demonstrates that an extinct endemic deer (Candiacervus) is represented at Asphendou Cave. This is the earliest figural art yet discovered in Greece.

  35. ulvfugl says:

    Archaeologists have found new signs of pre-historic human activity in the Clwydian Range.

    Now a new exhibition is revealing a tantalising glimpse of the life of our very distant ancestors and the work being done to uncover it.

    As successors to the Heather and Hillforts project, the Clwydian Range Archaeology Group (CRAG) have been surveying and excavating in the Moel Arthur area for a number of seasons.

    During that time, they have discovered signs of human activity, some of it probably medieval, and more appearing to go back thousands of years, possibly as far back as Mesolithic times.

  36. ulvfugl says:

    Not only did yesterday’s stunning false alarm warning of inbound ballistic missiles leave Hawaiians “crying and screaming”, it caused some parents to resort to hiding their children in storm drains.

    The video shows a child saying “I don’t want to go in” as she is lowered into the drain while panicked adults shout in the background.

    Clearly, as Thomas concludes, some heads are going to roll after this epic mistake.

    One can only wonder how the American people are supposed to believe that this all happened because someone simply pushed the wrong button?!

    Q Anon AI credited with saving Hawaii from real missile attack — thanks psyop command

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    Profile picture for user Ms No
    Ms No Bigly Jan 14, 2018 2:46 PM Permalink
    Some moron downvoted that ^^. How the hell in year 2018 could somebody be so stupid as to think this was an accident? They have been whipping up hysteria about NK and our imminent threat of demise at their hands going way back. For months they have been “testing” their BS warnings and sirens. Then they send out a warning that everybody is going to imminently get vaporized, leave it out for half an hour and people think this warmongers made a mistake? This country is full of idiots. I wish I had some scam that I could sell them. They did this shit all through the cold war and through most of our adult lives. Holy shit!

    In reply to Agree. This was not a fat… by Bigly
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    MozartIII Bigly Jan 14, 2018 2:51 PM Permalink
    Done by Hawaiian officials:

    Trump already being blamed!

  37. ulvfugl says:

    Sources told the Middle East Montior that nearly 60 detainees were transferred to the most high security prison in the Kingdom. The prisoners include Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal as Prince Turki Bin Abdullah and a number of government officials who refused to make the large financial payments for their release.

    Among those arrested on allegations of corruption is Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, the Saudi King’s nephew who is worth more than $17bn according to Forbes, and owns stakes in Twitter, Lyft and Citigroup. According to a Daily Mail source, the crown prince had lulled Alwaleed into a false sense of security, inviting him to a meeting at his Al Yamamah palace, then sent officers to arrest him the night before the meeting.

    ‘Suddenly at 2.45am all his guards were disarmed, the royal guards of MBS storm in,’ said the source.

    ‘He’s dragged from his own bedroom in his pajamas, handcuffed, put in the back of an SUV, and interrogated like a criminal.

    ‘They hung them upside down, just to send a message.

    sarz IH8OBAMA Jan 14, 2018 1:25 PM Permalink
    Busy at the Herzliya troll farm, Shlomo?They gave you five IDs did they, you lucky Talmudist. Your high prayer of the year is Kol Nidre, right, the only one for which you stand up, and where you ask for permission to lie and cheat for the coming year.

    The Saudi family are Iraqi Jews, and their doctrine of fake Islam, Wahhabism, was cobbled together by a Donmeh, a Turkish crypto-Jew, Abdul Wahhab.

    There’s a constant stream of Judaic poison onto ZeroHedge and a few other free speech sites, from you and your tribal kin. You’ve had the NSA to yourselves for quite a while. But imagine what might be in store if Americans are keeping score for themselves past your transparent proxy servers.

    In reply to I wonder is MBS is going to… by IH8OBAMA
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    Expendable Container Posa Jan 14, 2018 2:24 PM Permalink
    So you believe the official narrative that a man in a cave on the other side of the world masterminded the perfect demolition of the twin tours on 9/11?? Then please explain how BUILDING 7 also came down in the perfect demolition.

    What about the ‘laughing Israelis’ caught filming the event, being let off scott free, and saying in Israel on TV later that ‘we were only there to document the event’ – how could they be sent there to document the event if they did not know ahead of time? It has also been disproved that a plane could have possibly hit the pentagon in that position. It was a missile.

    And what about the large number of Israeli spies caught in the U.S. spying at that time and released back to Israel while the MSM ignored this treachery?

    In reply to Aside from a few Congressmen… by Posa
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    Profile picture for user jeff montanye
    jeff montanye Expendable Container Jan 14, 2018 2:41 PM Permalink
    all good questions but i don’t think those mossad guys said they were there only (boy i miss italics) to document the event. you can watch them (better if you speak hebrew) in the voltaire link i supply above.

    it is hard to believe that so many are so willing to be accessories to murder and treason, especially after the fact, but as sherlock holmes observed, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

  38. ulvfugl says:

    this is classic, the last legs of a mania. The infamous Tulip Mania ended when people were putting their homes into hock to buy tulip bulbs for speculative purposes. Note how alarmed authorities are now cracking down on fake money used for crime or wild speculation. The cynically named ‘Ethereum’ scam shot upwards last week and now is nosediving. This is insanely stupid.

  39. ulvfugl says:

  40. ulvfugl says:

  41. ulvfugl says:

  42. ulvfugl says:

  43. ulvfugl says:

  44. ulvfugl says:

    Former President Bill Clinton lashed out on Twitter Saturday in response to accusations that daughter Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation funds to pay for her wedding, calling it a “personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and Marc,” referring to son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky.

  45. ulvfugl says:

  46. ulvfugl says:

  47. ulvfugl says:

    @54 nottheonly1

    “The threat by North Korea is a psychological projection by the only people to ever have dropped nuclear bombs.”
    This reminds me of a famous expression out of 16th century Poland:

    “The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”

    The evidence here clearly indicates that by signalling this alarm, which automatically sent it out to IPAWS/HEMA/FEMA/PACCOM/NORAD/[who knows else where], someone was trying to provoke a missile exchange and start a war.

    Some miracle or god prevented this war that the MIC is so horny for from getting started and the US nuking North Korea. It must be the same god that in 1967 prevented the Zionists from sinking the Liberty after 2 hours of bombs and torpedoes, which would have directly pulled the US into Israel’s war against her Arab neighbors.

    Posted by: Heros | Jan 15, 2018 6:58:12 AM | 63

  48. ulvfugl says:

    The failure of the FBI and the CIA to disclose to members of Congress and the President that the information they briefed from the dossier had been paid for by the Clinton campaign is much more than gross negligence and incompetence. It is prima facie evidence of collusion and meddling in a U.S. domestic election. Only the culprits weren’t the Russians. As Pogo once said, “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

  49. ulvfugl says:

    Yesterday morning, while I was drinking coffee and reading and my wife was getting ready for work, we heard an emergency alert sound from our phones. I figured it would be a storm warning, but the weather was clear. My wife looked at her phone and said a missile was coming. She immediately sprang into action, grabbed a gallon of water from the fridge and brought it and our dogs into the bathroom, while I looked at the message on her phone and tried to process what it said. It was an emergency alert from the state:


    Oh, no.

    Right now, there’s a ballistic missile actually flying through the air at 15,000 miles per hour toward Hawaii – probably Honolulu, where we are located. This is happening.

  50. ulvfugl says:

    Wales is set to be hit by snow, hail, sleet and gusts of up to 80mph winds in the next few days.

  51. ulvfugl says:

    SuzerainGreyMole zippedydoodah Jan 15, 2018 12:34 PM Permalink
    As a Brit living in California with no health insurance, I was delighted to have read your comment because I also still believe that the NHS is one of the last great things that everyone living in the UK should be glad about. Because while the health system here in the USA is designed for the benefit of esurient turds; Destroying the NHS is something that those globalist corporate arseholes will have a really hard time trying to do. I pray their destruction will come soon so that the US and the whole world can have a health system for the benefit of all its people.

    Best wishes for your wife in 2018.

    But the key question is this: what are our servicemen dying for?

    There are glib answers to that: bringing democracy and development to Afghanistan, supporting the government of President Hamid Karzai in its attempt

    to establish order in the country, fighting the Taliban and preventing the further spread of radical Islam into Pakistan.

    But do these answers stand up to close analysis?

  52. ulvfugl says:

    Authorities were apologetic, with Governor David Ige (D) apologizing for the “pain and confusion” caused by accidentally telling millions of people death was imminent, saying in a press conference “a mistake made during a standard procedure at the changeover of a shift and an employee pushed the wrong button.”

  53. ulvfugl says:

  54. ulvfugl says:

  55. ulvfugl says:

  56. ulvfugl says:

  57. ulvfugl says:

    Europe’s lost forests: a pollen-based synthesis for the last 11,000 years

    8000 years ago, prior to Neolithic agriculture, Europe was mostly a wooded continent. Since then, its forest cover has been progressively fragmented, so that today it covers less than half of Europe’s land area, in many cases having been cleared to make way for fields and pasture-land. Establishing the origin of Europe’s current, more open land-cover mosaic requires a long-term perspective, for which pollen analysis offers a key tool. In this study we utilise and compare three numerical approaches to transforming pollen data into past forest cover, drawing on >1000 14C-dated site records. All reconstructions highlight the different histories of the mixed temperate and the northern boreal forests, with the former declining progressively since ~6000 years ago, linked to forest clearance for agriculture in later prehistory (especially in northwest Europe) and early historic times (e.g. in north central Europe). In contrast, extensive human impact on the needle-leaf forests of northern Europe only becomes detectable in the last two millennia and has left a larger area of forest in place. Forest loss has been a dominant feature of Europe’s landscape ecology in the second half of the current interglacial, with consequences for carbon cycling, ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.


  58. ulvfugl says:

    The crumbling ruins are believed to have been an Iron Age fort, or possibly the home of a local chief or lord, and date back to about 2,400 years ago.

    The site was known about from a survey taken in the 1940s, but had been forgotten about until it was spotted by loggers clearing the land.

    Now researchers are unravelling its tantalising mystery, with evidence showing the structure may have a violent past and was burnt down twice and rebuilt before finally being abandoned.

  59. ulvfugl says:

    Myrtis is the reconstructed head of a girl that once lived in Classical-era ancient Athens and died during the plague in Athens in the 5th century BC

    An 18-year-old girl who lived in Greece 7,000 years ago and was unearthed by archaeologists in Theopetra cave, near the city of Trikala, has had her face reconstructed and is about to officially introduce herself to the public.

  60. ulvfugl says:

    She said:

    We know that North Korea has these nuclear weapons because they see how the United States in Libya for example guaranteed Gadaffi – ‘we’re not going to go after you, you should get rid of your nuclear weapons.’ He did, then we went and led an attack that toppled Gaddafi, launching Libya into chaos that we are still seeing the results of today. North Korea sees what we did in Iraq with Saddam Hussein, with those false reports of weapons of mass destruction. And now seeing in Iran how President Trump is decertifying a nuclear deal that prevented Iran from developing their nuclear weapons, threatening the very existence and the agreement that was made.

    At this point an incredulous Stephanopoulos stopped the Congresswoman and asked, “Was it a mistake for the United States to take out Gaddafi and Hussein?” Gabbard responded firmly with, “It was, absolutely.” Apparently this was enough to end the interview as a presumably shocked Stephanopoulos had no response at that point.

    For those unfamiliar, Gabbard is an Army reserve officer who previously served two tours in the Middle East, including in Iraq, and has been an outspoken critic of regime change and Washington’s interventionist foreign policy.

    Uchtdorf Four Star Jan 15, 2018 5:59 PM Permalink
    This should not be forgotten:

    Membership Roster



    Tulsi Gabbard

    In reply to Meanwhile, Congress is… by Four Star
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    Profile picture for user Uncoy
    Uncoy Uchtdorf Jan 15, 2018 6:31 PM Permalink
    Very interesting. CFR and Bilderberg bring in young talents for grooming. If they [ass the job interview, they are set up for further success. If not, we hear very little from those talents again (control of the media, control of the parties). The talent is not invited back.

    The Hollywood system. Except in politics.

    In reply to This should not be forgotten… by Uchtdorf
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    Profile picture for user stizazz
    stizazz Uncoy Jan 15, 2018 6:35 PM Permalink
    “Was it a mistake for the United States to take out Gaddafi and Hussein?”

    Not for Israhell, it wasn’t.

  61. ulvfugl says:

  62. ulvfugl says:

  63. ulvfugl says:

  64. ulvfugl says:

  65. ulvfugl says:

  66. ulvfugl says:

  67. ulvfugl says:

    The NATO bigwigs in Brussels must be nervous. Turkey has the second biggest army within NATO. It controls the passage to the Black Sea and with Incirlik the most important NATO airbase in the south-eastern realm. All these give Turkey leverage that it can use when Russia offers it a decent alternative to NATO membership.

    One wonders who in the White House developed this idea. It goes against everything Trump had said about U.S. engagement in the Middle East. It goes against NATO’s interests. There is no legal basis for the move. It has little chance of being sustainable.

    My guess is that National Security Advisor McMaster (pushed by his mentor General Petraeus) is the brain behind this. He has already proven to lack any strategic vision beyond moving military brigades here and there. What will he do next? Order the CIA to restart arming al-Qaeda aka the “Syrian rebels” who just sent their emissaries to Washington to beg for renewed support? Turkey needs Russia and Russia is fighting those “Syrian rebels”. Why should Turkey, which controls the border to Syria, allow new CIA weapons to pass?

    It is beyond me how the U.S. expects to sustain its positions in the north-east of Syria. It is hard to understand why it believes that such a position will give it any influence over Iran’s commitment to Syria. The move robs it of any political flexibility. It is a trap of its own design.

    In the end the U.S. military will have to retreat from the area. The Kurds will have to crawl to Damascus to beg for forgiveness. The strategic shortsightedness of both, the U.S. administration and the YPG leadership, amazes me. What to these people think when they make such decisions?

    Posted by b on January 15, 2018 at 01:42 PM | Permalink

    Regarding the intelligence of the US in making this move. It seems clear from numerous indicators in the last year or two that the “functional” intelligence of the US is about at the level of “stupid”. A lot of it comes, I think, from being a slave to Zionism. Slaves are not permitted to be very smart.

    And a lot of the US stupidity is actually the stupidity of Israel, which can send in its suicide fighter (the US) into stupid situations regardless of win or lose, but which also is stuck in its own trap in the Middle East and cannot think of a way out of its existential doom. Crimea is no longer an option to flee to, and Argentina is a long way away.

    The Saker just published a transcript of his most recent interview with Bonnie Faulkner of Guns and Butter. It’s an excellent read, on a par with some of his best essays. In it he illustrates how stupidly the US is acting in multiple theaters, and talks at some length about the neocons, illustrating how stupid they actually are in their policies and execution.

    He also breaks it down to a demarcation between planes of governance in the US system – below which human intelligence pretty much functions as it should, but above which all the power lies.

    I’ve seen links to Saker appear here lately, so in a following post I’ll see if I can offer a link. It bears completely well on b’s question of, what in the world are these people thinking? I recommend it as a great read:

    Saker’s Jan. 12th interview with Bonnie Faulkner – transcript [Link follows]


    PS…Attitudes of mind can raise or lower functional intelligence in life (street smarts, or strategic acumen, to use other terms). And while Buddhist teachings, for example, demonstrate that a loving attitude fosters strong concentration, our own studies of world events show that hubris and arrogance foster extreme inattention. Inattention is the opposite of connecting dots, the opposite of the attention to details that was said to constitute genius. The opposite of genius is something like stupid, and it’s what we see today in US policy.

    Posted by: Grieved | Jan 15, 2018 9:15:17 PM | 38

  68. ulvfugl says:

    They didn’t fire this clown which proves he is a DNC tool. How ridiculous. Shows how seriously the DNC treats the citizens, our security. It is all just one big joke for these fools. They do everything in their power to start WWIII and then tackle Trump whenever he tries basic diplomacy.

    Oguy, suicidally wielding Occam’s Razor
    January 15, 2018 at 3:51 pm
    I remember reading about this “suicide” last summer. I probably would have forgotten about it except for the improbabliity of a Haitian being named Klaus Eberwein. According to the linked photo, he is also a woman. This must be part of a media plot to derange the American public and undermine its demographic integrity– I can’t simply attribute it to editorial negligence.

  69. ulvfugl says:

    When a devastating earthquake leveled Haiti in 2010, millions of people donated to the American Red Cross. The charity raised almost half a billion dollars. It was one of its most successful fundraising efforts ever.

    The American Red Cross vowed to help Haitians rebuild, but after five years the Red Cross’ legacy in Haiti is not new roads, or schools, or hundreds of new homes. It’s difficult to know where all the money went.

  70. ulvfugl says:

  71. ulvfugl says:

  72. ulvfugl says:

    It’s deja vu, all over again.

    Just four days after residents of Hawaii lived through 38 minutes of doomsday hell, after a false public broadcast alarm announced that a ballistic missile launch was headed for the island, only to reverse and announce later it was a mistake, moments ago Japan’s National broadcaster NHK’s app issued a false J-Alert to phones over a North Korean missile launch at 6:55 p.m. Tuesday evening local time.

    The message, received by phone users with the NHK app installed on their devices, read: “NHK news alert. North Korea likely to have launched missile. The government J alert: evacuate inside the building or underground. “

    The bizarre coincidence of two false alarms announcing the start of nuclear war is certainly suspicious.

    wisehiney Jan 16, 2018 6:36 AM Permalink
    I will never sober up at this rate.

  73. ulvfugl says:

  74. ulvfugl says:

  75. ulvfugl says:

    The dark past of Rebbekah Dorothea Kasner aka “Angela Merkel”

  76. ulvfugl says:

    nottheonly1@54 – The details surrounding the total lack of response on the military side and nuances of civilian air traffic management in Hawaii at the time tell me everything I need to know about this ‘exercise’: DHS planned this in advance, and the people that needed to know this was fake already knew.

    The intent, I imagine, was to observe the little people’s response (indifference, panic, riots, etc.) specifically to a nuclear missile attack. If things would have gone south with their ‘test’ on Hawaii, you can bet the error message would have gone out sooner. I suppose the results pleased the DHS psychopaths – uncertain belief in the message, but terrified compliance with authority for the most part. No self-immolations, mass shootings or burning down cities. The people have been sufficiently conditioned for future false flags.

    Tin-foil hat types that monitor government ‘management’ of social media were remarking how Hawaii was mostly walled off right after the bogus alert – there were few internal (to Hawaii) tweets visible anywhere else outside. Everyone was wondering what the hell was going on there. It was – to us on the outside – almost like nobody in Hawaii even noticed. What are the chances of that? Much of the social media content in Hawaii was filtered/scrubbed damn near in real-time, implying that the censorship was carefully planned ahead of time and not reactive. ‘Conspiracy theory’ type commentary from Hawaii on Saturday is mostly missing from Google’s indexing. The only garbage indexed and presented are official MSM reports that also used the event as a teachable moment (for how terrified you should be of the NK madman). That and the few ‘Aliens did it’ sites to discredit any skepticism.

    There were people trying to determine if the WEA alert was selectively disseminated (or not) among the islands/population centers/tourist areas. Something like HEMA agreed to the DHS terror exercise, but didn’t want to freak out the tourists to whatever extent possible. All inbound tourists should have got the alert on their cell phones as soon as they got off the aircraft and turned them on – that’s how WEA works. That supposedly didn’t happen. Other areas insist they never got the WEA message at all. A missile alert should have gone to every cell phone customer, but it looks like HEMA might have only targeted certain places/neighborhoods – IPAWS and WEA have that capability by design. Love to hear Miyagi explain that one if true. The beauty of censorship though (to the government) is that you can make online skeptics discussions disappear and most people will never ask about it.

    Besides, think how bad that poor HEMA guy feels about accidentally pressing the button. Have some compassion here!

    Posted by: PavewayIV | Jan 15, 2018 4:22:32 PM | 96

  77. ulvfugl says:

    Every artist has their own way of generating original ideas, but what is happening inside the brain might not be so individual. In new research, scientists report signature patterns of neural activity that mark out those who are most creative.

    “We have identified a pattern of brain connectivity that varies across people, but is associated with the ability to come up with creative ideas,” said Roger Beaty, a psychologist at Harvard University. “It’s not like we can predict with perfect accuracy who’s going to be the next Einstein, but we can get a pretty good sense of how flexible a given person’s thinking is.”

  78. ulvfugl says:

    A deep neural network model developed by Alibaba has scored higher than humans in a reading comprehension test, paving the way for bots to replace people in customer service jobs

    Making news this month is a study by researchers the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Kyoto University in Japan, having built a neural network that not only reads but re-creates what is in your mind.

    Specifically, “The team has created a first-of-its-kind algorithm that can interpret and accurately reproduce images seen or imagined by a person,” wrote Alexandru Micu in ZME Science.

  79. ulvfugl says:

  80. ulvfugl says:

    Ethiopia Was A Trade Hub In The Classical Era
    In ancient times, long-distance trade was the umbilical cord linking Ethiopia and the outside world. Ethiopian merchants spread their wares far and wide, including incense, ivory, gold, and even live animals such as baboons. Its closest trading partners lay just across the Red Sea in southern Arabia, but Ethiopian traders also reached markets in far-away Egypt, India, and the Mediterranean. So numerous were the Ethiopian merchants of Alexandria, for example, that a fourth-century Roman law barred them from tarrying in the city for more than a year. These commercial contacts encouraged cultural exchange, such that Ethiopia’s art, architecture, and literature were constantly shaped by the practices of its distant neighbors.
    From a review of a book about the Garima Gospels, some of the oldest known Biblical manuscripts.

    Exploring the Ancient Gospels of Ethiopia

    It’s not every day that scholars discover new Bible manuscripts from the ancient world. It’s even rarer to discover ones endowed with luxurious painted images. Yet this is precisely what has happened over the past decade thanks to groundbreaking research into three ancient codices from Ethiopia, the earliest surviving copies of the Gospels in Ethiopic.

    The manuscripts, which were produced and are still housed at the Monastery of Abba Garima in Ethiopia’s northern highlands, were not completely unknown to experts before, having been published for the first time in the 1960s. But recent work by Judith McKenzie and Francis Watson—published in a spectacular new book—has led to a radical reassessment of their dates and significance. Through radio-carbon testing and fresh analysis of their iconography and texts, we now know that the three Abba Garima Gospels were copied not in the tenth or eleventh centuries, as once thought, but between the fifth and seventh centuries at the zenith of Ethiopia’s ancient Christian civilization. For anyone interested in the history of the Bible, late antiquity, or Ethiopia itself, this is very big news.

    Monk holding Abba Garima II-III bound together in embossed silver covers, ca. 2000

    To put the discovery in perspective, the Abba Garima manuscripts are among the very oldest illustrated Gospels in the world. When it comes to firmly dated parallels, only the Syriac Rabbula Gospels, produced near Antioch in 586, is earlier. The Abba Garima Gospels are also older than several of the greatest monuments of Western manuscript illumination, including the Codex Amiatinus, the Lindisfarne Gospels, and the Book of Kells, all of which were copied in the British Isles between the eighth and ninth centuries. Then, as today, Ethiopia lay far, far away from Syria and Ireland. Despite this, the manuscripts show striking similarities to the art of other ancient Christian cultures outside of Africa. Indeed, they are a testament to the deep connections between Ethiopia and the wider late antique world.

    To understand the history of the Abba Garima Gospels, we must first appreciate something of the civilization that produced them. In ancient times, long-distance trade was the umbilical cord linking Ethiopia and the outside world.

  81. ulvfugl says:

  82. ulvfugl says:

    Penny, on the other hand, called Damore in her Guardian piece a “sexist arsehole” who authored “an eye-poppingly sexist company-wide memo about why men are naturally better at computers than women.”

    Anyone who has met Damore or even read the utterly reasonable internal company memo he wrote would find her accusations laughable. But Penny says he is now “a martyr for an alt-right that believes that losing your job for being a sexist arsehole is an injustice equivalent to facing centuries of structural oppression.” Every claim in that sentence is false and absurd.

    And the “political correctness” Damore exposed? Penny says that is “what used to be called human decency.”

    Actually, no. Political correctness is and always has been a weapon of cultural Marxism to enforce the “correct” social and political beliefs. Under totalitarianism, the consequences of being politically incorrect were brutal if not fatal. But Penny calls it “human decency.”

    The feminist went on to link Damore to Donald Trump and “privileged” white people, of course, and to trot out the tired old, demonstrably false nonsense about liberals being compassionate while conservatives deny medical care to poor brown people.

    The entire essay is a 1200-word exercise in a jaw-dropping degree of psychological projection, blaming conservatives for exactly those faults exhibited by progressives. Below are some examples:

  83. ulvfugl says:

  84. ulvfugl says:

    In a direct reversal with the recently disclosed official White House policy, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the U.S. rejects a ‘freeze for freeze’ approach that would pause joint U.S./South Korean military drills in exchange for a pause to North Korea’s nuclear program.

    Speaking in Vancouver at a meeting with foreign ministers, Tillerson said that “we reject a ‘freeze for freeze’ approach, in which legitimate defensive military exercises are placed on the same level as the DPRK’s unlawful actions. The pressure campaign will continue until North Korea takes decisive steps to de-nuclearize.”

  85. ulvfugl says:

  86. ulvfugl says:

  87. ulvfugl says:

    Turkey is poised for an imminent massive ground invasion of Northern Syria to quash Kurdish militia groups currently holding Afrin near the Turkish border. Multiple regional outlets have reported a build-up of forces that could constitute the largest external intervening force thus far in the entirety of the Syrian war.

    According to Middle East based Al-Sura News, Turkey’s military build-up currently underway includes special forces troops, Army units, Turkish-backed Syrian Rebels and Turkey’s air force. The Kurdish YPG/J (People’s Protection Units) has held Afrin since the Syrian government withdrew from the area in 2012, which constitutes the western-most part of the self-declared Rojava autonomous Kurdish zone.

    BennyBoy sixsigma cygnu… Jan 16, 2018 2:25 PM Permalink

    I like the Kurds.

    But in this case they are the CIA’s bitch replacing the last failed CIA bitch: ISIS.

    The US is so transparent but the MSM never notices. Oh yeah, the MSM is another CIA bitch.

    In reply to “Cui Bono?”… by sixsigma cygnu…
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    Profile picture for user researchfix
    researchfix BennyBoy Jan 16, 2018 2:32 PM Permalink
    Absolutely. The Kurds should get autonomy. But first US has to leave Asia.

    Syria, Afghanistan and Korea. That´s the plan.

    In reply to … by BennyBoy
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    Profile picture for user Stuck on Zero
    Stuck on Zero BennyBoy Jan 16, 2018 2:44 PM Permalink
    We could “accidentally” drop a few thousand TOW missiles in that region of Syria.

    In reply to … by BennyBoy
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    Profile picture for user researchfix
    researchfix sixsigma cygnu… Jan 16, 2018 2:30 PM Permalink
    It will only be an Iran/Quatari pipeline. Never Saudi.

  88. ulvfugl says:

  89. ulvfugl says:

  90. ulvfugl says:

    It was not long before I saw marks. There – on the high rock to the right – was a handprint. Above was a spiral and what seemed to be a spaceman. A curious looking bird and a snake straight as a wizard’s staff.

    The marks were chock-a-block and were tumbled down the hills. There were hundreds cascading down the slopes. Not in obvious places though. Climbing was required.

    There is a body-memory delight in clambering up a rocky hill. In scaling boulders looking for petroglyphs. Time becomes fluid and then just slips out of its everyday parameters. I forgot everything else and focused on the ground and rock faces in front of me. But as I scrambled over the land I noticed other marks as well. The graffiti left by modern travelers. Some was of the ‘Trevor loves Mary’ or the ‘Jesus is my saviour’ type. But most was far more subtle. A scratched antelope, like the older running ungulate to the side, only this one just a few years old. A star-scape, fine grained as if pecked by a screwdriver. A man-ghost.

  91. ulvfugl says:


    The soil is prone to erosion during heavy pour – though it’s hard like stone when dry. Boulders within the glacial soil are like a shield to the soil below them. The surrounding material is swept away by rain but the stone-protected parts stay more or less dry and pillars start to “rise” from the ground. Once the earth pyramid is too fragile to carry the boulder even longer, the balance is lost and the stone tumbles down. Without this protection, the rest of the earth pillar vanishes quite fast with the next rainfall.

  92. ulvfugl says:

    If you were asked where the human body’s nervous system is located, you’d probably answer “the brain” or “the spinal cord.” But besides the central nervous system, which consists of those two organs, our bodies also contain the enteric nervous system, a two-layer lining with more than 100 million nerve cells that spans our guts from the esophagus to the rectum. The enteric nervous system has been called “the second brain,” and it’s in constant contact with the one in our skull. That’s why just thinking about food can lead your stomach to start secreting enzymes, or why giving a speech can lead to your feeling queasy.

    Until recently, scientists thought the two systems communicated solely via hormones produced by enteroendocrine cells scattered throughout the gut’s lining. After sensing food or bacteria, the cells release molecular messengers that prompt the nervous system to modulate behavior. But it turns out the process may be much more direct. Intriguingly, Duke University gut-brain neuroscientist Diego Bohórquez, a TED Fellow, has found that some enteroendocrine cells also make physical contact with the enteric nervous system, forming synapses with nerves. This revelation opens the door to rethinking how we might affect these signals — and might someday change how we treat conditions as varied as obesity, anorexia, irritable bowel syndrome, autism and PTSD.

  93. marty says:

    Hi ulv,

    It’s been a while. Sorry to hear you’re not seeing improvement in your health.

    Lots going on on this end. My father was tragically killed in a car accident a month or so ago. His fault. He turned into oncoming traffic on a highway and was t-boned, the young fellow was going fast. The EMT’s revived him at the scene, which is what they automatically do here. The fact that he had crushed vertebrae, massive internal organ damage and had been not breathing for over 5 minutes did not factor into their judgement on revival. Strangely, my wallet was stolen about the time I was informed of the accident. Coincidence, I don’t believe in them. Needless to say, I could not get to Florida to be with him on his deathbed. They wanted to do surgery on him and two of my brothers thought that was a good idea. Luckily my sister, who is studying to be a osteopath, was able to convince the neurosurgeon that it would not be in dad’s best interest to endure surgery for a life of misery. He died two days after the accident.

    I continue to read your blog. Not so much the news. Good writing. Thanks!

    Maybe a little cheer is in order.

  94. ulvfugl says:

    The Formalization of United States Population Policy

    The United States National Security Council is the highest decision-making body on foreign policy in the United States. On December 10, 1974, it promulgated a top secret document entitled National Security Study Memorandum or NSSM-200, also called The Kissinger Report. Its subject was “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” This document, published shortly after the first major international population conference in Bucharest, was the result of collaboration among the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Departments of State, Defense and Agriculture.

  95. ulvfugl says:

    Hi marty, nice hear from you, but sorry about the sad story….


    Two meteorites, one found outside of Morocco and the other in Texas, both in 1998, have now been analyzed and the results are enticing. An international collaboration of scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) conducted the analysis. Their findings were published in the journal Science Advances.

    These space rocks, which are thought to have circulated within our solar system’s asteroid belt for a billion years, contain organic compounds necessary for life. The meteorites carry within them hydrocarbons, amino acids, and other organic materials, as well as water. It’s a bit like a life starter kit.

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