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This is a short study of the Zoroastrian religion, part of the Wisdom of the East series. S.A. Kapadia, who along with L. Cranmer-Byng, edited or wrote many of the books in the Wisdom of the East, was a member of the Indian Zoroastrian community, and his personal insights into the religion are invaluable.

ZOROASTRIANISM is a religion much commented upon by a few enthusiastic oriental scholars, and less understood by the general public. Out of the millions of believers of this faith in the bygone ages, there now remains a handful of devout followers, known as the Parsis. I have, therefore, ventured to put before my readers a brief sketch of the teachings of this divine prophet. I hope, that the strangers to the faith may find in it food for philosophic enlightenment, and the Zoroastrians themselves a subject for deeper and wider researches in the untold wealth of sublime theology and philosophy, now looked up in the monumental tomes of the ancient Avesta writings.



Jordan B Peterson | November Transliminal Interview | The Bible, Symbol and Identity | Part I (2017)


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We’re all just maggots on a decomposing body

Some dubious ‘wisdom’ of Ian Welsh. He does come up with some remarkable foolishness sometimes, in my estimation considering that he’s reasonably intelligent and broadly educated.

Is he speaking about himself and his little bunch of followers, or is it some variation of the ‘Royal We’, claiming to speak for everyone ?

I’m emphatically excluding myself from his ‘we’. What a wretched, depraved, depressing, negative conception to wrap around one’s own existence, and then to extend outward to inflict upon everyone else.

It’s obviously not meant as LITERAL truth, because maggots are larvae, like caterpillars, a metamorphic stage in the fantastic life cycles of flies, moths, butterflies and beetles.

If they didn’t exist, what would happen to all the corpses and dead material ?

I mean, the projects of biological science has been to extricate factual observable measurable truths and make a clear distinction between that and the mishmash of superstition and fantasy. Thus, mammals, like Homo Sapiens sapiens, are to be emphatically distinguished from invertebrates which have larval stages.

So Welsh is not being scientific, he’s being quasi-poetic, suggesting that humans are somewhat LIKE, similar to, some insects in some respect.

I suppose there’s some truth in that, in so far as humans and other creatures have many characteristics some of which can be illustrated poetically, like ‘gentle as a dove’ or ‘fierce like a lion’, but that’s trite and obvious and hardly a profound insight.

Welsh is trying to assign the lowest and most obnoxious label he can find with which to characterise the human race. Maggots. ‘People are shit.’

Well, speak for yourself, Ian, and don’t include ME in your propaganda. Because some of us strive to be something more than maggots. ‘Feet in the mud, head amongst the stars’.

If it was not for that noble and honourable aspect of humans, we would not have great art, music, architecture, and organisations devoted to good causes, like assisting those who get sick, injured, or otherwise plunged into great suffering and hardship.


I think that what is most remarkable about humans, is that some of them become aware that they have choices and options. You do not HAVE TO descend toward the most depraved and sordid levels of existence. Because, in so far as you have some self control, you can raise your existence above the level of the maggot, and strive toward a higher target, a more elevated conception of what you are.

Like Vinay Gupta, Ian Welsh makes claims to wisdom and Enlightenment, but seems to me that they are both very limited individuals who leave me disappointed.

You can identify as some form of maggot, if you wish, but you can also identify as a child of God, if you wish. When buddhists and hindus place the palms of their hands together and bow their head towards another person, it’s not that human individual that they are honouring, it is the spark of divinity which exists in ALL individuals, indeed within all life forms.

In modern Western atheistic cultures, most people have no awareness of these things, it’s not what is taught to children. For most, there are no aspects of holiness or sanctity to their lives, and no respect is given to the Christian cultural heritage.

I mean, you can view yourself, your lover, spouse, children, relatives, everyone else, as maggots, if you so choose. But it’s neither elevating nor factually accurate.

People have no idea how they can have real genuine personal spiritual experiences. It is not their fault, they have all been immersed in secular materialist culture since babyhood, hammered by commercial advertising and political propaganda for as long as they can remember.

This is one reason why I have become a fan of Jordan Peterson. Seems to me that there are literal physical truths, of the kind that, ‘if you hit your finger with a hammer it will cause damage and pain’ and there are more subtle invisible truths, concerning how to maintain your inner being, the spiritual domain, and keep in good order.

Peterson, (whom I believe had the job that Timothy Leary once held) seems to be one of the very few who has understood the psychological and biblical stuff and also has an ability to articulate his insights in a comprehensible manner for a popular audience.

The only gripe I have with him, (as far as I can recall at this moment, and I have not seen all his work), is that he doesn’t appear to know much about the buddhist and hindu traditions and teachings. That said, I’ve found his lectures on Jung and biblical topics have been inspiring, insightful and awesome.




Remember Leary ?

Above we also saw Bowart cite a CIA memo regarding Leary:

A CIA memo dated November 1, 1963 and obtained by John Marks under a Freedom of Information suit in August, 1977, featured Dr. Leary, Dr. Richard Alpert and their organization which advocated the expansion of consciousness through psychedelic chemicals, the International Federation for Internal Freedom (IFIF). In alarming tones the memo ordered all CIA groups involved in mind control operations to report if any agency personnel were involved with either Leary or Alpert or IFIF. The response to this in-house memo, if there was one, was not released by the CIA.[67]

However, with the realization that those “buses running around the country painted in dayglow,” above, meaning Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, were agents, it makes the theory that it was only Leary doing this and that he’d gone rogue, ridiculous.



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  1. ulvfugl says:

    A close reading of billionaire Barry Sherman’s Wikipedia page as follows appears to lay bare what may have been the real motive behind the double homicide in Toronto.


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    Top FBI And DOJ Officials To Be Subpoenaed: McCabe, Strzok, Page In The Crosshairs


  5. ulvfugl says:

    If these claims are true, this can be considered as a huge achievement for Iran and its allies, mainly Lebanese Hezbollah. For the last four years, Iran was shipping weapons and ammunition to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah through an air route. This method allowed Israel to identify, track and target Iranian arms shipments to Hezbollah easily, as only few cargo airplanes land in Syrian airports every day.

    However, now Israel will be incapable of identifying any Iranian shipment on the new ground route, as it will be used by thousands of Iraq and Syrian companies on daily basis in the upcoming months. Experts believe that this will give Hezbollah and the SAA a huge advantage over Israel and will allow Iran to increase its supplies to its allies.”


  6. ulvfugl says:

    It is hard to imagine the impact the California wildfires have had on those in their path. All demographics are touched — from millionaire landowners to immigrant day laborers. And they are unrelenting — not even two months ago WhoWhatWhy wrote about the presumed cause of fires in October.

    This time around firefighters are facing a seemingly insurmountable battle — the “Thomas” fire in Santa Barbara, Summerland and Montecito has burned more than 395 square miles, and is currently only 35% contained. It has claimed the lives of at least two people, one a firefighter, and has destroyed more than 900 buildings. This fire has contributed to an unprecedented 13-day long string of red-flag warnings from the National Weather Service.

    No one knows for sure how the latest fires started, and the internet is buzzing with unlikely causes.


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    Comey & Mueller Ignored McCabe’s Ties to Russian Crime Figures & His Reported Tampering in Russian FBI Cases, Files


    More details about that cover up on Monday.

  8. ulvfugl says:

    Let’s Take a Stroll – Letter of Notice From Trump Transition To Congress Outlining Illegal Search and Seizure by Special Counsel Robert Mueller….
    Posted on December 17, 2017 by sundance
    It is my belief, based on mounting evidence, a specific cast of characters -within the Mueller “Russia Election Interference” probe- were placed there to protect people behind the FBI’s initial false claims. Those claims formed the basis for the counterintelligence operation against 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump.


    Well, now you don’t have to rely on reports. Here’s the actual letter

  9. ulvfugl says:

    Now the third-largest wildfire in California history, the Thomas Fire has blazed through Ventura and Santa Barbara counties since it exploded into existence two weeks ago under mysterious circumstances.

    With Cal Fire ordering thousands more people in Santa Barbara to evacuate as dry conditions and powerful winds help feed the flames, which were barely 40% contained as of Sunday. Twelve thousand people were evacuated in Santa Barbara County, with animals at the local zoo threatened as well. Santa Barbara Zoo closed Saturday and many animals were placed into cages in case of possible evacuations, zoo officials said.


    The fire is so massive that more than 8,400 firefighters are working around the clock to save lives and contain it. It’s bigger in acreage than New York City, and has turned neighborhoods to piles of soot and concrete as it churns through the area.

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    Austria’s Muslim population now exceeds 700,000 (or roughly 8% of the total population), up from an estimated 340,000 (or 4.25%) in 2001, and 150,000 (or 2%) in 1990, according to data compiled by the University of Vienna.

    The massive demographic and religious shift underway in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country, appears irreversible. In Vienna, where the Muslim population now exceeds 12.5%, Muslim students already outnumber Catholic students at middle and secondary schools. Muslim students are also on the verge of overtaking Catholics in Viennese elementary schools.

    At the same time, Austria has emerged as a major base for radical Islam. Austria’s Agency for State Protection and Counterterrorism (BVT) has warned of the “exploding radicalization of the Salafist scene in Austria.” Salafism is an anti-Western ideology that seeks to impose Islamic Sharia law.

    “The immigration seen in recent years is changing our country not in a positive but in a negative way,” said Kurz, who campaigned on a “law and order” platform: “Uncontrolled immigration destroys the order in a country.”

    Strache, a supporter of Israel who has distanced his party from the rhetoric of the Austrian far right, insists that anti-Semitism had no place in his party and has urged a common front against Islamists. He has also pledged “to ensure that boycotts [against Israeli products] get taken off the agenda.”

    During an April 2016 visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, at the invitation of at the invitation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, Strache said:

    “For us, it’s important to act against anti-Semitism, and also against Islamism and terrorism, and to discuss the issues we have in common. Anti-Semitism often emerges anew from Islamism and from the left.

    “We have a lot in common [with Israel]. I always say, if one defines the Judeo-Christian West, then Israel represents a kind of border. If Israel fails, Europe fails. And if Europe fails, Israel fails.”


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    If a terrorist wanted to find the most vulnerable point in America’s airport network they could not have hoped for a better guide than what just happened at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson.

    Just after 1 p.m. Sunday the whole airport, the world’s busiest, went dark. Thousands of flights were disrupted. For many hours nobody in authority attempted to explain—or even seemed able to explain—what had happened.

    Just imagine this is a classic plan for phase one of a terrorist attack: Render the target blind. None of the defenses are operational. Thousands of people are trapped in restricted space without directions about how they can find an exit.

    As chaos spreads nobody knows who turn to for information. The communications blackout is as complete as the power blackout.


  20. ulvfugl says:

    Scientists have long understood that the Arctic is affected by mercury pollution, but know less about how it happens. Remote, cold and seemingly pristine, why is such an idyllic landscape so contaminated with this highly toxic metal?


  21. ulvfugl says:

    David W. Anthony has just posted a new paper at his Academia.edu page titled Archaeology and Language: Why Archaeologists Care about the Indo-European Problem (see here).

    It’s not only an interesting discussion about why the search for the Indo-European homeland is still such a big deal, but also a useful, almost up to date, summary of the fascinating stuff that ancient DNA has revealed about the genetic history of Europe, with a special focus on the origin of the Corded Ware people, who are generally accepted to be the first Indo-European-speaking population of Northern Europe.

    Now, I say it’s an almost up to date summary, because Anthony seems fairly certain that the Corded Ware people were descendants of the Yamnaya people, rather than just their close relatives. He uses archaeological and ancient DNA data to argue that Yamnaya migrants moved from the North Pontic steppe to the eastern Carpathian Basin (present-day Hungary), and then onto what is now southern Poland to give rise to the proto-Corded Ware population.

    I probably would’ve said this was a highly plausible scenario before I saw the ancient DNA results from the latest preprint of Mathieson et al. 2017, an ancient genomics paper in the works focusing on Southeastern Europe (see here). But now that I’ve seen those results, I feel that Anthony’s proposal might be outdated.

    One of the samples in that preprint is from a pre-Yamnaya Eneolithic burial on the northern edge of North Pontic steppe, in what is now eastern Ukraine, labeled Ukraine_Eneolithic I6561. This individual not only strongly resembles the Corded Ware people in terms of genome-wide genetic structure, but also belongs to Y-haplogroup R1a-M417, which is a paternal marker probably no older than the Eneolithic and intimately associated with the Corded Ware expansion. Currently, as far as I can see, he’s by far the most likely candidate in the ancient DNA record to belong to a proto-Corded Ware population.


  22. ulvfugl says:

    “It was disgusting,” Fathelbab told the Caller. “I ran the youth program in the building and with that comes bending down and talking to small children. You have no idea what it was like to stand up and feel that behind you. I couldn’t scream because I didn’t want to scare the child in front of me. It left me shaking.”

    When Fathelbab went to Linda Sarsour to report the sexual assaults, she was dismissed and shamed. “She [Sarsour] called me a liar because ‘Something like this didn’t happen to women who looked like me,’” Asmi says. “How dare I interrupt her TV news interview in the other room with my ‘lies.’”


    Son of Captain Nemo Fireman Dec 18, 2017 8:26 AM
    You want “repulsive”… I’ll give you repulsive!

    Look no further then Wisconsin’s finest


  23. ulvfugl says:

    Lebanese police arrested a taxi driver in a 3am pre-dawn raid in connection with the rape and murder of British diplomat, Rebecca Dykes, who was found Saturday morning in a ditch beside a mountain highway in the outskirts of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.


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  26. ulvfugl says:

    turcopolier said…
    JT McPhee

    “Is there any kind of organizing principle that might help all us humans facilitate our survival?” IMO the answer is NO! Human events and history have no organizing principle and never did. To think that history has meaning or that there is a “right side” of history is just romantic nonsense inspired by creatures like JJ Rouseau. We are all responsible for what happens. History is just things that happened. pl



  27. ulvfugl says:

    US military personnel fired shots at a man who tried to force his way into a military base in central England used by the U.S. air force on Monday. The Mildenhall Royal Air Force base in Suffolk, eastern England said security staff locked down the base, used by the United States to refuel U.S. and NATO aircraft in Europe, at about 1300 GMT following reports of a disturbance. The man was subsequently arrested after the incident.

    The U.S. Air Force said the incident had been contained and that the suspect had been apprehended. Police said they remained on the base. The U.S. embassy declined immediate comment.

    The UK Ministry of Defence said that the incident took place at the entrance of the base after the driver tried to force the car past the gates.

    “Shots were fired by American service personnel and a man has been detained with cuts and bruises and taken into custody,” Suffolk Police said. “No other people have been injured as a result of the incident.”


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