What are we ? Where have we come from ? Where are we going ? (h/t Paul Gauguin)



When our ancestors began to control fire, most likely somewhere in Africa around 400,000 years ago, the planet was set on a new course. We have little idea and even less evidence of how early humans made fire; perhaps they carried around smouldering bundles of leaves from forest fires, or captured the sparks thrown off when chipping stone or rubbing sticks together. However it happened, the human control of fire made an indelible mark on the earth’s ecosystems, and marked the beginning of the Anthropocene – the epoch in which humans have had a significant impact on the planet.

In Against the Grain James Scott describes these early stages as a ‘“thin” Anthropocene’, but ever since, the Anthropocene has been getting thicker. New layers of human impact were added by the adoption of farming about ten thousand years ago, the invention of the steam engine around 1780, and the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945. Today the Anthropocene is so dense that we have virtually lost sight of anything that could be called ‘the natural world’.

Fire changed humans as well as the world. Eating cooked food transformed our bodies; we developed a much shorter digestive tract, meaning that more metabolic energy was available to grow our brains. At the same time, Homo sapiens became domesticated by its dependence on fire for warmth, protection and fuel. If this was the start of human progress towards ‘civilisation’, then – according to the conventional narrative – the next step was the invention of agriculture around ten thousand years ago. Farming, it is said, saved us from a dreary nomadic Stone Age hunter-gatherer existence by allowing us to settle down, build towns and develop the city-states that were the centres of early civilisations. People flocked to them for the security, leisure and economic opportunities gained from living within thick city walls. The story continues with the collapse of the city-states and barbarian insurgency, plunging civilised worlds – ancient Mesopotamia, China, Mesoamerica – into their dark ages. Thus civilisations rise and fall. Or so we are told.



During the dark ages the arts of bookmaking, illustration and manuscript illumination were preserved in remote Irish abbeys. A number of unique, exquisite books remain from this period, masterpieces of world art. This includes the ninth century Book of Kells, a manuscript of the Gospel richly illustrated with Celtic motifs and deep symbolism. This book includes an extended introduction to the Book of Kells, along with its historic and linguistic background. We have included high resolution scans of the illustrations, which include many famous pages from this amazing manuscript.



ONCE upon a time there was a tailor and his wife who owned a small croft, or farm, and were well-to-do in the world, but they had only one son, a child that was more pain than pleasure to them, for it cried incessantly, and was so cross that nothing could be done with it. One day the tailor and his helpmeet meant to go to a place some miles distant, and after giving the child its breakfast they put it to bed in the kitchen, and bid their farm-servant look to it from time to time, desiring him also to thrash out a small quantity of straw in the barn before their return. The lad was late setting to work, but recollected before going off to the barn that he must see if the child wanted for anything.

“What are you going to do now?” said the bairn sharply to Donald as he opened the kitchen door. “Thrash out a pickle of straw for your father; lie still, and do not girn, like a gude bairn.” But the bairn got out of bed, and insisted there and then on being allowed to accompany the servant. “Go east, Donald,” said the little master authoritatively, “go east, and when you come to the big brae, chap ye (Anglicé, rap) three times, and when they come, say ye are seeking Johnnie’s flail.”

The astonished Donald did as he was bid; and by rapping three times called up a fairy (“little man”), who, giving him the flail, sent him off in an unenviable state of terror.



In medicine, the concept of normality pertained to the ideal — organs and tissues functioning at their best. The mathematical idea refers to a situation in which data tend to cluster in the middle of a range. Thus, one aspires to normal blood pressure because it is a requisite of health — but to normal sexuality because of the pressures of social conformity. It was around the turn of the twentieth century, as the medical ideal met the mathematical idea, that people began to conflate the typical and the optimal. Cryle and Stephens trace how the meaning of the term ‘normal’ shifted, and how the statistical average became an aspiration.

The medical world long resisted the quantitative. Those such as Quetelet, who supported bringing numbers to the ‘art’ of medicine, were castigated throughout the early nineteenth century — implausible as that seems in today’s era of precision medicine and big-data health care. Although measurement has been conducive to better medicine, it has had troubling uses. It underlaid the pseudosciences of phrenology and craniometry, deployed to rationalize racism. Idealizing the average  — which is oppressive to those who represent diversity — is a cruelty that exploits the rhetoric of normality. But vilifying the average led to eugenics, in which Galton used mathematics to theorize that social stability involved encouraging breeding of the ‘above average’ and suppressing those ‘below’.

Cryle and Stephens describe how in 1945, newspaper The Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, sought the perfectly average woman, eventually awarding their dubious prize to one Martha Skidmore while admitting that she was not precisely average. Vanishingly few can embody that state. The normal, the authors note, is thus paradoxical; Alfred Binet, a pioneer of intelligence testing, observed that “everyone is ignorant of how much intelligence a child needs in order to be normal”. It’s that very precariousness, the authors argue, that can reinforce the power of the normal, as people constantly try to approximate it. Yet the construction is a modern invention. Norms have been set by both valid and specious science, as well as by society, and those who deviate from them are deviants.



Regional ambient temperature is associated with human personality










The skull of Australopithecus prometheus, known as “Little Foot,” is on display now

Two days ago, Little Foot, Stw 573, the near-complete Australopithecine skeleton dating back 3.67 million years was  unveiled at the Hominin Vault at the University of the Witwatersrand’s Evolutionary Studies Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. Little Foot was found a bit nontraditional in ’94 by Ron Clarke, who was sifting thru some animal bones from South Africa’s Sterkfontein Caves.




The Most Precious Bronze Age Artefacts Were Made With Cosmic Materials

Space daggers!



Cuchulain of Muirthemne : the story of the men of the Red Branch of Ulster







It is snowing here today. British people usually begin conversations by talking about the weather. It’s a useful neutral ground, not too risky, unlike politics, religion, money, etc. And it’s always available, because of the very variable climate, it’s ALWAYS too cold or too hot or too wet or too dry or too something…

The essence of good manners is to avoid causing unnecessary offence or conflict, so even if you think that the other person has a ludicrous haircut, stupid clothes, or ridiculous footwear, you do not mention personal topics of that kind, because it avoids friction.

It’s taken many centuries to refine this art, so that we can all go about our business in the public arena, without killing each other. So, mostly, when I meet strangers I either remain silent and let them break the silence if they wish to, or else I make some rather trivial remark about the weather, which serves as an introduction and invitation to engage in conversation.


If the initial exchange of speech appears to go well, one can then move on toward other safe topics. Like favourite food, transport, and gradually towards more risky topics, sport, music, and grumbling about the government and the world in general….

I’m old and battered after a long and eventful life, and I do not really care anymore about what others think about me, but I recognise that mostly they are trying hard to do whatever it is that they are into, and I have no wish or need to provoke antagonism or animosity, so I usually attempt to put folk that I engage with at ease, and extract whatever humour and amusement may be possible under the circumstances.

I mention all this because, after years of rarely leaving this mountain, over the last six months I’ve been forced to get myself transported to the hospital and various doctor’s appointments and so forth, so I’ve spent a lot of time as a passenger in cars, and I’ve felt obliged to be sociable and make the best of it.

As I mentioned, it is snowing. There is a small chance that the winter might turn very harsh, as it did in 1947, or was it ‘48 ? and also 1963. The temperature could drop below freezing and stay down all the way until April. But that’s unlikely. It’ll probably be very variable as is typical, with lots of wind and rain.

Our life experience is composed rather of illusions that we create than the true meaning of things. The well-known widespread proverb – the sky is the limit has a common meaning of something unlimited. Surprisingly, if one translates it to a different language it will mean the sky is “the limit” literally.

I hope the weather this winter is not too harsh, or I may not survive. I’m still much weaker than I was before the stroke, and my right leg hardly works. But my ability to think has improved and I hobble about doing a few things each day, in addition to filling my headspace with much internet tittle-tattle.

I guess that, given a few more years, we shall all discover who was correct. The doomsters, who are predicting a complete and catastrophic meltdown and end of humanity, the Sixth Extinction, or the optimists who think we can overcome the terrible problems.

I begin from a premise that it is good to minimise suffering, which is one reason why I have turned against the anarchists. There is already too much chaos and mayhem going on. The future may be leading to environmental collapse and escalating hardship, even another world war. My view is that it is better to hold onto whatever is beneficial and proven to work, for as long as possible. I am thus entirely opposed to the radicals who want to promote multiple genders and similar subversive stratagems.

Not that my personal stance is going to make much difference, except perhaps to you, my dear reader ! 🙂

I’ve written 283 posts, and there are roughly 250 visitors everyday, and I’m still finding it quite satisfying to be able to express my views, pleasures, frustrations, so I guess I’ll continue for a while yet, for whatever it’s worth.

Archaeologists from Copenhagen were surprised to discover that in Amman, this excellent stone construction with a gigantic furnace in the middle is actually from the Paleolithic period, almost 15,000 years ago.


He was little more than 30 years old and was almost an old man (or an old woman) for his time (he lived 1,200,000 years ago). “We found them right here,” says archaeologist Eudald Carbonell, showing the exact place where, in 2007, they discovered the jawbone and a phalanx of the oldest known European hand. We have just entered the Sima del Elefante, one of the caves in the Sierra de Burgos of Atapuerca that have witnessed our evolution. ” All the human species that lived in Europe are represented in Atapuerca, ” says Carbonell, who for 25 years has directed the sites together with Juan Luis Arsuaga and José María Bermúdez de Castro.

Nature, history and luck did the rest, allying themselves to form caves that have preserved their remains to this day. It is exciting to think that the ground we are treading several meters deep was stepped on more than one million years ago by our ancestors. If you remain silent, you listen to the melody that composes the wind when hitting the metal tubes of the scaffolds that allow scientists since 1978 to read the pages of this great history book written on its walls and floors. The murmur of a group of visitors on the surface – each year about 100,000 people enter – breaks the silence that reigns in the cave, with a fairly stable temperature that usually does not drop below 11 degrees.



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  1. ulvfugl says:

    Almost eighteen months after Obama’s Justice Department and the FBI launched the Russiagate investigation, and seven months after Special Counsel Robert Mueller took the investigation over, the sum total of what it has achieved is as follows:

    (1) an indictment of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates which concerns entirely their prior financial dealings, and which makes no reference to the Russiagate collusion allegations;

    (2) an indictment for lying to the FBI of George Papadopoulos, the junior volunteer staffer of the Trump campaign, who during the 2016 Presidential election had certain contacts with members of a Moscow based Russian NGO, which he sought to pass off – falsely and unsuccessfully – as more important than they really were, and which also does not touch on the Russiagate collusion allegations; and

    (3) an indictment for lying to the FBI of Michael Flynn arising from his perfectly legitimate and entirely legal contacts with the Russian ambassador after the 2016 Presidential election, which also does not touch on the Russiagate collusion allegations, and which looks as if it was brought about by an act of entrapment.
    Of actual evidence to substantiate the claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election Mueller has so far come up with nothing.

    Here I wish to say something briefly about the nature of “collusion”.

    There is no criminal offence of “collusion” known to US law, which has led some to make the point that Mueller is investigating a crime which does not exist.

    There is some force to this point, but it is one which must be heavily qualified:


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  3. ulvfugl says:

    You guys wouldn’t believe what it looks like here in Central Coast California. When I looked out the window at 7AM the sky to the South was the color of mud. When the sun rose high it was the color of a ripe tomato but shiny. You could look right at it; it was very small cuz you couldn’t see the rays around it. The entire sky in every direction is covered w an impenetrable brown pall. There’s about an inch of blue at the Western horizon, then the ominous brown blanket. I can’t smell the fires at all, and I think the closest is the Thomas fire that’s reached Carpinteria 70 miles away.

    It’s getting steadily darker and darker, with a yellowish tint to the light. There’s particulate stuff lying all over all my garden plants, and my little hen is hiding.
    Now I know how the dinosaurs felt. It’s only 3:30, but I’m going to need a flashlight to go outside in a few minutes.

    Posted by: Penelope | Dec 10, 2017 6:37:00 PM | 30

    Ojai, CA is a preserve for turtles & condors, and is practically surrounded by fires. They managed to truck all the rare turtles– 100s of them– to Atascadero, which is a coastal city & they’ve let them loose in the basement of City Hall. Fire’s pretty close to Atascadero too, but the air quality s/b ok in the basement.

    I guess the condor’s will just fly out of the area; at least it’s not Springtime when they’d lose nests.

    I heard the Russians might be flying special tanker planes out of Santa Maria to help combat the flames.

    Posted by: Penelope | Dec 10, 2017 7:27:01 PM | 31

    why ask for comment on a painting fake or real then delete at least 15 reply.
    folks making connections between trump russian chabad israeli projects donors who follows trump around and purchased 50 million dollar properties from him.sells a painting to trumped and kushners best friend donmeh jewish saudi prince mbs/
    why delete is this a limited hangout project

    Posted by: roy flushings | Dec 10, 2017 9:28:11 PM | 34


    if you are confused you should read up on the oded yinon project the pentagram gone work for a common goal.
    you see it all goes back a very long way.
    The Sephardic Jews were banished from Spain. They had over hundred of years reached there slowly via Babylon, Egypt, Northern Africa then up into Spain – interbreeding and very much diluting their genetic genepool all the while. On banishment these Sephardics dispersed, often back to these nations, some to France, Germany, the U.S. In so doing a bonus was their freedom from the clutches of the Talmudic priesthood who then required a new flock to do their bidding toward their Talmudic World Revolution goal. They had heard of the Khazarian converts, referred to as ‘those eastern Jews’, travelled there, and set up their tyrannical dictatorship to control these unfortunates. Today you see the results all over the world. Their need for total control led to the Jewish created and led communist bolshevik anti-Christian Russian revolution and 66 million slaughtered including their control of the gulags. Read Douglas Reed’s “THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION” a book which gives the whole history of the Judahites (they are not Israelites, the latter rejected the Levitical creed to remain separate from the rest of humanity and assimilated so they are us) and their writings in the Torah (using Jewish sourced books). Written in the 1950’s it went unpublished for 22 years. What a masterpiece of information – I highly recommend it to Jews as well as Gentiles if a copy can be acquired. I got mine 2nd hand. His evidence is compelling, well sourced material.

    Posted by: simon | Dec 10, 2017 9:37:40 PM | 36


  4. ulvfugl says:

    Almost every country in Europe has condemned the action. The Arab League has condemned the action. This will put the Arab states in the position of having to make basic decisions about their relations with Israel (Egypt and Jordan) and the US. In the case of Jordan and Egypt large amounts of free money from the US and Saudi Arabia will be at stake but … Russia, China and many European companies stand in the wings waiting to expand their influence and activity. At the same time Sultan Tayyip Erdogan has invited the OIC to convene in Turkey to consider the Islamic World’s reaction to Trump’s gift to Israel. Trump apparently decided to do this on the basis of the counsel of his Zionist son-in law acting on behalf of Likudniks who IMO want nothing more than an Israel from the sea to the Jordan River that is Arab free except for a suitable population of helots. It has been interesting this Sunday morning to watch Jake Tapper ask Nikki Haley how it is that this land deal will promote a settlement. She smiled a secretive smile redolent of private meetings and knowledge. We have spoken to both sides she said and you will see that we have restored motion to the process. Tapper pressed her on this and she could only say that Tapper will understand what a great policy change this is. He was unconvinced. IMO Trump, urged on by Kushner, believes that the Palestinians, have no recourse and that having been beaten like dogs will accept anything. pl


    Heros said…
    A great set of pictures of the protest:


    About halfway down there are a series of images of “Mounted Officers” clad in black armor on beautiful black horses, also clad in black armor. The Palestinians cower in the back ground as the mighty Israeli’s intimidate them in scenes that could come straight out of the bible. This is predictive programming at its finest.

    This will not end well for the Israelis.

    Reply 10 December 2017 at 02:26 PM
    Valissa said…
    Trump has lanced the boil, and IMO that is a good thing in the bigger picture.

    The Israeli-Palestinian situation has been stuck in very slow boiling frog mode for some time. It becomes more and more obvious to more people every year that there is no 2-state solution and there is no real desire for peace as the Israelis continue to take Palestinian land. There has been no real consequences for them doing so, as it’s been done slowly in stealth.

    Now the bandaid has been ripped off. All is more public now. How the various ME gov’ts act on this issue now will be seem by all. All sides have been using the Palestinians as a political football for their own geopolitical ends. Karma=consequences.

    As this post points out, this move is already triggering a rearrangement of the ME the chess pieces. Given how awful it’s been, is that such a bad thing?



  5. ulvfugl says:

    A pubic bone claimed to be that of St. Nicholas, whose generosity inspired tales of Santa Claus, has been dated to the fourth century by scientists at Oxford University. The researchers said they believe the bone may really come from the saint.

    However, the bone has a bizarre backstory that calls into question whether the relic is really from St. Nicholas, Live Science has found.

    The saint passed away around the year 343 in Myra, in what is now Turkey. The fourth-century date of the bone “suggests that we could possibly be looking at remains from St. Nicholas himself,” Tom Higham, an archaeology professor at Oxford University, said in a statement issued by Oxford. The claim has gone viral online, with media outlets proclaiming that a bone belonging to the real “Santa Claus” may have been found.


  6. ulvfugl says:

    In an effort to entice more recruits to join up, state officials are trying to emphasize the benefits of volunteering to fight the blazes: Volunteer firefighters can receive visits from family out in the open, instead of behind a thick pane of glass. It also allows them to escape the confines of the prison – for a brief time at least.

    But with legal marijuana rapidly draining the ranks of low level offenders, a sizable shortfall will likely to persist in the years to come.

    And after the death and devastation wrought by this year’s fires, many inmates have good reason to reconsider.

    After all, you can’t enjoy visits with family and friends when you’re dead.



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  9. ulvfugl says:

    **** Over 100 comments have been posted by viewers on this video in its first hour being up… but 100% of those comments are being hidden by YT. It’s not me hiding your comments! *****

    This week I’ve been working on following several leads in the Las Vegas Shooting Investigation. This video is a short update on the investigation. I also tell a few stories from my younger years that explain some of my own personal motives.

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  12. ulvfugl says:

    Minus temperatures could be here to stay in Wales after a weekend of weather warnings and snow.
    Temperatures could drop to as low as -12°C tonight, the Met Office have predicted, with snow from Sunday continuing to cause disruption over parts of Wales.


  13. ulvfugl says:

  14. ulvfugl says:

    An archaeologist from The Australian National University (ANU) has uncovered the world’s oldest known fish-hooks placed in a ritual burial, found on Indonesia’s Alor Island, northwest of East Timor.

    The five fish hooks were among items carefully placed under the chin, and around the jaws of a female from the Pleistocene era, dating back 12,000 years.

    Distinguished Professor Sue O’Connor from the School of Culture, History and Language in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific said the discovery turns on its head the theory that most fishing activities on these islands were carried out by men.

    “These are the oldest known fish-hooks associated with mortuary practices from anywhere in the world and perhaps indicate that fishing equipment was viewed as essential to the afterlife in this area,” Professor O’Connor said.

    “The discovery shows that in both life and death, the Pleistocene inhabitants of the Alor Island region were intrinsically connected to the sea, and the association of the fish-hooks with a burial denotes the cosmological status of fishing in this island environment.”

    Prior to the find, the earliest fish-hooks associated with a burial site date back only about 9,000 years and were found in the river environment of the Mesolithic era in Siberia, known as the Ershi cemetery.

    Professor O’Connor said in a maritime context, the earliest burials with fish-hooks are from Oman, where rotating fish-hooks made of pearl shell have been dated to about 6,000 years ago.

    Older fish hooks from Japan, Europe and East Timor date back as far as 22,000 years, but they were not related to burial rites.

    In the Alor Island find, two different types of fish-hooks were buried – a J-Shaped hook and four circular rotating hooks from the shell of a species of sea-snail.

    Figure 7. Circular rotating fish-hooks (A, B, C and E) found with the burial. (Photograph by Sofía Samper Carro.)

    Professor O’Connor said the appearance of the Alor rotating fish-hooks so early on a disconnected island suggests that several fishing communities developed the same technology separately, rather than learning from each other through contact.

    “The Alor hooks bear an uncanny resemblance to rotating hooks used in Japan, Australia, Arabia, California, Chile, Mexico and Oceania,” she said.

    “We argue that the same sort of artifact was developed independently because it was the most fitting form to suit the ecology, rather than through cultural diffusion.”


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  16. ulvfugl says:

    Dutch studio Atelier ARI’s Pluglight device is a multifunctional design lamp that combines light with electricity supply. Pluglight is made of a sparkling clear acrylic block and a diffuse tube of light that incorporates all technical components. The bottom of Pluglight is provided with a power outlet. The lamp is designed in a way that it is easy to grab to plug-in in mobile devices.


  17. ulvfugl says:

    Post survival skills, techniques, including: hunting, processing, curing, sniping, shelters, snares, etc., or anything else related to urban/rural survival.


    Real-Time Global Earthquakes

  18. ulvfugl says:

    Updat (2 pm ET): In a harrowing account of today’s Times Square terrorist attack, the New York Post interviewed several witnesses who shared their accounts of the immediate aftermath of the attack, which triggered a small stampede out of the narrow subway tunnel where Akayed Ullah detonated his homemade pipe bombs.


    Slack Jack’s picture
    Slack Jack RAT005 Dec 11, 2017 12:06 PM
    The Dead Sea scrolls Hoax.

    The Dead Sea scrolls are a mixture of old documents that were hidden in a number of caves to be miraculously found and used to support the establishment of Israel, a country for Jews only.

    The main document “finds” were in 1946 and 1947 in caves near Qumran.

    Israel was created in 1948.

    The Dead Sea scrolls are the only really old (well supposedly old) documents in the Hebrew characters, that have ever been found.

    All other documents in Hebrew characters date from later than 800 AD.

    Previous to the “finds”, many critics had pointed out the late date of all documents in Hebrew characters, and deduced that the Hebrew Old Testament must have been translated from the Greek Old Testament and not the other way round.

    Then, low and behold,… a very timely miracle occurs.

    The Dead Sea scrolls are “found” and dated to hundreds of years early than the oldest previously known documents in Hebrew characters.

    Then, it is widely claimed that documents in Hebrew characters are really old.

    The critics are not given access to the scrolls or even photographs of the text, lest they spoil the party.

    This goes on till certain critics are dead.

    Then, in 1991, only 45 years later, facsimile copies are made available to all.

    So that, in brief, is the Dead Sea scrolls Hoax.

    More, however, can be deduced….

    One can even guess where the Dead Sea documents came from.

    It turns out that some of the Dead Sea documents are nearly identical to documents from the Cairo Genizah collection of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo, Egypt. So, it is likely that many of the Dead Sea scrolls had their origin there.

    The Ben Ezra Synagogue was established around 900 AD.

    Now the Arabs have ruled Egypt since they defeated the Greek armies around 635 AD.

    Now, these Jews (and their synagogue) existed happily, undisturbed, in Cairo, in the midst of the Islamic world.

    So, maybe the original Jews were a group of Arabs.

    This would explain why Hebrew and Arabic are nearly identical languages.

    This would explain why the Hebrew and Islamic religious traditions are so similar.

    And, it would also explain why Jews turned up in Spain with the Arabs (Moors).

    Another couple of points:

    It should also be noted that a few Jewish scholars (in particular, Solomon Zeitlin) have long insisted that the Dead Sea scrolls were a Medieval production. [Zeitlin was a well-known Talmudic scholar and would not claim this unless convinced it was true.]

    It is estimated that 20 people occupied the site of Qumran (estimated by the number of inhabitants for whom there was room in the buildings). Now these 20 people were not just ordinary people, they read and wrote Greek, Aramaic, Syriac, Latin, Arabic, and Samaritan documents, like natives, and managed to write learned works on numerous religious topics, while gathering enough water, and raising enough food, for their survival, in a desert.

    Some have tried to claim that as many as 150 lived at Qumran, but most have considered that number ridiculously high.

    Anyway, I think it is clear that the Dead Sea scrolls are a bunch of old documents that have been thrown together and sold to a gullible world.


  19. ulvfugl says:

    It’s been nearly a week since the first stirrings of the wildfires ripping across Southern California sprang to life, and firefighters are still struggling to contain the blazes. The two largest and most destructive fires are growing despite firefighters’ best efforts at containment as the powerful Santa Ana winds – which are picking back up after another brief lull – fan the flames.

    As CNN pointed out, the Thomas Fire, which presently covers 230,000 acres, is now the fifth largest blaze in modern California history. The fire slipped from 15% containment to 10% early Monday as it surged into the foothills of Santa Barbara county.

    But perhaps even more staggering, the SoCal fires are presently covering an area larger than New York City and Boston combined.


  20. ulvfugl says:

    As CNBC notes, Palihapitiya went on to describe an incident in India where hoax messages about kidnappings shared on WhatsApp led to the lynching of seven innocent people. “That’s what we’re dealing with,” said Palihapitiya. “And imagine taking that to the extreme, where bad actors can now manipulate large swathes of people to do anything you want. It’s just a really, really bad state of affairs.” As noted above, Palihapitiya went on to say that he’s only posted to Facebook a handful of times in the past 7 years and said that his children “aren’t allowed to use that s**t.”

    Palihapitiya went on to criticize not only Facebook, but Silicon Valley’s entire system of venture capital funding saying that investors pump money into “s**tty, useless, idiotic companies,” rather than addressing real problems. Palihapitiya currently runs his own VC firm, Social Capital, which focuses on funding companies in sectors like healthcare and education.

    Finally, proving that he’s just the gift that keeps on giving, Palihapitiya also took a shot at individual tech investors saying they’ve achieved their power more through luck than skill. “Everybody’s bulls**tting,” he said. “If you’re in a seat, and you have good deal flow, and you have precious capital, and there’s a massive tailwind of technological change … Over time you get one of the 20 [companies that become successful] and you look like a genius. And nobody wants to admit that but that’s the f**king truth.”

    Of course, not everyone is buying Palihapitiya’s holier-than-thou speech and has called on the tech billionaire to put his money where his mouth is…


  21. ulvfugl says:

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    Putin Declares Victory in Syria
    MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin declared victory against “terrorists” in Syria on Monday during a surprise visit to a Russian military base in the county, where he also announced a partial pullout of Russian troops.
    It was Putin’s first trip to Syria, where Russia launched an air campaign in 2015 that allowed President Bashar Assad’s forces to gain the upper hand against the Islamic State group as well as Syrian rebels. It was also the first visit by a foreign head of state to war-ravaged Syria since the civil war began in 2011.

    The Russians have won a war, an achievment not accomplished by the US in decades.

    And memories of Obama, Sep 29, 2016, not so long ago.
    “Russia will continue to send troops home [from Syria] in body bags”

    Posted by: Don Bacon | Dec 11, 2017 5:06:42 PM | 69


  25. ulvfugl says:

    This “conditions based” presence sounds like a new way of saying we plan on staying in Syria indefinitely just like we plan on staying in Afghanistan and Iraq indefinitely… or at least until we get punched in the mouth. Not much of a plan as far as I’m concerned.
    Not long ago CIA Director Pompeo sent a secret letter to the IRGC’s General Soleimani reportedly to warn him not to attack US or Coalition forces in Syria or Iraq. Soleimani did not open the letter. It’s existence was reported by Press TV. Soleimani later sent his own not so secret message to the CJTF-OIR Commander.


  26. ulvfugl says:

    Big Cats Have A Common Ancestor 4.5 Million Years Ago
    Extant big cats (i.e. lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards and snow leopards) have a common ancestor just 4.5 million years ago, with some branches related more recently (comparable to the depth of hominin diversification). Domestic cats have a common ancestor with big cats about 12 million years ago (comparable to the chimpanzee-hominin divide).


  27. ulvfugl says:

    LawsofPhysics Dec 11, 2017 6:04 PM
    LOL!!! Information like this is “released for public consumption”…

    Speaking as former ARMY-AMMED who knew many “spooks”…

    It’s all about the law of averages. Right now the average america is a fat, lazy, piece of shit.

    Revolutions require motivation and sacrifice. Look the fuck around, we got a ways to go “folks”.

    In the meantime…

    “Full Faith and Credit”

    peddling-fiction’s picture
    peddling-fiction LawsofPhysics Dec 11, 2017 6:08 PM
    OT but ZH worthy:

    10 hours ago::


    Buckaroo Banzai SMG Dec 11, 2017 7:01 PM
    Mike Morell is a dopey shabbos goy who is just starting to get the idea that the Jews are going to hang him out to dry for a lot of shit– some of which he did, and some of which he didn’t do.

    I’d almost feel bad for him, except there is nothing worse than a traitor, so fuck you Mike.

    HowdyDoody’s picture
    HowdyDoody Buckaroo Banzai Dec 11, 2017 7:17 PM
    The Pentagram Pansies don’t know what they are messing with.

    They are messing with this – a couple of Su-30SMs in Syria


    Whoa Dammit’s picture
    Whoa Dammit HowdyDoody Dec 11, 2017 7:48 PM
    It sounds to me like this guy is trying to front run an indictment that may be coming his way by apologizing now.

    NoDebt’s picture
    NoDebt Whoa Dammit Dec 11, 2017 8:58 PM
    Short version of article: You mean my actions have consequences? I never thought about that.

    I mean, really, how much cool-aid do you have to drink to get that stupid? My guess is… not very much, actually. Same reason that “journalists” have reported about half a dozen completely false Trump stories in the last week or so. They simply cannot get past their own cognitive dissonance. Nor do they seem to want to.

    Only now, as he can actually hear the footsteps coming up behind him, is he just starting to wake up from his coma and look around at reality. Too little, too late.

    BTW- I fully endorse overbet’s comment. How is this not admission of treason?

    MoreFreedom’s picture
    MoreFreedom Whoa Dammit Dec 11, 2017 8:45 PM
    “… this guy is trying to front run an indictment….”

    I agree. How did Strozok’s texts get exposed? I’d bet because of the leaks from guys like Morrell, Sessions got a warrant to spy on political minded people in the CIA, FBI and Justice Dept. Now they are worred about what they’ve said, while Obama encouraged politization of agencies, starting with the IRS and Tea Party groups. Don’t forget Morell was involved in drafting the Benghazi lying talking points for Obama and Hillary. He claimed the attack was caused by a video which shows you where he stands. I’d bet he was involved in the report Obama had made regarding Russian hacking (with no evidence). Obama and Hillary politicized the CIA and who knows where else.


    For a guy in the CIA, he sure doesn’t show much intelligence in failing to think things thru, nor does his dishonesty recommend him.


  28. ulvfugl says:

  29. ulvfugl says:

    CanadaGoose’s picture
    CanadaGoose colddirt Dec 12, 2017 12:00 AM
    Can’t keep these scammers down! Frank Guistra —- Mr. Uranium One!

    freedogger’s picture
    freedogger Dec 11, 2017 11:03 PM
    This reminds me of those crackers back in the nineties hyping the shit out of that thing called the world wide web. Then came the internet! Wonder whatever happened to those fools.

    Rusty Shorts’s picture
    Rusty Shorts freedogger Dec 11, 2017 11:09 PM
    Hahaha you beat me to it, exactly. This is the dotcom bubble all over again. The next ENRON hehehehe.

    BTFD bitchezz


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