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In medieval times the range of the wolf covered a large part of Europe. Since then human settlement together with constant hunting has resulted in complete extermination of the wolf in most areas. Records of wolves can be found in many places, for example, in the British Isles. Records many centuries old are still extant. Probably one of the earliest references is contained in a manuscript at the British Museum.

A genealogy of Anglo-Saxon dynasties records the East Anglian founder of a dynasty called “Wuffa” and his tribe, who were known as “Wuffings” (Wolf people). These genealogies were written in A.D. 800 and Wuffa is thought to have ruled about 575 A.D.

In the famous ship burial at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk, a purse was discovered; the lid was decorated with gold and garnets and decorations showing wolves confronting a human figure. The 37 coins contained in the purse date the burial as being circa 620 A.D. and not later than 640 A.D. No body was discovered in the ship burial though some archaeologists feel the depiction of wolves on the purse reveals a connection with the Wuffingas.

The Wuffingas themselves were said to originate in Scandinavia, where ship burial was practiced. It is interesting to note a later descendant of the Wuffingas is thought to have become “Bretwalda” or overlord, of Britain and it is possible that the ship burial at Sutton Hoo commemorates this descendant.

It is impossible to say how widespread the distribution of wolves was in Anglo-Saxon times. Wolf bones have been reported in many excavations and Anglo Saxon charters frequently mention such items as “Wolf-pits”.

Woolpit, again in Suffolk, is said to derive its name from a corruption of the word “Wolfpit” and this village is recorded in the Doomsday book of 1087 A.D. as “Wolfpeta”.

Many Anglo-Saxon names also incorporate the word “wulf”. Wulfnoth, Wulfgar, Wulfhere, Wulfstan and Wulfhelm are but a few names of real persons. Ethelwulf was a common name and the famous Scandinavian saga “Beowulf” has the same suffix.

Another Anglo-Saxon reference to wolves concerns Constantine of Wales, who is said to have paid tribute to King Edgar in the form of 300 wolf skins annually. William of Malmesbury recorded a similar tale noting that King Edgar of England demanded 300 wolf skins a year from King Idwal of Wales (circa 985 A.D.) as tribute.

However, these numbers may be regarded as a little suspect; there would probably have not been enough wolves available to fulfil the demand and at least one researcher states the first record of the tribute demand was not written until approximately 140 years after these events.

The various Norman kings (reigning from 1066 to 1152 A.D.) employed servants as wolf hunters and many held lands granted on condition they fulfilled this duty. It is possible that both the “wolfpits” and the land grants lasted longer than the wolves in England and such grants became almost sinecures or the service was rendered by other means.

However, in 1212 a bounty of 5 shillings was paid to a person in Fremantle Hampshire, Nr. Kingsclere, for a wolf caught in that neighbourhood. In medieval times 5 shillings would represent an enormous sum to a villager and would be a welcome addition to his income – a real bounty.

Mentions of wolves continue for a number of years after 1212 but in 1281, Edward I (reigned 1272-1307) ordered the extermination of all wolves in England. He personally employed one Peter Corbet, with instructions to “take and destroy all the wolves he could find” in the counties of “Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Staffordshire” rather a large area to cover by horse transport especially in the areas near Welsh Marches (the border country between England and Wales) where wolves were more common than in the southern areas of England.

Coppicing by landholders was encouraged as it was said to deter “wolves and other malefactors”. The people living in the area of the Forest of Dean were particularly involved in this activity.

The campaign against wolves by Edward I was largely successful and references to them became fewer. At Abbey Dore, near Hay in Herefordshire, an iron wolf head is supposedly a memorial to Edward’s campaign. A report that in 1290 a wolf or wolves had destroyed some deer in a park – location unknown – seems to be the last reference.

By 1300 a certain Reverend William, reputed to be a doctor of some kind, found him self in trouble with the then English Customs Officers when he tried to import the bodies of “four putrid wolves” which he said were required for medical purposes and which could not be obtained in England.

A further odd reference appears circa 1394-1396, when the monks of Whitby paid 10 shillings and 9 pence for the “tawing of 14 wolf skins”. Possibly wolves did survive in the wilder parts of north-east Yorkshire until late in the 14th century but no other evidence is noted.



Thus there are in London, 120,000; in Manchester, 40,000; in Liverpool, 34,000; Bristol, 24,000; Glasgow, 40,000; Edinburgh, 29,000, poor Irish people. [4]These people having grown up almost. without civilisation, accustomed from youth to every sort of privation, rough, intemperate, and improvident, bring all their brutal habits with them among a class of the English population which has, in truth, little inducement to cultivate education and morality. Let us hear Thomas Carlyle upon this subject: [5]

“The wild Milesian [6] features, looking false ingenuity, restlessness, unreason, misery, and mockery, salute you on all highways and byways. The English coachman, as he whirls past, lashes the Milesian with his whip, curses him with his tongue; the Milesian is holding out his hat to beg. He is the sorest evil this country has to strive with. In his rags and laughing savagery, he is there to undertake all work that can be done by mere strength of hand and back — for wages that will purchase him potatoes. He needs only salt for condiment, he lodges to his mind in any pig-hutch or dog-hutch, roosts in outhouses, and wears a suit of tatters, the getting on and off of which is said to be a difficult operation, transacted only in festivals and the high tides of the calendar. The Saxon-man, if he cannot work on these terms, finds no work. The uncivilised Irishman, not by his strength, but by the opposite of strength, drives the Saxon native out, takes possession in his room. There abides he, in his squalor and unreason, in his falsity and drunken violence, as the ready-made nucleus of degradation and disorder. Whoever struggles, swimming with difficulty, may now find an example how the human being can exist not swimming, but sunk…. That the condition of the lower multitude of English labourers approximates more and more to that of the Irish, competing with them in all the markets: that whatsoever labour, to which mere strength with little skill will suffice, is to be done, will be done not at the English price, but at an approximation to the Irish price; at a price superior as yet to the Irish, that is, superior to scarcity of potatoes for thirty weeks yearly; superior, yet hourly, with the arrival of every new steamboat, sinking nearer to an equality with that.”



“Together [with scientists from Linköping University] we tested the scent molecule on blood-sucking flies, wolves, mice and humans, so it was a truly interdisciplinary project,” senior author Johan Lundstrom said.

When the wolves got a whiff of the scent, which had been wiped onto a piece of wood, they “licked, bit and protected it as if it were an actual prey.” Human subjects had the exact opposite reaction.

They recoiled, as if to avoid E2D, even though the scent was not perceived to be unpleasant, their hands also perspired more. Furthermore, while exposed to the smell, participants were asked to pinpoint faces that could be perceived as emotive on a computer screen, their ability to do this improved as a result.

According to scientists: “Previous studies have shown that this ability is augmented in threatening situations, suggesting that people unconsciously perceive the smell of blood as a threat.”

“E2D seems to activate our entire general defence system,”study lead author Dr Artin Arshamian said. “Our findings concur with paleontological data showing that our earliest relatives, the early primates, were almost certainly insectivores and were primarily the prey of other animals. Modern humans are without doubt predators, but we probably evolved from a prey species, and some aspects of this characteristic remain,” he added.



There are behavioural differences, on average, between the sexes – few would dispute that. Where the debate rages is over how much these differences are the result of social pressures versus being rooted in our biology (the answer often is that there is a complex interaction between the two).

For example, when differences are observed between girls and boys, such as in preferences for play, one possibility is that this is partly or wholly because of the contrasting ways that girls and boys are influenced by their peers, parents and other adults (because of the ideas they have about how the sexes ought to behave). Studying non-human primates allows us to identity sex differences in behavior that can’t be due to human culture and gender beliefs.

Learning more about the biological roots of behavioural sex differences should not be used as an excuse for harmful stereotyping or discrimination, but it can help us better understand our human nature and the part that evolved sex differences play in some of the most important issues that affect our lives, including around diversity, relationships, mental health, crime and education.

Earlier this year, as part of a special issue of the Journal of Neuroscience Research – titled “An Issue Whose Time Has Come: Sex/Gender Influences on Nervous System Function” – Elizabeth Lonsdorf at Franklin and Marshall College published a useful mini-review detailing some of the sex differences observed among monkey and ape infants and juveniles.

“Many sex differences in behavioral development exist in nonhuman primates,” she writes, “despite a comparative lack of sex-biased treatment by mothers and other social partners”. Here is a digested account of five of these behavioural sex differences:   



The start of my redpill journey

The feminine-primary social order conditions us all–Western Buddhists included



“Things that are easy to swallow are hardly ever nutritious.”

Nothing of worth ever begins as something popular. Something of outstanding worth usually has to make its way gradually, moving on timid steps, out into a hostile, indifferent world.  It doesn’t bolt into the spotlight like an extravagant starburst. It moves on hesitant steps, always extremely vigilant, because on all sides looms The Popular which can overwhelm it or lead it astray. A work of extraordinary merit usually it takes a great deal of time to gain its footing, and it requires a lot of exposure, analysis and comparison before a book or a painting or a play or a beautiful building are recognized as being “the real thing.”

That recognition can be as slow as a glacier’s progress.  When the Italian Dante finished his The Divine Comedy,” the critical opinion of the day damned it as “Gothic obscurantism.” It isn’t. It is measured, stately and beautiful. Today, it is extolled as one of the great narrative poems in Western Civilization. It took 150 years for the greatness of Shakespeare to emerge, thanks to the Romantics.  Even The Iliad, Homer’s masterpiece, required a long span of time before its imperishable beauty was praised. The Greeks of Homer’s time were so corrupt, they even denied that the Trojan War took place. Homer’s work was dismissed as mere fraudulence.

Great art is like a message in a bottle.  The heaving sea is populated with acres of bottles bobbing on the swells. A curious onlooker can idly fish out a bottle and take out the message. If the message has no interest for him, he lets it fall into the surf. If it appears to have brief interest, he may perhaps hand it to his neighbor who might gaze at it for a minute, then discard it. This is where endowments of intelligence and gifts of emotional depth and perceptiveness begin to play a part. Say we have a mind that consistently spends its time reading, observing, reflecting, and meditating. Over time, he or she is going to develop skills based on those activities. He or she will lead two lives, the personal and the intellectual. The skills from the latter depend on the growth of insight, vivid interests and focused observation.

So what happens when a richly endowed mind comes across the message? It will not read the message idly, but with genuine curiosity.  If it is a trifle, he throws it away, but if it isn’t, he will consider it, examine it,  create a scale of importance, rate it, and if he has friends of similar temperament and gifts, will pass it on to them.  In other words, the reaction of his friends will vary according to their brains and emotional depth, but it isn’t likely that they would want to discard it without a hearing.  Soon some preliminary agreement will be forged about the worth of the message.  Analytic comparisons take place. That is how fame is established and spread. Fame depends on convincing the skeptical.




Following on from Keith’s comment at the end of previous post,

Seems there’s a depopulation agenda:
– divide & rule by getting us to kill each other off
– vaccines
– push harmful diets
– bad pharma
– kill off the rest

A good example is the addition of fluoride to drinking water.

Regarding that, there’s a number of alternative options a person can choose from.

First, that the authorities were genuinely concerned about tooth decay as a public health issue, so, in good faith, they came up with that plan and implemented it.

Second, that the authorities wanted to keep the masses dumbed down and under control, so they thought up this fluoridation scheme because fluoride causes a degree of brain damage or mental impairment and helps to subdue the masses, keeping them passive and stupid.

Third, it was just a way for some big powerful corporations to get rid of a troublesome poisonous industrial waste product at minimum expense, regardless of any effects it might have on health or environment.

I’ve seen arguments in support of all of those three, and there may well be others.

I do not know what the truth really is. People have researched this stuff and come to various conclusions, and which conclusions you accept or believe will depend upon the degree of confidence and trust you have in the particular researchers.

For me personally, it remains something of an open question. I gather that it is documented that the German Nazis dosed the inmates of the concentration camps with fluoride in the water supply, because it kept those people subdued and docile.

Here, upon this mountain where I live, there is no public water supply available, so I am not partaking of whatever additives the authorities are giving to the urban masses.

On the negative side, my water, when it arrives in the house after falling as rain upon the top of the mountain, is very acidic. So much so that it dissolves the copper pipes and they become very thin, and so I have replaced a lot with some kind of plastic pipe.

In so far as I understand what’s going on, the acidity is because the rain water that falls from the sky subsequently soaks through peat and stones and soil which makes it acidic.

There is also a theoretical possibility that the rain is already acidic before it reaches the ground, as the result of industrial air pollution. I have not heard about that recently, but a few years back there was talk about putting lime into local rivers, because they were becoming too acidic for the fish to thrive.

As with so many of these issues, it is extremely difficult to know whom to trust and whom to believe.

In a very small region like Wales, it would be nice to assume that the folk who occupy positions of power and responsibility are benign, well-informed and concerned for the well-being of the general population, because that population includes their own families, relatives, friends and neighbours. But at a larger scale, why would anyone care ?

As I understand it, one of the reasons why we have religions is to instil into people, preferably at an early age, some sort of moral code that gets them to recognise the difference between right and wrong. Thus everyone in a given soceity benefits, because they can live their daily lives without having to waste time being suspicious that their fellows are trying to deceive, trick, exploit, harm or kill them.

I think that factor is essential for any harmonious and successful society. But it probably only works up to a certain scale and where the soceity is fairly homogenous.

How many people do you, can you, actually care about ?

‘We have no idea what relationships are…’

Plato said that the ideal size for a democracy is five thousand three hundred…

There are some people who claim that the planet is over-populated and numbers should be reduced, because we are consuming and polluting several times more than is sustainable.

Other people (or maybe the same people ?) are keen to allow open borders to Europe and the USA, where the average number of children per family is now quite low, and the incomers, from African and Islamic countries have much larger families, sometimes one husband with more than one wife, and the women have six or eight children each. This is a sort of sneaky ‘population warfare’. Instead of conquering with an invading army, civilians immigrate and then out-breed the indigenous folk and thus eventually replace them.

I have been progressively sucked into the daily tweet storm, the avalanche of gossip, information and comments that never stops.

The opposite perspective is to zoom out to the very long term, which helps to get some context as to where we are in this daily frenzy of contemporary events.

One of my favourite sources for the long term view is Aldo Leopold’s idea of Thinking Like A Mountain. Partly because I live on this very special and rather unusual mountain called Carningli.


According to geologists, Carningli was formed as a volcanic eruption, some 450 million years ago.

Of course, of the approximately 7.5 billion (and rising rapidly) humans alive on the planet at this moment, only a small fraction are able to conceive of this kind of time frame and global prehistory, and a few will reject the science completely and adhere to Bishop Usher’s biblical calculation, that came up with an Earth that is only six thousand years old.

Explorers and naturalists kept logs of their journeys and discoveries through nature journals.
Drawings and writings were used to describe new species of plants and animals, as well as distribution and behaviors.
Aldo Leopold was a well-known professor, forester, and naturalist who has been called the “Father of Wildlife Ecology”. It is said that he knew more about America‟s wildlife than anyone else of his time.

Aldo grew up in Iowa, but also had the opportunity to work in the southwest
during his time with the Forest Service. Though he had always been interested in the natural world, Aldo‟s respect for the interconnectedness of nature grew during his time here. He later taught the philosophy that people cannot hurt one part of the web of life ecosystem without the rest of the web being affected. This ideal is outlined in his essay “Thinking Like a Mountain”.
In 1935, Aldo and his family bought an old farm in Wisconsin, where he lived until his death in 1948. Here he produced years of nature journals that were published in his book, “The Sand County Almanac” a year after his death (1949). This was one of many books and publications by Aldo Leopold that have had a great influence on wildlife managers, naturalists, and conservationists ever since.

‘Maximilien de Robespierre (1758-1794) French lawyer, politician, and Revolutionary. Arrested 27 July 1794 and, with 21 of his closest associates, was executed by guillotine the next day.’

It’s not that the short term perspective is wrong or mistaken and the long term perspective is superior, they each have their appropriate applications. If you want to travel to some destination, like from here to London, it’s much more useful to know the distance in miles or kilometres, and the time in hours, rather than millimetres or inches, and seconds and milli-seconds.

But if you have a big picture and long term perspective, it can assist of making some sense of the crazy rush of short term news and events which is being updated every hour.

One benefit that I got from doing zen training and related practices, is that it permits a person to experience an apparent timeless zone, when you enter the various stages of what’s called samadhi or the jhanas. I think that these states are extremely beneficial for physical and mental health, as well as enriching one’s total experience of existence, in fact, one of the best things that I’ve found in my life.


We all strive for safety, prosperity, comfort, long life, and dullness. The deer strives with his supple legs, the cowman with trap and poison, the statesman with pen, the most of us with machines, votes, and dollars, but it all comes to the same thing: peace in our time. A measure of success in this is all well enough, and perhaps is a requisite to objective thinking, but too much safety seems to yield only danger in the long run. Perhaps this is behind Thoreau’s dictum: In wildness is the salvation of the world. Perhaps this is the hidden meaning in the howl of the wolf, long known among mountains, but seldom perceived among men.


Frida Kahlo – What I Saw in the Water


There’s no doubt that I am closer to the end of my life than to the beginning. My health is poor, and my right leg is terrible, getting worse not better, so I have several appointments coming up to visit the specialists at the hospital.

I’ll keep doing these essays for as long as I can, and with a bit of luck my health will improve and I’ll be around for a long time into the future.

This essay, such as it is, has been an uphill struggle. My faculties are not as good as they were before the stroke, I’m optimistic that they’ll continue to improve, and I suppose I must be grateful that I survived and have as much functioning as remains.

So, dear readers, friends, enemies, frenemies, that’s all for now, and back to posting the news snippets of interest that attract my attention…. 🙂


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  1. ulvfugl says:

    A television interview of a top Qatari official confessing the truth behind the origins of the war in Syria is going viral across Arabic social media during the same week a leaked top secret NSA document was published which confirms that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the conflict.

    And according to a well-known Syria analyst and economic adviser with close contacts in the Syrian government, the explosive interview constitutes a high level “public admission to collusion and coordination between four countries to destabilize an independent state, [including] possible support for Nusra/al-Qaeda.” Importantly, “this admission will help build case for what Damascus sees as an attack on its security & sovereignty. It will form basis for compensation claims.”


    As is now well-known, the CIA was directly involved in leading regime change efforts in Syria with allied gulf partners, as leaked and declassified US intelligence memos confirm. The US government understood in real time that Gulf and West-supplied advanced weaponry was going to al-Qaeda and ISIS, despite official claims of arming so-called “moderate” rebels. For example, a leaked 2014 intelligence memo sent to Hillary Clinton acknowledged Qatari and Saudi support for ISIS.

    The email stated in direct and unambiguous language that:

    “the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”
    Furthermore, one day before Prime Minister Thani’s interview, The Intercept released a new top-secret NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which show in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the war which has now claimed half a million lives.

    ironmace Oct 28, 2017 4:15 PM
    OK, so we know that JFK was murdered and there was a second shooter (at least)

    We know that Clinton is in bed with the Russians and the USA was one big tag sale to her (them)

    We know that the US and it’s allies have been shipping weapons to jihadists since……well, a very long time.

    We always kind of knew or suspected.

    Now we are being told.

    What do we do? Anything?

    Bitch about it on the internet?

    Wars have been started for far less. (killing our leader, coup de etat, selling our national seccurity, colluding with foreign governments against our country and allances with terrorists.)

    shovelhead Oct 28, 2017 4:10 PM
    C’mon guys …cant we let bygones be bygones?

    We’re just trying to sell some gas here to our brothers in Europe.

    You know how they hate the cold.

    shankster’s picture
    shankster Oct 28, 2017 4:10 PM
    I am so so so shocked! No really

    Boubou’s picture
    Boubou Oct 28, 2017 4:10 PM
    What a disgusting mess we are. How can you persuade people to fight, kill and die for such a cause?

    Mena Arkansas’s picture
    Mena Arkansas Oct 28, 2017 4:06 PM
    I’m sure the MSM will be shocked to find out the “conspiracy theorists’ and “tin foil hat” crowd have been proven right again.

    General Fuster Cluck’s picture
    General Fuster Cluck Mena Arkansas Oct 28, 2017 4:21 PM
    They will really be shocked after they are strapped in tight and the current is switched on.

    shovelhead’s picture
    shovelhead Mena Arkansas Oct 28, 2017 4:12 PM
    Sheesh, I hate when that happens…

    JoseyWalesTheOutlaw’s picture
    JoseyWalesTheOutlaw Oct 28, 2017 4:02 PM
    The Donald is in charge of One Fuked up country……….Wishing him all the best…

    I will assume he can’t just can’t fire half of the associates in the Dept of State,FBI,Justice,and CIA. If so then use a hire date of 2000 and anybody hired after that year should be fired today.

  2. ulvfugl says:

    “Uncle Paul”
    In the 1950s, Paul Schäfer abused children from a Baptist church in Germany. During the investigation of his case, he fled to Chile, where he founded Colonia Dignidad. He sexually abused the children who were forced to work there – some of them were actually abducted from Germany. “Uncle Paul” maintained good relations with right-wing extremist circles.
    Evil mastermind
    Opponents of the military regime were tortured and murdered at Colonia Dignidad. Electric shocks were used for child abuse. After the end of the dictatorship in 1990, Paul Schäfer went undercover, escaping justice once again. He was arrested in Buenos Aires in 2005 and was sentenced to jail for 25 cases of sexual abuse. On April 24, 2010, he died in a prison in Santiago de Chile.
    Where are our children?
    On May 5, 1988, relatives of the young people detained in the Colonia Dignidad demonstrated in front of the settlement. The founder of the sect, Paul Schäfer, claimed he wanted to build an original Christian community there. In reality, during General Pinochet’s dictatorship, the colony served as a branch of the Chilean secret service Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional (DINA).
    Shaking hands with the dictator
    The former CSU chairman Franz Josef Strauss (left) entertained good relations with Chile’s dictator Augusto Pinochet (right), pictured here during a state visit in November 1977. He was also a welcome guest at Colonia Dignidad. Until the mid-1990s, a signed portrait of the former Prime Minister of Bavaria was hanging in the central building of the settlement.
    The colony after Pinochet
    Patricio Aylwin, the President of Chile from 1990 to 1994, declared that Colonia Dignidad was “a state within the state.” As the first elected head of state after the dictatorship (pictured here with Pinochet), he led the country’s transition to democracy and tried to close down the enclave. In 1991, he withdrew the charitable status of the settlement.
    Late atonement
    Kurt Schnellenkamp, co-founder of Colonia, was imprisoned in 2013. The 88-year-old was sentenced by the Chilean state for unlawful detention of minors and sexual abuse. His son Klaus, who escaped from the settlement, reported on his childhood in the totalitarian sect in his book “Born in the Shadow of Fear,” published in 2007.
    Still on the loose
    The former vice-chief and medical doctor of Colonia Dignidad, Hartmut Hopp, fled to Germany after being sentenced in Chile in 2011. Although there is an international arrest warrant out against Hopp, Germany allows him to live undisturbed in Krefeld, as the country does not extradite its own citizens.
    A trip to the past
    Former residents of the colony still live on the 30,000-hectare area near the southern Chilean city of Parral. The dorms, where men, women and children used to sleep separately, were converted into apartments for families.
    Welcome to atrocity land
    Unbelievable, but true: Now that Colonia Dignidad’s totalitarian leadership has been dismantled, the remaining residents promote tourism at the settlement. The colony, now called Villa Baviera, offers jeep tours, organizes a yearly Oktoberfest, and is planning a museum dealing with its dark past. Many people are against the idea of making an entertainment village out of this location.

    Many still missing
    The search continues. In 2005, the Chilean state released a secret archive file found at the former Colonia Dignidad. The archive indexes approximately 39,000 individuals. Human rights groups still hope to uncover the fate of the many people who disappeared during the Pinochet dictatorship.
    [–] kestrel9 [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 2.6 hours ago
    Update info on Hartmut Hopp, former vice-chief and medical doctor of Colonia Dignidad:


  3. wolfwitch says:

    Thank you as always for all that you do! I wish you well.

  4. ulvfugl says:

  5. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks wolfwitch ! 🙂


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  10. ulvfugl says:

    Ms No Oct 28, 2017 3:29 PM
    OT but they are censoring everything lately. We have had about five really deep quakes in the western Pacific which will enlarge and spread. Last time this happened we ended up with Mexico city. I went to check in on Yellowstone because it seems to mysteriously be the only thing not rocking lately, and they are refusing to report numerous weird sharp quakes there. If you watch this for a few minutes you will see the circles high off the map, those are deep quakes. We had a big one that’s off the map now too. Then when you check with Greeley at :21 (she watches the monitors like a hawk) you see some weird sharp quakes that hit late Thursday. Then, sure enough they didn’t ever get reported. Now they are continuing. More showing up at mutliple monitors at :43. @ 5:47 up lift for last 30 days at grant, always going up which they never admit to. 5:53 none of those quakes you just saw are reported. 2:34 is creepy looking, never seen red like that. I hope that isn’t ancient helium.


  11. ulvfugl says:

    Also thought the symptoms seemed an awful lot like adverse reactions to anti-milarial drugs or Fluorosuinolone antibiotics (Cipro, Levaquin, Avalox, etc).

    Posted by: JSarda | Oct 28, 2017 2:27:57 PM | 70

    JSarda, or perhaps Lariam/Mefloquine – or even one too many vaccines given at once, inducing who knows what degree of chronic encephalopathy. I’d wager the amount given these days is absurd at this point for any US diplomats in “3rd world” countries. And then they hear this cricket song that they’re unfamiliar with and just go completely bonkers. One also should realize that a good portion of the US, and I’d expect it’s even higher in the gov. sector, is chemically lobotomized w SSRIs. And often also hopped up on amphetamines like Adderall and Ritalin to power through the SSRI numbness, and sleeping pill hangover(which they are also on). But those damn crickets!! Is there a pill for them?

    One of the loveliest things I noticed about a recent visit to the Portuguese countryside was the prolific bird and bugsong, wildflowers and beautiful vines, not to mention little critters and butterflies just everywhere. So much of the US has been Round-upped it’s not even funny.

    Posted by: sejomoje | Oct 28, 2017 3:21:56 PM | 71


  12. ulvfugl says:

    There is also an obvious connection between Harrison Ford and the known paedophile Roman Polanski. Ford played the leading role in Polanski’s Frantic (1988). This connection appears to be even closer when we learn that it was Harrison Ford that in 2003 accepted the Oscar for Polanski’s “The Pianist” (2002) at the academy awards. Polanski couldn’t attend because he would have been arrested for his conviction for raping a 13-year-old-girl.
    For me even more ugly is Ford’s connection to the Clintons (that were very good friends with Jeffrey Epstein, that was running his own child sex ring, with promises of modelling careers). In 1998 Harrison Ford and his wife were invited at the White House for a party thrown by President Clinton for the British Prime Minister Tony Blair; see the photograph.


    Ford is vice-chair of Conservation International (CI) an American NGO to “protect” nature (NGOs in our world that’s upside down aren’t the philanthropig organisations we are meant to believe). CI has links to companies with a poor environmental record like: BP, Cargill, Chevron, Monsanto and Royal Dutch Shell. Here’s Harrison Ford with Hillary Clinton when they were honoured by CI in 2013.

  13. ulvfugl says:

    It seems like every week we are adding more layers of genetic data in attempt to uncover the relentless and complex pattern on how we peopled the Earth. A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Stories in Our Genes by British geneticist Adam Rutherford is an introduction to the world of current population genetics for the layman. Think of it like a primer, a review, or summary of everything we know now. In the book, Rutherford, describes how our genomes reveal the sexual contacts of our ancestors with other hominids (Neanderthals and Denisovans in particular), and how culture, technology and disease have interacted and changed our genomes.


  14. ulvfugl says:

    The series of maps below is from a new paper by Liebert et al. at Human Genetics. Almost certainly, any population with a sizable level of the 13910*T allele has relatively recent (post-Mesolithic) ancestry from Europe. In that context, note the presence of 13910*T in South Asia and North Central Africa. Populations in these regions also show high frequencies of two Y-chromosome haplogroups that are present in samples from Mesolithic Eastern Europe: R1a and R1b-V88, respectively. It’s hard to imagine that this is a coincidence.


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  16. ulvfugl says:

    While yesterday’s pre-planned release of JFK files was significantly neutered at the request of the CIA and FBI, enraging Lou Dobbs among others, the 2800+ files which were released have been poured over extensively, revealing evidence of a second shooter, a massive CIA infiltration of the MSM, a tipoff phone call received 25 minutes before the assassination, and Soviet intelligence indicating the assassination was a coup involving LBJ among other things.

    Summary of findings so far:

    Two shooters, one escaped:


  17. ulvfugl says:

    Well, it would make a world of difference if we discovered that for thousands of years we’ve been living a myth, another twisted/misinterpreted Jewish tale that we continue to cling to and hold dear as the only irrefutable truth till this very day. It would make a world of difference if we knew that what took place at that remote period of time in the ancient Near East, particularly in ancient Egypt and the Arab Peninsula has dramatically shaped, over the centuries and through our willful ignorance, the way we live today with all this web of political, ethnic and religious conflict and intolerance. It is only by unraveling the truth and exposing the myths of that past could we untangle this web of antagonism and belligerence we currently endure. Separating the truth from the myth is what we hope to achieve.


  18. ulvfugl says:

    Why didn’t the Europeans oppose these Invaders? First off they
    were told they would be receiving women and children in much smaller number for Syria. But because of Zionist funded NGO’s they received mainly young men from all over the middle east. Second anyone who opposed immigration or said anything about Muslims etc were labeled Nazis and thrown in jail. Why? ‘Hate speech laws’. Who created these insane laws that are also in Canada? The ADL. (BTW there’s a lot of open border for the new flood of Muslims in Canada to make directly into the US). Do you know what the B’nai B’rith is? This is not about hating the Jewish people. This is about exposing who really is manipulating western society towards certain destruction. Zionism/B’nai B’rith just happen to be the secret societies in control in modern times. “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist”- Joe Biden. Are there gentile collaborators? Absolutely Anglo, Arab, Asian etc.These Zionist supremacists like the Rothschild dynasty don’t follow the Jewish faith but still claim to be Jews for political gain. They’ve set up secret societies(B’nai B’rith) just like the Freemasons. They basically beat them at their own game. Are there gentile collaborators? Absolutely Anglo, Arab, Asian etc. The average Jewish citizen is being manipulated just as everyone else is. Money/banks, Hollywood/entertainment, Media/social media. Who controls these? These are things that keep us as a whole manipulated and enslaved. We can keep calling them the globalists and never get anywhere because we don’t really know who they are. Or we can expose exactly who they are and how they manipulate us. Then we can truly begin to move forward in building a new un-manipulated society.
    Please go over the info below. If you see anything that makes sense to you look into it more. There’s a lot of good info out there.

    Zionist Plan For Using Mass Immigration of Arabs To Make A “European Mud Race” – http://balder.org/judea/Richard-Coude

    The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion – http://xroads.virginia.edu/~MA01/kidd

    Zionist EU Mass Immigration- http://www.dailystormer.com/wp-conten

    Again look into it deeper there’s much more info available.

    The truth is the Western world is controlled by Zionist supremacists like the Rothschild dynasty through media, entertainment, the banking system and puppet politicians that don’t care about anything but money power and status. “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist” – Joe Biden. Why is Israel the only democratic nation that doesn’t have to be politically correct? Why don’t they have to take in “refuges”they could take the non Muslim Africans. Why can they kick out Ethiopian Jews just because they’re black? Did you it’s illegal for a Jew and non Jew marry in Israel? Where is the leftist outrage!? wheres the media coverage? Here is a Zionist plan written in the 1920s for European genocide using Arabs. Please explain to me how this is not exactly whats going on right now. http://balder.org/judea/Richard-Coude


    Let’s call “The Globalist” what they really are the Zionist. We can never truly expose them and defeat them if we don’t even know who they really are.

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    She accused the BBC of attempting to cover-up a scandal that tied powerful Elites to child abuse and murder. Since her investigation was shut down, the truth about Jimmy Saville has come to light, and, some, but not all of, her work for Newsnight was finally aired in the BBC’s Abused: The Untold Story. Her story about the child abuse committed by Savile made headlines across the world after the BBC was accused of trying to cover-up the story by shelving it. Prior to the smear campaign against her work, she also won the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Journalism for her work on a series of Newsnight reports in 2010 about toxic dumping in West Africa.



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    He said: “They were coming out of the water and crawling up the beach. We don’t quite know what’s causing it.

    “Perhaps it’s because the sea has been quite rough recently but I’ve never seen anything like it before. They were walking on the tips of their legs.

    “A friend of mine said it happened the night before and there was about 20 last night.”


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    Yes, this is the most widespread and deadly drug crisis in the nation’s history. But there has been a long string of other such epidemics, each sharing chilling similarities with today’s unfolding tragedy.

    There was an outbreak after the Civil War when soldiers and others became addicted to a new pharmaceutical called morphine, one of the first of many man-made opioids. There was another in the early 1900s after a different drug was developed to help “cure” morphine addiction. It was called heroin.

    Cocaine was also developed by drugmakers and sold to help morphine addiction. It cleared nasal passages, too, and became the official remedy of the Hay Fever Association. In 1910, President William H. Taft told Congress that cocaine was the most serious drug problem the nation had ever faced.

    Over the next century, abuse outbreaks of cocaine, heroin, and other drugs like methamphetamine, marketed as a diet drug, would emerge and then fall back.


    More than 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    This epidemic started around 1995, kicked off by a drug called OxyContin, which like heroin and morphine before it, was meant to be a safer and more effective opioid. OxyContin and competitor drugs were designed to release the medication slowly over long periods of time, making them and supposedly safe and effective enough to use for months to treat chronic pain. But patients found themselves hooked and wanting more, and drug abusers found they could crush the tablets and snort or inject them, delivering the drug to the bloodstream much more quickly.

    Aggressive marketing and distribution pushed hundreds of millions of pills into communities. Then more and more addicts turned to cheaper alternatives, bought illegally, like heroin and fentanyl, an opioid medication developed to treat intense, end-of-life pain in cancer patients that is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine.

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