Finns, Jews, Carningli, Homage to this Mountain of Angels, Christian Redemption



This is the first volume of John Abercromby’s extensive study of Finnish magic songs and their background. First he details the history, ethnography and linguistics of the Finns, indeed, constructs a century-long history of the entire Finno-ugric group from the evolution of vocabulary. Finally in the last (long) chapter he gets to the first part of the exposition of the ‘magic songs.’ This is a summary of the various characters in the songs including a whole range of Finnish gods, goddesses, heroes, wizards, nature-spirits, and so on. He also goes into detail about Finnish Shamanistic practices, including drumming, trance ceremonies, and guide spirits. This book is a treasure trove of Finnish lore, and invites repeated browsings.


This is the second volume of Abercromby’s Magic Songs of the West Finns, which contains the core text here, a translation of Lönnrot’s Suomen Kansan muinaisia Loitsurunoja, ‘Bygone Magic Songs of the Finns.’ Lönnrot was the scholar who pieced together the Kalevala, the national epic of Finland.

Reminiscent of the Carmina Gadelica, the collection includes a wide variety of spells, formulae, prayers, and origin myths, all used on a regular basis by shamans, healers and peasants from ancient times in Finland. The songs include dozens of names of gods, goddesses, heroes, nature spirits, and weave them together using surreal and symbolic language. Although scholars could wish for better attribution of the source of each song, this collection is an incredible look into an archaic way of thought.–J.B. Hare, March 9th, 2010.


But the situation changed dramatically in 1891. The new Governor General of ‐ Moscow, the Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich* , an almighty man due to his position and dependent on no one due to his fortune, took the decision to expel all the Jewish craftsmen from Moscow, without any preliminary inquiry as to who was truly a craftsman and who pretended to be a craftsman. Whole neighbourhoods—Zariadie, Marina Roscha—were emptied of their inhabitants. It is estimated that as many as 20,000 Jews were expelled. They were allowed a maximum of six months to liquidate their property and organise their departure, and those who declared that they did not have the means to ensure their displacement were shipped in prison vans. (At the height of the expulsions and to control how they were executed, an American government commission—Colonel Weber, Dr. Kamster—went to Russia. The astonishing thing is that Sliosberg brought them to Moscow, where they investigated what was happening, how measures were applied to stem the “influx of Jews”, where they even visited the Butyrka prison incognito, where they were offered a few pairs of handcuffs, where they were given the photographs of people who had been sent in the vans… and the Russian police did not notice anything! (These were the “Krylov mores”**!) They visited again, for many more weeks, other Russian cities. The report of this commission was published in 1892 in the documents of the American Congress… to the greatest shame of Russia and to the liveliest relief of Jewish immigration to the United States.70 It is because of this harassment that Jewish financial circles, Baron de Rothschild in the lead, refused in 1892 to support Russian borrowing abroad.71 There had already been attempts in Europe in 1891 to stop the expulsion of the Jews from Moscow.

The American‐ Jewish banker Seligman, for example, went to the Vatican to ask the Pope to intercede with Alexander III and exhort him to more moderation.72 In 1891, “a part of the expelled Jews settled without permission in the suburbs of Moscow.” But in the fall of 1892, following the measures taken, an order was made to “expel from Moscow former soldiers of the retired contingent and members of their families not registered in the communities.”73 (It should be noted that in 1893 the large Russian commercial and industrial enterprises intervened to soften these measures.) Then, from 1899, there was almost no new registration of Jews in the first guild of Moscow merchants.74 In 1893 a new aggravation of the fate of the Jews arose: the Senate first noticed the existence of a bulletin issued by the Ministry of the Interior, in force since 1880 (the “Charter of Jewish Freedom”) which allowed Jews who had already established themselves outside the Pale of Settlement, illegally however, to remain where they were. This bulletin was repealed (except in Courland and Livonia where it was retained). The number of families who had settled over the last twelve years amounted to 70,000! Fortunately, thanks to Dournovo, “life saving articles were ‐ enacted which, in the end, prevented the immense catastrophe that threatened.”75 In 1893, “certain categories of Jews” were expelled in turn from Yalta, for the summer residence of the Imperial family was not far away, and they were forbidden any new settlement there: “The always increasing influx in the number of Jews in the city of Yalta, the appetite for real estate, threatens this holiday resort of becoming, purely and simply, a Jewish city.”76 (here could have been at play, after all the terrorist attacks in Russia, the security of the Imperial family in its residence in Livadia. Alexander III had every reason to believe—he was only one year away from his death—that he was cordially hated by the Jews. It is not possible to exclude as motive the idea of avenging the persecution of the Jews, as can be deduced by the choice of terrorist targets—Sipiagin, Plehve, Grand Duke Serge.) This did not prevent many Jews from remaining in the Yalta region—judging from what the inhabitants of Alushta wrote in 1909, complaining that the Jews, buyers of vineyards and orchards, “exploit ‘to foster their development’ the work of the local population,” taking advantage of the precarious situation of said population and granting loans “at exorbitant rates” which ruin the Tatars, inhabitants of the site.7


The Kishinev pogrom produced a devastating and indelible effect on the Jewish community in Russia. Jabotinsky: Kishinev traces “the boundary between two epochs, two psychologies.” The Jews of Russia have not only experienced deep sorrow, but, more profoundly so, “something which had almost made one forget the pain—and that was shame.”1 “If the carnage of Kishinev played a major role in the realisation of our situation, it was because we then realised that the Jews were cowards.”2 We have already mentioned the failure of the police and the awkwardness of the authorities—it was therefore natural that the Jews had asked themselves the question: should we continue to rely on the protection of public authorities? Why not create our own armed militias and defend ourselves weapons in hand? They were incited by a group of prominent public men and writers—Doubnov, Ahad Haam, Rovnitsky, Ben Ami, Bialik: “Brothers… cease weeping and begging for mercy. ‐ Do not expect any help from your enemies. Only rely on your own arms!”





2a :expression of high regard :respect

  • bowed in homage to the king

—often used with pay

  • Her work pays homage to women artists of the past.

b :something that shows respect or attests to the worth or influence of another


I do so love this place where I live, more than I am able to express.

Unfortunately, I’d need more lifetimes to study it at all adequately.

Fortunately, I do have some busy neighbours.

I dwell on the other side of this mountain, this is the Newport side.

Well, blow me down!  Bing Maps has recently put up some new imagery of North Pembs, showing a winter landscape with a low sun.

In the centre of this image is the Cot Llwyd “roundhouse” — with a diameter of about 10m.  It’s on the edge of the common, on the northern slope of Carningli.  Generally this is assumed to be one of the better preserved of the Bronze age dwelling sites in this area.  Grid ref:  SN056380.

I have never seen this before, on other satellite images, but suddenly we can see that there is a much bigger circular structure, with the roundhouse in the middle.  I estimate that the diameter of the big circle is about 70m.  The shape is that of a reversed capital D — very strange.  Maybe the planned circular feature was not completed, and was finished off later with a straight wall on its eastern flank?  Was it a henge?  There does not seem to be an associated ditch either outside or inside the wall or embankment.

I live on the dark green part, once owned by a Rev. Peter Richardson.

Every now and then I throw out some comment or other about one or other of the tors on Preseli, forgetting that not everybody is familiar with the local geography.  Thanks to the wonders of Apple Maps, here is an annotated satellite image showing how the tors are related.

Below is another image — a closer zoom in on the Carn Meini tors.  Enjoy!  If you click on the images, you should be able to enlarge substantially.

The erratic assemblage here includes unspotted dolerites, foliated rhyolites, ignimbrites and quartz boulders.  Some of the boulders are heavily weathered and have clearly been exposed for a very long time — others are quite fresh in appearance, having been dragged out of the ground by a JCB during a building project next to the track.

A truly holy place, I climbed it twice while on holiday in Wales, once in the daytime and once at night. The steady climb gets steep at the top, ending in a scramble to the summit. Just before the very top there’s an amazing circle of grass providing shelter from the prevailing wind… this must be where St Brynach slept. It’s a fantastic view, over there at the bottom of the mount is Newport, the river, the mudflats and the sea. Up the river there’s the Gwaun valley and right over there are the twin mounts (can’t remember what they’re called now) just near White Sands (nr. St Davids).

It’s very strange, almost eerie if it wasn’t so calming, a little like being in a beautiful cathedral. All is calm, which was the case also when I climbed it at night. The mists rose and nothing was visible, just a shining sea of moonlit cloud hanging in the valley below.

The holiest mountain I’ve climbed so far…




Most summer visitors to Pembrokeshire head for the beach, and with good reason. But take a look inland and you’ll see some easily accessible hills which are well worth a visit. One of these is Carn Ingli – its modest height of 346m belies the magnificent views you get from the summit, which take in much of the coast of north Pembrokeshire and on a clear day all of Cardigan Bay as far north as the hills of Snowdonia. Carn Ingli is easily accessed from the pretty Norman village of Newport and its wide, golden strand, Traeth Mawr. The hill is famed locally as being the home to Saint Brynach who is said to have communed with angels here – although it should be noted that the local hills are also known for their ‘magic mushrooms’. If you don’t fancy the long slog up from town you can drive onto Carn Ingli Common and park just a mile or so away from the summit, which is reached via an easy amble across open moorland. The peak itself is a jumble of frost shattered volcanic rocks and the remains of 2000-year-old Iron Age defensive ramparts and stone walls. Clamber across these to sit on the summit – you may not get into conversation with any angels but you’re pretty sure to agree the views are heavenly.

All around Carn-ingli hillfort, particularly on the lower hillslopes to the north and west, survives a rich and well-preserved landscape of old field boundaries, clearance cairns, round huts and farmsteads which represents one of the great surviving prehistoric landscapes of southern Britain, . Unploughed in recent centuries., but enclosed and improved along its northern fringes by historic fields radiating from Newport and Dinas Cross, an Aerial photography is a particularly powerful way to show the dense surviving remains of a prehistoric hillside as it was farmed and settled, probably dating to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Doctoral research by Alastair Pearson of the University of Portsmouth in the 1980s and 1990s suggested that many of these fields and worn trackways had their origins in the Bronze Age.


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    As Santa Rosa residents scramble to flee the path of no fewer than 15 major wildfires raging across eight Northern California counties, police in the Sonoma county seat have instituted a sunrise-to-sunset curfew as they crack down on unscrupulous looters who’ve been raiding abandoned homes.

    State officials said that 11 people have been confirmed dead. And in a sign that the toll could rise substantially, emergency responders in Sonoma County say they’ve fielded 100 calls from residents reporting missing family members. Meanwhile, more than 100 people were being treated at Napa- and Sonoma-area hospitals for fire-related injuries or health issues, including burns, smoke inhalation and shortness of breath.

    Amy Hollyfield, a reporter with a local ABC News affiliate, said she’s spoken with several area residents who say their homes were broken into and robbed after nearby flames forced them to evacuate.

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    Britain’s broadcasting regulator OFCOM on Monday concluded that al-Jazeera did not violate any rules in its controversial undercover investigation exposing the Israeli embassy’s campaign to target British citizens critical of Israel, a campaign that included attempts to destroy the careers of pro-Palestinian British politicians. The move by OFCOM clears the way for a follow-up documentary focused on Israeli influence in Pindostan, the existence of which has previously been suspected but had not been made public. Clayton Swisher, director of investigative journalism for the al-Jazeera Media Network, confirmed it on Monday to The Intercept. The goal of the British complaint may partly have been to delay publication of the follow-up pindo version, he said.

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    Ness of Brodgar patterned stone in colour
    This is how the patterned stone which was found in the Ness of Brodgar excavation in 2015 may have looked in colour.


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    I think they are BOTH right 🙂

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    After the encounter, Gutierrez went to the New York Police Department, which counseled her to wear a wire and meet with Weinstein the next day at his hotel. The New Yorker published the recorded audio of their exchange.

    “Oh, please, I’m sorry, just come on in,” Weinstein tells Gutierrez. “I’m used to that. Come on. Please.”

    “You’re used to that?” she replies.

    “Yes,” Weinstein says. He later adds, “I won’t do it again.”

    Pop3y3too’s picture
    Pop3y3too Oct 10, 2017 7:33 PM
    I’m sorry. Really, I’m so sorry. I didn’t MEAN to do it!!

    Said every child ever caught doing something their parents told them not to.

    So….now criminal adults, having obviously never learned (or having never been taught) there are consequences for bad behaviour expect their equally disgusting butt buddies to give the nod of “no intent”?

    Maybe it’s not so much that they didn’t learn about consequences. They were likely taught that goyim were beneath them and to “Do as thou wilt” when it comes to the peasants.

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    raptor1100 BigDawgz Oct 10, 2017 7:32 PM
    Just part of the Democrats “Leave No Pervert Behind” program.

    Peak Finance’s picture
    Peak Finance Oct 10, 2017 7:23 PM
    Wait, WHAT????

    Criminal charges against an elite Hollywood jew? Arguably one of the “most” elite?

    I must still be asleep

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    BigDawgz Peak Finance Oct 10, 2017 7:29 PM
    Don’t get too excited…I’m sure the charges will be deemed to be “unfounded”, just like they are for every other elite. Considering his connection to the Clinton’s, the prosecutor will probably be found to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head 3 times.

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    Yes, the Israelis have a lot of “kit.”
    Yes, they have hundreds of thousands of reservists of varying ages, levels of physical condition and residual abilities of varying levels derived from their long ago service..
    Yes, they have DJT, their “prize bull” At least they do not think of him as a red heifer. If they go to war they will certainly claim they were attacked and that offensives in every direction are necessary for the survival of the Jewish “people.”

    You know, Jewish people like Avigdor Liberman whose native language is Russian. Will Trump yield to the blandishments of his pretty daughter?
    In such a war will Israel (and the US?) wage a strategic bombing campaign against civilians in all the surrounding countries? They probably will do that as Israel did in Lebanon in 2006.

    But, pilgrims, a basic question remains as to whether or not the Israelis will have the grit to take the casualties that such a war will cost them. pl

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    Bizarrely, Dudich also claims to have joined the Antifa movement as an undercover agent for the FBI…a request which he originally said came from his godfather, James Comey, even though he subsequently retracted that statement.

    Nicholas Dudich also told the undercover journalist bizarre stories about his personal connection to the FBI and his previous excitement as part of Anti-Fa.

    “Yeah, I used to be an Anti-Fa punk once upon a time.” he told the undercover journalist. “So, I had fun. They’d start s**t, I’m like, I get to hit you. I’m so excited.”

    He also claims that James Comey, former Director of the FBI, asked him to join Anti-Fa: “I joined that stuff for them [the FBI]. I was an asset… So it was intelligence gathering, seeing if they were [sic], what their agenda was, whether they’re a threat or not.”

    “How’d you meet Comey?” asked the Project Veritas journalist. “He’s my godfather,” Dudich explained. “My dad and mom knew him and his wife for a really long time.”

    “Well the Comey hearing, I should have recused myself, but I’m not ever telling anybody there [at the Times] that I have a tie with that or else I don’t know if they can keep me on.”

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    Very rarely, an app comes along that changes your life. I want to tell you about such an app, and how it changed mine. I had nothing to do with its making; I have never installed or opened it on my phone; and yet, I expect that this will be the most personal of the almost 400 pieces I have written for TechCrunch over the years.

    It is estimated that between one-third and one-half of adults in the United States and United Kingdom suffer from a chronic pain condition, a third of whom — i.e. tens of millions — are moderately or severely disabled by it. Those stunning numbers help to explain why, according to the CDC, “sales of prescription opioids in the U.S. nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2014” — but to no avail — “there has not been an overall change in the amount of pain Americans report.”

    My wife was, until recently, among that number. She suffered from chronic migraine, a.k.a. 15 or more migraine days every single month, a condition which affects roughly 1% of the population. In her case it came on several years ago, gradually but unstoppably. And while modern medications can work wonders on migraines, this is only true up to a point; after circa 10 medication days per month, migraine meds begin to trigger increasingly vicious migraines themselves, a bitterly ironic phenomenon known as “medication overuse headache.”

    Those who do not suffer from migraines may not appreciate the extent to which they are far worse than just crippling headaches. A migraine is, rather, as a friend and Harvard professor of epidemiology once put it, “like a slow-motion seizure.” They can and do cause nausea, aphasia, wrenching serotonin crashes, brain fog, holes in one’s field of vision. They can and do reduce you to a shadow of yourself.

    When you suffer from 18-20 migraine days per month, even though they are of varying severity, and even though you can medicate on half of those days, you essentially become disabled. Keeping up with her job as an attorney consumed effectively all of my wife’s available spoons. Her life shrank to her work, our home, and very occasional outings; and those outings were inevitably tense and fraught with anxiety for both of us, because when you live with chronic migraine, you never know exactly what might trigger one, but you do know that migraine triggers are absolutely fucking everywhere.

    She gave up alcohol. She gave up sugar. She gave up caffeine. She gave up running. She gave up travel, one of her great loves, except when absolutely necessary, because air travel was a reliable migraine trigger, and long car rides weren’t great either. She gave up staying up late. She gave up naps. We became frequent fliers at urgent care clinics and ERs. We consulted with some of the world’s finest migraine specialists. They were wonderful, but they didn’t cure her.

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    Much of what you thought you knew about the events leading up to the arrest of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former, and now indicted, IT staffer Imran Awan just got upended by a new revelation from the Daily Caller which reported that his wife, Hina Alvi, filed a lawsuit against her husband in Pakistan accusing him of fraud. If true, of course, this would raise questions of whether Alvi might seek, or already has, an immunity deal with the FBI in return for additional evidence and/or testimony related to her husband’s misdeeds.

    As you may recall, Alvi reportedly fled the U.S. to Pakistan back in March and was temporarily detained by U.S. Customs officials when they discovered $12,000 in unreported cash in her luggage. While moving that amount of cash is technically a felony, Alvi to was ultimately allowed to leave the country, presumably to never return.

    That said, Alvi stirred rumors that she may have ‘flipped’ last month when she struck a deal with the FBI to return to the U.S. to appear at an arraignment…rumors that have seemingly now been confirmed by the Daily Caller.

    So, what say you? Just another meaningless twist in a truly bizarre case or is Imran about to learn the meaning to the saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?”

    samsara Oct 10, 2017 10:18 PM
    Now I gotta be honest, I did Not see That coming

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    The 2017 hurricane season has wrought more damage on the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast of the United States than any season in the last decade. Tropical Storm Harvey smashed into the Gulf, temporarily swallowing Houston and other low lying areas. Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma caused millions of dollars in damage to Florida, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean islands, leaving millions without power and water.

    Along with the gusts of wind, property damage, and loss of life, this hurricane season also sparked a wide range of conspiracy theories regarding the possibility that the U.S. government or some other government could be manipulating the weather to strengthen hurricanes.

    Most reports on Project Cirrus claim the 1947 hurricane was the only attempt, but a look at records maintained by General Electric indicate there were several more tests on hurricanes. The records list Albuquerque, New Mexico; Mt. Washington, New Hampshire; Burbank, California; and several locations in New York as test sites for cloud seeding with silver iodide. Another section lists cloud seeding attempts in Honduras by Langmuir. The report stated:

    “In 1948 and 1949, Langmuir visited Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica to study tropical cloud formations, and particularly to learn what was being done by Joe Silverthorne, a commercial cloud seeder, in seeding clouds for the United Fruit Company. The work was being conducted for the purpose of testing out the possibility of controlling rainfall, and particularly in the hope of stopping blow-downs that result from winds associated with thunderstorms, which occasionally destroy large stands of fruit trees.”

    The GE report is well worth your time and attention. It details the contracts between the U.S. military and GE, as well as other historical details regarding GE’s attempts to modify weather.

  16. ulvfugl says:

    Is this a connection between Clinton Global Initiative, BITCOIN and Hollywood…AND HAWAII???????

    In 2000, DEN suffered an absolute disaster amid claims by employees and several Hollywood child actors such as Michael Egan III that Pierce and his partners, Chad Shackley and Marc Collins-Rector ran a child abuse ring with a number of other Hollywood directors and A-list actors, many of whom were financially tied to DEN. Egan alleged that between the ages of 15 to 17, he would be given alcohol, cocaine and other drugs and was raped repeatedly along with other young boys who were present. The abuse allegedly occurred at the house shared by Collins-Rector, Shackley and Pierce as well as on trips to Hawaii.

    Disobedient Media: “Tech figure in dot com child sex scandal was a clinton global initiative member”

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    Wisconsin_Is_Corrupt 1 points (+1|-0) 41 minutes ago
    This is just the beginning, and this is nothing compared to the real story this all leads to which is much worse than sexual abuse and trafficking. It all leads to Global Enslavement and the Mark of the Beast. This is merely one of several mechanisms used.

    The Emanuels and Podestas (with close ties to Racine) know how it all works, from DC to Chicago (Racine) to Hollywood. They are middle men to the real elite. Ashton (Chris) Kutcher knows how it all works. So does Tom Delonge. So does Kristin Bauer van Straten. They are all part of the system.

    There will be many distractions and false hopes in the process. Do not trust that anything will change or that the real elite involved will be held accountable as it currently stands. People need to realize there will never be justice in our broken and corrupt system, and the only way to Save the world is by enlightening them with the Ultimate Truth and the shocking revelation about the “Root”of all evil in Racine, Wisconsin.

    People must realize how this will affect them directly and personally. Racine is the model and weak link to expose the real agenda and unravel the system from within.

    [–] millennial_vulcan [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 33 minutes ago
    Ashton Kutcher certainly knows a few Hollywood secrets. And how careless of him to have TWO actress girlfriends that he dated die young in suspicious circumstances:

  20. ulvfugl says:

    Seems like Israhell is going all-in: Israel’s Role in the Cataclysm to Come

    Finally, the skeleton is out of the Arab Spring closet via an article in Foreign Policy written by Jonathan Spyer. Israel has been at war for total dominance in the Middle East and, according to the senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center (Rubin Center) and Jerusalem Post columnist, Tel Aviv is about to engage in Syria to confront Iran. [..]
    The Israeli expert goes on to assert that “Syria hardly exists today”, and proclaims Iran and Russia the “masters” of the war-torn country. The Foreign Policy article lays out in no uncertain terms the essential mindset and strategy Israel has deployed against neighboring enemies and allies alike – even though the author did not intend to do so. By showing what Israel fears most, and in listing in convincing form the geopolitical and military counterweights of Tel Aviv, Spyer betrays the actual intentions of Israel. Read how Israel has worked with rebels inside Syria:

    “Israel has developed pragmatic working relations with the local rebel groups who at the moment still control the greater part of the border, such as the Fursan al-Joulan group. This cooperation focuses on treating wounded fighters and civilians, and providing humanitarian aid and financial assistance. There has also probably been assistance in the field of intelligence, though no evidence has yet emerged of direct provision of weapons or direct engagement of Israeli forces on the rebels’ behalf.”

    Finally, scanning reports and propaganda from the Rubin Center’s website one finds the Israeli group not just focused regionally. First, we find this Spyer fellow with eyes on Ukraine and the Jewish community there in a piece for Jerusalem Post portraying pro-Russian factions as Nazis. Next, I find it interesting that the Caucasus and Georgia are covered in depth. [..]

    Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 10, 2017 7:15:39 PM | 58

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    A description of the Western Islands of Scotland. : Containing a full account of their situation, extent, soils, product, harbours, bays, tides, anchoring places, and fisheries. The ancient and modern government, religion and customs of the inhabitants, particularly of their druids, heathen temples, monasteries, churches, chappels, antiquities, monuments, forts, caves, and other curiosities of art and nature. Of their admirable and expeditious way of curing most diseases by simples of their own product.

    A particular account of the second sight, or faculty of forseeing things to come, by way of vision, so common among them. A brief hint of methods to improve trade in that country, both by sea and land. With a new map of the whole, describing the harbours, anchoring places, and dangerous rocks, for the benefit of sailers. To which is added a brief description of the Isles of Orkney, and Schetland.

    Publication date 1703

  25. ulvfugl says:

    QEpp Oct 11, 2017 12:32 AM
    Tired of all the antisemitism on here. Not all problems are due to the Jewish people. Stop projecting.

    redmudhooch’s picture
    redmudhooch QEpp Oct 11, 2017 12:42 AM
    Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

    Meet the Jews that own Hollywood and the media.

    These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

    redmudhooch’s picture
    redmudhooch QEpp Oct 11, 2017 12:41 AM
    Don’t believe me? Ask a former Zionist himself.

    Benjamin H. Freedman speech (UNEDITED VERSION!) 1961

    Zionism: The Hidden Tyranny by Benjamin Freedman (pdf)

    Facts are Facts The Truth About the Khazars (the so-called Jews)

    A Jewish Defector Warns America

    redmudhooch’s picture
    redmudhooch QEpp Oct 11, 2017 12:40 AM
    Biggest racists in America/World are the Jewish Supremacists.

    Jews Owned the African Slave Trade

    redmudhooch’s picture
    redmudhooch QEpp Oct 11, 2017 12:39 AM
    I know we have a short memory here in America, but for all of you who have already forgot, here it is.

    This is a Jewish CIA agent telling you who is the fucking problem. Go ahead, call me anti-semetic, but what will you call her?

    Valerie Plame bashed for tweet linking ‘America’s Jews’ to wars, then apologizes

    Jewish Former CIA Agent Says: America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

    Sorry, but you can’t bullshit or buy your way out of this one Jewish Supremacists.

    07564111’s picture
    07564111 QEpp Oct 11, 2017 12:36 AM

    lol hasbara are working overtime today.

  26. ulvfugl says:

    WTF Headline Of The Day: Austria’s Burka Ban Leads To Arrest Of Man Dressed As Shark

    …Life is not easy.”

  27. ulvfugl says:

    It is only the latest piece of evidence in a whole procession. On Monday we also found out that Boris Johnson – supposedly Brexit’s loudest cheerleader in the Cabinet – has bottled it. Last month the Foreign Secretary stated in print his demand that the UK must leave the wretched European Court of Justice (ECJ) on Day One of our exit from the EU in March 2019. But then folded like a cheap suit by backing to the hilt Theresa May’s House of Commons Brexit statement – a speech which was itself further confirmation of the great betrayal.

    This came to light in her answer to the rapier-like question from Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, in which she said that the UK will still be bound by ECJ rulings during the Brexit transition period, Jacob looked somewhat deflated by this answer. She also would not deny that any new EU laws would be applicable to us, simply trying to ignore the question by saying it was ‘highly unlikely’ this this would occur.

  28. ulvfugl says:

    Thank you Richard and others trying to shed light on what really happened in LV. Obviously we see a cover up, fake news, and information manipulation wrt the MSM narrative as it happens with almost all big events like this.

    In this thread here we shills like VArnold and other agents showing their true colors, distracting, disparaging, ridiculing, obfuscating, pushing the old theme:

    “Do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain!”

    This is eerily reminiscent of the 9-11 false flag:

    Was a FEMA/DHS ‘Capstone Exercise’ underway the night of the #LasVegasShooting?

    [..] Shockingly the doctor’s admission dovetails with an actual Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Integrated Capstone Exercise (ICE) for Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents’ that took place between the dates of October 1-3 as seen below. (Click to enlarge) [..]
    Could the following video contain footage of an actual drill being conducted in Las Vegas the night of the shooting?

    Two US Army Mortuary Affairs units, semi-trucks, were spotted at the venue along with for fully dressed US Army personnel carrying heavy machine guns. The following video shows the two Mortuary Affairs units along with an additional box truck.
    Interesting The Tampering of Crime Scene Evidence to Preserve the Lone-Nut-Gunman Narrative

    Please pardon my clandestine efforts to put this information into your hands. Following the shooting incident, I was brought in to a Las Vegas hospital. As a result of my experience, I wanted to report something very unusual.
    I have performed many ER surgeries in which the forensic evidence was collected by local law enforcement. In many cases, I would remove bullet fragments and the police would catalogue the fragment and I would sign an affidavit attesting to the fact that this was indeed the fragment I removed from my patient. The resulting evidence tag or bag may include identification information such as time, date and exact location of recovery, method of extraction and who recovered the item and how. The reports can and usually are very lengthy.

    In aftermatch of the Las Vegas shootings, I had removed several fragments from an undisclosed number of victims and not once was my signature requested on any evidence document or inventory. In fact, the “evidence” was collected by men who did not make their law enforcement affiliation known. This is the first time in my career where I have seen such a procedure or lack of one. If the collected evidence were to be gathered and used in a trial, my authentication would be crucial to the prosecutor. In fact, when the evidence was collected at the hospital, it did not appear that there was any intention to catalogue the collected evidence. I have testified in court and I know from my experience, that if I had not attested to the nature of the evidence and “handling” of the evidence, the defense attorney would have destroyed the authenticity of the same. Therefore, after three such instances, I have concluded that there is no intent to ever match the evidence to an alleged shooter’s gun because to do so now would likely result in a judge preventing the evidence from being entered in the first place.
    Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 10, 2017 6:16:38 PM | 150

    from AP:

    But the sheriff has said that Las Vegas police officers searching the hotel for the gunman during the attack did not learn the guard had been shot until they got off the elevator on the 32nd floor and met him in the hallway.
    oh deary me … and as far as I can tell, those were generic “police officers” not “the SWAT team” which explains why they loitered in the hallway outside the very quiet room for a very long time (rather than stick some sort of fiberoptic camera under the door or through a wall …

    As posted earlier, the Casinos and Las Vegas in general had been warned for several years (Dave Sirota/IBT) that it was a prime target for a mass-casualty terrorist attack … (even ISIS/Al-Qa’eda mentioned the location as prime) … There will be lawsuits.

    ap: Could Vegas police have taken down the gunman sooner? .

    McMahill defended the hotel and said the encounter that night between Paddock and the security guard and maintenance man disrupted the gunman’s plans. Paddock fired more than 1,000 shots and had more than 1,000 rounds left in his room, the undersheriff said.
    “I can tell you I’m confident that he was not able to fully execute his heinous plan and it certainly had everything to do with being disrupted,” McMahill said. He added: “I don’t think the hotel dropped the ball.”

    yes, major local politics/economic big-wig blame shifting …
    Posted by: Susan Sunflower | Oct 10, 2017 6:35:15 PM | 151

    On Youtube a guy named “Anaconda Malt Liquor 6″ does pretty good analysis of recent abundant false flag. On September 16 he asked if they would be another one in Las Vegas soon?

    21-year-old Brianna Hendrickes and her mother Shawn—who nearly immediately after the attack on Las Vegas, told KSNV (an NBC News affiliate station in Las Vegas) about an Hispanic woman who, 45 minutes before bullets rained down upon them, warned the concert crowd that they would all die if they didn’t leave — disappeared.

    It may well be that the crisis actors were mixed with real victims shot from up close by many teams (special ops, PMCs, Mossad, …)?

    Las Vegas Shooting synchronized first ten minutes

    Audio Analysis of Las Vegas Shooter – Doesn’t add up.

    running b4 shots r fired, ja triggers actors in crowd w/ words…”.Las Vegas false flag debunked?

    There is something weird about that singer Jason Aldean – he has a Black sun tattoo on his shoulder, also with two cards from the “Illuminati tarot”. Tom Petty died recently, then the LV shooting. Then Aldean goes to SNL and performs “I won’t back down” which Petty sang after 9-11… Coincidences?

    Was the LV shooting meant to be another 9-11?
    Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 10, 2017 6:54:16 PM | 152

    This is weird too NBC Hyper Edits Video From Vegas/a>

    Las Vegas is an interesting place:


    CRI, the Israeli-led Counter Terrorism Training School, is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    CRI is owned and operated by Doron Benbenisty, a former member of the Israeli Special Forces. “They have been providing expert services for over 17 years in the United States and have trained thousands of U.S. personnel and first responders in counter-terrorism techniques. Their offerings extend to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel.”

    In 2014, Dr. Avi Rivkind, of the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, delivered a warning to a Las Vegas TV channel Channel 8 : Las Vegas should get ready for a terror attack.

    Rivkind noted that some of the 9/11 hijackers met in Las Vegas before carrying out their 2001 attack.

    After massacre, Jewish Las Vegas mayor says, ‘Israel lives with this every day’ | The Times of Israel

    Report: Las Vegas a Hub for Child Sex Trafficking | Fox News

    Posted by: PeacefulProsperity | Oct 10, 2017 7:06:40 PM | 153

    It would probably be useful to compile a list of what is strange about the entire event. Here’s a start:

    1. Eric Paddock express dismay, incredulity but calls it “fact” that his brother was the shooter.
    Brother also attempts to be emotional, but that wears off after only a few minutes.

    IMO he also over-emphasized certain aspects as a diversionary tactic:
    >> When discussing the wire transfer he says that $100,000 wasn’t a lot of money to his brother – yet it’s probably unusual for him to have wired that kind of money to someone.

    >> He talked about his brother sending a wheel chair to his elderly mother to prove his point about Stephen “taking care of those he loved” while not addressing the real issue: why did he shoot into a crowd of people?

    2. Security Guard Campos survives hail of over 200 bullets shot through the door, suffering only one shot in the upper thigh.

    The injured – and unarmed – Guard then waits on the floor for 18 minutes. During that time he almost certainly heard the barrage of gun fire coming from the room.

    The Guard could not have know (unless he was in on it) if the shooter would burst out of the room and proceed down the hall. If the shooter had done so, the already injured and unarmed Guard would’ve been easy prey.

    3. When police arrive on the 32nd floor, Security Guard Campos – already bleeding from his leg wound for 18 minutes – doesn’t leave the floor to get medical attention or report to Hotel Security but assists the officers in evacuating the hall.

    Was his eagerness to help an attempt to skirt suspicion?

    4. Sheriff Lombardo said that Security Guard Campos informed Hotel security “immediately” that he had been shot. Yet Hotel Security didn’t inform the police and didn’t send armed guards up to 32.

    How many times did Security Guard Campos call to Hotel Security pleading with them to send armed guards to relieve him? We won’t know for sure until they RELEASE THE TAPES.

    5. We are told that the note contained distance, height, and wind speed. Did it contain MORE than that?

    It is strange that the body in room 32135 (supposedly Stephen Paddock – we can’t even take that for granted now) is positioned right in front of the note. As if having written something such just before killing himself.

    If he had only written shooting related info on the note, he would likely had done so seated (there’s a chair RIGHT THERE!) and BEFORE he starting shooting.

    It is interesting that the Sheriff, even days later, says that he is unfamiliar with the contents of the note. Is that because he simply doesn’t want to discuss it?

    6. Aspects of the case that the media ignores
    >> Why did the media not ask Eric about Stephen’s ex-wives. Media usually loves that kind of dirt, and it seems relevant given that the ex-wives are not talking. Is that because they fear retaliation? Was Stephen a vengeful guy? Why was Stephen estranged from other family members?

    >> What about Stephen’s two planes? Where are they? How often were they used? Media can’t get the plane ID numbers?

    >> Why bring 23 guns into a hotel room. It doesn’t seem possible for one guy to use them all, even accounting for expected jamming.

    Did he file down the ID numbers on the weapons? If he was planning to escape (as the police speculate) he would’ve needed to do this.

    >> Where did Stephen go to shoot? Anyone at a shooting range remember him?

    >> Has any media sought to question the MGM CEO that dumped his exposure to the stock only days before the shooting?

    Everyone can recognize each of these as strange. They don’t rely on elaborate ‘conspiracy theories’ like crisis actors. And these are only SOME of the strangeness about this event.
    Posted by: Jackrabbit | Oct 10, 2017 8:42:57 PM | 154

    @153 pp… quote from 2nd last link – “Going forward Goodman said the city might look to Israel for guidance.

    “Israel has lived with this every single day since 1948,” said Goodman.” goodman is the mayor of las vegas… what the fuck? that is some whacked out shit you found their..

    Posted by: james | Oct 10, 2017 10:16:16 PM | 155

    ANOTHER MYSTERY – Break-in at Las Vegas shooter’s home in Reno confounds police
    Published: 11 Oct 2017
    FBI agents returned to search a house in Reno owned by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock after local police told them that someone had broken into the home over the weekend.
    Posted by: Richard | Oct 11, 2017 2:54:59 AM | 156

  29. ulvfugl says:

  30. ulvfugl says:

    This is the 5th installment of Demons exist; the documentary that explores the terrifying reality of evil spiritual entities that have been plaguing this world since ancient times.

  31. ulvfugl says:

    Sorry to Bernie Sanders supporters.

    Q: Do you expect me to believe Sanders any different from Hillary or Obomo?
    A: No, lesser evil? The lesser evils still evil!

    Sanders supporters, get a life Trump won regardless… The same to DNC, get a life Trump won in spite no burger evidences, Putin or Russia changed the outcome 2016 election.

    What more proofs do you need Sanders a prostitute, no different from Hillary, Obomo or any democrats, (below)?

    He supported the White Helmets.

    He Support and voted with the other 99 senators “All 100 members of the U.S. Senate sent a letter to the United Nations on April 27 that spread misleading pro-Israel myths. Included as signatories were the Senate’s two progressive leaders, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. ”

    He rejected BDS “he supported Israel’s right to exist, rejected the anti-Israel BDS campaign, and blasted the anti-Israel bias at the United Nations ”

    He supported “NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999….The attack on Kosovo is hardly the extent of Sanders’ hawkishness. While it’s true he voted against the Iraq war, he voted in favor of authorizing funds for that war and the one in Afghanistan. More recently, he voted in favor of a $1 billion aid package for the coup government in Ukraine and supported Israel’s assault on Gaza. At a town hall meeting he admitted that Israel may have “overreacted,” but he blamed Hamas for the entire conflict. When an audience member asked why he refused to condemn Israel’s actions, he told critics: “Excuse me! Shut up! You don’t have the microphone.”

    Posted by: OJS | Oct 10, 2017 11:55:12 PM | 36

    In August 2016 I was unexpectedly bombarded by hundreds of political adds for the campaign to reelect Rob Portman for the senate seat for Ohio. The ads would appear wherever Google has advertising space, on YouTube, and on alternative media sites, usually with multiple copies on the same page. The barrage continued for over a month. I am a Finnish citizen and have not even been to Ohio for decades, so I could not understand why the U.S. elections were interfering in me. It took me several weeks to understand what had happened.

    In April 2016, John Jones, a British lawyer who represented Julian Assange died after being struck by train in West Hampstead. Wikileaks tweeted about the death on August 16th.

    I commented on the incident in a photo post on Facebook on August 20. The photo I used was a screencap of a 1965 Hollywood movie, the type that were posted outside movie theaters before the digital age. To find the right photo I used Google image search, searching by the names of the leading actors, Rod Taylor and Jill St. John. At first I had accidentally misspelled Rod Taylor’s name as Rob Taylor.

    As we are on the topic of the new Cold War, I will reproduce my full post here:

    The 1965 film, The Liqudator, staring Rod Taylor and Jill St. John, presents the standard operating procedure used by the British secret services for assassinating Commies, Russian trolls and other enemy agents of influence: push them under the train at the Tube station.

    After Julian Assange implied that DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was shot dead in Washington, DC, was the source for #DNCLeaks, a new conspiracy theory has emerged: Was Assange’s lawyer John Jones also murdered?

    The sources:

    Assange lawyer dies – The Register, 19 Apr 2016
    a statement from his legal firm did not provide any details on the nature or location of his death.

    Britain’s top human rights lawyer who represented Julian Assange and worked alongside George Clooney’s wife Amal dies in apparent suicide – The Sun, 21 April 2016
    A spokesman for British Transport Police said it was called to West Hampstead rail station in north London at 7.07am on Monday after a man was struck by a train.

    A spokesman added: “He was pronounced dead at the scene. The man’s death is not being treated as suspicious. A file will be prepared for the coroner.”

    WikiLeaks @wikileaks Aug 16
    Lest we forget: beloved WikiLeaks lawyer killed by train. Left behind wife and two young children. Rest in Power JJ

    Arkancide: lawyer of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead – Dr. Eowyn, August 18, 2016
    John Jones worked at renowned civil rights legal firm Doughty Street in central London, alongside Hollywood actor George Clooney’s wife Amal. He specialized in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism, taking cases from the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Cambodia. At the time of his Arkancide, Jones was trying to save the lives of Colonel Gaddafi’s son Saif and Libyan spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi. Both had been ordered before a firing squad in Tripoli, but Jones was trying to divert their case to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Holland, which does not have the death penalty.

    Posted by: Petri Krohn | Oct 11, 2017 4:21:34 AM | 37

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    The Emerald Triangle is the Napa Valley of cannabis. Blanketing more than 10,000 square miles in Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino Counties, the region produces about 60 percent of the nation’s pot, most of which heads out of state on the black market.

    And just as winegrowing and tourism dominate Napa County’s economy, so does cannabis dominate here, helping to fill the void created by the collapse of the once-robust fishing and timber industries. In Humboldt County, the region’s heart, researchers estimate that cannabis provides a third of private-industry revenue; in the triangle at large, the California Growers Association, a cannabis trade group, says every dollar spent on the cannabis industry leads to at least two dollars spent elsewhere.

    But change is coming, thanks to voters’ passage last year of Prop 64. Starting in 2018, Californians will be able to legally grow and possess recreational cannabis. That’s in addition to medical weed, which the state legalized in 1996.

    From an environmental standpoint, ending prohibition should be a boon. Illegal cultivation creates a raft of environmental problems — erosion, clear-cutting, garbage dumping, poisoned watersheds, and water diversions from creeks that support imperiled salmon and steelhead trout. The state will also begin collecting fees and taxes from growers who go legit; about $1 billion is expected next year, of which 20 percent will go toward watershed protection and remediation of state lands that were damaged by growers.

    But for the O’Neills and other small-scale growers in the Emerald Triangle, legalization looks a lot less appealing. Many are either unable or unwilling to pay state or county fees, and even for those who can, legalization will increase competition from large-scale, cut-rate growers.

    Fred Krissman, a Humboldt State University anthropologist conducting field studies of cannabis growers in the region, predicts “massive increases in unemployment, poverty, child hunger — a disaster.” The transformation might also offer a cautionary tale to other states embarking down the path of legalization.

  39. ulvfugl says:

    As the land in the Arctic warms and once permanently frozen ground unfreezes, greenhouse gases are released. The dead plants and animals in Arctic permafrost hold about half the world’s carbon stored in soil. As this organic matter thaws it decays, releasing carbon dioxide and methane, another powerful greenhouse gas, and insulating the planet still further. Unfrozen tundra is also tinder for fires. Shorter snowy periods mean fire seasons will lengthen. In Alaska and parts of America’s West, the average length of the fire season has already jumped from 50 days in the 1970s to 125 now.

    Changes in the environment are affecting the numbers and types of creatures that can live there, too. Arctic waters are increasingly full of life. The edge of the ice shelf is a feast for many species due to ice algae and phytoplankton that appear there at the end of winter. But decreasing ice may lead to mismatches between the timing of reproductive cycles in creatures such as shrimp and the availability of plankton. As water warms, larvae hatch earlier. Any impact on the populations of tiny crustaceans will affect other creatures higher up the food chain—cod, seals and polar bears—which need fat sources in their diet.

    At the same time, new mouths are coming to feed. Zooplankton from southerly waters have moved north at a rate of 200km a decade as the ocean has warmed. Bigger fish have followed their dinner northward. This sounds like welcome news for hardy fishermen. But it is unclear whether the Arctic can sustain the new arrivals. They will compete with, and perhaps eat, specialised species dependent on the ice shelf’s edge for food.

    Some experts also argue that fresh water from melting ice in the Barents Sea will curb the growth of the nutrients its inhabitants need. “It is all extremely uncertain, and depends on ocean-circulation patterns,” says Michaela Aschan, a fisheries professor from the University of Tromso.

    Amid all this bad news about the state of the Arctic, the business opportunities associated with warming were supposed to cheer at least a few. The Arctic is an ocean covered in ice, ringed by land (whereas the Antarctic is a lump of land covered in ice, ringed by ocean). The eight Arctic countries have interests in shipping, fishing and drilling in the region. But finding profits amid the thaw is tough. Prospects look bleaker in many industries than they did five years ago as the risks are better understood.

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  41. ulvfugl says:

    In one of the most shocking developments to emerge in the week-and-a-half since Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 others during the worst mass shooting in US history, NBC is reporting that a maintenance worker said Wednesday he told hotel dispatchers to call police and report a gunman had opened fire with a rifle inside Mandalay Bay before Paddock began firing on the Harvest country music festival below.

    Worker Stephen Schuck told NBC News that he was checking out a report of a jammed fire door on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay when he heard Paddock shoot security guard Jesus Campos in the leg. After the shooting, Campos peeked out from an alcove and told Schuck to take cover.

    “As soon as I started to go to a door to my left the rounds started coming down the hallway,” Schuck said. “I could feel them pass right behind my head. “It was kind of relentless so I called over the radio what was going on,” he said.

    “As soon as the shooting stopped we made our way down the hallway and took cover again and then the shooting started again.”

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  43. ulvfugl says:

    Yesterday we covered the latest James O’Keefe undercover video bombshell which featured the New York Times’ Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich, admitting to exploiting his position at the Times to promote content that intentionally sought to, among other things, damage President Trump’s businesses as a means towards forcing his resignation (see: O’Keefe Strikes Again, Catches NYT Editors On Hidden Camera: “Targeting Trump’s Businesses, His Dumb F**k Of A Son”).

    Today, Project Veritas is back with part 2 of their New York Times series which features Dudich bragging about his extensive contacts at YouTube that allow him to, among other things, bypass search algos and get his content promoted to the front page and/or buried, depending upon his personal preferences.

    “As an editor, I’m a gatekeeper so I can choose what goes out and what doesn’t go out. And let’s say we wrote something about Facebook negatively… We actually just did a video about Facebook negatively, and I chose to put it in a spot that I knew wouldn’t do well.”

    “Let’s say something ends up on the YouTube front page, New York Times freaks out about it, but they don’t know it’s just because my friends curate the front page. So, it’s like, a little bit of mystery you need in any type of job to make it look like what you do is harder than what it is.”

  44. ulvfugl says:

    The day the news of the country’s most deadly shooting attack, former president Barack Obama immediately came out with bravado to reclaim his role Commander-in-Chief. Despite using the tragedy to speak of gun control on day one, he has strangely gone silence since as the investigation progressed. This coincided with a massive void in information available to the public, which was suspicious given this was the deadliest shooting in modern history. More has been released on past attacks far sooner than what’s been made available on this one and now we know the disturbing reason why.

    The country is reeling from the attack which has only been made more disconcerting in the aftermath with the massive lack of information about how and why this happened. This is never the protocol as the public needs answers to what happened as their security is at stake. If the obvious secrecy seemed strange, there was a reason for that with what’s now finally coming out at the same time that former President Barack Obama has suddenly gone missing.

    The plot has just thickened. If you suspected a government involvement in the scrupulous planning that no average joe is really capable of doing on his own, you were probably right.

    The mysterious Stephen Paddock is an average, faceless guy who blends into society despite being rather wealthy. Paddock had several investment properties and apparently at least one private plane which ended up in unusual use after he reportedly sold it to an intelligence contractor who was part of Obama’s administration. While that raises some eyebrows, what else was discovered about this alarming sale pretty much blows the investigation wide open as to why the FBI is protecting and even changing so many facts about this crucial incident that killed 59 Americans and wounded over 500 more.

    “A few internet sleuths have taken matters into their own hands after the obvious disinformation campaign by the mainstream media surrounding the Las Vegas shooting,” the Daily Sheeple reported. Before you board the skepticism train the proof is in the information provided on via the FAA. Of course, this isn’t something that CNN will be quick to expose, as it reveals the attack is worse than we thought and may not end with these 59 victims.
    Mike Toke is limited to a certain character count in the written portion fo the tweet so his message only says so much. However, he lets the evidence he lays out say far more than what the site limits him to writing. It’s now becoming more clear than ever that the government is hiding the facts from us to protect themselves.
    Mike Tokes – BREAKING: Users on /pol/ have discovered flight records and a plane that belonged to the Las Vegas Shooter. It is connected to an intelligence contractor who’s owner previously worked for the Obama administration.
    The Daily Sheeple explains what the evidence in this tweet means and is not looking good for Obama’s administration. Not surprisingly, the former president is nowhere to be seen since initially trying to come out as a hero, pushing for gun control, of course.

    “Looking closely, the first thing you will notice is that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, had a pilot license and owned two planes. This is well-established fact. The tail number of one of those planes is N5343M, a Cirrus SR-20. You can see that this was owned by Paddock by going to the website But Paddock doesn’t own this plane anymore. It was grounded three years ago, and it’s now in the hands of none other than Volant LLC, which there is little information on.”

    “However, Volant Associates is none other than a Department of Defense contractor. Meaning Paddock’s plane has been in the hands of the United States government for the past three years and grounded since – if Volant LLC is being used as a way to hide information. Considering what Volant Associates does, that wouldn’t be so far fetched. But the plane’s information is all easily verified here on It’s been in Roanoke, Virginia since April 25, 2014.”

    “Volant’s describes it’s mission on their website as providing ‘the industry’s preeminent professionals to discriminating U.S. government and intelligence-and-defense-industry customers.‘“

    “The registration of this plane is also listed as “active” even though it hasn’t been flown in three years. Strange enough yet? Well, it gets even better. The FAA should have this same information. But they don’t. Their website shows that a different aircraft, a Cessna 152, maintains that tail number and it was last registered to a person in San Diego, California. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is a government agency, and it appears that it has scrubbed this plane’s information. Now, why would they do that? Well, the plot still thickens.”

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