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Dear readership, friends, enemies, frenemies, etc. You know who you are.

I am freshly returned to my dwelling upon this mountain, after a stay in hospital caused by a stroke.

People stroke cats, dogs, soft fabrics, pillows, etc. That used to be my primary meaning for that word. It’s now been replaced by the medical term, which is ascribed to a catastrophic brain injury, when the blood supply t0 some part of the brain is restricted by a haemorrhage or blood clot.

The results vary according to which portions of the brain are effected and for how long. I may or may not describe the actual experiences, in due course. At this stage I am still discovering the results of the events as I learn to cope. I gather that I am still in the early stages of recovery, so it is uncertain what lies ahead.

What I can say, at this point, is that it continues to be a very interesting experience to observe. I have been brought home by the good people who run the medical services, and am assessing my new circumstances here. I actually had a very interesting and enjoyable time in the hospital. There was such an abundance of beautiful and entertaining women surrounding me that I never even managed to learn all their names. I have no complaints at all. 🙂

There are two outstanding physical effects. My right leg, waist to toes, does not work properly, and right half of the vision from my right eye is impaired.

My guess is that the right leg thing will improve as the muscles find new ways to coordinate themselves.

If I cover my left eye, I can then see the vision from the right half of right eye. It seems to be being automatically excluded from the full field of view, because it is marred by some junk artefacts, whirling squiggles and other jumpy things.

I am expecting that both those signs of damage – right leg and right half of right eye – will become less noticeable as my system adjusts and recovers. On the bright side, in addition to being still alive, my left leg and left eye are good and functional.

More bothering is my apparent deficit in mental functioning. Short term memory seems to have gone. Many of my old mappings and conceptual structures have vanished. For example, my house is full of cables, sockets, plugs, for all the electrical equipment. I’ve lost all that info, have to trace and rediscover anew what does what, as if for the first time.

It’s an obvious statement to say that one does not know what one does not know – Rumsfeld’s famous ‘unknown unknowns’ category – so it’s possible that I am unaware of some of the damage, but the picture will become clarified as time goes by.

In other words, I’ve had a bad crash, sustained serious damage, but I’m still functioning and enjoying myself immensely. Partly (credit where credit is due) because of all the excellent crazy women I met. It was wonderful ! No sooner had one shift ended, than a new batch came on duty, and lots of them were stars who provided great entertainment.

Perhaps the outstanding event was to have my beard plaited into three braids which was excellent fun and very therapeutic. 🙂

So that’s the first edition of this episode. I’ll be adding more later.


[Added Peter Gabriel tracks. Chosen because line ‘excellent birds‘ arrived in my head as awoke]

Now, on with the work of re-assembling my  fractured being….

Close shaves with ones’ death have the virtue of reminding a person about what matters most and what is of less concern. It’s very nice to be home, once again upon my sofa-at-the-centre-of-the-Universe… 🙂

The batteries of the wireless keyboard for iMac are flat, and I think Apple should have provided an alternative cable connection. I have plenty of old dead batteries, but none with enough juice left to give a solid connection sufficient to enter my password, so iMac is made useless by one simple failure. That’s a problem I’ve added to my ‘To do’ list, as I try to address the catastrophe that has occurred.

I have a page of paper in front of me. Reliable old fashioned biro, to list the various difficulties that arise so that I may resolve them in an orderly fashion, the aim being to survive and retain, or regain, mastery of my circumstances.

As I may have mentioned before, I like to keep my vital systems three deep. As the ideal to aim for, that is. This is because I hate the frustration and powerlessness that follows a system failure. We now rely upon technology so much, to function effectively. It’s much nicer, when a system fails, to be able to switch quickly and smoothly to a backup, than to be stranded and frustrated. Two alternative paths is better than one. Three is very rarely required. There’s probably a formula to calculate this stuff. I bet that the Black Swan guy, Nassim Taleb knows what it is. Very likely he’s the bugger who formulated it. 🙂

Sorry to swear, but this is not a ‘politically correct’ blog. I’ve been cursing (and smoking tobacco) most of my life. I noticed that nobody I met on my recent ‘holiday’ swore or smoked. Here at my mountain lair I please myself and am too old to change my ways now without getting more bad tempered than usual.

It’s far from being a precise and accurate analogy, to compare the human physiology to a mechanical computer system, in some ways I think it is very misleading, but if we accept the failings, it’s still quite a useful approximation to convey the general idea.

My physiological body encountered a system failure (the denial of vital services to crucial brain functions) so, as with a computer storage disk some data has been lost. Some may be retrievable as access links get rerouted. That remains to be seen. As things are, it seems that much data has just vanished. I query my brain to search for some answer but it cannot provide the anticipated results, so it goes down alternative paths looking into empty cupboards.

This is not unpleasant or painful, just not what I’ve been used to. Bit like a rich man who had a big house full of servants. I used to yell and ‘people’ would come running to provide whatever info I required. Now, the rooms and corridors are vacant.

I find I have forgotten very familiar abilities, like the procedure for adding images here. I’m confident I will rapidly relearn but it will take me a little while.

Thanks to Tom, Keith, Jackie, Michelle, for encouraging support. Much appreciated.


Day 2 of being at home, back from hospital.

Now I have managed to re-learn how to place images into this blog. As of yesterday, I’d lost that knowledge or ability, due to the stroke. I’ve had to re-learn how to do it all anew. Not that it’s a tremendously difficult procedure. It’s more an indication of what has happened to me.

As I understand it, a blood clot somewhere blocked off blood supply to some brain areas. So, without vital supplies of oxygen and nutrients, brain cells die, leading to noticeable results, disability, or in extreme cases, death.

I’m not clear as to whether new cells grow to replace the damaged ones, or whether new neural pathways have to be forged through existing cell networks. I can’t be bothered to research that at this moment.

Experientially, it appears that lots of thinking just hits blank areas. For example, I look at what I know must be familiar objects, because I’ve been living here for getting on thirty years. But, because brain info files have been deleted, I look at things and have no idea what they are or why they are here.

This is not unpleasant or frightening, so long as I can stay calm and accepting. Artists like this sort of thing. To see what exists with fresh new eyes, as if for the first time, is a very useful mode for painters. Mystics also relish and talk about this kind of experience, as do people having psychotic episodes.

Thing is, I am not a child playing in a meadow, nor a mental patient, I have to be self-reliant and take care of business.

As things are, I’m still dressed in the pyjamas they gave me at the hospital. I have made several attempts to change into new clothes, but so far, each time I end up back here at my computer keyboard, the centre of my Universe, having failed to achieve my goal.

I’m having to re-learn this basic stuff. It’s no longer automatically available.


Day three after leaving hospital and coming home.

After numerous attempts, when I have set out with the intention of getting out of hospital pyjamas and into some different clothes, I appear to have succeeded at last, and accomplished my goal.

On the many previous efforts I ended up back here (The Centre of the Universe) on my sofa, facing my laptop, able to remember that I had stood up earlier with a clear intention in mind to find some clothes. On each occasion I lost the plot somewhere en route and then found myself back on the sofa in front of this computer in the same effing pj’s that I’d had on when I set out, and unable to explain to myself why this kept happening.

I finally mustered some resolve, and despite several setbacks getting lost, I’ve accomplished that modest goal.

It is strange to become lost within one’s own home where one has dwelt for nigh three decades, but this is what the latest manifestation of my existence is like at the moment.

I mean, this is a very modest small Welsh cottage, you’d think it would  be hard or impossible to get lost inside it, but what seems to have occurred is that I’ve lost, or lost connections to, parts of my brain that did the mapping of this supposedly familiar space, so venturing out away from this sofa might as well be going…. anywhere ?

The stuff I encounter is eerily familiar but also bizarrely strange as if I am a different person partially occupied by someone who has never been here before.


SITuationREPort, as of Friday, July 21st.

Here I am, alone in my cottage in the mountains, and, as the weather forecast predicted, it is raining heavily.

I may as well write this for public consumption, but my main purpose is private, I’m writing to try and explain to myself what has occurred and what is happening. It’s my job to ‘keep the show on the road’ here, and to do that I need a clear understanding, in so far as possible, of all the factors and influences that are swirling around.

Physical condition.

My right leg, from foot to above the waist, is not working properly. It obeys instructions, so it is not paralysed, but the whole lower right quarter, from waistline down, is rather numb and the muscles seem to not act in sequence as they should.

This does not mean there is anything wrong with the leg, it means that the area in the brain which automatically (unconsciously) coordinates the sequence of muscle contractions and sensory feedback has been damaged, due to loss of blood flow caused by a clot obstructing an artery. I am not a doctor specialising in this stuff, but that’s what I understand. If anyone knows better, please correct this analysis.

Next, the vision from the right half of my right eye has gone, so to see what’s to my right side, I have to turn my head. However, if I close my left eye, I then get the full view from my right eye. It seems that the right half is being automatically and unconsciously excluded, because it is damaged. If I block off my left eye, and left half of the right eye, the remaining right half of right eye is functioning, but it’s picture is full of noisy artefacts, squiggles and rotating blurrs, and it is amazing really, that to give me optimal view of what is in front of me, this defective information is somehow  being filtered out at an unconscious level. So, with both eyes open, the right quarter of my field of view is made absent, rather than being allowed to present junk information.

I also have the bowel problem which predates this latest calamity by sixteen years or so, when I had a colostomy which was successfully reversed. My colon began being troublesome again a couple months ago.

This gut problem is not necessarily related to the stroke problem, except in so far as nothing is really separate from anything else. Doctors or biologists talk about the various sub-systems as if they are separate and independent, because it’s convenient to think of them as discrete. But really it’s better also to think of everything as interconnected.

It’s like a city. You can think of the police service or the refuse collection and disposal services or the water supply, or traffic management, etc, as if they are independent. But if one subservice fails there are soon knock on effects that cause perturbations throughout the system.

Anyway, more serious and indeed more interesting philosophically, are the perceived mental effects.

Whoever I was prior to this metabolic disaster has, at least partially, vanished. So I am now the location of a new identity.

Some of this is not unfamiliar territory. If you take a powerful psychedelic, like LSD, you can have a somewhat similar experience that rearranges your mental furniture, there are numerous accounts in the literature, I don’t need to add to them. Also if you do very intense zen meditation, or other related practices, you can collapse the normal sense of identity and have various revelatory or mystical experiences.

My personal view is that all these areas are very important and worthy of study, not least as an antidote to the low grade sludge and dreck put out by the Mainstream Media and vested interests of the education system. We are intensively propagandised almost from birth, by powerful established interests which want to maintain their power and control into the future. Hence some understandings or analyses are heavily endorsed and promoted, whilst others are suppressed and excluded.

That’s something of a digression from the SITREP topic, and possibly requires a new headline here. But this is MY blog, where I have liberty to ramble as I please, FWIW, no ? 🙂







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  1. Tom says:

    Oh man. Thanks for the update, ulvfugl. i’m sorry that you have suffered a stroke (the means of my own father’s death, which took him 2 weeks, but he was way more seriously damaged than what you described). Nurses can be tremendous, especially nice looking, witty, and knowledgeable females – really happy you had a good adventure there.

    I check your blog each day for your latest comments or statements, and suspected something had happened after so much time went by without a word from you. It’s GREAT that you’re still around and able to function, albeit “slightly” diminished. Your ability to recount information doesn’t seem damaged. Nor your wit and faculties.

    Please take the time to recover before just jumping back in with the ferocious pace that you used to display. You’ll recover using your chi-gung and meditation techniques, too.
    Listen to some of that amazing music (you’ve introduced me to) and relax.

    The ancient stonework will be there, and unfortunately all the sorrows of human existence. We’ll explore them more when you’re up to it.

    Keep fightin’ ulvfugl!

    In Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Court Finds That Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law

    A federal judge ruled that the federal permits authorizing the pipeline to cross the Missouri River just upstream of the Standing Rock reservation, which were hastily issued by the Trump administration just days after the inauguration, violated the law in certain critical respects.

    In a 91-page decision, Judge James Boasberg wrote, “the Court agrees that [the Corps] did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.” [more]

  2. ulvfugl says:

    Music therapy ! 🙂

  3. ulvfugl says:

    I have been reading some of the blogs and twitter feeds that I was following before, and have decided to leave that stuff for a while. Making sensible informed assessments is too demanding at the moment. I need to recuperate and give myself a chance to heal, adjust and get my health and personal life back into order.

    I was delivered here by the services wearing only my hospital-supplied pyjamas, and I remain dressed that way. The task of finding some new suitable clothes is already demanding enough to take a lot of time and effort. I cannot devote energy to the global political situation, etc, until I can once again cope with very basic stuff, which will take me some time.

    To give you some idea of what I am up against, I heated a frozen ready meal in the microwave. When the bell rang, I am faced with the problem of removing the hot container from the oven, and find I have completely forgotten how to do this. It’s a problem I must have solved long ago, and must have removed thousands of hot meals and eaten them. But all traces of what procedure I performed have vanished.

    I had to approach the problem as if for the first time. I found a towel with which to hold and carry the hot container to my table in the living room. Is that what I used to do ? I don’t know. I have no recollection of ever having done this before.

  4. ulvfugl says:

  5. wolfwitch says:

    Wishing you all the very best Ulvfugl for your ongoing recovery. It’s good to know that Myrddin is back in his mountain hideaway complete with what sounds like a rather spectacular beard!

  6. ulvfugl says:

  7. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks Wolfwitch.

    I’m having some trouble deciding what to say.

    My experience is somewhat similar to a psychedelic drug trip. For example, Aldous Huxley’s description of taking mescaline. Very simple basic tasks, like putting on socks, have become not just difficult and time consuming, but completely absorbing existential feats. Like I’ve never done this before and have no idea why I’m doing it, but I get lost like a little child, putting on, taking off, putting on again, watching the texture and shape.
    All this stuff in my room here is sort of very familiar, and it’s comforting to know I am at home. But a lot of it, I’ve no idea what it is or why it is here, or what it is for.

    So, as an oldtime consumer of various psychedelics, it is akin to being extremely stoned. You know, that David Crosby line, ‘If only I could remember my name…’ 🙂

  8. wren-- says:

    Yea! So good to know you’re still with us!
    Hang in there.
    As wonderful as your postings are, please don’t feel compelled to post to the detriment of your health and well being. Just let us know you’re okay once in a while 🙂

    Time to honor the physical body you were gifted with.
    Try to spend lots of time outside during the day, and if you can’t sleep at night, go out under the stars, lay a sleeping bag and just look up.

    Are there any local gardeners close by who could provide you with fresh vegetables?

    You have our support and many thanks for all that you’ve done.

  9. ulvfugl says:

    Hi wren,

    Yes, I’m still here 🙂

    I’ve been so used to living such an isolated life here, with all my social relations being online.
    It was amazing to be in the hospital, busy with hordes of people coming and going.

    I think that there is a vegetable supply service. But you are jumping way ahead of me 🙂
    That’s because I’m still trying to cope with some very basic stuff, like how do I get changed out of the pyjamas I arrived in, into different clothes. I wouldn’t know what to do with the vegetables, it’s hard enough to remember what pills I’m supposed to be taking, I’ve got more than ten different kinds, all with bewildering instructions… because my memory is full of holes, it’s hard to figure out what I’m doing, or why I’m supposed to do it…

    I did walk to my workshop yesterday, and stuck my head in through the door for a few minutes. It’s not far, but my right leg is still fairly useless, as if it was held on with string and just swinging about.

    It is somewhat similar to an ongoing intense psychedelic drug experience. My sense of self is still here, but when I engage with my surroundings I’m swimming in primaeval weirdness.

  10. ulvfugl says:

    Pajarito said…
    Colonel sir, perhaps these are mice of the genus Onychomys, found in the US Southwest deserts. I’ve heard them, they really do howl like wolves, only the pitch is very high. They are also predacious carnivores, striking terror in their small prey. Apt analog, perhaps?


    Lemur said in reply to Kooshy…
    Well, i’m of millennial vintage, and I can’t say i share your optimism.
    My peers are certainly exposed to a wider swathe of information, but their attention is so scattered and degraded they lack the focus to gain a new understanding on any particular issue. They’re all dreadfully conformist too; I’m regularly pilloried for eschewing social media. Just look at the things millennials strongly support like gay rights – they do so because the powers that be have heavily pushed those values. We are more susceptible than most to propaganda because our identities have become incoherent, virtual, and without grounding in a stable set of social and civic relations (this was already apparent in prior 20th century generations but has reached an apogee with us). Our ‘individuality’ (of which we are scrupulously ‘tolerant’) is limited to consumer choices and various sub-culture ‘lifestyles’. Deleuze talks about how the liberal state and capital ‘capture’ and convert desire to serve their ends. No insight more accurately ‘captures’ my generation.

    Sure, there’s outliers, but then there are always outliers and a main stream.


  11. wren-- says:

    This daily podcast is usually about half on health, and half politics.
    Kindred spirit most def as he despises Hillary Clinton!
    There’s a way to embed in wordpress, but I can’t figure it out.
    I like it because I can’t read or watch anything while I work, but I can listen:

    [podbean type=audio-square resource=”episode=5fj8n-6d1fe0″ skin=”1″ auto=”0″ height=315 ]

    Best wishes to U and all the grasshoppers here!

  12. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks wren.


    Shemp 4 Victory Chupacabra-322 Jul 19, 2017 3:38 PM
    From Colonel Cassad:

    The Americans plan to retain for themselves the option associated with the ability to instigate the next war in Syria and Turkey

    HowdyDoody’s picture
    HowdyDoody Shemp 4 Victory Jul 19, 2017 3:50 PM
    “It was an obama idea, totally makes sense on the squatter aspect…”

    Close but no cigar and the Kurds are not our friends. They are someone’s friends.

    Just another day.

    Luc X. Ifer’s picture
    Luc X. Ifer HowdyDoody Jul 19, 2017 4:37 PM
    3,2,1 KABOOM!

    Bes’s picture
    Bes Luc X. Ifer Jul 19, 2017 5:06 PM
    here’s another FUCK YOU

    “US Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel.”

    it’s bipartisan too

    would Trump sign it?

    apparently Israel supercedes the constitution




    HowdyDoody’s picture
    HowdyDoody Bes Jul 19, 2017 5:26 PM
    The Saudis have dropped their 13 point demands to Qatar. Now they have ‘6 broad principles’.

    Following Duterte’s rapprochement with Russia and China, Obama sikked the CIA’s ISIS stooges on Mindawi. The Philippine army has recovered most lost ground. Now the Singapore military has offered help. I guess they don’t want the takfiris coming their way.

    The US got the 2 finger salute from Turkey, the Philippines and Singapore. Now the Saudis have given themselves one. First there is a trickle, then there is a torrent, then there is a deluge and the whole edifice collapses.

    Breaking news: Trump orders the CIA to stop all financial and military aid to ‘rebels’ in Syria.

    Somebody’s gonna get their head kicked in.

    Winston Churchill’s picture
    Winston Churchill HowdyDoody Jul 19, 2017 5:51 PM
    You believe the CIA would obey ?

    On budget maybe for appearances maybe.

    In what may be one of the most significant foreign policy decisions of his first year in office, Trump is shutting down the CIA’s covert program to arm rebels fighting the Syrian government. This would constitute a monumental shift in terms of US priorities in Syria which throughout most of the 6-year long war have focused on removing Bashar al-Assad. The Washington Post reports:

    Officials said Trump made the decision to scrap the CIA program nearly a month ago, after an Oval Office meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster ahead of a July 7 meeting in Germany with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
    The move is consistent with signals coming out of the White House over the past months, as well as in keeping with Trump’s early campaign promises that he would seek to wind down the war in Syria by making ISIS the only objective, and not the removal of Assad. There have been additional hints at willingness to work closer with Russia in a strategic anti-terror partnership in Syria. Secretary of State Tillerson’s said in an April interview with ABC News, as well several weeks ago, that Assad’s fate would be up for the Syrian people to decide, adding that:

  13. ulvfugl says:

    5. On an ironic note, Orwell himself was under government surveillance while writing his novel warning about government surveillance. The British government was watching Orwell because they believed he held socialist opinions. This surveillance started after he published The Road to Wigan Pier, a true story about poverty and the lower class in England.

    Ghordius Oliver Klozoff Jul 20, 2017 3:04 AM
    the water of a swamp… stands for funds collected/used/wasted

    Washington is a huge, gigantic, humungous meeting point of funds
    Brussels, in comparison, is a home garden “koi” children’s pond
    way smaller then Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, etc., btw

    the article is about “1984” and propaganda, isn’t it?
    now…. reflect for a moment why you read so much anti-EU agit-prop
    when did you read last a pro-EU propaganda piece? ever?

    are you never… suspicious? no? oh, ok

    striped-pad’s picture
    striped-pad Ghordius Jul 20, 2017 3:25 AM
    when did you read last a pro-EU propaganda piece? ever?

    When I looked at the BBC “news” web site.

    Ghordius’s picture
    Ghordius striped-pad Jul 20, 2017 4:19 AM
    LOL. the BBC? are you frigging serious?
    it’s not even capable of debunking myths when they are glaringly obvious

    the BBC tries to be “balanced”. and fails, utterly. in fact, by giving the impression of voicing “both sides of the argument”, it gives the impression that in some cases “both sides” have equivalent… facts

    you are in for a rude awakening, somewhere in the future

    Subliminal messenger’s picture
    Subliminal messenger Ghordius Jul 20, 2017 4:29 AM
    You cannot be serious.

    The entire mainstream media in western Europe is pro-EU.

    Pro-Brexit parties were demonized and ridiculized.

    Critical voices of Merkels ‘welcoming’ policies were quickly dismissed.

    Let’s make the challenge more interesting. When did you read a Guardian article critical of Islam?

    space junk’s picture
    space junk AlaricBalth Jul 20, 2017 1:38 AM
    That book has a lot of merit but depressed the fuck out of me when I read it in college. Nowadays the only thing that comes close is hearing the lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon. A vague liberal ‘utopia’-hell. Makes me so optimistic I want to put a gun to my head.

    Actually The Trial has some modern day parallels with the Trump-fake Russia hysterical witchhunt bullshit. The Left loves making vague threats and accusations at their opponents and would put us all in a gas chamber if they could get away with it.

    ffed Jul 20, 2017 12:08 AM
    1984 has Flat earth references. The heresy of heresies was common sense. Flat Earth truth is real, earth IS the center of the universe bitchez!

    ‘What are the stars?’ said O’Brien indifferently. ‘They are bits of fire a few kilometres away. We could reach them if we wanted to. Or we could blot them out. The earth is the centre of the universe. The sun and the stars go round it.’

    For certain purposes, of course, that is not true. When we navigate the ocean, or when we predict an eclipse, we often find it convenient to assume that the earth goes round the sun and that the stars are millions upon millions of kilometres away. But what of it? Do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astronomy? The stars can be near or distant, according as we need them. Do you suppose our mathematicians are unequal to that? Have you forgotten doublethink?’

    Trifecta Man’s picture
    Trifecta Man ffed Jul 20, 2017 12:22 AM
    The truth is relative to the assumptions we make. Something can be both true or false depending on the assumptions you use.

    Insatiant’s picture
    Insatiant Trifecta Man Jul 20, 2017 12:41 AM
    Beautifully put, man.

    seataka’s picture
    seataka Trifecta Man Jul 20, 2017 12:43 AM
    Common Core “Works”

    bloofer’s picture
    bloofer Trifecta Man Jul 20, 2017 12:46 AM
    The “assumptions we make” are called premises. Reasoning based on false premises is false.

    Keyser’s picture
    Keyser Trifecta Man Jul 20, 2017 12:54 AM
    You know what happens when you assume you know the truth? It makes an ass out of you and me… We are learning that reality is subjective to a person’s interactions within the confines of the matrix… What is your reality may hardly be mine…

    seataka’s picture
    seataka Jul 20, 2017 12:41 AM
    RAPE OF THE MIND by Dr Joost Meerloo

    In the footnotes of a once SECRET CIA Inteerogation Manual, there is one footnote #27 on page 116 “For the interrogator a primary value of this book (and of much related psychological and psychanalytic work) is that it may give him a deeper insight intoi himself”

    The Chapter “TOTALITARIA” about Totalitarian states is MOST illuminating, describing cults like scientology to a T, as well as the New World Order.

    And this quote from Francis Stonor’s book “The CIA And the World of Arts and Letters”

    “Psychology is the religion of the new world order”

    (The psychological techniques for controlling what a man believes to be true….)

  14. ulvfugl says:

    During the fall of the Ottoman empire Britain created today’s Saudi Arabia. Two world wars exhausted Britain’s power. The U.S. took over the management of the empire including the Gulf states. It needs Saudi Arabia for its fossil energy and the related reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar. Unrest in Saudi Arabia is not in the U.S. interest but such is now in sight. The “leak” is just a tactical measure of an inexperienced administration. It is not enough to defuse or mitigate the conflict and its consequences.

    What strategies will Washington develop to counter the foreseeable instability in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states?

  15. ulvfugl says:

    In the first of a four-part series, Dan Glazebrook and Sukant Chandan look at the recent spate of revelations about the involvement of British security services in facilitating the flow of fighters into Syria.

    Over 13 years ago, in March 2003, Britain and the US led an illegal and unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq, a fellow UN member state. Such a war is deemed to be, in the judgment of the Nuremberg trials that followed World War Two, “not only an international crime” but “the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

    The mainstream narrative surrounding this war, and the endless catastrophes it bequeathed to Iraq, is that it was the result of a series of unfortunate ‘intelligence failures’: the British government had been led to believe that Iraq posed what Tony Blair called a “clear and present danger” to international security by intelligence that subsequently turned out to be false.

    Six months later, BBC Radio 4 broadcast an interview with Aimen Dean, a founding member of Al-Qaeda who was subsequently recruited by MI6 as a spy. Part of his work for MI6, he said, involved encouraging young impressionable Muslims to go and join the ranks of Al-Qaeda.

    Then in June 2015, Abu Muntasir, known as the godfather of British jihadists, thought to have recruited “thousands” of British Muslims to fight in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Burma, Bosnia and Chechnya, gave an interview to the Guardian, repenting his actions. He explained that he came back from fighting in Afghanistan to “create the link and clear the paths. I came back [from war] and opened the door and the trickle turned to a flood. I inspired and recruited, I raised funds and bought weapons, not just a one-off but for 15 to 20 years. Why I have never been arrested I don’t know.”

  16. ulvfugl says:

  17. ulvfugl says:

  18. ulvfugl says:

  19. ulvfugl says:

    There is absolutely no contradiction at all between the ideas that mankind and chimps diverged 7MYA, and that hominids were already in Europe 200,000 years before that. They are only contradictory if you assume progress in evolution.

    We tend to assume that the split between human and chimp was the point where humanity began. But it could just as easily have been the point where chimpity began. We assume humans evolved from chimps, but chimps could just as easily have evolved from us. We could have begun in Europe, spread to Africa, and then one lineage split from the hominids and became chimps.

  20. ulvfugl says:

  21. ulvfugl says:

    According to DOJ, Cazes, known as Alpha02 and Admin on the site, was charged with one count of conspiracy to engage in racketeering, one count of conspiracy to distribute narcotics, six counts of distribution of narcotics, one count of conspiracy to commit identity theft, four counts of unlawful transfer of false identification documents, one count of conspiracy to commit access device fraud, one count of trafficking in device making equipment, and one count of money laundering conspiracy.

    Cazes was later found dead in a Bangkok jail cell. A year ago, Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison without parole for his role in operating the Silk Road.

    hedgeless_horseman ToSoft4Truth Jul 20, 2017 12:31 PM

    As we learned from Jonathon in Marfa, Bitcoin isn’t anonymous.

    “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.”


  22. ulvfugl says:

    It might be the start of the school summer holidays for many, but Friday looks set to be wet and windy for large parts of Wales.
    The forecast is so bad the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain and strong winds.

    I can attest that this is NORMAL Welsh weather, it’s been perverse like this all my life. Just when everyone has a chance to have a holiday and made arrangements for all kinds of outdoor fun, this attracts every kind of blizzard, typhoon, hurricane and deluge from all over the planet.

  23. ulvfugl says:

  24. ulvfugl says:

    First, Donald Trump reportedly has ordered the CIA to pull the plug on arming and training Islamic radicals bent on overthrowing Bashar Al Assad:
    The program was a central plank of a policy begun by the Obama administration in 2013 to put pressure on Assad to step aside, but even its backers have questioned its efficacy once Russia deployed forces in Syria two years later. Preceding the CIA program was a Pentagon-led effort which was criticized by Foreign Policy for costing $500 million without yielding tangible results.

    Officials said the phasing out of the secret program reflects Trump’s interest in finding ways to work with Russia after Trump’s July 7 meeting with Putin at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. It may also signal a lack of capability as well as desire in Washington to take steps to remove Assad from power in Syria. Officials told the Washington Post that Trump made the decision to scrap the CIA program nearly a month ago, after an Oval Office meeting with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

  25. ulvfugl says:

    Europe has played a major role in dog evolution, harbouring the oldest uncontested Palaeolithic remains and having been the centre of modern dog breed creation. Here we sequence the genomes of an Early and End Neolithic dog from Germany, including a sample associated with an early European farming community. Both dogs demonstrate continuity with each other and predominantly share ancestry with modern European dogs, contradicting a previously suggested Late Neolithic population replacement. We find no genetic evidence to support the recent hypothesis proposing dual origins of dog domestication. By calibrating the mutation rate using our oldest dog, we narrow the timing of dog domestication to 20,000–40,000 years ago.
    Interestingly, we do not observe the extreme copy number expansion of the AMY2B gene characteristic of modern dogs that has previously been proposed as an adaptation to a starch-rich diet driven by the widespread adoption of agriculture in the Neolithic.

    Finally, we estimated the dog–wolf divergence time to be 36,900–41,500 years ago…

  26. ulvfugl says:

    We are moving towards a panopticon society in which everything you do can be tracked. Everything, including inside the so-called privacy of your house. As biometrics like gait tracking and infrared identification become better, as we put surveillance devices in our houses, and as we continue to carry bugs and tracking devices with us everywhere we go (and paying for the privilege) we are creating, as the tired line runs, a dystopian surveillance society far, far more reaching than anything in 1984. (Remember, Big Brother could not record, for example.)

    We are creating a society where even much of what you say, will be knowable and indeed, may eventually be tracked and stored permanently.

    If you do not understand why this is not just bad, but terrible, I cannot explain it to you. You have some sort of mental impairment of imagination and ethics.

    The (predominately if not exclusively Jewish) bankers are on record as having been trying to gain this degree of control since the early 1800s. They play a long game.

    Blissex PERMALINK
    July 19, 2017
    «The plan is simply to make sure that only the servant classes be forced to settle all payments through “company store” accounts, »

    Put another way, people who seem to think that the panopticon will end bribery, tax evasion, money laundering, etc. for everybody are rather mistaken, the panopticon will substantial, powerful minorities outside it.
    Only the servant classes will be paid and buy stuff in scrip from the company store, the master class will use real cash in one form or another, and it has been so for most of history, as the book “Debt” by Graeber quite entertainingly summarizes: there have been almost always two payments systems, one for masters and one for servants, and the one for servants was controlled by the master. Except for perhaps 100-200 years recently.
    As to the past 100-200 years there is another exception: for most of history the servant classes were under total constant surveillance by their masters. The village shop, the village priest, the village doctors, the village constables, the village snitches were constantly reporting everything about everybody to the lord of the manor; in practice the servant classes lives indentured into a plantation and if a servant tried to run away from total surveillance in their plantation they could only go so far before being pursued and captured and taken back (e.g. it was illegal for the servant classes to own horses), or in some cases they could just end up in a new village subject to total surveillance by someone else. Or they could become outlaws and live in the forests, outside “civilization”.
    Then for the past 100-200 years transport and commerce technology outran surveillance technology: people moved to large cities where the technology to keep track of everybody was impossible, so life in cities was effectively anonymous, and running away to a far away city in the the city authorities managed to focus their surveillance on someone was both cheap enough and ended surveillance.
    But surveillance technology has caught up: you can no longer ran away to Boston to Chicago if the master class of Boston wants to ruin you, and build a new life, or from Chicago to Los Angeles. Now all banks, all shops, all traffic cameras, all phones, all transport systems, are linked into nation-wide systems, and even across nation across the whole “first-world”. The only option is to escape into the second or third world, that is again into the wilderness, the forests outside “civilization”. The model is again that the servants classes are indentured to a plantation, where total surveillance on them but not their lord, is the norm.
    Many in the servant classes, especially the newly retired from the upper-middle classes, have enthusiastically supported politically the return to indenture and total surveillance in newly defined “plantations”, because they think of themselves as belonging in the master class, or at least being “trusties” of the masters. They are wrong, but self-delusion is strong.

  27. ulvfugl says:

    Her discoveries in that house of horrors reveal how Buchanan, in collaboration with business tycoons and the institutes they founded, developed a hidden programme for suppressing democracy on behalf of the very rich. The programme is now reshaping politics, and not just in the US.

    Buchanan was strongly influenced by both the neoliberalism of Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises, and the property supremacism of John C Calhoun, who argued in the first half of the 19th century that freedom consists of the absolute right to use your property (including your slaves) however you may wish; any institution that impinges on this right is an agent of oppression, exploiting men of property on behalf of the undeserving masses.

    The papers Nancy MacLean discovered show that Buchanan saw stealth as crucial. He told his collaborators that “conspiratorial secrecy is at all times essential”. Instead of revealing their ultimate destination, they would proceed by incremental steps. For example, in seeking to destroy the social security system, they would claim to be saving it, arguing that it would fail without a series of radical “reforms”. (The same argument is used by those attacking the NHS). Gradually they would build a “counter-intelligentsia”, allied to a “vast network of political power” that would become the new establishment.

  28. ulvfugl says:

    The most ancient pyramids on the planet are in Russia

    On the Kola Peninsula, the archaeological excavations of the pyramids, which are at least twice as old as the Egyptian ones, have been resumed, it is still not known who they were built.

    The Kola Peninsula is a peninsula in the north-west of the European part of Russia, in the Murmansk region. Washed by the Barents and the White Seas. The area is about 100 thousand km.

    In the north – tundra vegetation, south of the forest-tundra and taiga. The climate of the peninsula is moderately cold. Frosts and snow fall are possible even in the summer. On the coast are strong winds (up to 45-55 m / s), in the winter – protracted snowstorms. The relief of the Kola Peninsula is hollows, terraces, mountains, plateaus. The mountain massifs of the peninsula rise above sea level by more than 800 meters. Plains of the Kola Peninsula are occupied by swamps and numerous lakes.

    Amazing pyramids and huge stone slabs made artificially from 9,000 to 40,000 years ago, discovered on the Kola Peninsula, are a strong argument in favor of the existence of the ancient civilization in these places.

    From here

  29. ulvfugl says:

    Illegal Restrictions on Illegal Money

    Several years ago JP Morgan Chase stopped accepting cash as payment for credit cards and mortgages. Now Visa is dangling carrots in front of merchants with hungry stomachs. Visa will upgrade a merchant’s payment system and in return the merchant will no longer accept cash payments from customers.

    Aren’t these actions by JP Morgan Chase and the merchants that take up Visa on their offer also illegal? The last we checked, cash, as in paper dollars, say: This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.

    We don’t see anything that disclaims certain parties from accepting cash payments. Thus, illegal restrictions are being placed on illegal money. At least, that’s how we see it. But what do we know? We still cut our own grass and pay our utility bills with hand written checks.

    The point is, illegal money results in a whole host of problems. Moreover, the man who now autographs the illegal money, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, has these problems – and many more – bearing down upon him.

    In short, today’s money is created from debt; it’s borrowed into existence. Over time, the economy has adjusted to this debt based money. Business transactions are made with it. Private and public buying and selling is conducted with it. All commerce is now settled with debt payments. Even debt is paid with debt.

  30. ulvfugl says:

    messystateofaffairs’s picture
    messystateofaffairs ne-tiger Jul 21, 2017 8:25 AM
    Slow death by Jew strangulation is what killed Nixon. Trump better wake up fast. Hopefully Bannon is aware of this and is a true goy patriot. He is the only person I know near Trump with the temperament and intellect to guide Trump through this. Trump better keep that man right by his side and let him call in allies and send the little jew in law packing pronto. Otherwise a Nixonian future awaits him. I have slways said it and I always will. Putin watches quietly and smirks, fully aware of how this game works. See the famous handshake endlessly projected on RT, its not vertical, Putins hand is on top. Follow his lead don don, you’re a puppy in this game.

    Stanley Lord’s picture
    Stanley Lord messystateofaffairs Jul 21, 2017 8:42 AM
    Not just Nixon, lumped together on the time line, its Kennedy, Nixon and they almost took out Reagan, since then it has been quiet.

    HalinCA’s picture
    HalinCA Stanley Lord Jul 21, 2017 10:49 AM
    Quiet … certainly because Bushes and Clinton got the message … they scared off Perot … Obama was their best friend …

    NoPension’s picture
    NoPension Dutti Jul 21, 2017 7:23 AM
    We are approaching the point…probably there…where Trump is better to just use whatever authority he has to shut this all down, and issue blanket pardons if everyone involved.

    MSM heads will explode…but can the coverage get worse?

    Nothing good will ever come out of this. This is a lynch mob and a kangaroo court. Someone needs to swing, in their eyes. And it won’t stop until they get a pound of flesh. Is this not obvious as hell?

    bigkahuna’s picture
    bigkahuna NoPension Jul 21, 2017 7:44 AM
    He should do just what you say. We already know the political military bankster media industrial complex are trying to harpoon him daily. We knew this during the election and we still voted for him. He should know that we KNOW they are smearing him – and just crush the whole thing. Then he needs to direct that trojan horse Sessions to investigate all these people going after him or FIRE his ass and get someone in there who will do their job. He will easily find influence peddling by people in political positions of power on both sides, he will find straight up murder and pedophilia on both sides – shillry and the molesta for sure, then he cn bust out the cozy relationships between our politiical parasites, the banksters, and the non-stop war machine.

    I will go up to dc and camp out in front of the white house to support all of this – for as long as is necessary if he took these issues up.

  31. ulvfugl says:

    Vinay Gupta’s hero…

    2000 El Oregonian Jul 20, 2017 9:45 PM
    Please people! Have some sympathy. This is clearly another Elon Musk from a different universe in the multi-verse. He’s lost his way while trying to break out of the digital matrix we’re clearly trapped in and simply didn’t realize that he was in a timeline where those plans hadn’t been approved yet.

    NotApplicable’s picture
    NotApplicable 2000 Jul 20, 2017 9:58 PM
    What’s so awesome about your comment is that it’s the most rational explanation I’ve seen so far!

  32. ulvfugl says:

    Because it’s not a magical-self-controlling system like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or their ICO clones that are prone to the same problems that led to the subprime mortgage crisis – human greed and stupidity.

    Q: How will smart infrastructure circumvent greed and stupidity and prevent a crisis?

    Because unlike ineffective human-driven societies, it is controlled by AI and algorithms that cannot be tampered with and unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, are linked to legal regulation and don’t stand out of the existing financial system.

  33. ulvfugl says:

    Amazingly, given the topic of our discussion, I came away from my conversation with these three activists feeling hopeful and energized. Pioneers like them are at the forefront of a fledgling movement that tells men and boys that taking an anti-porn position is actually a pro-sex stance. Like the anti-porn feminist movement, they are refusing to accept the lies of the well-oiled PR porn machine by showing that porn is an industry whose profits rely on the hijacking of a healthy and sustainable sexuality. The more that men take a principled stand against porn, the more likely it is that we will replace pornified sex with a sexuality that is based on intimacy, connection, and gender equality.

  34. ulvfugl says:

    b said in reply to The Twisted Genius…
    “Our IT infrastructure, information and even our psychological space are under near constant assault. ”

    Oh, come on. Those ain’t IT attacks. It is some white noise and probably some light pin pricks. No one so far set all U.S. bank accounts to zero or induced critical fluctuations in all your electricity network. A real attack would look much different that what you now perceive as attack.

    The danger for the U.S. “psychological space” has always been from the U.S. itself (see the current “liberal” neo-McCarthy wave). Even more dangerous are the hyper-nationalistic and militaristic attitudes throughout your culture. The CIA and Pentagon have heavily influenced (if not written) 1,800 movies and TV shows in the last decade or so. All to promote war and torture and to suppress any criticism of those organizations. That is an assault in size and result no (other) enemy of the people could ever hope to achieve.

    Reply 21 July 2017 at 03:16 PM

  35. ulvfugl says:

  36. ulvfugl says:

  37. ulvfugl says:

  38. Tom says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed of your on-going recovery “trip.” It helps when you spell out the details like that so we can get a feel for what you’re going through. You have a great attitude about it and are determined, so I fully expect you’ll get back a lot of your mobility with time (and effort). i’m a little leary of the “medications” (only because I don’t know what they are – and don’t know about their side effects, if any). When do you go back for a re-evaluation, change of meds (if needed), physical therapy?

    Here’s a fun read for you (and your readers):

    The American Empire and its Media

    [check out the enormous inter-connected map of characters making up the CFR]

  39. ulvfugl says:

  40. ulvfugl says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed of your on-going recovery “trip.” It helps when you spell out the details like that so we can get a feel for what you’re going through. You have a great attitude about it and are determined, so I fully expect you’ll get back a lot of your mobility with time (and effort). i’m a little leary of the “medications” (only because I don’t know what they are – and don’t know about their side effects, if any). When do you go back for a re-evaluation, change of meds (if needed), physical therapy?

    Thanks Tom. I appreciate some feedback here.

    I have some large empty holes in my previous mental functioning.

    This reliance upon chemical medications stems directly from the Rockefellers earlier last century, when they got control over the pharmaceutical industries and suppressed all other approaches toward health and illness. So that’s the model of human functioning that gets taught and promoted. It’s a subset of the larger capitalist outlook which maintains that the purpose of life is to become financially richer, pretty much by any means possible that you can get away with.

    I’m not saying that drugs don’t have a part to play. But most of the casualties in the hospital where I have just been were getting very little other treatment. They are just passive lumps of bone and flesh being fed, medicated, cleaned.

    This is the Western model of what we are. A sort of animal structure with a human add-on, the frontal lobes of our brains. This goes all the way back to Descartes and the division he created, in the philosophical concept of what a human is. Mind and body. Which is absurd, because you don’t get one without the other, as distinct discreet separate entities. Mind and body, mental and physical, are intimately and intricately interwoven and codependent.

    Eastern – Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc. – conceptual constructs of how a human is constituted did not make that division.

    That’s not to say that either paradigm has the complete truth. We are very complex beings which can be viewed from many theoretical angles.

    I believe it’s true to say that, historically, the Western medical model as promoted by Rockefellers et al, was based predominately upon the notion that it gave them a very profitable product to sell, and thus the pharmaceutical industries became huge powerful corporations with deeply embedded vested interests in maintaining their particular views as to how human health and illness work.

    Thing is, the human body, just like the bodies of all the other creatures, knows pretty well how to heal itself, to a considerable degree. And the medical profession still don’t really understand how that works. They throw handfuls of pills and potions at the problem, because that is what they are taught in their training.

    I think I mentioned, I now have more than ten different kinds of medicine, laid out on my sideboard in a row, each with different instructions re quantity and times to be taken. In my somewhat wobbly condition, it’s quite a challenge to cope with all that, in addition to previous medicines I was supposed to take, re Cluster Headache, etc.

    I mean, intuitively, I think that a person is more likely to get well if they have a happy, positive attitude. So, it’s important for me to remain cheerful and optimistic.

    I’ve been through any number of near misses in my life, car crashes, overdoses, serious accidents, illness, all kinds of crap. It is amazing that I am still here. I’ll keep observing and studying this present calamity to see what I can learn.

    I’m pretty good at remaining positive, but, that said, it would be a mistake to underestimate the very difficult circumstances that beset me. I am very seriously injured, with almost all of my abilities impaired to varying degrees.

    Fortunately, it is warm, midsummer time. 🙂

    I don’t really know what the medical services have in store for me. My impression at the hospital, was that there are few doctors, and zillions of casualties much like myself, many much worse, constantly flowing through the system, rather like any industrial production line. It’s a machine for processing patients, rather like any factory. There’s a hierarchy of staff with various distinct responsibilities. Not saying that’s bad. The system seemed to function remarkably well.

  41. ulvfugl says:

  42. ulvfugl says:

    Lord of the Flies ?

  43. ulvfugl says:

    Elon Musk just announced that SpaceX abandons propulsive landing plans for Red Dragon mission to Mars.

    In my opinion, we should not be surprised.

    NASA supposedly used propulsive landing for the Apollo missions to the moon…in 1969.

    I ask you to please click the following hyperlinks to read three articles, carefully, watch one 3-1/3 minute video, closely, and then draw your own conclusions about the Apollo Moon landings that we are told occured nearly 50 years ago.

    . . . _ _ _ . . . Jul 21, 2017 8:26 PM
    Let’s say that you have been living under the impression that your dick is 8″ long, but one day you take out a ruler, slap your manhood on the table, and measure it. It turns out your dick is only 5″ long. Is your first reaction to doubt the ruler?

    Now, let’s say you have been living under the impression that the universe is 6000 years old. A scientist pulls out his (more sophisticated) ruler and measures it. It turns out the universe is 14B years old. Again, do you doubt the ruler?

    The bible is a book full of wisdom and good advice, but the people who wrote it didn’t have sophisticated rulers. They measured the world as best they could and have been living under the impression that certain things are a certain way ever since.

    The bible is good for many things, but not for science. It was not designed to be.

    Faith tends to relegate all our thinking to the heavens. Take some responsibility. Do some intellectual work. Thinking you have all the answers is the opposite of humility.

    As for the moon, if you discount the photos as fakes, none of the images should be used as proof of anything. You can’t both say that the film was made on earth and use it to prove a separate point. If you don’t trust the institutions, the satellite photos, the people, or the government, then nothing which is said or shown to you can change your mind. On the other hand, if you trust the previous outright, no corruption is possible. There are many compelling arguments that we didn’t go, and there is much compelling evidence that we did. Either way, your faith lies in either the establishment or in conspiracy. Both can be as religions. Neither should be.

    As for flat Earth, math shows it cannot be. Math is a ruler everybody can trust because it is a language accessible to all. Trust it. The earth, like every other celestial body in the universe, is spherical. To deny that is to deny gravity, and to deny gravity, you’re gonna’ need a much different book, and you’ll need to know how to read it.

    Question everything, but know when to back off. Learn what it means to prove something. William of Ockham was right, and he helped to develop the idea of critical thinking, even though he was a theologian and a monk.

    Have a good one.


    LawfulPath’s picture
    LawfulPath Jul 21, 2017 8:22 PM
    It was Dave McGowan, more than five years ago, who finally got me to look at this subject seriously. Dave wrote a fourteen chapter essay called “Wagging the Moondoggie”. It only took me somewhere into the second chapter to realize there was no way, with the disclosed level of technology available in the 1960s and early 1970s, that any of the Moon landings really happened.

    What made me so sure? Power.

    I’ve lived for years off the grid, making my own electricity, with post-2000 technology. Using more than a ton (literally) of batteries, solar panels, and a diesel generator, I can do pretty well. But not well enough to support electric heat or air conditioning.

    Considering the extreme temperatures on the Moon’s surface, it simply was not possible to provide life support on the lander, let alone in those ridiculous suits the astronauts supposedly bounced around in.

    Anyone who wants to argue this point based on the actual power requirements of heating and cooling is welcome to join in. While you’re at it, explain how air conditioning works when you have nowhere to vent the heat without also venting all your breathable air. Or how the suits switched instantly from cooling to heating the moment an astronaut stepped into the shade of the lunar lander.

    What I’ve learned since my epiphany is Americans WANT to believe in the Moon landings so badly, they will not acknowledge any counter-argument no matter how logical or well-presented. The Moon landings have become one of those foundational beliefs underpinning the psyche of nearly every American, to the point they simply refuse to believe it could not have happened. In my experience, none of them will come forward with a logical, reasoned response; all responses will be knee-jerk emotional ravings.

    McGowan’s essay is very enlightening, if you can find it. His daughter took down his website after his swift and somewhat suspicious death from cancer in 2015.

    dangerb407 Jul 21, 2017 7:07 PM
    Moon landing videos are tied for the most stupid AF disinfo events with Sandy Hook (see multiple role playing David Wheeler). The fact that anyone believes either crap story gives me little hope that the Deep State will ever be fully disclosed and neutralized. I’m not discounting the fact that someone has potentially been to the moon with technology that hasn’t been disclosed to us but it certain wasn’t in that shi*box that the spooks in DS want us to believe made it there.

    el buitre’s picture
    el buitre dangerb407 Jul 21, 2017 10:21 PM
    And they murdered Gus Grissom for painting a lemon on that shit tube. Was Hillary around then 🙂

    I Feel a little Qeasy’s picture
    I Feel a little… Jul 21, 2017 7:00 PM
    Did Elon Musk just confirm that the moon landings were faked?
    HOW THE FUCK WOULD HE KNOW? You cunts really are as dumb as dirt.

    Dormouse’s picture
    Dormouse Jul 21, 2017 6:49 PM
    Would former Nazis and Freemasons lie to the American people?

    indio007’s picture
    indio007 Dormouse Jul 21, 2017 6:58 PM
    And Satanists. JPL’s Jack Parson was a buddy of Aliester Crowley.

    Dormouse’s picture
    Dormouse indio007 Jul 21, 2017 7:45 PM
    Don’t forget L. Ron was part of that trio as well.

    Tenshin Headache’s picture
    Tenshin Headache Jul 21, 2017 6:29 PM
    The (six) landing sites have all been imaged by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

    indio007’s picture
    indio007 Tenshin Headache Jul 21, 2017 6:57 PM
    all 6 pixels ? BWAHAHAHA!!! I’m sure you made a positive ID.

    dangerb407’s picture
    dangerb407 Tenshin Headache Jul 21, 2017 6:54 PM
    stop already disinfo dude. You must have an investment in the magic tinfoil that the module was made of!

    indio007’s picture
    indio007 dangerb407 Jul 21, 2017 7:01 PM
    Make your positive ID from this high rez smudge. LOL

    indio007’s picture
    indio007 dangerb407 Jul 21, 2017 6:58 PM
    You mean the homeless tweaker shelter?

    Tenshin Headache’s picture
    Tenshin Headache Jul 21, 2017 6:17 PM
    Mythbusters: “Was the Moon Landing Faked?”


    indio007’s picture
    indio007 Tenshin Headache Jul 21, 2017 6:44 PM
    Mythbusters LOL.

    Do you know they were questioned about this in front of an audience and thier response was , “We are not scientists, we are entertainers” ?

    Vacca’s picture
    Vacca indio007 Jul 21, 2017 8:20 PM
    This is the only place on the internet that this “quote” appears.

    indio007’s picture
    indio007 Jul 21, 2017 6:09 PM
    NASA = $50 million / day

    If I were a school teacher of very smart kids, not constrained by institutional rules and regulations, I’d give them this problem as a project to investigate.

    That’s because it covers just about everything, and wherever you enter into the problem, you hit really profound weirdness and demanding questions, about the nature of soceity, politics, science, engineering, propaganda and the media, conspiracies, and not least, ultimate reality, and how we construct our conceptions as to what that is.

    It’s a marvellous entry point into the biggest questions of our time.

    The life stories of individuals involved, Crowley, Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, etc, are like picaresque novels from mediaeval times.

    Seems to me, there are some Moslem fundamentalists who want to take everyone back to that 7th C. world, which was populated by Djinn and other exotic beings. It’s probably quite possible to achieve such a thing, if you think of the human brain as analogous to a computer. You can put all kinds of very different software onto it, and it will run.

    Subjectively, if a conceptual structure of ‘the world’ appears convincing, we tend to cling onto it and defend our beliefs. But if you rise up a level, so to speak, it seems difficult to me to be able to make any statement about anything which cannot be contested and doubted.

    That’s Descartes and Cartesian radical scepticism, which leads to doubt about everything, and the conclusion ‘I think, therefore I am’, which weights the picture in favour of logic and reason. But with a bit of careful critical thought, it’s possible to demolish that Cartesian stance.

    And then where are we ? Do we accept that ultimate reality or truth about it, is inaccessible ? Very few people want to concern themselves with such difficult ideas. We are all encouraged to accept the off-the-shelf dogma handed out by individuals and institutions pushing their own formulaic agendas.

    What we can laughingly call ‘reality’ is extremely weird and elusive. Lots of people have vested interests in defining it, one way or another, or subverting the conceptions for various reasons.

    As I see it, we are not born as blank sheets, we arrive from between our mother’s legs with a complex set of instructions already installed. I see this as a legacy from biological evolution. There are Creationists and others who reject that understanding. But I’m still holding to a position that is fundamentally biological and Darwinian. Although I accept that there are many anomalies, gaps, enigmas which that model struggles with, I remain loyal and convinced that it is superior to others.

    So my starting position is essentially fairly conventional biology. As we move from that subject in the direction of human behaviour, culture, soceity, civilisation, things get increasingly tricky and controversial. I used to have more solid views than I do now. The more that I have learned and experienced, the more dubious I have become.

    And moving in the other direction, towards chemistry, physics, and the general context within which human biology exists… what do we know, for sure ?

    Almost every statement or model is built upon assumed suppositions which, if you dig, are open to questioning.

    There’s what philosophers call Foundationalism, where you find one solid rock upon which to build your initial church or cathedral of orderly ideas. Some philosophers have rejected even that possibility. You just sort of weave a net, as if fishing, and wave it about in so-called ‘reality’ and hope to catch something.

    It’s all very daunting territory whereon most folks fear to tread. It’s much less stressful to look at what the people to right and left of you are doing and try to merge and be inconspicuous.

    This is why almost every utterance from the majority of humans can be easily classified, because it fits into a slot that’s already well established. How many folk ever think some new thought that’s fresh and original ? Go and read the old Greek philosophers and see if you can find some notion that none of them ever mentioned or touched on.

    We’ve had a couple of thousand years of adding footnotes to Plato and Socrates, for the most part. And now we’ve got lost, drowning in the postmodern soup. Where is wisdom, clarity, truth, conviction ? Seems to me that everything is melting into a mess.

  44. ulvfugl says:

    Unconventional indeed. But there’s one unconventional side to Booker’s progressivism that has received much less recognition. His political career was launched with the help of the Chabad-Lubavitchers, a rabidly rightwing Hasidic cult that considers its dead Rebbe a messiah and that pushes a regressive right-wing worldview that would horrify Booker’s prog supporters: deep- rooted racism, violent Islamophobia, medieval positions on everything from abortion to homosexuality and women’s rights, and a nasty tendency to normalize sexual abuse and protect serial sexual predators in its ranks.

    In the early 1990s, Chabad’s passive-aggressive racism helped trigger a three-day race riot in Brooklyn. Earlier this year, a prominent Chabad rabbi mocked victims of childhood sexual abuse who went public, comparing their sexual abuse to “diarrhea” which is “embarrassing but it’s nobody’s business.”

    Booker’s relationship with the sect goes back to the early ’90s, when he became an active member of Chabad outfits at Oxford and Yale. The connections he forged through Chabad have provided him with a wealthy and powerful right-wing donor network that helped seed his political career.

    But the relationship was more than a simple political alliance: Booker became mesmerized with Chabad’s teachings and began studying with Chabad rabbis. He now reads Hebrew, recites portions of the Torah from memory, helps Chabad fundraise and—most disturbingly—genuinely shares the sect’s messianic worldview. As Booker told a room full of wealthy Chabadnik funders in Morristown, New Jersey, back in 2000, when he was a just a lowly Newark council member:

  45. ulvfugl says:

    Christian teaching has always been to seek your reward, by pleasing God, in Heaven. The Jewish teaching that those creeps follow is that if you can control the money, then you can control everything else. It remains to be seen how the new cryptocurrencies will play out.

  46. ulvfugl says:

    It won’t be long before General Suheil Al-Hassan is shaking hands with General Issam Zahreddine. Woe be to the jihadists when that happens. AMN reports the Tiger Forces caught the jihadists by surprise in this overnight assault. Here’s to more surprises.

  47. ulvfugl says:

    So some people in Brussels are organising the import of many thousands of illegal African immigrants into Europe.

    Someone is promoting and permitting this policy.

    In my very naive youth, I’d have approved. ‘Oh, those poor black people, why can’t we help them ?’

    It’s the natural impulse of any soft hearted child, to want to care for all the sad abandoned kittens in the world, enhanced by a basically Christian historical background, which emphasises kindness, charity and compassion as positive virtues to be encouraged.

    Now I am no longer so young and naive. Whatever problems those black (mostly) young males have in Africa cannot be solved by importing them into Europe. It’s merely building another catastrophe on top of those that already exist.

    The Swedes already tried this idiocy. The first Third World batches of refugees and immigrants were met by the locals with all sorts of delightful gifts, home made cakes and whatnot. That initial attitude seemed to quickly disappear when the naive Swedes discovered the real nature of the incomers.

    The Swedes thought this was a replay of nice civilised people fleeing from Nazi Germany in WW2.

    It isn’t. They’ve been learning the hard way.

    This is a tremendous disaster for Sweden, and for Europe more broadly.

    You can see it as merely foolishness, the predominance of kindness over wisdom. But I’ve lived long enough now to be cynical, and suspect more sinister motives. There are those who intend to undermine and destroy European power and status in the world, and they’ve found the vulnerability that allows them to do it.

  48. ulvfugl says:

  49. ulvfugl says:

    Cabbage Eaters of the world unite !

  50. ulvfugl says:

  51. ulvfugl says:

    I keep coming across new signs that I have suffered some brain damage from the ‘Stroke’, when I meet situations and problems here that I have been solving automatically for years, even most of my life, which are suddenly new and unfamiliar, as if they had just arisen for the first time.

    It’s kinda curious and fascinating in a slightly perverse sort of way.

    You know, very simple tasks that I’ve been doing many times a day for years, on autopilot, I’m having to spend ages figuring out how to solve as if for the very first time.

    In one sense, this is indeed tragic, a misfortune. However, this is what I find, so I may as well observe it and make the most of this strange state of affairs, maybe learn new insights.

    I am so isolated here, like Robinson Crusoe on his island, surrounded by wreckage. Fortunately, no Man Friday to irritate me. Instead, I have this internet connection which links me to most of the world, current events, human history and culture.

    And I did my Tesco order, so food supplies should arrive on Monday, God willing, as the Christians tend to say.

    I still have quite a bit of food, long past sell-by, left from what I ordered before my hospital stay, and it grieves me to waste it and throw it away. But, on the other hand, if I eat it and upset my digestion with food poisoning, well, it’s not worth the risk, considering my already weak and bewildered condition.

  52. ulvfugl says:

  53. ulvfugl says:

    Lumberjack macholatte Jul 22, 2017 2:17 PM
    Joseph Rago, WSJ reporter found dead hours before a meeting scheduled with the Russian Consulate regarding Hillary Clinton.

    Could this be why?

    Abbott Laboratories acquires Russia’s Veropharm

    She used Abbott labs jets.

    Lumberjack’s picture
    Lumberjack Lumberjack Jul 22, 2017 2:19 PM…’s-office-ready-request-us-information-bribing-russian-health


    10 Feb, 2017 By Editor 0 Comments
    The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office will ask the United States to provide information on the alleged bribing of high-ranking Russian health officials by an Israeli pharmaceutical company, the Prosecutor General’s Office spokesman Alexander Kurennoi said on December 24, 2016. “In the event of receiving a letter from the Russian Health Ministry, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office is ready to turn to the U.S. authorities to obtain the necessary information, which may subsequently be used in Russia to undertake the appropriate inquiries,” Mr. Kurennoi stated.

    Lumberjack’s picture
    Lumberjack Lumberjack Jul 22, 2017 2:58 PM

    Russian watchdog clears Abbot’s purchase of Veropharm for $650 million

    02-09-2014 | 16:59

    The Russian government’s foreign investment commission has cleared US company Abbot purchase of Russia’s major pharmaceutical producer Veropharm for $650 million, Director of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemyev said Tuesday.

    “The first deal, which has been cleared by the commission today, is large US company Abbot buying Veropharm that produces many important medicines for the treatment of oncological diseases, acute leukemia and others,” Artemyev said.

    He also said the sum of the deal comprises the cost of Veropharm and its affiliates, while $250 million more will be allocated for the construction of new production sites increasing the production’s localization.

    On June 24, Abbott said that it will acquire Veropharm from its largest shareholder Roman Avdeyev for $13.6-17 billion rubles. The purchase price will depend on the stake which Avdeyev’s holding Garden Hills, which currently owns about 81% in Veropharm, can consolidate at the moment when the contract is signed.

    Abbot also agreed to repay Veropharm’s debts of 4.7 billion rubles, or $136 million.

    Lumberjack’s picture
    Lumberjack Lumberjack Jul 22, 2017 3:08 PM

    Dear President Trump, here ya go!

    Ex-British spy Christopher Steele was the author of the Trump Dossier, which Fusion
    GPS put together as opposition research by Trump political opponents in 2016

    In any case, Simpson’s attorneys asked that their client be excused from appearing, adding that allegations he had failed to register as a foreign agent were “nothing more than an effort to smear him.” The lawyers also said that they were “profoundly disturbed” that the hearing had been expanded due to “partisan agendas” to include allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election and possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. The letter also said they were prepared to fight a subpoena and invoke Mr. Simpson’s constitutional right not to give testimony if compelled to appear.

  54. ulvfugl says:

    Murder, Spies And Weapons – Three Fascinating ‘Deep State’ Stories

  55. ulvfugl says:

  56. ulvfugl says:

  57. ulvfugl says:

  58. ulvfugl says:

    Seems to me that there is a explanation for the correlation between skin colour and IQ.

    It might not be the correct explanation, but it is reasonable and plausible.

    White people are said to have evolved their pale skin, because in the north, with less sunshine, they needed to get Vit D by letting the UV light pass through their skin. Whereas, in the tropics, with excess harsh sunlight, they evolved dark skin pigment to protect from damage by UV light. (I have not checked, but from memory, I believe that’s the generally acknowledged biological explanation.)

    Following that line, people did not need to become very smart to survive in tropical and subtropical regions, where it was warm with abundant daylight all year round, plenty of fruit and animals to eat any time.

    Contrast that with the north of Europe, and all the way around the fringes of the northern Polar region, where it is cold, dark and stormy for much of the year. The north of Norway and all across the north of the Asian continent only have summer for something like three months. Nine months of winter with frequent very harsh weather.

    This meant that only people who were smart and could plan ahead were able to survive. This evolutionary pressure selected for high intelligence and the ability for planning and forethought.

  59. ulvfugl says:

    Chester Podesta ??

  60. ulvfugl says:

    Earlier this week notorious war hawk US Senator John McCain (R-Az) was diagnosed with brain cancer. While the liberal and conservative establishments are sending their regards, Geopolitics Alert instead compiled a list of reasons why we don’t care about McCain.

    MEFOBILLS JLee2027 Jul 22, 2017 7:20 PM

    We are still in the “Century of Satan”, how little you really know.

    Pot meet Kettle.

    Our ((friends)) helped finance Calvinism, and funded Bibles for their re-entry into England during the upper middle ages. This was done with stock market capital via Sephhardic Jews. If I cared more, I would look up the names of the actual culprits. Sorry that real history does not support your narrative.

    This long action against England ultimately culminated in the first debt spreading bank, the bank of england in 1694. The Century of Satan started much earlier, and actually has been with us for a long time. The Verbal tradition of the Pharisees was written down in 73AD, and became fully codified by 800 AD. The original Jewish patriarchs of Torah are no more. Bank of England debt spreading means has spread worldwide like a virus. This virus funds illumism.

    This emphais on old testament is on purpose, to make Jew more acceptable to their hosts. Even the Scofield Bible had this in mind, as it was funded into existence by Zionism. Scofield has footnotes that are “pro old testament.” Pathological sections of old testament like Deuteronomy have been put away with Supercession. That means the new supercedes the old.

    In other words, the usual Jewish means of subversion and deception extend to usurping Christian relgion, which then gives sanction and cover for seeing the “other” as somebody to kill. The new testament has none of that… but then jewish “culture of critique” and deception have core tenenst of of supporting or pushing old testament christianity. Supercession is overturned by subversion in what is a long running diabolical act.

  61. ulvfugl says:

    Tony Podesta Artist Maria Marshall’s Movie Trailer, BBC Interview #PIZZAGATE

    As I see it, Podesta Brothers and others associated with Comet Pingpong, are nasty depraved disgusting swamp creatures who revel in everything repulsive.
    Like James Alefantis they appear to use pretentious decadent ‘art’ as a front or cover to conceal money movements or related financial scams.

  62. ulvfugl says:

  63. ulvfugl says:

    What we need to understand is that the world does not work according to what we have been led to believe. We are drowning in misinformation.

  64. ulvfugl says:

  65. ulvfugl says:

    This might appear superficially as a good idea, and it may be so, however, as I understand it, the UK/BBC Childline that was set up by Esther Rantzen was run by the bad guys, and used by paedophiles as a means of silencing voices who wanted to reach the public domain.

    You know, a bit like running a helpline for runaway slaves, owned and controlled by the slave owners.

  66. ulvfugl says:

  67. ulvfugl says:

    Great lines ‘If you watch TV, you are going to feel hopeless..’, ‘Build a better day, every day..’

  68. ulvfugl says:

  69. ulvfugl says:

    I do love Taleb’s putdowns 🙂

  70. ulvfugl says:

    In his first speech as environment secretary, Gove outlined plans to deliver a ‘green Brexit’ which will benefit environmental issues like animal cruelty and climate change.

    With the proviso that I do not trust or believe anything that Gove says, it sounds quite good.

    The obvious problem, as I see it, is that Britain could have immaculate and strictly enforced standards, but because the economy is far from self-contained, all the nasty harmful dirty practices we depend upon are conducted out of sight overseas.

    The environment is really now the entire planet, regardless of political boundaries.

  71. ulvfugl says:

    First time I heard of these.

    And grid-scale batteries, while still relatively rare, are popping up more and more these days. The Minnesota report, then, suggests that such projects may become increasingly common—and could be a powerful way to lower emissions without sending our power bills skyrocketing in the process.

  72. ulvfugl says:

    Phil and Blanche were New York schoolteachers who belonged to the Communist Party, and dreamed of a socialist heaven on earth. Their son, David, went on his first march in 1948, at age 9. As a young man in the 1960s he helped create the New Left, which pushed for the rights of the oppressed and struggled to end the Vietnam War. David worked closely with the Black Panthers, who believed a violent uprising was at hand and they would help lead it.

    David’s youngest son, Ben, sought his fortune in Silicon Valley, a generally liberal place that traces some of its roots to the rebellious spirit of the ’60s. Ben became a leading venture capitalist, investing billions of dollars in start-ups like Twitter and Facebook that seek to topple the status quo. His firm’s investment thesis is “software is eating the world” — as disruptive a vision of the future as the old Marxist dream of the state withering away.

    And now David, after a political odyssey that took him from the extreme left to the extreme right, has a surprise last act that puts him once again in the thick of insurrection. His radical views on immigration, race, education, the duplicity of the media and the treachery of liberals have abruptly made their way to the center of power. If the Trump administration has an intellectual godfather, it’s David Horowitz.

    Father and son are a snapshot of America at this moment, a politicized and polarized place full of competing revolutions. They live in different universes: one where President Trump is the answer, the other where he is the problem.

    “One thing we mostly see eye-to-eye on is that the most important thing is the ability of an individual to live his life and have an opportunity,” said Ben, 51. “How he went from ‘The way to do that is Communism’ to ‘The way to do that is Trump’ is amazing.” He laughed. “That’s where we’re not aligned.”

  73. ulvfugl says:

    The question is whether it’s going too quickly, considering the variety of estimates about how much recreational weed Canadians will end up regularly ingesting. Some educated guesses are that about 15 percent of Canadians partake now, legally and otherwise. That’s around 5.4 million people, roughly the population of Colorado, which gave the nod to recreational marijuana in 2014. Medical and recreational sales there rose 56 percent last year, to nearly $1 billion, according to Cannabase, operator of the state’s largest market.

    One projection, from the Canadian Parliamentary Budget Officer, is that 4.6 million people age 15 and over will use cannabis at least once and consume 655,000 kilograms next year, and that 5.2 million will be doing so by 2021. Other reports peg future recreational consumption at 420,000 kilograms a year with sales reaching C$6 billion by 2021, Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. said in November. For its part, the government agency Health Canada anticipates a mature medical marijuana market will be around C$1.3 billion.

  74. ulvfugl says:

    McCoy argues that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was the beginning of the end. McCoy is not some chicken little. He is a serious academic. And he has guts.

    During the Vietnam war, McCoy was ambushed by CIA-backed paramilitaries as he investigated the swelling heroin trade. The CIA tried to stop the publication of his now classic book, “The Politics of Heroin.” His phone was tapped, he was audited by the IRS and he was investigated and spied on by the FBI. McCoy also wrote one of the earliest and most prescient books on the post 9-11 CIA torture program and he is one of the world’s foremost experts on U.S. covert action.

    His new book, which will be released in September, is called “In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power.”

  75. ulvfugl says:

    Curious weirdness…

    The photo above was taken by pilot Ágúst Arnbjörnsson on July 11, 2017 during a flight from Keflavik to Portland, from a height of approximately 34,000 feet. The location is 75 km from Kulusuk in Greenland.

    The image appears to show three plumes of steam rising from cracks in the glacier, which according to the blog of volcanologist Haraldur Sigurðsson, is 1.5 to 2 kilometers thick. This may be a sign of powerful geothermal activity from below.

  76. ulvfugl says:

    Walter Elmer Schofield. Trenwith. Cornish Farm.


  77. ulvfugl says:

    The problem with this cunning plan to immigrant-ize western nations to backfill the domestic demographic decline is that the immigrants – as a whole – are a drag on growth (via politically-correct benefits, extra policing, and border enforcements) as opposed to the economy-improving growth dynamos that the United Nations assumed any sentient-credit-consuming-being would be in the year 2000.

    Even the world’s richest man is starting to get the joke that the new world order’s cunning plan is not working…

    Europe will be devastated by African refugees if they don’t “make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent,” and the solution lies in European nations committing billions of taxpayer money towards overseas aid.

    According to Gates, the combination of explosive population growth in Africa combined with Europe’s notoriously generous open-border migrant welfare programs – as illustrated by the ‘German attitude to refugees’ have incentivised migrants to flood into Europe.

  78. ulvfugl says:

    ‘Operation Fuel’ in Southampton, England, saw up to 16 police vehicles shut down parts of the city on Saturday, when the arrests were made.

    Two men – Marius Stefan, 42, and Valentine Merclusca, 49 – both of Avenue Road, Southampton, have now appeared before Southampton Magistrates Court as part of the probe, the Daily Echo reports.

    Earlier in the week, a teenager had reported being raped multiple times at a property in Southampton between the 9th and 18th of July.

    A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said police “are conducting enquiries at two addresses in Avenue Road, Southampton, in connection with a rape and modern-day slavery investigation.

  79. ulvfugl says:

    The usual “expert” propagandists have long claimed that Ahrar and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) had no longer anything at all to do with the original al-Qaeda. But today al-Qaeda central published a letter that asks both of these groups to stop there infighting. What will those propaganda goons make out of that?

    South from Idleb a pocket of various insurgent groups (Ahrar, al-Qaeda, ISIS) controls the mountains around the Lebanese city of Arsal right next to the border with Syria. In June several Lebanese army personal were killed in the area. The Takfiri insurgent groups are a continuing danger to Lebanon as well as to Syria. Several offers for their transfer to Idleb were rejected.

    Last week a united front of Lebanese and Syrian forces started to clean up the pocket and to eliminate all insurgents in area. The Lebanese army took control of Arsal city and will protect it against infiltration. About 5,000 Hizbullah fighters were allocated to attack the insurgents within Lebanon while 3,500 Syrian army personal will mop them up from the Syrian side. The Syrian air-force provides support within Lebanon and Syria. The Hariri government of Lebanon (a Saudi puppet) as well as the U.S. have agreed to the operation. So far it ran without a hitch. After several losses on the first day Hizbullah gained significant ground (see map below) during the last two or three days. Nearly half of the insurgent area is already under control and it will not take long for the rest to be liberated. Those insurgents who do not want to get killed and give up their fight may be send to Idleb where they can join the infighting between their brothers.

    The U.S. and Russia had agreed on a deescalation zone further south next to the border with Israel and Jordan. While Israel was consulted on the issue it later voiced disagreement. The Israeli government wants a permanent U.S. forces in the area to cover the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan height. Neither the Trump administration nor the U.S. military have any interested in such a costly entanglement. Israel has long paid, supplied and supported Takifiri groups in the area. It gave them fire support whenever they were in fighting the Syrian government forces. The deescalation agreement foresees the supervision of the deescalation area by Russian military policy. That regime will be installed during the next few weeks and further Israeli shenanigans in the area will become difficult. Russia will react harshly against any interference with its troops’ task.

    In the north-east the Kurdish YPG is the U.S. proxy forces for the fight against ISIS in Raqqa. When the YPG submitted to U.S. command was told (video) to rename itself and became the “Syrian Democratic Forces”. It is still the same anarcho-marxist cult that it was before but is ordered to hide it (video). It is still the same group that is killing Turkish soldiers within Turkey. The U.S. military believes that it can sustain the support for the group and continue to occupy the north-east of Syria after ISIS is defeated:

    U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last month left open the possibility of longer-term assistance to Kurdish YPG militia in Syria, saying the United States may need to supply them weapons and equipment even after the capture of Islamic State’s Syria stronghold of Raqqa.
    The U.S. plan to split up Syria and Iraq after ISIS is defeated is still in force. But neither the Turkish nor the Iraqi nor the Syrian government will allow the consolidation of a U.S. protected Kurdish minority in east-Syria that they all see as a threat to their sovereignty:

  80. ulvfugl says:

    This flippant casual playing around with sex and gender disgusts and appalls me.

    I do not like her, I wish she’d go back whence she came, which, if my memory serves, was Uganda. She was given refuge here by generous good-hearted people who were willing to try and save Asians from Idi Amin.
    Generosity and kindness are noble virtues, but without prudence and wisdom, they can cause endless mayhem and suffering.

  81. ulvfugl says:

  82. ulvfugl says:

    “It was pretty extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it before and it happened really quickly. Presumably other people will see it elsewhere in south-west Wales.”

    Tornadoes, or twisters, are caused when a very cold, dry air stream crashes into warm humid air, forming a rapidly rotating column of air.

  83. ulvfugl says:

    Ever wondered why so many western elites are so vehemently supportive of mass immigration? Ever question how willfully blind the establishment is to the costs (human and capital) of allowing any- and everyone into the heart of European nations? Well wonder no more…

  84. ulvfugl says:

    The ludicrousness of this claim can be easily debunked when one learns that General Gerasimov was born in 1955. If one can conservatively say that 1973 was the ‘early 1970s’, this means that Gerasimov developed a communications strategy that relied on the internet being up to 2017 standards when he was 18 years of age. There is simply no logic in Pompeo’s assertions.

    This is the same Mike Pompeo who has told some rather strange tall-tales about Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange while simultaneously calming that RT is part of Wikileaks.

    So to recap, the following are Mike Pompeo’s most ludicrous conspiracy theories:

    1. Russia’s current Chief of the General Staff invented the concept of RT and Sputnik, one which relies on the power of the internet in 2017, in the early 1970s when he was in his late teens and still in the equivalent of high school.

    2. Russia interfered in the US elections in 2008, 2012 and 2016, meaning that Russia supported Barack Obama who was the most anti-Russian US President in modern memory, but no one noticed this Russian interference at the time.

    3. RT collaborates with Wikileaks which is a hostile intelligence agency rather than an on-line publisher.

    4. Julian Assange, a self-styled free speech advocate and anti-war activist would have supported Hitler in the 1930s and 1940s.

    5. RT and Sputnik are supported by Russia because they are cheaper than going to war. This is ostensibly a bad thing in Pompeo’s view.
    Mike Pompeo seems like less of an intelligence chief than a simplistic conspiracy theories.

    These ZH authors ought to learn spell checking.

    East Indian Chupacabra-322 Jul 23, 2017 11:08 PM
    Yesterday, one of the local consumers of MSM told me, “Without doubt Russia hacked the elections to help Trump”.

    I asked him, “Russia hacked what?”

    “DNC server; and gave it to wikileaks; and wikileaks published it; so Clinton lost the elections”.

    “Ok; agreed; what was so damaging in those emails that people refused to vote for her? And why did she do those things?”


    His expression was priceless. He remained silent for two minutes, and admitted he never thought of that. Then I gently told him he had been taken for a ride; to read for himself, and not to swallow whatever was put before him.

    One red pill at a time.

    Chupacabra-322 Moe Hamhead Jul 23, 2017 9:37 PM
    A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
    By Steve Kangas

    The following timeline describes just a few of the hundreds of atrocities and crimes committed by the CIA. (1)

    CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: “We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.” The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy). It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination. These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator. The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be “communists,” but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow.

    This scenario has been repeated so many times that the CIA actually teaches it in a special school, the notorious “School of the Americas.” (It opened in Panama but later moved to Fort Benning, Georgia.) Critics have nicknamed it the “School of the Dictators” and “School of the Assassins.” Here, the CIA trains Latin American military officers how to conduct coups, including the use of interrogation, torture and murder.

  85. ulvfugl says:

    With over 300,000 subscribers to her youtube channel and just as many Twitter followers, Southern has amassed quite a fan base – and it’s easy to see why. The entertaining Canadian gained notoriety throughout the 2016 U.S. election and beyond as a vocal Trump supporter – appearing at rallies, protests, and even the White House press room.

    Covering a wide variety of topics with deadpan humor and a sharp wit, Southern has opined on Fake News, the problem of degenerate women, the war on fathers, and even had her his gender legally changed so SJWs would STFU.

    When YouTube began demonetizing Lauren’s videos over subject matter deemed too controversial, she made a hilarious advertiser-friendly makeup tutorial.

    And while overseas protesting and documenting hoards of migrants flowing into Europe, Southern shot footage at a French train station overflowing with new arrivals.

    Migration racket…

    Founded in 2013, Patreon has raised $47.1 million of investment capital – $30 million of which was led by venture firm Thrive Capital, co-owned and managed by Joshua Kushner – brother of President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Of note, Joshua and Jared co-founded real estate firm Cadre – which got of the ground with a $250 million line of credit from George Soros).

    Perhaps Josh Kushner can make a call to his buddies at Patreon and ask why they’ve beheaded Lauren Southern’s income while allowing Antifa anarchist groups to raise thousands of dollars per month from their fellow comrades for their jihad against conservatism.

    Liberally polarized…

  86. ulvfugl says:

    A recent thread that tied Robin Williams to pizzagate referred to one Alejandro Estrada, who is the subject matter of a Lady Gaga song and author of this book (and at least one other) that, along with his personal website and youtube channel, seem to reference various celebrities and important figures, mind control, freemasonry and ritual abuse. I figured this individual deserves his own thread but if that’s not appropriate and the other is sufficient feel free to delete this one.

    I found his linkedin page which has 10 articles (although the page seems to eternally load in my browser and only show 9). Account is required to view some of them, not sure what determines it. From a quick glance at these it looks to be worth the while to sign up.

    The following quote from the page entitled Financial Terrorism, Human Trafficking and The Crown Prince of Dubai should establish the pizzagate relevance:

    Sheikh Hamden, John and Cindy McCain, Jeffery Epstein, Loretta Lynch, President Obama, Gary Melius, OSHO International, Bill and Hilary Clinton are all part of the same crime syndicate responsible for trafficking children, the human slave trade (which is completely legal in the United Arab Emirates), as well as the mortgage fraud crisis, financial fraud crisis, and the medical insurance fraud crisis. I am a witness, and I am privy to privileged information. I am not protected as a whistle-blower and the FBI and CIA are complicit to these crimes.
    OSHO is a link i’ve not seen mentioned before in this subverse, perhaps someone wants to look into that.

    Video of Cindy McCain talking about trafficking.YouTube

    I’ve not tried to synopsize everything this guy talks about because it covers a lot of ground and I’ve not had time to read all of it. I’ll leave it to others to digest the material.

  87. ulvfugl says:

    If it isn’t enough that the priests at the Vatican are raping and abusing children, Italy’s politicians have joined in. Italy, the country that prides itself on its sense of ‘family’ and love for children, has its own pedogate.

    Good friend of Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Rodolfo Fiesoli, ran a child sex ring and labour camp from Forteto, near Florence. Children were sexually abused and used in backbreaking labour. They were beaten and forced to have sex with even their foster parents. Homosexuality was encouraged and heterosexuality was opposed. Child slaves were adopted through the Juvenile Court until 2009, when the first complaints started to surface. Fiesoli was first charged in 1985 with maltreatment and lewd conduct.

    In 2000, the European Court of Human Rights sentenced him and his partner to pay a fine of 200 million lire (about 135.000 USD) for moral damages suffered by the two children of a couple of immigrants in Belgium. But the adoptions continued, even though doubts were being raised, and despite the protests of the inhabitants of Dicomano (nearby village), irritated by the forced removal of two little girls from their families. The result was an order not to shop for children at Dicomano.

    M.G., born in 1985 and taken to Il Forteto at the age of 5: ” I used to bring breakfast to Rodolfo Fiesoli (Founder of the community, called “The Prophet”) and then… hands in his underwear, kisses on the neck, even in front of my foster mother. She was actually the one that used to take me to him. She used to say: “Just let youself go! Rodolfo does it to everyone, it’s normal!”

  88. ulvfugl says:

    We are being intentionally replaced.

  89. ulvfugl says:

  90. ulvfugl says:

    Ian Welsh has some interesting remarks today.

    What can I say to that ?

    There’s many thousands of years and many varieties of ideas from all around the world, a legacy from folk who arrived at a somewhat similar point.

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