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If you watch wolves, It’s hard to escape the conclusion that perhaps no two species are more alike behaviorally than wolves and humans. Living as we do in families, we can easily recognize the social structures and status quests in wolf packs. No wonder Native Americans recognized in wolves a sibling spirit. And no wonder human males often face pressure to measure up as “alpha” males—to “wolf up,” as it were. The term alpha male connotes a man who at every moment demonstrates that he’s in control in the home and who away from home can become snarling and aggressive.

This alpha male stereotype comes from a misunderstanding of the real thing.

By observing wolves in free-living packs in Yellowstone National Park, I’ve seen that the leadership of the ranking male is not forced, not domineering, and not aggressive to those on his team.

“The main characteristic of an alpha male wolf,” the veteran wolf researcher Rick McIntyre told me as we were watching gray wolves, “is a quiet confidence, quiet self-assurance. You know what you need to do; you know what’s best for your pack. You lead by example. You’re very comfortable with that. You have a calming effect.”


One of your correspondents likened Ayn Rand’s “selfishness” to “animal behaviour…” (Letters, 13 April). The belief that fierce competition or altruistic cooperation are the only alternatives, in both evolution and socio-politics, is the legacy of Charles Darwin. The science has moved on, providing a justification for the trader principle that has been so successful as the basis of free-market capitalism. As Ayn Rand said: “The moral symbol of respect for human beings is the trader.”

The new science of epigenetics is demonstrating that it is the organism not the “gene” that drives evolution. (See the new A-level biology syllabus, epigenetics.) Genetic determinism is dead. Organisms actively “trade” the products of metabolism. They switch genes on and off, and tweak them, in response to environmental influences. It turns out that genes do not use life-forms; life-forms use their genes. We humans switch our genes on and off and tweak their effects by means of language. We can change our minds. We have free will. The old Malthusian idea that resources are fixed and in short supply profoundly influenced Darwin and his contemporary, Herbert Spencer, who coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”. But resources are neither fixed nor in short supply. Thanks to the dynamic nature of the trading principle working throughout nature, what was once a barren rock, slowly rotating in cold space, is now teeming with ecosystem-generating life. Its most productive trader? Homo sapiens.

Christine McNulty



Readers may recall that from time to time, I have mentioned the Left Brain/Right Brain divide, which, imo, is one of the better ways of understanding why people take differing views on existence.

This divide is more of a metaphor than a precise fact, because all parts of the brain are always active and contributing, but we can use the terms as a shorthand for sorting people into two camps, the ones who are dominated by right brain activity, which is loose, poetic, dreamy, intuitive, and those dominated by left brain activity, which is tighter, logical, analytical.

If your are new to this or don’t understand it, then please check out Iain McGilchrist.


First Cause:

Difficulty understanding any concept without starting with the “whole picture”. The right brain learner thinks and understands the world in whole concrete images. If the whole concrete image has not been presented first and is available when the student is starting to learn the parts, the parts will not make any sense and the brain will discard them. The right brain needs to start with and see whole images and whole concepts, not the separated parts.

As I see it, this divide correlates or approximates to the divide that the ancient Greeks identified and called mythos versus logos, see here

Incidentally, McGilchrist has said that the brain is a transceiver of consciousness.


As I’ve written extensively on this subject before, I’m not going to go far into it now, but the above may assist you to grasp what I want to talk about next. I have no access to the contemporary education system, so I have no idea what it is like now, but referring to my personal direct experiences many decades ago and added hearsay, it seemed to me that there were forces in UK soceity which were dedicated to left brain aspects, which they wanted to impose upon all children.

These could be identified as those folk who insisted that arithmetic and correct spelling and science were to be given priority over the right brain emotional intuitive creative stuff, like art, music, dance, and so forth.

And I suppose that if I were asked for a general comment, I’d have been against that left brainy discipline for kids, on the grounds that it suppresses their natural expression. I think that’s how a lot of people felt, way back in the 1960’s. Children needed to be liberated from the straitjacket of strict formal education methods, rote learning reinforced with fear and penalties.

However in retrospect, whilst it is probably a good thing to encourage all small children to develop confidence in their creativity and self expression, what seem to have gone wrong, is that this continued as they grew into adolescence and adulthood.

It’s all very well to encourage all kids to write poems, paint, sing, dance, etc, without inhibiting them by criticism. But what ought to happen, as they develop, is that someone teaches them that all poems are not equal. Same for all pictures and all music. There’s good, bad, there’s rubbish and there’s excellence.

Where I’m going with this, is that places like New Earth Lady’s forum, (sorry to pick on that, just the first example that came to mind, there are other examples everywhere) where people think that they can have any fantasy about what has happened in the past and that it should be taken seriously, just because they had it.

This does not work. Anybody can write a poem, but not everybody can write a really good poem that other people value and repeat for many generations because of its quality. Same goes for paintings and other personal expression.

The predominantly right brain folk come up with their fanciful creative inventions, detached from any kind of logic or evidence, and want to claim authority and be taken just as seriously as folks who have dedicated their entire lives to deep study and hard work trying to discover something that might be of value, because of intensive scholarship, and determination to seek ‘truth’.

The divide between the two camps can get very emotive and acrimonious. On the one hand, the untutored naive and poorly educated insist that their intuitive, possibly even mystical, insights must be listened to, even though they are at kindergarten level in terms of learning. And on the other hand, we have the high priests of academic and science who insist that they know better.

Sylvie Ivanova (seems she favours v’s over w’s now in spelling her name) claimed in one video that she believes that Jesus Christ existed only one thousand years ago, rather than the commonly accepted two thousand years. If I recall correctly, she bases her claim on the idea that some Jesuits rewrote history and revised the calendar, or something like that.

If you open up the argument on a subject like that, many voices will jump in, from those who insist that there is no evidence whatsoever to be found that demonstrates that anyone called Jesus Christ ever really existed, they’ll insist that the entire story is mythical, a fabrication, similar to other fanciful characters, Osiris, Hermes, or Spiderman, to those who will insist that Christ lives within them, that the Bible is the literal ‘word of God’ and that we have a documented record of events from that time covering every years up until the present, so a ‘missing millennium’ is an untenable proposition.

Another good example is global warming, any mention of which will attract similar opposed viewpoints, the Deniers who insist it’s all propaganda fabricated for nefarious reasons, to take away our liberties and raise taxes,  and the ardent believers who think we are all doomed because we’ve failed to cut CO2 emissions.

Personally, I believe that the answer to these contentious dilemmas, is to integrate and harmonise Right and Left Brains in your own being, as a task that is to be approached psychologically, spiritually, and physically, by meditation, because lacking either reduces your own humanity, both aspects are vital for a whole human being.

But then the social divides still remain, as in the alt right versus antifa, where people are incapable of comprehending a different viewpoint as being valid, and so ascribe pure malevolence as their opponents motives. It is almost impossible for the reductionist materialist atheist wing to comprehend what people of faith and spirituality believe, it just seems absurd nonsense, so they are condescending impatient and disrespectful as if talking to handicapped lunatics.

If you sincerely believe that you yourself are merely a meat robot, a random collection of atoms in a meaningless pointless Universe, then those who see existence as sacred, infused with divinity, seem to be deluded. And vice versa, of course. Communication is almost impossible, the brains work so differently with these incompatible inbuilt presumptions and conceptual contexts.

The past does not exist, it’s nowhere, all we have is the present moment where we abide. So this means anyone is free to make up any version of the past that they wish, just as anyone is free to write a poem or paint a picture. But as mentioned, not all poems, paintings, or pasts, are of equally merit.

It’s possible that I am wrong, and I have been deceived (as I have been on some other major issues, like the European Union, which we were told was something to do with an Iron and Steel community, to prevent Germany and France fighting over the coal reserves of the Ruhr and associated industries. No mention of Coudenhove-Kalergi, the CIA, Operation Gladio, Bildebergers, and all the rest) and that the timeline back to Christ’s lifetime has been doctored and falsified for Machiavellian political reasons. But I doubt that.

Because, in Britain, for the last 1000 years, there’s the documentary record in archives, which is immense, there’s the architectural record, (dated stuff like cathedrals, old cottages, bridges, etc), there’s the archaeological record, which began with the antiquaries, which is built upon scientific methodologies, and so forth.

And a lot of this material can be cross-checked. For example, the Battle of Hastings features in records of the time, around 1066, with structures like Battle Abbey, lists of the named participants, and a correlation with the Bayeaux Tapestry illustrating the event, in France. William the Bastard had the Domesday Book drawn up to cover everything that existed on all the properties and who owned what, so that it could all be taxed and controlled. Evidence of Viking raids can be cross referenced to the Icelandic Sagas and other Scandinavian records, as well as those from England, France, Ireland and elsewhere. It would be almost impossible for anyone to have interfered equally with so many diverse sources.

Thereafter, every monarch has been keen to have their achievements and accomplishments recorded, and so there is, more of less, an entire record of annual events up until the present. So it is very hard to see where a ‘missing millennium’ could be.

Then there’s the millennium prior to 1066, back to Year 1 at the supposed time of Christ. Well, the Roman Empire which prevailed at that time, is rather well documented, and can be cross checked with the histories of many countries, from Egypt to Germany to Spain and Libya and so on.

After the collapse of that Empire, there’s a less well recorded period, but again there’s masses of evidence to support the mainstream accounts, Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions and so forth. Of course, if you are not concerned with evidence of any kind, you can still rewrite your own personal version of what happened, but I’d say that is a kind of fiction, as in a novel, and not to be confused with academic scholarship and history as a serious subject of enquiry.

And much the same applies to the climate debate. The science is very much the epitome of Left Brain analytical thinking. Every conclusion in climate science is supposed to be supported by logical reasoning and empirical evidence, strengthened by the wider structure of the scientific project as a whole.

I’m very happy to attack and criticise science on many different grounds, especially scientism, being the position that science is the ONLY route towards truth. I think we are primarily human beings, and whilst our choices and decisions should be informed by Left Brain science and reason, science is something to be consulted, not something to be seen as a ruler.

Before anyone can make any sensible claims about global warming, they do need to have mastered the subject matter. Which is not easy. It’s not like the ‘anybody can write a poem’ Right Brain stuff. You need to study hard for a couple of decades to get to grips with the body of work that has been accumulated over the last few centuries.

It’s always easy to tell the people who have not attempted that hardwork, they are the ones who will claim global warming is nonsense, on the grounds that there’s is an unseasonably cold day in spring or summer. That is WEATHER, not CLIMATE. The science of weather is called meteorology. Meteorology is not Climatology. They are distinct and different scientific disciplines devoted to different things, like Geology and Geography or Botany and Zoology.

If you do not even understand this very simple elementary fact, then it is best to keep you mouth shut and opinions to yourself, do some serious studying. Also, much of science uses statistics, so if you are not numerate and lacking even basic understanding, you are not in any position to evaluate research results. Not that anyone will desist, though, will they, anymore than they will stop rewriting imaginary history to suit their fantasies.

In my estimation, climate chaos is upon us. I’ve given up arguing about it, because I don’t think that there is much, if anything, that can be done. We are in a mass extinction event which we cannot now avoid.

But with the glacier retreating in recent years due to Earth’s warming climate, a period of intense melting saw the flow of meltwater punch a new channel in the ice, rerouting the flow southwards via the Kaskawulsh River.

What this means is that instead of ending up in the Bering Sea by way of Kluane Lake, the meltwater now runs in a south-east direction and eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a massive turnaround – and not only because it’s the first time that river piracy has happened so quickly, but because it’s the first case where scientists think the phenomenon happened due to human-caused climate change.

“The event is a bit idiosyncratic, given the peculiar geographic situation in which it happened,” says one of the team, John Clague from Canada’s Simon Fraser University, “but in a broader sense it highlights the huge changes that glaciers are undergoing around the world due to climate change.”

Now even the BBC has taken to doom. (I loathe the BBC, nest of paedophiles, corrupt paedophile apologists, MI5 propagandists, zionists, purveyors of a fake news agenda, they have betrayed their duty to the nation, imo, to be honest and independent. They’ve descended to the same despicable level as WaPo, NYT and CNN).

The political economist Benjamin Friedman once compared modern Western society to a stable bicycle whose wheels are kept spinning by economic growth. Should that forward-propelling motion slow or cease, the pillars that define our society – democracy, individual liberties, social tolerance and more – would begin to teeter. Our world would become an increasingly ugly place, one defined by a scramble over limited resources and a rejection of anyone outside of our immediate group. Should we find no way to get the wheels back in motion, we’d eventually face total societal collapse.

Such collapses have occurred many times in human history, and no civilisation, no matter how seemingly great, is immune to the vulnerabilities that may lead a society to its end.

Regardless of how well things are going in the present moment, the situation can always change. Putting aside species-ending events like an asteroid strike, nuclear winter or deadly pandemic, history tells us that it’s usually a plethora of factors that contribute to collapse. What are they, and which, if any, have already begun to surface? It should come as no surprise that humanity is currently on an unsustainable and uncertain path – but just how close are we to reaching the point of no return?

While it’s impossible to predict the future with certainty, mathematics, science and history can provide hints about the prospects of Western societies for long-term continuation.

Safa Motesharrei, a systems scientist at the University of Maryland, uses computer models to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that can lead to local or global sustainability or collapse. According to findings that Motesharrei and his colleagues published in 2014, there are two factors that matter: ecological strain and economic stratification. The ecological category is the more widely understood and recognised path to potential doom, especially in terms of depletion of natural resources such as groundwater, soil, fisheries and forests – all of which could be worsened by climate change.

That economic stratification may lead to collapse on its own, on the other hand, came as more of a surprise to Motesharrei and his colleagues. Under this scenario, elites push society toward instability and eventual collapse by hoarding huge quantities of wealth and resources, and leaving little or none for commoners who vastly outnumber them yet support them with labour.

Eventually, the working population crashes because the portion of wealth allocated to them is not enough, followed by collapse of the elites due to the absence of labour. The inequalities we see today both within and between countries already point to such disparities. For example, the top 10% of global income earners are responsible for almost as much total greenhouse gas emissions as the bottom 90% combined. Similarly, about half the world’s population lives on less than $3 per day.  

For both scenarios, the models define a carrying capacity – a total population level that a given environment’s resources can sustain over the long term. If the carrying capacity is overshot by too much, collapse becomes inevitable. That fate is avoidable, however. “If we make rational choices to reduce factors such as inequality, explosive population growth, the rate at which we deplete natural resources and the rate of pollution – all perfectly doable things – then we can avoid collapse and stabilise onto a sustainable trajectory,” Motesharrei said. “But we cannot wait forever to make those decisions.”

Western civilisation is not a lost cause, however. Using reason and science to guide decisions, paired with extraordinary leadership and exceptional goodwill, human society can progress to higher and higher levels of well-being and development, Homer-Dixon says. Even as we weather the coming stresses of climate change, population growth and dropping energy returns, we can maintain our societies and better them. But that requires resisting the very natural urge, when confronted with such overwhelming pressures, to become less cooperative, less generous and less open to reason. “The question is, how can we manage to preserve some kind of humane world as we make our way through these changes?” Homer-Dixon says.

The article does not mention one obvious factor, which is that a mass labour force is no longer a necessity, because, with artificial intelligence and machine learning, much work can now be automated and performed by non-human systems. This massive change is in its early stages. What happens to the all the many millions of people who are no longer required and are surplus to requirements ?

How did we arrive in this state of affairs ? I found these video interviews with Patrick Wood, I’d not seen before, which contain many fascinating gems of information that are not commonly mentioned, as he is explaining what he means by Technocracy.




Wood does not believe the climate science, he sees the world in terms of political intrigue and manipulation of populations by propaganda.

I do not understand how anyone can deny that the climate is warming, (although many do) because folks can go and inspect the changes and see them happening.

Why would people lie about the glaciers receding and archaeologists finding ancient artefacts exposed as the ice retreats ? Why would so many scientists from so many organisations and disparate nations fabricate what they measure ? I don’t believe that they do, although others will spin and exaggerate information to suit their various aims.

The separate question is why this warming is happening, and the consensus amongst the specialists is that human activity is the cause, via burning fossil fuels, destruction of forests, etc. You’ll no doubt have your own judgement on that, my dear reader. It can be both accurate correct science AND a globalist plot, simultaneously. Those two are not mutually exclusive. 

In Siberia, where it warms rapidly, the permafrost melts, and reveals the carcasses of mammoths that died long ago. This is one of the many indicators that our times are warmer than they have been, and changing at a shocking rate.

The interglacial Holocene has supported the development and growth of human civilizations, it has been the cradle of civilization, not to say their uterus. It started around 11,700 years before present with a sudden warming from the cold period called Younger Dryas. In only ten years time the temperature in Greenland rose with impressive 8 degrees, which corresponds to that North Europe’s climate was replaced with a Mediterranean climate. It is not known, what caused this rapid rise in temperature.

During the Holocene optimum parasitic plant mistletoe was widely found in southern Scandinavia. Today it grows further south, in southern England, Central and Southern Europe.

The hottest time in the Holocene occurred in the Stone Age about 8,000 years before present, it is called the Holocene Maximum. This warm climate continued largely through 3,500 years until 4,500 before present, when it was Neolithic period in Northern Europe.

It is assumed that the average temperature was 2-3 degrees higher than today’s. This is supported by the fact that plants such as mistletoe and the subtropical aquatic plant Trapa natans grew widespread in south Scandinavia. Linden, elm, spruce and oak were the the most common trees in northern Europe’s dense forests, which closed the continent’s interior into a big impenetrable forest.

In Denmark scientists have studied Stone Age settlements from the Holocene Climatic Optimum’s period and found bones of various terrestrial and marine animals, including swordfish, sturgeon, sardine and tuna, dalmatian pelican and pond turtle, all of which are species that today live in warmer climes.

Pine stub in Cairngorm Mountains that is 4,000 to 4,500 year old.

In Cairngorm Mountains in central Scotland you can find stubs of 4,000 – 4,500 old pine trees, which grew 650 meter above sea level. This altitude is slightly above the limit for dwarf trees and stunted trees today.

Another testimony of warmer climate in the past can be found in Dartmoor in Southern England, though slightly later than the Holocene Optimum. Here Bronze Age farmers cultivated the land in 450 meters above sea level, which should be compared with the absolute limit on agriculture today, that is an altitude of 300 meters.

There are some curious features concerning the Siberian mammoths and their remains. The permafrost is hundreds of meters deep, with a thin layer of soil on top which melts and refreezes each year. That’s the present situation, with increased melting happening annually as the Arctic warms.

How did the mammoths actually die, what killed them, how is it possible that they got buried and preserved ? It seems from some examples that they were killed and frozen very quickly, because there is intact grass in the stomachs that did not get digested. So it’s like they were killed by something and then almost instantly freeze-dried, before they could begin to decay or be eaten by scavengers, some process that halted the action of their digestive enzymes. How does a huge carcase like that get fast-frozen, and be in such a condition so that now, as melting ice exposes the body, the defrosted meat can still be eaten by dogs, even by humans ?

Not just the numerous mammoths, of course, there are also preserved rhinos, cave lions and other creatures. What killed them all, buried them, caused the rapid freezing to occur ? This is not a political question, the empirical evidence exists and can be studied and measured. Then the results have to be interpreted to decide what they may mean.

Of course, as soon as someone ventures to draw a conclusion, by deduction or inference, it becomes a political question, because those who do not like the conclusion, for some reason or other, will attempt to discredit the work, diminish the authority of the publishers, and even smear and silence them, whilst those who favour the conclusions will do all that they can to promote the work.

These two opposed positions are typically taken because they see some particular new research as fitting into their favoured grand narrative or meta narrative, for example, biological evolution, biblical creationism, intervention by aliens, or whatever. And then we are more or less back to the Right Brain v. Left Brain, Mythos v. Logos conflict I mentioned earlier.

The Irish monk and geographer Dicuil wrote the book “The Mensura Orbis Terrae” that became known at the Carolingian court in the year 825 AD. He described islands in the ocean that previously were inhabited by hermits, who now, however, have been displaced by Vikings. He provides a description from monks, who had lived in “Thule” until year 765 AD. They had experienced the frozen sea, which was located one day’s sailing to the north. They told of Thule that “there was no darkness to prevent any from doing, what they wanted to do”. Their description of the sun’s path as well as the temperature fits perfectly on Iceland.

A few months back, may even have been last year (whatever happened to last year ? Can you remember ?) the Vinay Gupta person said that the reason that capitalism is a white race thing, is because the Vikings were white, and capitalism is the Viking ‘raid and trade’ strategy, plus technology.

I really do not know whether that kind of ethnic or geographical determinism holds up to intellectual scrutiny or not. Certainly, the Vikings were remarkably resourceful and courageous adventurers, but capitalism first appeared several hundred years after their heyday, in England, which although influenced by an influx of Vikings and then conquered by their descendants, the Normans, was, and still is, genetically a mix of ancient people who were here thousands of years before Viking times, and Celtic and Anglo-Saxon people.

And surely there have been many other ethnic groups around the world who did their share of raiding and trading. I see it as pretty basic human conduct. If someone has something that you want, you can either offer to swap something that you possess, and negotiate an amicable exchange. Or else, you can take what you desire by trickery or force, against the will of the other who is dispossessed.

A dumb person might believe that the raid strategy is superior, you just steal whatever you want and do not have to part with anything you already own. But the problem is that the other party doesn’t like to be robbed and pillaged and so when it happens once or twice, they will come up with defensive counter measures, which may be lethal, and if you and your buddies are all dead, the pillaged treasure is not worth much.

What you really want, if your desire is to become wealthy and prosper, is a nice steady income stream, so trade is far better in that respect, build reliable trusted connections and contacts that last for generations and are mutually beneficial.

But it’s only a degree different to theft, really, because as with all of capitalism, the trick is to get the best end of the deal, even if the other guy is happy with what they receive. It’s basically like the European traders did, sailing down the West African coast to sell almost worthless glass beads and mirrors to the natives, in exchange for very valuable ivory, gold and slaves.

And once one guy has discovered a neat trick like that, and is getting richer than those around him, others try to discover how it’s being done and try to emulate the same tactics.

Of course, the simple inclination to be enterprising is quite a subtle thing, and scholars argue as to how it started and flourished in some countries and not others. And it’s taken many stages big jumps to grow into the complex capitalist behemoth which ravages the entire planet today.

An argument to support Vinay Gupta’s thesis, is that the Viking disposition or temperament was carried down from Scandinavia to France, where the Norsemen became the Normans of Normandy, and then conquered the whole of Britain. This meant that the the native elite of Anglo-Saxons and Romano-British families were brutally and violently replaced by the French speaking Norman aristocracy. Which meant that there was a class stratification, with a lot of accompanying hatred and resentment, between the owners of the land (Everything belonged to the monarch, still does really, and is then, as it were leased out to the lower orders, as a generous favour which can always be revoked. People believe that they own what is theirs, but technically, it’s all subject to the will of the King or Queen, ever since William the Bastard took over.

So the owners of the land became the owners of the means of production, with the serfs supplying the labour, if they wanted to eat. Once this class system was solidly established in England, it wasn’t hard to extend it out to any and every other part of the world, where the natives were to be seen as just a local variant of the English impoverished vulgar peasantry. Hardly above the level of farm animals.

But there must be more to it than that, because India has a similar caste stratification, and Russia also had a ruling aristocracy who owned the land and those who lived on it, and neither of them succeeded in developing capitalism and the industrial revolution. And the Russ were the eastern branch of those same Vikings that settled in Normandy, so perhaps the simple form of the Gupta thesis fails, and additional factors must be accounted for.

Anyway, the days when a talented blacksmith or gifted brewer could work hard, and marry the daughter of a similar entrepreneur in a neighboring village and thus found a prosperous middle class dynasty as a grassroots capitalist have long gone. We had the invention of the limited company, and then financialisation, and the Rothschilds learned the ultimate trick, which is that it’s not the people who invent stuff and do the actual work who matter, what matters is who controls and issues the money that the whole system requires if it is to function and grow.

If you can capture the banking system of a nation then you have the entire population under your control, even if the land is nominally owned by a monarch and an aristocratic elite. Everybody becomes subservient and ends up working to make profits for the bankers, and this is kept well concealed and most people never realise how it works.




Of course, as Henry Ford stated, if the masses ever came to realise just how unjust, iniquitous, evil, this rigged system is, there’d be a revolution. So elaborate means have been put into place to keep the structures hidden. It’s really no different to a mafia network, where money is extracted and flows along certain paths, which those who benefit must keep concealed from prying eyes, lest the revenue stream be interrupted by rival gangs, law enforcement or tax collectors. In this case, the mechanisms have to be kept secret and concealed from everyone who doesn’t have a share in the scheme. Which is most of the human population. This is the modern version of capitalism and Viking ‘raid and trade’, it’s basically legalised crime, or plunder and pillage concealed by a veil of economic disguises. (See Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism, and Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins.)

In 1954 CIA Director Allen Dulles rescued BP by launching Operation Ajax against Iran’s democratically-elected Mohamed Mossadegh.

That same year Dulles came to the aid of United Fruit Company in Guatemala, where nationalist Jacobo Arbenz was elected President on a platform promising land reform.  The leftist specifically targeted United Fruit’s 550,000 acre banana plantations for expropriation.  Dulles turned to his old employer Sullivan & Cromwell to plot the overthrow of Arbenz.  Sullivan was BP’s lawyer and legal counsel to J. Henry Schroeder Bank, the Warburg-controlled Hamburg bank that financed Adolf Hitler. [465]  Dallas oil king Clint Murchison bought two paper mills in Honduras in 1954 from Bush golfing buddy Walt Mischer.  Both had ties to the Marcello mob family in New Orleans. Kennedy assassin/Watergate plumber Howard Hunt, with help from Nicaraguan dictator Somoza, trained a Honduran-based militia to attack Arbenz. Frank Wisner, CIA Deputy Director of Plans, oversaw the operation.

In 1919, the Rothschild-dominated Bank of England planned to trick the United States into becoming a “British” colony again by joining the League of Nations. The League of the Nations, like the “British Empire”, was the bankers’ fiefdom, and this strategem would merely formalize a colonial status which already existed.

The bankers took over the U.S. during the Teddy Roosevelt Administration (1901-1909) when Rothschild front J.P. Morgan alone controlled 25% of American business.

The “Col. E.M. House Report”, is a chilling 10-page “progress report” dated June 10,1919 which proves the League of Nations was an aborted attempt at world government and a facade for banker tyranny. The Report reveals the reality and the tactics behind the United Nations and globalization.

House writes: “We have wrapped this plan in the peace treaty so that the world must accept from us the League or a continuance of the war. The League is in substance the Empire with America admitted on the same basis as our other colonies.”

The report oozes contempt for Americans and reveals the deceitful methods international finance employed almost 100 years ago to bring about world government. These goals and methods have not changed. If ever we needed proof of an elite conspiracy to subvert and enslave us, this is it.

Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim)  and  the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler.  While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

When the banking cartels have full dominance and control, extended via the so called intelligence agencies and various secret and semi-secret soceities (CIA, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg, Tavistock, Masons, Chabad-Lubovitch, etc, etc) what hope is there, if any, to make changes that will avoid more wars, more environmental devastation, and ever increasing suppression and exploitation of the vast majority who are not part of the criminal elite ?

We are told that we can vote, but as anyone who observes should be able to tell by now, the same people control all the options, via bribery and corruption, blackmail of placed paedophiles, and Manchurian Candidate shills and crisis actors of various flavours.

Agorists’ opposition to voting differs from the views of Murray Rothbard, who defended the act of voting.[10]

No other strategy for liberty can work. And yet, all this pales before the most important problem: Is a Libertarian Party evil per se? Is voting evil per se? My answer is no.

— Murray Rothbard

Konkin commented on Rothbard’s “Evil per se” argument saying “I wonder how open he would be to assuming the State is not evil per se and then continuing the discussion of some legislation, let us see where it leads him”.[11]

Rothbard openly denounced Konkin’s agorism as a means of representing wage workers:[12]

Konkin’s entire theory speaks only to the interests and concerns of the marginal classes who are self-employed. The great bulk of the people are full-time wage workers; they are people with steady jobs. Konkinism has nothing whatsoever to say to these people. To adopt Konkin’s strategy, then, would on this ground alone, serve up a dead end for the libertarian movement. We cannot win if there is no possibility of speaking to the concerns of the great bulk of wage earners in this and other countries.

— Murray Rothbard

Konkin responded to Rothbard’s criticism, noting, among many other points, that full-time wage workers already engage in counter-economic activities.[11]

Rothbard was also critical of agorism’s emphasis of Black Market based economics.[12]

Note that black markets are concentrated either in service industries or in commodities which are both valuable and easily concealed: jewels, gold, drugs, candy bars, stockings, etc. This is all well and good, but it still does not solve the problem: who will make automobiles, steel, cement, etc. How would they fare in the black market?

— Murray Rothbard

Konkin replied to Rothbard’s claims by stating how countries such as Burma and India have black market heavy industries. Konkin also pointed out how automobile making in general is heavily counter-economic with its use of outsourcing, illegal labor, and both tax and regulation evasion.[11]

I think that the fundamental economic principle of supply and demand is almost as intransigent as the laws of physics. The numbers of humans increase, so the value of each individual falls, their hands and energy are not in short supply, and with artificial intelligence and machine learning, most jobs will become automated, because machines are far less trouble to the owners of capital. They do not demand holidays, sick pay, pensions, etc. and if they can do the work cheaper and faster without breaks for eating and sleeping, then they outcompete their human rivals.

This used to be a threat to the working class who operated the equipment in factories, cleaned the offices and streets, and so forth, but now, machine intelligence as software can replace work done by middle class folks with PhDs.

A large percentage of the global population become surplus to requirements. Of course, they can still be used as cannon fodder or as sources for slaves, organ harvesting and prostitutes.

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  1. ulvfugl says:

    This was meant to be in the essay, but for some unknown reason the script refuses to run, so I’m adding it here.


  2. ulvfugl says:

    As we have previously reported, the entire national power grid has been mapped by adversaries of the United States and it is believed that sleep trojans or malware may exist within the computer systems that maintain the grid.

    In a 2016 report it was noted that our entire way of life has been left vulnerable to saboteurs who could cause cascading blackouts across the United States for days or weeks at a time:

    It isn’t just EMPs and natural disaster that poses a threat to the grid, but there is also the potential for attacks on individual power substations in the vast network of decentralized and largely unguarded power grid chain. A U.S. government study established that there would be “major, extended blackouts if more than three key substations were destroyed.”

    Whether by criminals, looters, terrorists, gangs or pranksters, it would take very little to bring down the present system, and there is currently very little the system can do to protect against this wide open threat.

    Whether the current outages are the result of a targeted infrastructure cyber attack or simply a coincidence, most Americans think the impossible can’t happen, as The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington highlights, a grid-down scenario won’t just be a minor inconvenience if it goes on for more than a day or two:

    Consider, for a moment, how drastically your life would change without the continuous flow of energy the grid delivers. While manageable during a short-term disaster, losing access to the following critical elements of our just-in-time society would wreak havoc on the system.

    Challenges or shut downs of business commerce
    Breakdown of our basic infrastructure: communications, mass transportation, supply chains
    Inability to access money via atm machines
    Payroll service interruptions
    Interruptions in public facilities – schools, workplaces may close, and public gatherings.
    Inability to have access to clean drinking water
    It is for this reason that we have long encouraged Americans to prepare for this potentially devastating scenario by considering emergency food reserves, clean water reserves and even home defense strategies in the event of a widespread outage. The majority of Americans have about 3 days worth of food in their pantry. Imagine for a moment what Day 4 might look like in any major city that goes dark.

  3. ulvfugl says:

    America has always had its divisions, and Americans have never really been a monolith. We’ve always been a nation of many nations. The culture of New England is different from the culture of the Deep South, which is different from the cultures in the West Coast or the Midwest. People living in the cities have different beliefs than people who live in the countryside. Within those areas, there are ethnic, linguistic, and religious enclaves. It’s always kind of been like that (probably to a lesser degree in the past), and somehow we’ve been able to find enough common ground to keep this country together for more than a century.

    However, something has changed. You can feel it in the air. Our nation has clearly never been this divided since the Civil War. A lot of people noticed it after the last election, but the truth is that these divisions have been deepening for decades, and they’re just now reaching a very noticeable breaking point. That’s obvious enough when you look at how the left and the right have been going at each other. It used to be a war of words, but it’s turning into something very dark.

    Consider what happened last week in Berkeley after Trump supporters and counter protesters clashed for the third time. 21 people were arrested and 11 were injured (that we know of), six of who had to be taken to the hospital. At least one person was stabbed. The police confiscated confiscated knives, stun guns, and poles. One Trump supporter admitted to being surrounded, pepper sprayed, and beaten with sticks by a mob of “protesters.”

    But wait, that’s not the dark part. After these groups clashed, the leftist protesters took to Reddit and admitted that they lost this particular battle (I can’t believe I’m using the word “battle” to describe it), and that it was time for them to attain more combat training and better weapons, including firearms.

    Do you see what’s going on here?

  4. ulvfugl says:

    In what has ostensibly become the largest crowd-sourced investigation in history, accidental journalist George Webb is leading the charge in an ongoing project that ties together the people, places and events of endemic corruption across federal, state and local agencies in his 4-month-old YouTube investigative series. Now boasting more than 22K Subscribers with an estimated 2M views, the series is perfectly illustrative of the shifting paradigm in modern day news coverage. And while citizen journalism certainly isn’t a new phenomenon, never before have individuals had a platform with such expansive reach whereby their work can be shared, vetted and further developed in real time. Almost as important is that these individuals who were once defamed, harassed and isolated into silence now have vast online communities to support them, validate and refine their work, and provide a venue for exposing the penalties harshly visited upon those who dare defy the Establishment by speaking out.

  5. ulvfugl says:

    There are many examples of this phenomenon in worms and mice, but the study of environmental epigenetic inheritance in humans is a hotly debated topic, and there’s still a lot we don’t know.

    “Inherited effects in humans are difficult to measure due to the long generation times and difficulty with accurate record keeping,” states one recent review of epigenetic inheritance.

    But some research suggests that events in our lives can indeed affect the development of our children and perhaps even grandchildren – all without changing the DNA.

    For example, studies have shown that both the children and grandchildren of women who survived the Dutch famine of 1944-45 were found to have increased glucose intolerance in adulthood.

    Other researchers have found that the descendants of Holocaust survivors have lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps your body bounce back after trauma.

    The latest study on nematodes is an important step towards understanding more about our own epigenetic inheritance – especially because it serves as a remarkable demonstration of how long-lasting these inter-generational effects may be.

  6. ulvfugl says:

    April 20 + 21: school board members in California and Kentucky arrested on charges related to human trafficking + child pornography

    ] Godwillwin [S] 5 points (+5|-0) 7 hours ago (edited 7 hours ago)
    Did they arrest the people killing and torturing the babies? How do people become so evil?! how can they do such things. I’m in my late 30s and I’ve always known there were child molesters, but I honestly didn’t know people actually raped infants until about 10 years ago when I saw someone was charged with that on the news. The thought LITERALLY had never crossed my mind. I even thought thy must have made a mistake charging him. I had the most difficult time believing that was something that a human could bring themselves to do.

    Ignorance was bliss. I’ll never forget that day. When my husband got home from work, I told him how disturbed I was and that I’d never be the same. Fast forward a decade, and I’ve been Shaken to my core again. I’ll never be the same after what I’ve learned researching pedogate


    rwb 2 points (+2|-0) 6 hours ago (edited 5 hours ago)
    Another textbook example of the impending collapse of Western civilization. In an ideal world, of course such crimes would never occur, but in a perhaps less than ideal world, thousands of Melbourne citizens would be encircling City Hall, Parliament, and the Courts as we speak, armed with anything that is long and weighty, and would lay siege for as long as it would take to provide Mathew David Graham and the judge with an express ride into the next world for the indignity of such a judicial miscarriage.


  7. ulvfugl says:

  8. ulvfugl says:

    “If this was the case Homo floresiensis would have evolved before the earliest Homo habilis, which would make it very archaic indeed,” she said.

    Origins of Indonesian hobbits finally revealed
    Credit: Australian National University
    Professor Mike Lee of Flinders University and the South Australian Museum, used statistical modeling to analyse the data.

    “When we did the analysis there was really clear support for the relationship with Homo habilis. Homo floresiensis occupied a very primitive position on the human evolutionary tree,” Professor Lee said.

    “We can be 99 per cent sure it’s not related to Homo erectus and nearly 100 per cent chance it isn’t a malformed Homo sapiens,” Professor Lee said.

  9. ulvfugl says:

    What we retain from this first vignette is that, like Antaeus, you cannot separate knowledge from contact with the ground. Actually, you cannot separate anything from contact with the ground. And the contact with the real world is done via skin in the game –have an exposure to the real world, and pay a price for its consequences, good or bad. The abrasions of your skin guide your learning and discovery, a mechanism of organic signaling, what the Greeks called pathemata mathemata (guide your learning through pain, something mothers of young children know rather well). Most things that we believe were “invented” by universities were actually discovered by tinkering and later legitimized by some type of formalization. I have shown in Antifragile how the knowledge we get by tinkering, via trial and error, experience, and the workings of time, in other words, contact with the earth, is vastly superior to that obtained through reasoning, something universities have been very busy hiding from us.

  10. ulvfugl says:

  11. ulvfugl says:

    The U.S. power grid appears to have been hit with multiple power outages affecting San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

    Officials report that business, traffic and day-to-day life has come to a standstill in San Francisco, reportedly the worst hit of the three major cities currently experiencing outages.

    Power companies in all three regions have yet to elaborate on the cause, though a fire at a substation was the original reason given by San Francisco officials.

  12. ulvfugl says:

    Orwell was near prophetic in describing the proliferation of listening devices in both public and private settings as well as “telescreens”, which simultaneously broadcast propaganda while relaying live video feeds back to the Party watchers. In Orwell’s chilling story, free will and individuality are sacrificed to the extreme demands of Collectivism and in deference to complete societal control by an authoritarian government.

    Compared and Contrasted

    In both, Brave New World and 1984, common themes are addressed including government, orthodoxy, social hierarchy, economics, love, sex, and power. Both books portray propaganda as a necessary tool of government to shape the collective minds of the citizenry within each respective society and towards the specific goals of the state; to wit, stability and continuity.

  13. ulvfugl says:

    War, earthquakes, refugees, poverty — we often think that all of these things are bad for business. However, according to the book, “Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe”, by Antony Loewenstein, corporations and companies are finding ways to make more and more money out of disasters. Not only that, they manage to perpetuate the conditions of disaster, in order to profit ever more from them.

    Joining us today from Jerusalem is the book’s author, Antony Loewenstein. Antony is an independent Australian journalist, documentary-maker and blogger, who has written for the BBC, The Nation and the Washington Post. He’s also a weekly Guardian columnist, and the author of several best-selling books.

    So good to have you with us today, Antony.

    ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN: Thanks for having me. Thank you.

    GREGORY WILPERT: Two of your blurbs on your book, the one by Naomi Klein and by Jeremy Scahill, essentially say that your book continues where Naomi Klein’s book, “The Shock Doctrine”, leaves off, and actually you make this argument more or less in the introduction of your book, as well. Explain to us briefly what the central argument of the “Shock Doctrine” was, and how your book continues Naomi Klein’s analysis.

  14. ulvfugl says:

  15. ulvfugl says:

  16. ulvfugl says:

    A DANGEROUS IDEA is a cautionary tale about the powerful current of biological determinism that has eroded the idea of equality throughout modern American history. It reveals how scientists and policy makers have promoted genetic pseudoscience to roll back gains on race, class, and gender equality based on the false idea that genes determine who we are and what we can achieve. Like no other film before it, A DANGEROUS IDEA maps the front lines in the battle for the soul of this country, as economic and ideological interests continue to use the gene myth to unravel the American Dream.

  17. ulvfugl says:

  18. ulvfugl says:

    One of the best accounts I’ve come across. The connection between Adam Weishaupt (Illuminati), Rothschilds, the Sabbateans, and ruling nations by controlling their money, c. 28: British Israelites, Donmeh, etc.
    Churchill was a SABBATEAN Jew.

    Published on 7 Sep 2015
    Sabbatai Zevi declared himself the Messiah in 1666, proclaiming that redemption was available through acts of sin. Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies. After Sabbati Zevi’s death in 1676, his Kabbalist successor, Jacob Frank, expanded upon and continued his occult philosophy. Jacob Frank would eventually enter into an alliance formed by Adam Weishaupt and Meyer Amshel Rothschild called the Order of the Illuminati. The objectives of this organization was to undermine the world’s religions and power structures, in an effort to usher in a utopian era of global communism, which they would covertly rule by their hidden hand: the New World Order. Using secret societies, such as the Freemasons, their agenda has played itself out over the centuries, staying true to the script. The Illuminati handle opposition by a near total control of the world’s media, academic opinion leaders, politicians and financiers.

    1666 Redemption Through Sin by Robert Sepehr

  19. ulvfugl says:

    Some curious connections…

    Bana Alabed
    Bana, a seven-year-old Syrian girl from Aleppo, is known worldwide for her tweets during the siege of the city in 2016.

  20. ulvfugl says:

    Big nuclear drill in NYC, “Gotham Shield” exercise to simulate a 10 kiloton detonation over Manhattan.

    Note that neither Russia nor China is going to be hitting NYC with 10 kiloton weapons . . . Russian ICBMs tend to have warheads with 800 kiloton yields, which is why that size warhead was used to describe its effects over midtown Manhattan in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, see

    These drills are designed to give the impression that there is a defense against strategic nuclear war, that a nuclear attack can be dealt with by FEMA, that nuclear war is survivable even if you live in NYC. In reality. NYC would probably be hit with at least several 800 kiloton warheads, maybe 10-20, as would Washington D.C.

    Primary strategic targets for both the US and Russia include political and military leadership, nuclear and conventional forces, and military-industrial infrastructure.

    The US has about 320 cities with populations greater than 100,000; Russia has slightly more than 200 such cities. Both the US and Russia each have 800 to 1000 launch-ready strategic nuclear warheads (minimum explosive power 100 kilotons) that can be launched with only a few minutes warning. Several thousand additional strategic warheads can be launched within another hour or so. It is not a stretch to think that most big cities would get hit in such an exchange.

    Here is the description from the BAS article “What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead were detonated above midtown Manhattan?”:

    The initial fireball: The warhead would probably be detonated slightly more than a mile above the city, to maximize the damage created by its blast wave. Within a few tenths of millionths of a second after detonation, the center of the warhead would reach a temperature of roughly 200 million degrees Fahrenheit (about 100 million degrees Celsius), or about four to five times the temperature at the center of the sun.

    A ball of superheated air would form, initiallly expanding outward at millions of miles per hour. It would act like a fast-moving piston on the surrounding air, compressing it at the edge of the fireball and creating a shockwave of vast size and power.

    After one second, the fireball would be roughly a mile in diameter. It would have cooled from its initial temperature of many millions of degrees to about 16,000 degrees Fahrenheit, roughly 4,000 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun.

    On a clear day with average weather conditions, the enormous heat and light from the fireball would almost instantly ignite fires over a total area of about 100 square miles.

    No survivors: Within tens of minutes, everything within approximately five to seven miles of Midtown Manhattan would be engulfed by a gigantic firestorm. The fire zone would cover a total area of 90 to 152 square miles (230 to 389 square kilometers). The firestorm would rage for three to six hours. Air temperatures in the fire zone would likely average 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (200 to 260 Celsius).

    After the fire burned out, the street pavement would be so hot that even tracked vehicles could not pass over it for days. Buried, unburned material from collapsed buildings throughout the fire zone could burst into flames when exposed to air—months after the firestorm had ended.

    Those who tried to escape through the streets would have been incinerated by the hurricane-force winds filled with firebrands and flames. Even those able to find shelter in the lower-level sub-basements of massive buildings would likely suffocate from fire-generated gases or be cooked alive as their shelters heated to oven-like conditions.

    The fire would extinguish all life and destroy almost everything else. Tens of miles downwind of the area of immediate destruction, radioactive fallout would begin to arrive within a few hours of the detonation.

    Posted by: Perimetr | Apr 22, 2017 1:15:37 PM | 18

  21. ulvfugl says:

    Members of the radical left such as domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, other paid Soros agitators, and brainwashed students and their wannabe hip parents, are serving as useful idiots to the globalist elite.

    They’re purposefully creating chaos in cities across the Western world and inflicting random acts of violence upon citizens – particularly white conservative leaning citizens (but no one is immune) – in an attempt to undermine President Trump’s authority and to intimidate people into fear of expressing their support for him.

    The mainstream media has added gasoline to the fire and is practically endorsing violence and property damage at this point.

    It’s possible that this could get much worse. It’s also likely that other events in the near future could spark further unrest.

    For this reasons it’s wise to prepare yourself and your family in the following 5 ways:

  22. ulvfugl says:

  23. ulvfugl says:

    Posted April 22, 2017 at 5:54 pm | Permalink
    Who was the Anthroposophist? Anthroposophy has long been co-opted by the spooks.

    GA Bondarev, a Russian is interesting, kicked out of the AS I think for not going along with the new Aushwitz as Golgotha play.
    Has written a two volume examination of the Philosophy of Freedom, and recently done an interesting article on Ukraine crisis

    Also at this site we have some interesting titles….that take on the direction that Steiner opened with his lectures during World War I called the Karma of Untruthfulness, about the
    secret societies of the west who pushed the war. Some interesting reads here:

    Posted April 22, 2017 at 5:58 pm | Permalink
    Richard Cook:

  24. ulvfugl says:

    Operation Tinseltown: How the CIA manipulates Hollywood
    The CIA has a long history of “spooking the news,” dating back to its earliest days when the legendary spymaster Allen Dulles and his top staff drank and dined regularly with the press elite of New York and Washington, and the agency boasted hundreds of U.S. and foreign journalists as paid and unpaid assets.

    The intelligence empire’s efforts to manufacture the truth and mold public opinion are more vast and varied than ever before. One of its foremost assets? Hollywood.
    The agency has established a very active spin machine in the heart of the entertainment capital, which works strenuously to make sure the cloak-and-dagger world is presented in heroic terms.

    Ever since its inception in 1947, the CIA has been covertly working with Hollywood.
    But it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the agency formally hired an entertainment industry liaison and began openly courting favorable treatment in films and television.
    During the Clinton presidency, the CIA took its Hollywood strategy to a new level—trying to take more control of its own mythmaking. In 1996, the CIA hired one of its veteran clandestine officers, Chase Brandon, to work directly with Hollywood studios and production companies to upgrade its image.

  25. ulvfugl says:

  26. ulvfugl says:

  27. ulvfugl says:

  28. ulvfugl says:

  29. ulvfugl says:

  30. ulvfugl says:

  31. ulvfugl says:

    The three words were “Benghazi human trafficking”.

  32. ulvfugl says:


    Please watch & then share by all means possible … Vanessa Beeley is an independent journalist who occasionally appears on RT to discuss Syria, live Eva Bartlet she has more credibility than the MSM because she is actually there amongst the eyewitnesses & not holed up in the Sheraton in Tel Aviv like the MSM who described this incident as a ‘mishap’.

    It is useful info to offset the MSM and western narratives on Syria – it is important to hear from Syrians in Syria, please spread the word.

    Posted by: Stephen Bell | Apr 22, 2017 10:41:57 PM | 37

  33. ulvfugl says:

    Before we can get involved in substantive arguments about the Foreign Secretary’s assertions, we really do need to clarify precisely what it is he and his officials are claiming. The only attempt I have seen at such clarification was made by Charles Shoebridge, a former army officer and Scotland Yard detective, on ‘Twitter’.

    His attempt was provoked by a ‘tweet’ from a British diplomat in Washington covering Syria and the Middle East, Benjamin Norman, repeating the Foreign Secretary’s claims. ‘Furthermore, “we know from shell fragments in the crater that sarin had not only been used”, but it was #Assad’s sarin’, Mr Norman ‘tweeted’. And he went on to add ‘Got cut off by Twitter character limits, but analysis of samples shows chemical markers of Assad’s sarin supply.’

    The thread shows Shoebridge attempting to secure clarification, and in so doing putting the crucial question – which ‘chemical markers’ were at issue. At 8.46 am on 19 April he ‘tweeted’: ‘Thanks for reply: To be clear, CW from 4.4.17 an exact match of @OPCW samples of old Syria govt sarin stocks?’ At 12.48pm, Norman responded: ‘You’re welcome! Think it is a question of same markers, but will check.’

    So, when the Foreign Secretary was making confident assertions to the House, a British diplomat in Washington specialising in Syria did not really have a clear idea what he was claiming. It is now 22 April, and Norman has provided no clarification. We still do now know precisely what HMG are suggesting the test results at Porton Down prove, and it is not clear whether the Foreign Secretary does either.

    The article Mr Johnson wrote in the ‘Telegraph’ was headlined ‘Assad’s murderous behaviour offers an opportunity for Russia to end a tyranny.’ In his remarks to the House, he said that it ‘will be essential to have a political process that preserves the institutions of the Syrian state while decapitating the monster.’

    The case that the Russian government has made is that critical evidence purporting to prove that Assad is a ‘monster’ is the product of ‘false flag’ operations. That our signal failure to ‘preserve the institutions’ of the Iraqi and Libyan states, while ‘decapitating’ them, gives reason for scepticism about our ability to do any better in Syria is also central to the case the Russians have made about how the situation there is best handled.

  34. ulvfugl says:


    Like Thiriart, de Benoist also underwent an intellectual journey that ended in his wholesale rejection of Americanized culture, Western capitalism, and globalization. He spoke in favor of the reorganization of Europe as a single, unified entity divided into tiny, culturally distinct ethno-political communities. Moreover, he preached a return to the pagan roots of the continent and the establishment of a neo-feudal order along the lines of “Indo-European, Nordic, Celtic, Greek, and Roman” models.18

    In light of his allies’ sympathy toward the Soviet regime, Dugin was forced to reexamine some of his convictions. Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, however, his intellectual shift did not appear so drastic. Support for the defeated empire against the liberal status quo suddenly took on an invigorating, avant-garde character, and while Dugin continued to reject Marxism and Leninism, he began to speak up in favor of “Sovietism.”

    Dugin sought to translate his new red-brown ideology into real power and influence in Russian politics, albeit with little initial success. In 1991, he supported the failed Communist coup that tried to remove Mikhail Gorbachev from power and return the Soviet Union to its former glory. In 1993, he made another misstep, supporting the Russian parliament’s failed attempt to dismiss president Boris Yeltsin. It was during this period, however, that Dugin built his journalistic career. He joined the editorial team of the radical nationalist newspaper Den’ (“Today”), which later changed its name to Zavtra (“Tomorrow”). He also founded a monthly periodical, Elementy (“Elements”), the almanac Milyi Angel (“Dear Angel”), and appeared on various radio shows. Between 1990 and 1991, Dugin established a research center and a publishing house named Arctogea (“Northern Land”), where he published his books and translated the writings of his favorite Western thinkers, including René Guénon, Julius Evola, and Carl Schmitt, into Russian.

    Throughout the 1990s, Dugin stood at the forefront of radical opposition to the Russian government. In 1994, he created the National Bolshevik Party in cooperation with the controversial author Eduard Limonov.19 At the same time, he improved his relations with sympathizers outside of Russia. He met frequently with leaders of the European New Right, such as Thiriart, de Benoist, the Flemish nationalist Robert Steukers, and others. He even arranged their participation in a roundtable discussion in Moscow in 1992. That same year, he met with Christian Bouchet, head of the French headquarters of the occult society Ordo Templi Orientis (“Order of the Temple of the East”), whose past leaders include the infamous “magician” Aleister Crowley.20

    Dugin’s political hopes, however, were soon dashed. In 1995, he ran for a seat in parliament as a representative for St. Petersburg and received less than 1 percent of the vote. Besides the fleeting publicity it received for various minor acts of political hooliganism, such as throwing food in the faces of hated politicians, the National Bolshevik Party failed to gain public recognition. In 1996, Dugin and Limonov had a falling out. Two years later, Dugin and his handful of followers left the party altogether. His public career was at its nadir, but he did not give up. The future would soon prove this to have been a wise decision.

    Dugin’s failures as a politician throughout the 1990s led him to reevaluate some of his choices. He came to realize that his oppositional stance had led him to an impasse. His associations with esoteric, anti-Christian traditions and the European New Right had gained him nothing and left him devoid of any significant power or influence. As a result, when he distanced himself from the National Bolshevik Party, he also made an ideological readjustment. Although he did not abandon his radical ideas, he began to express views more acceptable to the establishment. In 1997, for example, this former friend of the Satanists suddenly reemerged as a devout Russian Orthodox Christian. In the same year, he published The Foundations of Geopolitics: Russia’s Geopolitical Future, Thinking Spatially in which he presented the fundamental concepts of Eurasianism, which later became the cornerstone of his ideology and public activities.21

    Dugin’s concept of Eurasia, it must be noted, is not his original creation. It was first contrived by a group of Russian exiles in Europe in the 1920s. Its founding father was Prince Nikolai Trubetskoy, who abandoned Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution and settled in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, which had a large population of “White” Russian exiles. In his book Europe and Mankind, published in 1920, Trubetskoy described Russia as an indispensable part of Eurasia.22 He held that Russia was a distinct entity, not only ethnically, but also religiously, morally, and politically. It was founded on the combined legacy of the Mongolian Empire and the Byzantine religious tradition, which had been assimilated by the Slavic race. Europe, on the other hand, was the cradle of Roman-Germanic culture. This civilization, said Trubetskoy, had undergone a comprehensive process of secularization and had now adopted a post-Christian value system that placed individualism, egoism, competition, materialism, and technological advancement over all other values. A destructive hubris, marked by subservience to material rather than spiritual values, gave European civilization a coarse and aggressive streak that manifested itself in, among other things, its determination to impose its ways on the entire world. Trubetskoy saw the dissemination of Western culture in the name of supposedly “universal” ideals as a spiritual epidemic that threatened both Russia and humanity as a whole. The Romanov dynasty, he claimed, had collapsed because it was a “westernizing” regime, in thrall to European ways. The two revolutions of 1917, argued the prince, were eruptions of the true, primordial Russia: the Eurasian “Muscovite Kingdom” which had risen up against the Europeanized “St. Petersburg Empire.”

    Gumilev also warned against the Jews. Indeed, his antisemitism was overt and unmistakable. The Jewish people, he claimed, is an ancient ethnos that lost its homeland and has since been surviving as a parasite, feeding off its host nations. As a result, the Jews are not “complementary” with other ethnoses, and are also incompatible with their ecological surroundings, because they live without a land. In a similar fashion, Gumilev attacked America, which he believed was infected with Jewishness, thus rendering it a parasitic power that sustained itself only by looting the resources of other ethnoses.25

    In the eyes of his academic peers, Gumilev’s ideas were embarrassing, and they were largely silenced. For the most part, scholars dismissed his theories as baseless speculations—an amalgam of exaggerated observations based on insufficient and occasionally imaginary data.26 In 1988, however, Gumilev’s reputation underwent an unexpected reversal. The death throes of the communist bloc were accompanied by a renaissance in pseudo-scientific nationalist theories. The views of the controversial historian suddenly became popular.

    Gumilev did not live long enough to enjoy his newfound fame. He died in 1992, and was quickly replaced by his intellectual successor: Aleksandr Dugin. Combining Gumilev’s ideas with various other geopolitical theories, Dugin describes Russia as a rising Eurasian power that originated in a fusion of the Turkic and Slavic cultures.27 Russian identity, he argues, stems from a combination of Northern-Nordic and Eastern elements, a marriage between the authoritarian characteristics of the “white men” and the esoteric heritage of the “yellow men.” His positive view of this merger, however, sets him apart from other Russian nationalists, who tend to be extremely xenophobic. While Dugin often uses the terminology of race theory and the rhetoric of blut und boden (“blood and soil”), he nevertheless shuns biological interpretations of these terms and explicitly rejects antisemitism.28

    As he explains it, the identities of which he speaks are essentially cultural, and the nationalism he advocates—if one can even call it nationalism—is not rooted in blind loyalty to any one ethnic group, but to a state that is made up of a variety of such groups.
    Dugin also differs from Gumilev in his choice of enemies. In his view, it is not Europe but “Atlantica,” the Anglo-Saxon alliance led by the United States, which opposes Russia and seeks its demise. He believes that this confrontation is rooted in a natural rivalry between the two powers: Eurasian Russia is a land-based society (tellurocratic in Dugin’s terminology), as opposed to Anglo-Saxon Atlantica, which is a sea-based empire (thalassocratic).29 Dugin, following in the footsteps of other geopolitical theorists, claims that the ongoing struggle between continental and maritime civilizations is the driving force, the engine, of world history.30 According to Dugin, land-based empires are inclined to respect cultural differences and variety, whereas sea-based powers aspire to control their surroundings through imposing political, economic, and cultural homogeneity upon them. Atlanticism, Dugin asserts, seeks to subject the entire world to the American model, which it believes to be the greatest achievement of mankind. Dugin, however, sees it as all that is loathsome and contemptible:

  35. ulvfugl says:

  36. ulvfugl says:

  37. ulvfugl says:


    The story goes that seafarer Robert Edwards had no immediate use for the land. In 1778, a 99-year lease on the plot was given to brothers John and George Cruger.

    According to a copy of the deeds held in Glamorgan Archives the lease, for “77 acres, three rods and two perches”, was to run from “a stake set in the ground at high water mark near Beatavers Kittleje”.

    “This has been going on for 160 years,” he said.

    As well as a pirate, he has been described as an army captain, a navy officer, a ship builder, and saviour of an Indian princess whose father granted him the land for saving his daughter’s life.

  38. ulvfugl says:

    rejected’s picture
    rejected Apr 23, 2017 9:32 AM
    War drums are beating Merica. The hype is hyping. Another country, another war. More weapons, troops, money needed.

    The leader is a thug, a butcher, a crazed lunatic.

    Remember Waco, Branch Dividians,,, illegal weapons,,, raping children,,, burning said children to a crisp,,, Ruby Ruby ridge,,, killing a mother holding her child,,, killing a boy for having a gun,,, the blowing up of Murrah building in Ok City, blown up from the inside out,,, WTC bombing 1, FBI allowed,,, WTC 2, Jihadists with student pilot license overcome US air defenses three times,,, WMD,,, Yellow Cake,,, Killing babies in incubators,,, giving troops viagra to rape women,,, the butcher of Serbia,,, the gulf of Tonkin, gassing civilians,,, The Domino theory,,,

    MAGA,,, How many lies does it take Americans?

    restelle’s picture
    restelle rejected Apr 23, 2017 9:49 AM
    Your comment is spot on. I just laugh at basically all “news” anyomre.

    Worrying about “world” events that might affect us is just as insane as getting emotional about a sports game or a WWE event.

    slobbermut’s picture
    slobbermut rejected Apr 23, 2017 9:48 AM
    Totally agree about war and the US as World’s Policeman – but honestly, N.K. is way way different than Syria & Ukraine…where we have no business being; not to mention the US military, after 8 years of Obama sabotage is ill prepared (as is the US electric grid) for military conflict – even so the US simply CAN’T ALLOW N.Korea’s already formidable military to become any more powerful.

    restelle’s picture
    restelle slobbermut Apr 23, 2017 9:53 AM
    North Korea’s military ( the one they show us ) actors appear to be old half starven dudes with shitty weapons that are probably non functioning props.

    They pose no danger to anyone out side their realm. If it’s even there anymore.

    Breezy47’s picture
    Breezy47 Apr 23, 2017 9:31 AM
    The jackass American in North Korea deserves to be arrested just for stupid enough to go there.

    NoWayJose’s picture
    NoWayJose Apr 23, 2017 9:28 AM
    Any American in NK is either a spy or is too stupid to worry about.

  39. ulvfugl says:

  40. ulvfugl says:

    The people are not falling for the Democratic Party scam of “Russian interference”. They obviously see the fault where it belongs. Unless the party shuns its Clinton/Obama legacy and reengages in voter-oriented politics it is likely to fail again and again.

    And no – promoting Chelsea Clinton will not do anything good at all.

    Posted by b on April 23, 2017 at 10:25 AM | Permalink

  41. ulvfugl says:

    We tend to think of ‘good science’ as being all about samples, statistics and replicated experiments. These are the fundamental tools with which we determine factual truth. But most people outside the scientific community (and perhaps those who work on large farms) believe that animals have personalities. Most of us never confront a statistically ordered sample of animal behaviour. Putative claims such as ‘Dogs are more intelligent than cats’ – a debatable proposition – are met not with scientific counter-evidence, but with ‘Ah, but you have not met my cat.’

    When it comes to humans, we readily turn a scientific lens on the individual. While demography looks at whole societies and sub-populations, psychology attends to individual minds. Because humans can talk and account for themselves, we have rich descriptions of the kind of creatures we are, all the way from species to groups to families to individuals. With other animals, though, it’s impossible to attain this level of insight. A lab rat will never be able to describe its neuroses to us from the comfort of a tiny chaise longue.

    But it’s important to maintain a scientific distinction between probability and possibility – the difference between what can be expected of an animal drawn from a particular population, and what a single creature might be capable of when stretched to its limits. For example, in a lab in Oxford in 2002, a New Caledonian crow named Betty bent a piece of wire into a hook to reach an otherwise inaccessible pot of food. She could do this consistently but, being an individual crow, Betty did not, in herself, demonstrate that any New Caledonian crow will make hooks when necessary. Alone, she suggested that some can make hooks in certain situations.

    Researchers expressed similar misgivings about the language skills of Alex, an African Grey parrot who was trained for three decades by the American animal researcher Irene Pepperberg. Alex was able to construct novel phrases from words he’d learnt in other contexts, and could deploy concepts and numbers meaningfully. While the research was applauded as an impressive example of one animal’s learning, it was also criticised for dealing with only one bird.

    As it happens, Betty and Alex did not turn out to be one-off marvels; other members of their species showed similar levels of progress. But even if these birds had been singular prodigies, their existence would tell us something about crows and parrots that a large sample size might not. The distinction between these domains of knowledge need not be controversial. In 2012, for example, a male Goffin’s cockatoo in a lab in Vienna used a short stick to reach through a mesh cage for a nut. He went on to demonstrate that ability several more times, and to teach it to cockatoos observing him. In general, it’s still true to say that Goffin’s cockatoos do not use tools. But Figaro’s behaviour absolutely happens – the capability exists, even if it’s not activated very often – and seems to be available to other members of the species, even if they haven’t innovated it for themselves.

    So many scientists exhibit astounding stupidity, because they exist having been indoctrinated into a mistaken philosophical paradigm.

  42. ulvfugl says:

  43. ulvfugl says:

    National Security Advisor Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster’s past affiliation with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has created fresh concerns after research conducted by Disobedient Media revealed that the British think tank has taken funding from multiple governments in the Middle East and organizations tied to George Soros. McMaster’s former position with the IISS indicates a potential conflict of interest given the think tanks’ financial ties to sponsors who are anti-American and in some cases, states sponsors of terrorism.

  44. ulvfugl says:

  45. ulvfugl says:

    SQuinn said…
    The propaganda relies on short American memories (except for events 79 years ago). Popular radio talk show host Michael Savage (ranked #1 in streaming audience), who was a huge Trump supporter and no doubt was responsible for Trump’s victory, has been disgusted with Trump’s attack on Syria and caving to the neocons. He is one of the strongest voices out there against the necons and the regime change in Syria. The beginning of his show on 4/13 was awesome and he compared the characterization of Assad with that of America’s greatest hero during our Civil War. Col. Lang will especially appreciate it. It’s the first minute of his show:

    Reply 23 April 2017 at 09:24 AM

    Babak Makkinejad said…
    David Habakkuk:

    The issues surrounding Khan Sheikhun – the nature of the incident, the identification of the perpetrators, and the appropriate response (whether international in nature or not) can no longer be separated from the political postures of the Fortress West versus Shia Islam, Judaism, and the Russian Federation.

    Here below is a link from an Australian colonel, a veteran of Iraq War of 2003, who is very clearly an enemy of the Shia and a friend of Israel.

    This is a Fortress West alliance-wide posture, in my opinion. And furthermore, I think that even a proper and dispassionate inquest into the incident in Khan Sheikhun will do nothing to dissolve this enmity toward Shia Islam or Iran.

    On the disposition of Palestine, on the disposition of Iraq, and on the security of the Persian Gulf Iran, the Shia State, and her allies are in complete disagreement with Fortress West and the Gulfies.

    On the disposition of the Levant and in Afghanistan, Iran and the Russian Federation are one side and the Fortress West (and Pakistan) are on the other.

    Neither of these postures are amenable to any amicable resolution, specially after the Iranian offer of settlement based on spheres of influence was rejected.

    I think that all sides are quite comfortable with a war of attrition; which likely will not end in our lifetimes.

    Reply 23 April 2017 at 11:01 AM

    pmr9 said…
    I hadn’t noticed the reports of the autopsies on three victims in Turkey until b drew attention to them in an earlier thread.

    The Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ stated that

    “An autopsy was conducted in Adana on three bodies taken from Idlib. A representative for the World Heath Organization, representatives from the OPCW and forensic experts participated in the autopsy. As a result of the autopsy, it has been determined that a chemical weapon was used. The forensic report has clearly revealed this.”

    Subsequent statements clarified that OPCW representatives were present at the autopsy but did not “participate”.

    The Turkish Health Ministry stated on 6 April that “Pulmonary edema, a rise in the weight of and bleeding in the lungs were detected in the initial findings of the autopsy,” and “Based on the test results, evidence was detected in patients which leads one to think they were exposed to a chemical substance (sarin),”

    Can any Turkish readers help to find the original text of this statement about the autopsy findings, and to provide a translation?

    Pulmonary edema is filling of the air cavities of the lung with fluid, causing the victim to drown. The build-up of fluid in the lungs can be quantified by weighing them, as described in the Turkish statement. The autopsy findings of pulmonary edema and bleeding indicate that these individuals died of acute inhalation injury. Exposure to a gas like chlorine or phosgene in a confined space would do this. Sarin, even
    impure sarin, couldn’t possibly do this because it would kill by causing respiratory paralysis before the victim inhaled enough to cause lung injury. The Turkish health ministry, and the NYT journalists who reported this are too clueless to realize that the autopsy findings debunk the sarin story.

    From the OPCW statement on 19 April, it’s clear that biomedical samples from these
    three autopsies, together with seven survivors, tested positive for
    ”The bio-medical samples collected from three victims during their
    autopsy were analysed at two OPCW designated laboratories. The results
    of the analysis indicate that the victims were exposed to Sarin or a
    Sarin-like substance. Bio-medical samples from seven individuals
    undergoing treatment at hospitals were also analysed in two other OPCW
    designated laboratories. Similarly, the results of these analyses
    indicate exposure to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance.

    Director-General Üzümcü stated clearly: “The results of these analyses
    from four OPCW designated laboratories indicate exposure to Sarin or a
    Sarin-like substance. While further details of the laboratory analyses
    will follow, the analytical results already obtained are

    I don’t think you can get sarin into people after they’re dead. So these three individuals died of acute inhalation injury, but their blood samples showed exposure to sarin or a sarin-like substance, whatever that means.

    Possible explanations

    (1) the biomedical samples taken during the autopsy under OPCW supervision were substituted by samples from other people, or were spiked with sarin.

    (2) these individuals (before death), and the other seven survivors were exposed to low
    levels of sarin or a sarin-like substance, enough to make them test positive but not enough to cause severe symptoms. Tests for adducts of sarin with BChE or albumin are very sensitive, and can detect low levels of exposure.

    If we had quantitative lab results from which to estimate the dosage of sarin, it might be possible to distinguish between these two explanations.

    Reply 23 April 2017 at 11:01 AM

    shargash said…
    I apologize if this has been posted previously (I just got back from an extended vacation without Internet and have not been able to keep up with the comments), but this is a good analysis of the victims by someone trained in neuropharmacology:
    Whatever killed those people, it was not Sarin. As for any soil samples, provenance of the samples, and the chain of custody, are completely unknown. Thus, they are forensically useless.

    Reply 23 April 2017 at 11:37 AM

  46. ulvfugl says:

    Snípéir_Ag_Obair ShortTheUS Apr 23, 2017 3:55 PM
    And his son is purportedly worse.

    Amazing no one has killed him.

    If you got rid of say 300 of the top oligarchs/bankers… around half of whom would also be globalist jews – you might very well achieve peace on earth.

    Or at least a lot less needless fuckery.

    I mean Soros orgs are collaborating with Islamist mafia just to help flood Europe.

    And obviously acting, like the neocons, against Russia’s independence.

    He is acting ‘a’ a Jew, advancing the same Kalergi plan Barbara Specter does.

    And not only has no one murdered that Jew Supremacist cunt… they give her fucking tax money to expressly act against the interests of ethnic Swedes.

    I’m about ready to just admit that the ‘globalists’ i.e. The International Jew and their pets simply can’t be defeated.

    They control banks, media, governments.

    To oppose their bloodlust, hypocrisy, and greed is CrimeThink

    They believe in ‘global’ government all right – but orthodox Jewish eschatology (which orthodox rabbis like Ovadia Yosef and Chabad’s dead messiah Schneerson admit to, but if *I* say thats the end game based on their texts, people are so stupid they simply think I ‘hate’ (all) Jews… for pointing out the racism and supremacism of fucking rabbis!

    Only if the lights go off will their artificial wealth and ability to brainwash be removed.

    What is there left to defend in a West who ‘progressives’ hate the West, hate genuine Christianity, and hate me for being part of the only force defending them with ballot, byte, and bullet?

    They simply don’t understand private central fiat banking, or the teleology and eschatology of fundamentalist Judaism and international Zionism.

    And they don’t protest wars killing thousands.

    They will protest a reduction in work hours, or a decrease in an anticipated increase in public benefits…

    But squandering the wealth of the nation to arm terror proxies for ‘regime change? Absolute silence.

    Le Pen’s loss means the end of ethnically French France, and the true beginning of the end of the rest of Europe (Sweden is finished, Germany is determined to show how not racist they are by electing people, and naybe a Jew Supremacist, dedicated to destroying them as an ethnic majority).

    Not that ethnicity is per se that important.

    But the people so dedicated to destroying European ethnic majorities are not otherwise wonderful humanists.

    They are Jew Supremacists, pathologically greedy bankers and ceos, and muslim mobs who see Europeans as vermin to be killed or converted.

    If France and Europe and the Regressive Left wants to destroy the West, it us time to consider what is worth defending in the time that remains.

  47. ulvfugl says:

  48. ulvfugl says:

  49. ulvfugl says:

    William Petitt33 minutes ago
    Two way ‘pipeline’: poison, murder, terror, drugs, addiction, death, are forced our way and money, high technology, state secrets, military intelligence, natural wealth, human knowledge, children, sex slaves, organs, flow out to them. We are being abused, raped, terrorized, imprisoned, sickened, dumbed down, stolen from and all our outcries called “fake” all the while being slowly vampirized. America is being taken down. All classifications and titles are superfluous (ex republicans vs democrats). Only whether you are pointing this double–barreled shotgun at America or are fighting to throw it to the ground and destroy it. Simple. As George defines it and elucidates this picture it can become a litmus test as we go forward to identify which side people are on. Great job George! We pray your cries in the wilderness will not go unheeded.
    Show less

  50. ulvfugl says:

    Sob, slobber, mew… I WANT ! But I’m too poor, too old, too ill… It’s not fair ! 🙁

    If you want to build your own Bonneville Bobber, find a used 1970 Triumph Bonneville T120R, restore it to the best possible condition, remove everything that isn’t absolutely essential, switch to a single seat, and you’ll be close. Or you could do it the easier way. The 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a modern motorcycle designed to look, sound, and perform like a classic Bonnie.

    What you get on the 2017 Bobber that you wouldn’t find on an older bike makes quite a list. From a distance, and even up close if you don’t know what you’re looking at, the new Bobber looks like old custom work. However, in addition to a lot more low and mid-range torque than your grand dad’s Bonneville, the new Bobber has a lower, meaner, ready to race-look. The 2017 issue Bobber’s 1200cc 270-degree parallel twin hits 77 hp at 6,100 rpm and max torque starts low with 78 foot-pounds at 4,000 rpm.

    Well, I’ll just have to sit here safe on my sofa…. at least I’ve got a custom Fender Strat to cuddle 🙂

    I have no idea at all why this machine, technology, has such a powerful emotive force, stirs me up, so I keep thinking about it, it’s sort of like seeing a woman I really fancy, it’s beautiful in some elusive way. Why does it elicit that response ? I don’t know. Completely different to a car, but it’s really just some euipment to move a person from A to B. Where does the magic come from ? Still, It’s useless without a passenger seat.

    See, at 26:, if you’ve got the MUSIC, you don’t really NEED the bike 🙂

  51. ulvfugl says:

  52. ulvfugl says:

  53. ulvfugl says:

  54. ulvfugl says:

  55. ulvfugl says:

  56. ulvfugl says:

    @35 pft

    The average person voting for President was never a good idea … Basically both parties have adopted Mussolinis corporatism and the British infatuation for War and Empire. … Basically what all the wars of the past 25 years have been about. I’d probably support it more if they gave more back to the people, buts its been a generation of wiping out the middle class and poor.

    at least you’re honest. that seems to me to be the problem in our us of a all right. ‘the people’ don’t give a damn about who or what gets hurt as long as they get a piece of the action, and ‘the people’ who are accustomed to getting a taste are the only ones who vote.
    same all over the western liberal democracies, the forecast was for an 80% turnout in france, the tnc msm is reporting just under 70%. 55% in the us of a at the last coin toss.

    democracy requires engagement. it’s not there. atomicity vs polymerization, with atomicity prevalent. there’s no demos, i guess. just a bunch of alienated people.

    Posted by: jfl | Apr 23, 2017 8:06:48 PM | 41

    @40 BraveNewWorld

    Yes, liberal values ARE repellent, since they all come back to that a) morality is something that exists outside society b) that humans can be morally perfected (“saved”) c) that an exalted class of managers are the instruments of morality and are needed to make “tough choices” (i.e. rape, murder, torture, the usual foreign policy things) on its behalf d) that in “regretfully” doing so, the managers themselves approach moral perfection. No, liberalism, whether conservative, classical, or libertarian, is the same mental illness as any other system of authoritarianism, designed to exploit the people and control them while pretending not to. It’s crap, was designed to be crap, and will always and forever be crap. Let us hope that, unlike the Whigs, this bourgeois philosophy will be beaten to death once and for all.

    @41 jfl

    Who makes the choices of who runs? The Parties, of course. You are merely invoking the doctrine of original sin, as if it were not part of the permanent guilt-trip built into authoritarian society.

    Posted by: Jonathan | Apr 23, 2017 8:17:01 PM | 42

  57. ulvfugl says:

    OSCE car hits roadside bomb in Lugansk Region (Ukraine), one person’s killed, two wounded.
    The footage from the blast.
    This is going to complicate the situation even more.

    A side note. Not so long ago, now reportedly killed A. Hug was confronted by an old lady:
    When will the truth be out? Don’t lie to us. Who lies to us… Sasha, who does wrong to people takes God’s punishment, remember this!
    She wanted to know when he’s going to visit her town and said she will make bread and pirogi for him. Wise and kind babushka! Wish he would listen to her.
    Babushka Galya from Petrovka
    Posted by: iegee | Apr 23, 2017 8:08:14 PM | 71

    – Israel & Saudi Arabia share a (drone ? military ?) base in Jordan ??? And the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun originated from there ????????????????????

    I know that both countries have more than one interest in common but this news is – for the time being – “one bridge too far”.

    Posted by: Willy2 | Apr 23, 2017 11:46:52 AM | 68

  58. ulvfugl says:

    This week, US vice president Mike Pence was again threatening North Korea with war and annihilation, saying that the American «sword was drawn» to «protect the freedom» of its Japanese and South Korean allies. Pence made grossly distorted references to the 1950-53 Korean War, portraying it as a struggle between American-backed «good» and Communist-backed «evil».

    Maybe if Washington were to acknowledge the horrendous legacy of war crimes it committed during the Korean War, resulting in over three million civilians being slaughtered from American carpet bombing, then there might be an opportunity for a frank and creative dialogue for resolving the ongoing conflict on the Korean Peninsula. As it is, American self-serving, delusional rhetoric about Korean history only serves to compound tensions and further conflict. Which tends to belie the real purpose of Washington’s falsification of history here.

    Likewise, Washington persists in claiming that its missile strikes on Syria earlier this month are a «righteous» demonstration of military power which will be used against any nation it deems to be in violation of international law, citing the chemical weapons incident in Syria on April 4. The US and its allies allege, with minimal evidence, that the incident was carried out by the Syrian government forces deploying poisonous sarin gas.

    Again, this is blatant falsification of history which the US, British and French governments have indulged in, along with the UN-affiliated Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. All these claims are made in unseemly haste without an impartial on-site investigation into the alleged chemical weapons incident in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib Province. But nevertheless the dubious claims are invoked as «just cause» for further missile strikes on Syria by the Trump administration only three days later, when in fact those strikes could very well be condemned as illegal aggression and a criminal act of war against a sovereign country.

    An even closer, more disturbing peeling back of the falsification of history on Syria would reveal that the so-called White Helmets «rescue group» and the illegally armed militants to whom they are closely aligned and serve as the media agents for, are all sponsored by American, British and French military intelligence.

    If the Western public were fully informed of how the crises in Ukraine, Korea, Syria and Iran have been largely fomented by Western machinations then those conflicts would not continue as they are. Because the real causes of the conflicts would be widely exposed, showing Western government culpability, in particular Washington’s.

    And then, if justice were to prevail, those Western politicians and news media outlets who have been responsible for obscuring, distorting and thereby fueling these conflicts would finally be held to account.

    LA_Goldbug Apr 24, 2017 2:34 AM
    The are quite a few of us on this forum harping on the same issue,

    “The Russian leader deplored the use of history as an «ideological weapon» to demonize others, and he said that without proper understanding of history we are bound to repeat mistakes of the past.”

    Check out,

    and read about the Dexter White Affair and tell me that it does not remind you of things happening today. Don’t get fooled by the word “communist” and how could a president support it. Communism is just a tool of the 0.01% Anglo-Zionists to attempt to rule the world. It is just a “crowbar” to get into countries.

    Dude-dude’s picture
    Dude-dude Apr 24, 2017 2:33 AM
    Good article, sh1tty ending. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any justice. Unless the governmental system fails / collapses you’re not going to see any major movement, and then by the time you do see a major movement it’ll escalate to civil war.

    Salsa Verde’s picture
    Salsa Verde Apr 24, 2017 2:28 AM
    I am terrified of people who actually believe what their televisions tell them.

    Colonel’s picture
    Colonel Salsa Verde Apr 24, 2017 3:00 AM
    Echoes of Orwell’s 1984 “telescreen”.

    BuddhistAescetic’s picture
    BuddhistAescetic Apr 24, 2017 2:18 AM
    After the United States and China comes to terms in pillaging the rest of the long declining oil petroleum resources of the planet, is the deal to eventually gang up on Russia? It’s no secret all of the western elites are trying to pivot into East Asia where the Chinese communists have a nice programme to model the west into.

    LA_Goldbug’s picture
    LA_Goldbug BuddhistAescetic Apr 24, 2017 3:25 AM
    I don’t think China is fooled by the US Ruling Class. The Middle East is riddled with bomb craters proving this point. Not even chocolate cake ,IMHO, fools them.

    HelicopterCoPilot’s picture
    HelicopterCoPilot BuddhistAescetic Apr 24, 2017 2:34 AM
    Western elites have no interest in the ‘Chinese model’. The goal of any hierarchy is to extract productivity out of workers for their own power. The Chinese model is weak in this regard or their massive population would have already lead the govt to global hegemony.

    Colonel’s picture
    Colonel HelicopterCoPilot Apr 24, 2017 3:10 AM
    Yes excellent article spells it out pretty clearly. The Chinese “elite” model of extraction is based on the Western “elite” model and in a similar fashion is as poorly done as when the Chinese try to manufacture products like those made in the U.S.

    BuddhistAescetic’s picture
    BuddhistAescetic Colonel Apr 24, 2017 3:11 AM
    Hopefully the Chinese are able to block the tribe after the west collapses as they’re salivating over a new east Asia relocation. Parasites have to go somewhere else when the host dies.

    LA_Goldbug’s picture
    LA_Goldbug BuddhistAescetic Apr 24, 2017 3:27 AM
    The Tribe can not blend into the population in the Far East to do their “Fu&k You” Magic like they did in the US and Europe !!!! That is a big barrier to cross and I do not think they can do it.

    Colonel’s picture
    Colonel LA_Goldbug Apr 24, 2017 3:39 AM
    Yes that will present a challenge for the tribe but they always manage to find many Shabbos Goy to do their bidding/extraction. The tribe found many willing white race traitors labeled “Anglo Zionists”. The Chinese Shabbos Goy will probably be labeled “Asian Zionists” after the tribe gets full control of China.

    Colonel’s picture
    Colonel BuddhistAescetic Apr 24, 2017 3:16 AM
    Yes completely agree though the American goyim host was probably the richest feast they would ever feast on.

    BuddhistAescetic’s picture
    BuddhistAescetic HelicopterCoPilot Apr 24, 2017 2:47 AM
    I thought the plan was to collapse the west where the tribe plans to pivots east…..

    Colonel’s picture
    Colonel BuddhistAescetic Apr 24, 2017 3:12 AM
    At some point yes, there is always a new goyim host.

    khnum’s picture
    khnum Apr 24, 2017 2:17 AM
    True story Polish commies actually started WW2 but there was not twitter,facebook or independant media then, but there is now most informed people know that if theres an American flag in the shot your being bullshitted

    // // // // // //
    Jubal Early’s picture
    Jubal Early khnum Apr 24, 2017 3:50 AM
    Actually it was Polish Nationalists and they thought they would easily defeat Hitler in a war because of her disarmement after Versailles and more so because Churchill and Roosevelt promised that they would also intervene on Polands behalf. The French too declared war on Germany, and they even invaded Germany before Germany kicked thier ass in 1940 despite the BEF and Maginot Line.

    The real fake history here is of course the Holocaust. It is interesting that the 6 million figure was disputed by Rabbi’s themselves just recently when the jews were still attacking Trump and had unleashed their fake synogogue bomb-threat spree. It turns out the some Jews claim up to 7 million gentiles were holocausted too. Of course most Rabbi’s refuse to accept that 7 million figure because that means that Gentiles suffered more from Hitler that Jews. So they started kvetching and squealing.

    What really is pathetic is that even though they now claim up to 13 million concentration camp murders, Auschwitz has down graded their murder machine from 4 million after the war to a few hundered thousand now. This is what the Red Cross also said after the war and still says today.

    In anycase, if there were 13 million victims then Auschwitz would have gassed the majority of those, and that would mean probably 8 million gassings and cremations total or over 2 million per year, or about 15,000 per day or 1000/hour.

  59. ulvfugl says:

    Sources suggest that McMaster, Cohn, and Powell seek the Saudi’s good graces as part of their larger plan to involve the U.S. in another ground war in Syria. “These guys want a ground war,” one person with knowledge about the matter said, “whether that’s in Syria or Iraq doesn’t matter. This is Petraeus’ second war.”

    Among the big winners in this Saudi arms deal would be former CIA director David Petraeus. Petraeus, who had his security clearance pulled after leaking classified information to his mistress, has nightly calls with McMaster. The nightly calls between Petraus and McMaster are facilitated by the White House situation room.
    Sources close to situation room personnel reported that they are tired of “playing secretary” for McMaster, and that “Petraus had his clearance pulled. These calls are probably illegal.”
    Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, despite fake news reports about a feud, are against the McMaster-Cohn-Powell plan. Stephen Miller and Wilbur Ross also oppose arming the Saudis. Derek Harvey, Joel Rayburn, and other Petraeus proteges support the arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

  60. ulvfugl says:


  61. ulvfugl says:

    There is an anomaly among the evidence that the Syrian chemical weapons attack at Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province on April 4, 2017 was a “false flag” operation, designed to provoke a US attack on Syria. The evidence is otherwise quite strong, as put forth by former Pentagon consultant and MIT professor Theodore Postol in his three part analysis of the declassified White House Report on the Syrian chemical weapons attack of April 4, 2017. Postol’s analysis has been widely cited as disproving the White House contention that the Syrian Air Force bombed the “rebel” controlled village with chemical weapons.

    Indeed, Dr. Postol’s analysis pokes quite a few gaping holes in the White House Report, concluding that the crushed gas canister and the “crater” shown in open source videos and photographs from the site demonstrate that it could not have been delivered by air. Postol also concludes that the report is, in fact, fraudulent and was produced by the National Security Agency without the input or review of impartial intelligence professionals.

    Nevertheless, Postol begs a couple of questions, the most compelling of which is how the “false flag” imposters on the ground would have known how to time their operation with the Syrian air strike that everyone admits actually took place (the Syrians and Russians alleging that only conventional weapons were used, and the Americans alleging the use of chemical weapons). In order to do this, they would have had to have advance knowledge of the attack. How would they have gotten this information?

  62. ulvfugl says:

  63. ulvfugl says:

    This suggests that the brain is not organised so that each area is responsible for an individual body part, but that different areas are responsible for different functions.

    Dr Makin said: “If true, this means we’ve been misinterpreting brain organisation based on body part, rather than based on function.

    “It’s kind of mind blowing for me to think we could have been getting this wrong for so long.

    “The implications, if this interpretation is correct, are massive.”

  64. ulvfugl says:

  65. ulvfugl says:

    Dutch banker exposes – in a gripping interview – the dark Luciferian nature of the 8,000 to 8,500 who control the Western world:

    So presumably a few of these 8,500 are at elite levels of most major political parties, especially including the US Democrat and Republican parties.

    Posted by: Anoncommentator | Apr 24, 2017 2:28:18 AM | 53

  66. ulvfugl says:

    Executives from the infamous website are facing serious charges for offering sex trafficking including child trafficking. All of the executives are top sponsors of the Democrat party of Colorado.

    The probe, launched in mid-2016 by the Spanish police’s cybercrime unit, initially focused on images and videos being shared via Tor, a network where web users are largely anonymous. The investigation widened after police found links diverting users to private WhatsApp groups.

    Spanish police said the operation, dubbed Operation Tantalio, involved the study of more than 360,000 files containing “humiliating treatment and an excessive brutality” against victims between the ages of zero and eight years. Some dated back 20 years, it added.

    April the 25th is Alice Day, originally known as “Paedophile Pride Day” the day was devised by pedophile activists during the 1990′s to celebrate their desire to molest children.

    Paedophiles use this day to secretly boast in public about the sick world they live in, the mind set and the abuse of children.

    Using their own secret codes and logos they are able to remain fairly undetected by the general public as many of us go about our daily lives without realising the dangers around our children.

  67. ulvfugl says:

  68. ulvfugl says:

  69. ulvfugl says:

    Croesus said in reply to confusedponderer…
    “Hitler DID use gas on Germans – think of using Zyklon B in the holocaust and so forth. For that vile crime the bastard probably still boils in hell.”

    There’s as much solid evidence that “Hitler DID use gas on Germans [sic]” as that Assad used Sarin on Syrians.

    Max Planck Institute chemist Germar Rudolf analyzed the case of the former even more exhaustively than Habakkuk analyzed the case for the latter. Rudolf demonstrated that Xyklon-B was evident in facilities used to de-louse clothing, etc. to prevent typhus, but not in facilities alleged to have been used in a “planned, systematic, industrialized scheme to exterminate every Jew Hitler could get his hands on,” which is the dogmatic position enforced by holocaust scholars such as David Engel, prof. at New York Univ. and scholar at US taxpayer-subsidized holocaust museum in DC. Sean Spicer was forced to apologize for the Galileo crime of voicing an observed reality that contradicted that state-enforced dogma (a situation that violates several of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees).

    For his efforts, Rudolf was fined, imprisoned for ~4 years, denied his doctoral credentials, deprived of the ability to build a career on his education and training, his German residence repeatedly searched and his papers confiscated, his family life disrupted to the point of divorce and estrangement from his children. Effectively exiled from his fatherland, Germany, Rudolf sought shelter in USA, which, instead, employed trickery to return him to Germany where he was again jailed. Having served several years, Rudolf now resides in tenuous circumstances in USA. The lawyer who defended Rudolf in German courts was herself jailed.

    Take care, Habakkuk.

    Reply 23 April 2017 at 04:04 PM

  70. ulvfugl says:

    Maddie McCann’s body hid by MI5 spies claims police chief | Daily Mail Online
    “A spokesman for the McCanns has dismissed the Australian documentary, adding that it revealed nothing ‘new’ about the case.”

    ‘Goncalo Amaral, who was the original lead investigator in the case, made the astonishing claim in an Australian documentary which aired last night. ‘

    ‘A former police chief has sensationally claimed that MI5 helped to cover up the death and disappearance of Madeleine McCann. ‘

    ‘He claimed MI5 helped to hide the body of the youngster and that even former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was involved in the cover up. ‘, “Producers billed the show as a ‘landmark television event’, prompting the McCanns to ask the documentary-makers to hand over any ‘credible’ evidence to police.”

  71. ulvfugl says:

  72. ulvfugl says:

    If the CIA manages to get the judge to throw the FoIA lawsuit out, rather than being forced to meet in court on Apr 24, the pathway it recommends to the information sought is clear. The plaintiff would have to file a FoIA request with each of the remaining 16 intelligence agencies, and then either wait years for responses or sue them within 20 working days, and then receive their GLOMAR responses or citations of FOIA exemptions allowing them to withhold information from release, all without ever knowing whether the CIA had responsive data.

    Or Judge Chutkan could order the CIA to release the information in court because it is in the public interest, as she did the DoD in 2015, revealing that it knew as early as 1987 that Israel had a H-bomb program. However, the CIA may not be as accommodating as the Pentagon. It has long resisted public accountability generally, and the FoIA particularly. In practice, courts have little ability to enforce orders to produce information under FoIA or punish the CIA, even when it willfully and egregiously violates the law. When ordered by a judge to produce the so-called “torture tapes” of detainee interrogations in 2005, the agency instead incinerated them. The DoJ, which rigorously defends the CIA in all FOIA cases, subsequently chose not to charge the agency officials responsible.

  73. ulvfugl says:

    “We don’t find 50-million-year-old thermometers at the bottom of the ocean,” Huber said. “What we do find are shells, and we use the isotopes of carbon and oxygen within the shells, complemented by temperature proxies from organic material, to say something about the carbon cycle and about the temperature in the past.”

    Two research methods were used to judge the temperature during the PETM, one utilizing isotopes in shells, while the other examined organic residues in deep-sea sentiments. The biotic records left behind from living organisms indicate they were dying at the same time the conditions were warming.

    If the tropics are not able to control its temperature and do not possess an internal thermostat, that should reshape future thinking about climate change, Huber said.

    “If you say there’s no tropical thermostat, then half of the world’s biodiversity—over half of the world’s population, the tropical rainforests, the reefs, India, Brazil—these populous and very important countries have nothing to prevent them from warming up substantially above conditions that humans have been used to,” he said.

    The trends in temperature increases in the tropics are similar to those found in other parts of the world, but other records have been very sparse and limited until now.

    We read relentless headlines about our planet heading out of control. Most of them seem to cruise by without hurting us. Yeah, yeah, half the mammals will be extinct soon. The oceans are dying. Scientists declare Earth a toxic planet. Wait – did somebody say it’s going to be too hot to hold outdoor music festivals? That’s terrible! I love those!
    My theory is we all have triggers and breaking points, especially when it comes to climate change news. A couple of mine arrived this week. Now I’m freaked out, again. That means it’s time to call our Radio Ecoshock regular correspondent, University of Ottawa scientist Paul Beckwith. Paul teaches climate science at the University. He also teaches it to the world via his many You tube videos.
    No doubt we’re all going to need a climate help line pretty soon. When we get worried, we call up and get a climate counselor. How about you, do you get freaked out by the climate news sometimes? There have been recent studies showing more and more people are feeling climate stress. We don’t need science to watch this all happening, literally in our backyards. For example, in this year of 2017, the city of Chicago had no snow in January and February. That’s got to be pretty crazy for people who know the Great Lakes winters.
    OK, here is my first personal trigger. I’m minding my own business, cruising through gardening videos, and a listener sends me a story by journalist Nafeez Ahmed. He says new science suggests we could experience a burst of warming within the next 5 years. I had problems getting my usual garden plants to survive the strange hot May and June we had last year. The US National Weather Service says this coming spring will be even hotter. It’s going to be a struggle to garden. I ask Paul: could we see an even worse jolt in heating, something we haven’t seen before, within the next five years?
    The paper stimulating Ahmed’s article at was published back in 2015 with the title “Quantifying the likelihood of a continued hiatus in global warming“.
    Considering we’ve just experienced hotter and hotter – what would a jump in warming look like for the rest of us? Food? Deaths? How hot? Paul Beckwith, what are we gambling with here?

  74. ulvfugl says:

    carmencita 3 points (+4|-1) 5 hours ago (edited 5 hours ago)
    OOH! You think like me. My immediate thought. Another Obama-Trudeau Clone. If they were married at 15 how long was this “romance” going on? Since he was 14? Or was it an overnight rape situation and it was love everlasting? This Reeks To High Heaven. How do we get this news out in the EU and France? Do any of you have relatives there? Does anyone know a reporter or news people? What would be your suggestions to broadcast this? T-shirts with him dressed as a toddler and her as a bride? Or him in some time of outfit that makes him look younger? Idk, I feel like we need to do something. An enterprising friend in France would be great.

    permalink parent
    [–] Mad_As_Hell [S] 2 points (+2|-0) 4 hours ago
    The sad thing is there’s a huge push to normalise and even glamorise this:

    4warned 4 points (+4|-0) 7 hours ago
    The press calls it an “unconventional romance”. He was 15 when he met his wife- 39 years old.

    Macron married his former high-school French teacher Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years his senior. They met at the private, catholic school La Providence in Amiens. At the time, he was 15-years-old.

    [–] Mad_As_Hell [S] 7 points (+7|-0) 6 hours ago
    Aaand it’s a Jesuit school, of course

    shachalnur 1 points (+1|-0) 3 hours ago
    Macron is a Rothschild asset,

    He married his schoolteacher ,who is 24 years older than him.

    She’s 64 now ,he’s 39 and he has no children..

    Oh, and he had to deny he has a homosexual relationship with a younger man who works for TV.

    Typical twisted Brownstoned Rothschild pedophile Satanist.

    He will be French President unless Le Pen publically outs him.

    She might do that,but didn’t do it before the first round,better to shame him from now on.

    If there’s real ugly background info on Macron around,but being kept silent and only released now,these elections can become ugly.


    Dressage2 0 points (+0|-0) 3 hours ago (edited 3 hours ago)
    I would have reason to suspect this might be a Dominatrix and her submissive, naughty, little school boy! This is so twisted and she clearly was a pedo taking advantage of him. Now they have blackmail stuff to use against him if he gets out of line. I am sure there is all sorts of videos since he was young. I think Rothschild had this planned from the start. God help France.

    [–] Forgetmenot 0 points (+0|-0) 5 hours ago
    Ewwww! How do these degenerates get in positions of authority? I am really starting to wonder if it is possible to drain the swamp playing by the rules they created. Really sad!


  75. ulvfugl says:

  76. ulvfugl says:

  77. ulvfugl says:

    And it does not end there: the same iconography is prominently known also from other find groups like stone vessels, shaft straighteners, and plaquettes – not only from Göbekli Tepe, but a variety of contemporary sites in the wider vicinity.

    So, with all due respect for the work and effort the Edinburgh colleagues obviously put into their research and this publication, there still are – at least from our perspective as excavators of this important site – some points worth a more thorough discussion.

  78. ulvfugl says:

    After conducting a statistical analysis of the text, Russian experts believe it’s encrypted in the following way: vowels and spaces are removed from the text. The collection of symbols is united in a new text, bestrewed with spaces beforehand. They estimate that about 60 percent of the text is written in English or German, and the other part in one of the Romance languages – possibly Italian or Spanish, or even Latin.

    “Still, I don’t know why understanding the text can be important today because, judging by the drawings, it explains in what part of the year you need to sow poppy seed in order to later obtain opium,” said the research’s co-author, Yuri Orlov, adding that it’s impossible to restore the entire text without vowels because there are various interpretations of the most important words.

    In the past, specialists from the CIA and NSA tried, and failed, to decipher the manuscript. Cryptologist Gordon Rugg once speculated that the manuscript might be a fake because it makes no sense.

  79. ulvfugl says:

    By 1926, these disparate intuitions and partial models were already unified into a new mathematical theory called quantum mechanics. Within a few years, the implications for chemistry, spectroscopy and nuclear physics were being confirmed.

    It was clear from the start that quantum theory challenged all our previous preconceptions about the nature of matter and how it behaves, and indeed about what science can possibly – even in principle – say about these questions. Over the years, this very slipperiness has made it irresistible to hucksters of various descriptions. I regularly receive ads offering to teach me how to make quantum jumps into alternate universes, tap into my infinite quantum self-energy, and make other exciting-sounding excursions from the plane of reason and meaning. It’s worth stressing, then, that the theory itself is both mathematically precise and extremely well confirmed by experiment.

    It gets worse. Quantum theory is supposed to describe the behaviour of elementary particles, atoms, molecules and every other form of matter in the universe. This includes us, our planet and, of course, the Large Hadron Collider. In that sense, everything since the Big Bang has been one giant quantum experiment, in which all the particles in the universe, including those we think of as making up the Earth and our own bodies, are involved. But if theory tells us we’re among the sets of particles involved a giant quantum experiment, the position I’ve just outlined tells us we can’t justify any statement about what has happened or is happening until the experiment is over. Only at the end, when we might perhaps imagine some technologically advanced alien experimenters in the future looking at the final state of the universe, can any meaningful statement be made.

  80. ulvfugl says:

    “LOOK CLOSELY! One of the most amazing things I’ve seen in nature.
    Red lightning rising up from the clouds and reaching into the stars.
    I took a series of 8 second long exposures to capture this with no interval. This was the last bolt after I set up my camera!

  81. ulvfugl says:

    A wooden post was planted to mark the spot where two brothers, Viggo and Emil Hojgaard, along with Viggo’s wife, Grethe, all from the nearby village of Tollund, struck the body of an adult man while they cut peat with their spades on May 6, 1950. The dead man wore a belt and an odd cap made of skin, but nothing else. Oh yes, there was also a plaited leather thong wrapped tightly around his neck. This is the thing that killed him. His skin was tanned a deep chestnut, and his body appeared rubbery and deflated. Otherwise, Tollund Man, as he would be called, looked pretty much like you and me, which is astonishing considering he lived some 2,300 years ago.

    The first time I saw him in his glass case at the Silkeborg Museum, a kind of embarrassed hush came over me, as if I had intruded on a sacred mystery. Apparently, this happens frequently. “Most people get very silent,” says Nielsen. “Some people faint, but that’s rare.”

    What really gets you is his lovely face with its closed eyes and lightly stubbled chin. It is disconcertingly peaceful for someone who died so violently. You’d swear he’s smiling, as if he’s been dreaming sweetly for all those centuries. “It’s like he could wake up at any moment and say, ‘Oh, where was I?’” says Nielsen, who has clearly fallen under Tollund Man’s spell himself.

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