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THOSE, and I am one of them, who find even a small ordinary sized mole disgusting, would probably have died of disgust if they had seen the giant mole that a few years back was observed in the neighborhood of one of our villages, which achieved a certain transitory celebrity on account of the incident. Today it has long since sunk back into oblivion again, and in that only shares the obscurity of the whole incident, which has remained quite inexplicable, but which people, it must be confessed, have also taken no great pains to explain; and as a result of an incomprehensible apathy in those very circles that should have concerned themselves with it, and who in fact have shown enthusiastic interest in far more trifling matters, the affair has been forgotten without ever being adequately investigated. In any case, the fact that the village could not be reached by the railroad was no excuse.

Many people came from great distances out of pure curiosity, there were even foreigners among them; it was only those who should have shown something more than curiosity that refrained from coming. In fact, if a few quite simple people, people whose daily work gave them hardly a moment of leisure if these people had not quite disinterestedly taken up the affair, the rumor of this natural phenomenon would probably have never spread beyond the locality. Indeed, rumor itself, which usually cannot be held within bounds, was actually sluggish in this case; if it had not literally been given a shove it would not have spread.

But even that was no valid reason for refusing to inquire into the affair; on the contrary this second phenomenon should have been investigated as well. Instead the old village schoolmaster was left to write the sole account in black and white of the incident, and though he was an excellent man in his own profession, neither his abilities nor his equipment made it possible for him to produce an exhaustive description that could   be used as a foundation by others, far less, therefore, an actual explanation of the occurrence. His little pamphlet was printed, and a good many copies were sold to visitors to the village about that time; it also received some public recognition, but the teacher was wise enough to perceive that his fragmentary labors, in which no one supported him, were basically without value. If in spite of that he did not relax in them, and made the question his lifework, though it naturally became more hopeless from year to year, that only shows on the one hand how powerful an effect the appearance of the giant mole was capable of producing, and on the other how much laborious effort and fidelity to his convictions may be found in an old and obscure village schoolmaster.

But that he suffered deeply from the cold attitude of the recognized authorities is proved by a brief brochure with which he followed up his pamphlet several years later, by which time hardly anyone could remember what it was all about. In this brochure he complained of the lack of understanding that he had encountered in people where it was least to be expected; complaints that carried conviction less by the skill with which they were expressed than by their honesty. Of such people he said very appositely: “It is not 1, but they, who talk like old village schoolmasters.”

And among other things he adduced the pronouncement of a scholar to whom he had gone expressly about his affair. The name of the scholar was not mentioned, but from various circumstances we could guess who it was. After the teacher had managed with great difficulty to secure admittance, he perceived at once from the very way in which he was greeted that the savant had already acquired a rooted prejudice against the matter.

The absent-mindedness with which he listened to the long report which the teacher, pamphlet in hand, delivered to him, can be gauged from a remark that he let fall after a pause for ostensible reflection: “The soil in your neighborhood is particularly black and rich. Consequently it provides the moles with particularly rich nourishment, and so they grow to an unusual size.”



Respected research math is dominated by men of a certain attitude. Even allowing for individual variation, there is still a tendency towards an oppressive atmosphere, which is carefully maintained and even championed by those who find it conducive to success. As any good grad student would do, I tried to fit in, mathematically. I absorbed the atmosphere and took attitudes to heart.

I was miserable, and on the verge of failure. The problem was not individuals, but a system of self-preservation that, from the outside, feels like a long string of betrayals, some big, some small, perpetrated by your only support system.

When I physically removed myself from the situation, I did not know where I was or what to do.

First thought: FREEDOM!!!! Second thought: but what about the others like me, who don’t do math the “right way” but could still greatly contribute to the community?

I combined those two thoughts and started from zero on my thesis. What resulted was a thesis written for those who do not feel that they are encouraged to be themselves.




So if you have been glancing at the comments or reading other news sites, you will be aware that there is some sort of major war going on, missiles, bombs, terror, planes being blown up, and that there is a farcical jamboree concerning a climate crisis, in Paris, and all sorts of horror, hysteria and calamity, every hour of the day and night…


But here, where I happen to live, nestled securely in the deep Preseli Mountains, invigorated by the refreshing 80 mph breeze which arrives accompanied by three or four inches of rain every few days, such distant worldly trifles make only a minor impression, because the real wars, the wars that matter, are big ancient disputes, rooted in culture and heritage, the legacy of the fabric of this land.


I speak of course, of The Stone Wars !


You have not heard ?


Well. Let me give you a quick rough synopsis.


The ancients, long ago, planted Stonehenge – yes ? You have heard of Stonehenge ? Like Elvis, President Kennedy, the Che Guevara T shirt, everyone knows, ‘iconic’ is the word – upon the land, that part that is now called Wiltshire.


That’s in England. But the stones – SOME of the stones – seem not to be from Wiltshire.


It’s on Salisbury Plain, and on Salisbury Plain, in that area, there were plenty of large stones called sarsens. And they are the ones that you see when you see Stonehenge.

Grant Wood new-road-1939)

But, there are also smaller stones, in the middle ground, called the bluestones, made of a different substance, a different rock type, from the sarsens.


This has been known since about the 1920s and the nearest place where there was a known source for these bluestones – spotted dolerite – was the Preseli Mountains.

Simon Garden _paintings_artodyssey

So this matter has posed a puzzle ever since. The Preseli Mountains are 150 – 200 miles away from the Stonehenge site. How did the bluestones move that distance ?


It’s a wonderful detective story, because in the ancient annals – forgive me, it’s many years since I read this stuff, I don’t have time to got and research the details again – it’s said that the wizard fetched the stones from Ireland, and they flew. Well, they’d have flown over the Preselis. Or they could have been carried by the glaciers. Which covered Ireland and the Preselis, and ended somewhere around Wiltshire. Maybe. Dropping off the stones as they melted.


Or the humans carried them. Overland, a few thousand years BC. Or floated them on rafts down the streams to the rivers and then around the coast, up the Severn Estuary, and the Avon (which is Welsh, Afon, meaning river).


So, that what the fighting is all about. Every year, for generations, one theory or the other, gets favoured. Then disproved. Then proven again. People become bitter, snarky, mean spirited, broken and dismayed, as their favourite hypothesis loses credibility.


Look, I’m not ‘an expert’. I’m not ‘an academic’. Do I have a dog in this fight ? A horse in this race ? An iron on this fire ? Well, I better choose my words with some care here. I have to live here, don’t I. I don’t want to get myself lynched or wicker-manned, do I. 


I’ve mentioned before, the castle.

It’s been there for a thousand years. It’s only a couple of miles away. It’s got a dungeon. It’s older than the word. Donjon. A subterraneous place of close confinement.’


I do not want to upset my good neighbours 🙂


For it so happens, one such is a protagonist, in this Great War of the Stones.


It’s 25 years since I last read up on this stuff. As I recall, at that time, some ingenious student had got their degree by collecting zillions of pebbles, at random, from the beds of streams on Salisbury Plain. They then analysed the mineral types.


So, what one would expect, would be a predominance of stones from the local geology, the bedrock, plus an additional sampling of all sorts, that had been dumped as glacial erratic deposits, collected from whatever landscapes the great ice sheets had scraped over.


And, if I recall correctly, no spotted dolerite, diorite, rhyolite, or anything like, was found. These all being very hard igneous rock, of volcanic origin, left here in the Preseli area, when it was a series of volcanoes, I forget, 300 million years ago ?

I think they are called the Fishguard Cluster, or something. I have researched this before, but obviously my old brain damage is playing up this afternoon…. need some therapy or coffee or something…


Anyway. I found that convincing. At the time. However, the local man here, is obviously a gentleman of the highest merit, and fully qualified, geomorphologically speaking, and he insists. So, who am I to tell him he is wrong ? A nobody at all, that’s who.


But there are others. And they do tell him he is wrong. And they dig the ground and write papers in learned journals. And mention Stonehenge. Over and over again. Thus they achieve many headlines, much fame and publicity, and, no doubt, enormous quantities of money….


Can I say that ? That’s probably libellous. But I’m thinking of the local dungeon. They have their dungeons, but theirs are very faraway….


Anyway, it’s not my fight, is it ? Why should I care ?


Here you are. Plunge into the midst of the battleground, draw your own conclusions.

OK — on the basis of the Abstract, we get the story!  However, here is a critical assessment for those who cannot get at the article itself:

In the Introduction — about the geology — there is a reasonable summary of published research, mercifully free of any speculation and dodgy assumptions.  

There is mention of the 4 main groups of bluestones at Stonehenge.  Reference is made to the Ixer/Bevins research linking the N edge of the spur with the rhyolite debitage at Stonehenge.  Then there is a suggestion that stone 32d has come from a recess at Rhosyfelin — partly because the dimensions 0.40m x 0.45m “correspond closely” with the famous recess at Rhosyfelin!!  

Location 4 in Figure 2 is referred to as “the recess”, and location 11, next to it, is the “close match”. (I thought the original sample was taken from round the corner, at the old locality 8?)  From previous examination of the geological papers, I do not think it has ever been demonstrated that the match is as precise as this paper assumes, and the possibility remains that the rhyolite debris at Stonehenge has not come from here at all.

When the geology section is out of the way, the problems start.  After the petrography bit, on page 1335, there should have been a stratigraphy section — but there is nothing.  The diggers have obviously plotted the stratigraphy fairly carefully (it’s shown very colourfully in Fig 5 and Fig 8, but without any key), but at no stage do they describe the sequence of deposits.  Maybe they didn’t think we’d be interested.  So we have no way of assessing the reliability of what follows.  

The authors plunge straight into a description of the “archaeological deposits” without for a moment trying to assess what physical processes might have operated here —  the “glacial till” and the “colluvium” are referred to but not properly described.  There is no mention anywhere of the extensive rockfall accumulations which mask the lower part of the rock face, and no mention of the stratified slope deposits that were so prominent on the flanks of the dig site, when it was all open for viewing.  There is no mention of the fluvioglacial materials widely exposed in the dig site.  Without any presentation of sedimentary or other evidence, or discussion of what it means, the authors simply assume on page 1336 that this is all about prehistoric quarrying.  

Quote:  “Colluvium has buried and protected the remains of prehistoric quarrying from subsequent stone removal and disturbance in the medieval and modern era. The archaeological sequence lies on a bed of glacial till within a small tributary valley on the west side of the outcrop.”   So presumably all of the scree and rockfall debris is assumed to be “the remains of prehistoric quarrying.”  That illustrates to some degree the vast gulf in perceptions between archaeologists and geomorphologists.

[[  In academic publishing the protocol is always as follows:  introduction >> presentation of field evidence >> analysis and interpretation of the evidence >> discussion >> conclusions and suggestions for future research. In this paper, this protocol has been completely ignored, and the whole paper seems to be an extended exercise in the confirmation of a ruling hypothesis.  

I find it extraordinary that all of the authors must have signed up for this strategy, and even more extraordinary that the paper in its present form made its way through a refereeing process, and past an experienced editor, and actually made it into print…………..  I hope there are some people within the archaeological academic establishment who are as concerned about this as I am.  ]]



As readers may have noticed, among my many faults and failings, I am an opinionated gentleman. And, as you might expect, I have an opinion regarding the Bluestones.


Those people knew more about stones than anyone, before or since. It was the Stone Age, after all. They made sublime tools out of stones. They must have spent generations walking around the entire length and breadth of the British Isles, inspecting every rock and stone.


Obviously, I can’t speak for them, can I, there has to be a limit to my opinionatedness.

But if I was them, why would I want to move some big heavy boulders for hundreds of miles ? You know, you’d think, they must have had a reason, assuming they were reasonable people, and not just being perverse and wanting to confuse latecomers and archaeologists.

And, it seems to me, there is a very good reason. Because, of all the very many kinds of stones littering the British landscape, which has astonishing geological variety, the spotted dolerite, if not the most beautiful, must be amongst the most beautiful.


But you only become aware of that when you polish it, and see that it is a blue background, with white blobs, something akin to the starry night sky perhaps.

And they were very good at polishing stones. I have no idea how. Perhaps Mr John knows.


Anyway, if you were going to set up a very fine monument, at the centre of the country, to celebrate everything worth celebrating, then, ideally, you’d want to select the very finest and most exquisite stones. So, I suggest, that is what they did.


How they moved them, is a secondary question, whether on the backs of dragons, or in nets carried by flocks of great birds, or even angels, heaven only knows… it remains an open question, and fine minds are constantly at work, determined to provide all who are interested, and even those who care not a jot, with the answers. That’s for sure. So, relax. It’s all in good hands. Patience will be rewarded, no doubt about it.


You can see why this is all far more engaging and important than imminent World War Three.

But enough of all that for now, back to froth and trivia.


In passing, I noticed that the industrious shape-shifting Vinay Gupta, always a source of stimulating ideas, has begun writing something, and has selected this quotation :

“The soul, if it can be said to exist at all, is certainly without attributes” – Shivanath

Well, according to David Hume, things, to the extent that they are discernible as such, are defined by their properties, their attributes.

So, a foot is a foot, because it has skin, toes, a heel, attaches to an ankle, and so on. If you remove all the attributes, Hume surmises, then there is no essence that remains.

A thing is nothing other than the properties, the attributes, the qualities, that attach to it and define it as such.


So then, this statement concerning the soul is something like a zen riddle.

A great many buddhists and hindus believe in reincarnation. So what is it that gets transmitted from one life to the next, if not the soul, or something of the sort, with attributes, that make the reborn identifiable, as, say, the candidate for Dalai Lama ?


How would you know of the existence of a thing that lacked all attributes ?

Wherever you sought it, it would remain unknowable, invisible and beyond any means of discovery. Such things could, hypothetically, be abundant, they could be everywhere, all around us, but devoid of any shape, or colour, mass, weight, substance, value of any kind, we would never detect them.


Of course, the statement if not nonsense, or an absurd proposition, is at least highly dubious.


We have from those very same Guptas, of high renown, from Indian classical studies, the invention, or the discovery – who can say which – of the ZERO.

Nil, Null, nought, sefira, cipher.

That is to say NO-THING. Not-a-thing. The concept of the absence of all attributes.

Represented symbolically by an empty circle.

So this is not the thing (that is no thing) itself, not the actual, the reality, is it. It’s a symbolic re-present-ation, in the same way that a sound, a syllable of vocal language, can be represented visually, as an alphabetical letter, or group, as a word.


But once we have performed that trick, and have isolated the idea, the concept, as an abstraction, then we have the 0 and we can play around with it, and when you have 0 and 1, then you can have binary counting, and with a semiconductor switch, you can have computers, and the internet, and all this stuff, digital cameras, videos, music, etc.

And everyone assumes this is all understood.


But not really. What we have, are many people who make declarations, assertions, as if they knew, and as if what they said was the truth. But it is extremely hard to prove or to demonstrate, with any precision, what the relationship is, how it works. Making plausible claims that sound convincing, is not quite the same, is it.

The precise relationship between ‘the real’ and ‘the abstract’ is not at all clear or easy to comprehend. Great minds have wrestled with this, Wittgenstein, etc.


We have ‘a world’, which we perceive, and we have an abstract symbolic system, some also call ‘the world’, which blossoms into overwhelming complexity, so much so, that we can exist within that artifice which is our own mental creation, cathedrals of the mind which blot out the natural world entirely.


But back to ‘the soul’.

Presumably, that quotation of Vinay’s comes from the Hindu tradition, in one of its numerous ramifications, where the vedic, tantric, buddhist schools and sects have been quarrelling and arguing about the theological intricacies for the last few thousand years, and I’m not going to get sucked into all of that just now, but it can’t be right, because they have the Atman, as their notion of ‘soul’… but that is a large mistake, because the etymology of the English word comes from a completely different root, and is not in any sense an equivalent term to Atman.


And they have Kundalini, which, imo, IS the soul, in the sense that it is the Subtle Body, and then, it most certainly does have attributes.

And, if one wished, one could dig further. The people who say that there is no such thing as a soul, are the Western, atheist, physicalist, materialists, following on in the Cartesian tradition of scientism, which is a nonsensical paradigm. Because of quantum physics.


I mean, the fundamental claim that it has, that only that which is material, which can be measured, exists, might have had some sense two hundred years ago, when there were early scientists trying to grope a way forward and make distinctions between reason and superstition. But that was then.

We now know that there are no ‘billiard ball’ atoms, it’s all ‘probabilities’, and that when you  try to measure the damn stuff, it ‘knows’ you are looking at it, and that changes the way it behaves.

So that whole Cartesian, Newtonian, mechanistic view has collapsed. It’s not ‘material stuff’ at all. It’s ‘something else’. Only what ?


Energy fields ? Vibrating frequencies of organised clumps of information ?

The ancient Egyptians had a very sophisticated conception of what gets translated by the English word ‘soul’. But as I said, that English word has a very different origin.


KUNDALINI – (Sanskrit kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”) a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic invisible energy absolutely vital to life; beginning in the base of the spine when a man or woman begins to evolve as wisdom is earned. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light. The ultimate outcome of kundalini is the union of Will (sakti- kundalini), Knowledge{prana-kundalini) and Action (para- kundalini)

I have worked out a preliminary protocol to support the fire of kundalini without getting fried and to prevent the years of depression-like fallout that often happens after an awakening. As the science of kundalini progresses such a protocol for adaptation or higher homeostasis will be refined and expanded. Till then, please be aware dear reader that this is an experimental book, the research that will give us the definitive answers to this mystery has yet to be done. In the past we have had no scientific understanding as to what was actually happening to us during kundalini. Now in with modern science we can begin to understand what is really going on.

The Biology of Kundalini is a revolutionary book, long overdue. It will change the way we look at spiritual evolution, medicine and ourselves. With this book I offer a theory of the biology of kundalini, which explains all the symptoms, suggests a protocol of adaptation, and encourages research into a new branch of medicine…Evolutionary Medicine. It is part Self-help book and part notes for scientists and medical minds with an interest in consciousness. It also honors the often difficult process of spiritual crisis in a way that hopefully will reduce the suffering for those undergoing the cruxification, and for those around them watching. This information will be invaluable for anyone going through an awakening, for their family and therapists both medical and psychological.

I recommend you pass over areas you find dry on the first couple of readings. If the subject of metamorphosis in anyway inspires you then eventually even the dry areas will become juicey. The Exhaustion Phase is the seed of BOK which you can use along with the skills and protocol to construct an adaptation or recovery program that is personally suited to you and your symptoms. Writing this book has been the most incredible ride…the information arises on a wave of energy and bliss. When I am hot on the kundalini trail Spiritual Presence is heightened, the muse is tangibly potent and the pieces of the puzzle formulate themselves around the “pull” of the Holy Spirit.

It is very important to grasp the distinction between “damage” (pathology and disease) and the transformative process of “metamorphosis.” Certain phases of metamorphosis include cellular necrosis and catabolic breakdown, for the new cannot grow without the removal of the old. Kundalini with its amplified metabolism and nerve activity, and increased oxidation will tend to down-regulate neural and hormonal receptors and rewire the nervous system. However even if we are in the between-slump, when the hyper-functioning has backed off, but our receptors have not yet regrown, we cannot really consider kundalini as being “brain damaging.” We must see all phases of metamorphosis as necessary allostatic changes in the transformation of our organism and the human collective. Once we understand this and intelligently adapt, we can avoid burnout and regression, and thereby learn to keep the gains made through heightened kundalini.

I don’t recommend that anyone should pursue the raising of kundalini energy…I recommend detoxification, supernutrition, strengthening, plus self-discovered spiritual practices and adventures. I recommend following your Muse and working on giving your greatest gift for the widest distribution. If you do these things then an awakening is likely to occur. If you don’t do these things then you will not be prepared for a kundalini awakening and so it probably is not going to serve you. So I don’t tell people directly how to raise their kundalini, but encrypted throughout BOK are ways that you can use to raise kundalini. However if you cannot find them, then you are not really for an awakening.


If you are not a solutions orientated, original thinker then BOK is probably not for you. If you have an infatuation with external authorities, orthodoxy, and traditions, or find that you tend to fixate on problems, then avoid this book. Also please be aware that I am not a spiritual teacher or a medical doctor and the only authority I have comes from my own experience and research. Nothing contained in this book should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. You should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in BOK.



Here is another version of the same sort of thing


What is Polarity Therapy?

Energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature. Polarity Therapy asserts that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health.

In the Polarity model, health is experienced when:

  • Energy systems function in their natural state, and
  • Energy flows smoothly without significant blockage or fixation.

When energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and disease arise.

Blockages generally manifest in sequence from the subtle to the dense levels of the field. Polarity Therapy seeks to find the blockages and release energy to normal flow patterns, and to maintain the Energy Field in an open, flexible condition.

A blend of modern science and complementary medicine, Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive health system involving energy-based bodywork, diet, exercise and self-awareness. Scientifically, it works with the Human Energy Field, electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience. In Polarity Therapy, health is viewed as a reflection of the condition of the energy field, and therapeutic methods are designed to balance the field for health benefit. There are 3 types of energy fields in the human body: Long line currents that run north to south on the body; Transverse currents that run east-west in the body; and spiral currents that start at the navel and expand outward.

In the healing arts, Polarity Therapy is special in its comprehensive exploration of the different dimensions of the human condition (physical, mental and emotional). Polarity Therapy seeks to bridge the full spectrum of body, mind and spirit: the body is designed by nature to heal itself. Polarity Therapy assists in this natural occurrence). Applying the Polarity Therapy system can take diverse forms, always based on the underlying intention to support the client’s inherent self-healing intelligence as expressed in its energetic patterns.

Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981), who conducted a thorough investigation of energy in the healing arts over the course of his 60-year medical career. Drawing on information from a wide range of sources, he found that the Human Energy Field is affected by touch, diet, movement, sound, attitudes, relationships, life experience, trauma and environmental factors. Since Polarity Therapy lends an energy-based perspective to all these subjects, the scope of Polarity practice is often very broad, with implications for health professionals in many therapeutic disciplines.

As a result, Polarity supports strong connections to many other healing and holistic health systems. For example, basic characteristics of the Human Energy Field are described in many sources, both ancient and modern. From the Ayurvedic tradition, Polarity integrates the “Three Principles and Five Chakras” and has been called the modern manifestation of ancient Hermetic Philosophy. Polarity is experienced as the universal pulsation of expansion/contraction or repulsion/attraction known as Yang and Yin in Oriental therapies. Energy moves out from a central source – which is repulsion, then back to the source – which is attraction. Polarity practitioners use this natural phenomenon as a way of tracking energy flow.



So these are all varied approaches to the same phenomenon, known by many different terms in different cultures and traditions, prana, chi, ki, L-field, Holy Spirit, etc, etc.

If you try to comprehend this stuff from within, or using, the standard orthodox mainstream materialist mechanistic Cartesian paradigm, which we all get taught in Western culture, as being ‘the truth’, then you will not get very far, because that understanding has already excluded the very possibility of any of this right from the start, for POLITICAL reasons.


Because the ideological priorities, when the scientific project first got going, during the Enlightenment, were to fight off the forces of religious conservative power, which wanted to prevent any such venture ever happening at all. That’s the history, from hundreds of years ago, and we are STILL stuck with that absurd nonsense.

I am not arguing against reason, rationality, logic, or the scientific method. There’s all those twits who will say ‘Oh, this is all woowoo’

What I would like, is for people to understand something about what those things are, and their place, within the general scheme of things. How we arrived where we are.


I am not arguing in favour of superstition, or fanciful nonsensical beliefs, either.

But look what we have got. We have leaders who are considered sane, all through soceity, business people, every kind of job and trade, people who are considered sane, who behave in the most atrocious immoral antisocial and barbaric ways.


This whole country, Britain (not to mention USA, the worst) commits war crimes, creates dreadful situations abroad, for profit. Makes money from death, exploitation, devastating the environment, here, overseas, the air, the oceans. At the highest levels there are the worst criminals, liars, bank fraudsters, paedophiles.

Is this acceptable ?

Well, we have it, in any event. In the BBC, the Lords, the Church. Everywhere.


Those people are rated SANE. By Enlightenment standards. By scientific standards. Because there is no morality or ethics in science, is there.


And there ARE NO objective scientific tests for mental disorders.

That’s right. NONE. So, who is relying on woowoo ?

What that means is, that a person in a white coat, the qualified psychiatrist, with a string of letters after their name, says what he or she thinks about the patient. An opinion.

The patient, of course, can say what he or she thinks about the psychiatrist. But that opinion does not carry any weight. Because of the power relationship. Which is a matter of social status, rank, authority.


This is not science. Is it.

Whatever it is, it is not science.

It’s passing judgement on appearance and behaviour.


And, if we are to do that, then what sort of behaviour is to be deemed acceptable ?

The people with power, who are making decisions, are not sane. They are going to destroy all life, get us all killed. That is not sane.


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  1. Tom says:

    Wow, what an adventure! Thanks ulvfugl.

  2. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks Tom.


    “As I have written in a previous book, American-style capitalism can be viewed as the pinnacle of mass murder. Consider the resource-extractive industries that produce much of the world’s pollution while impeding social justice (large oil and mining companies top the list, but American-style capitalism rewards the many corporations that follow their leads). These are the companies that destroy native cultures and species for the sake of financial gain (though to be fair, they wouldn’t be capable of these egregious transgressions without considerable support from the multitude of consumers in American society). Because they have the cash, these companies fund big-money research, the results of which further ensure their continued financial dominance on the global stage. Like hounds on the trail of chubby, dawdling rabbits, colleges and universities chase these companies in hot pursuit of gold. The incessant siren of commerce drowns out the occasional squawk of a sacrificial golden goose. Collateral damage is widely accepted in the bloody battle for short-term financial security.”


  3. ulvfugl says:

    Moscow’s leading independent military analyst, Gennady Nechayev of Vzglyad, said of the deployment of Igla-type arms on board vessels under way in the Bosphorus, “this is absolutely unremarkable. The Montreux Convention recognizes the right to armed guards on passing ships. If you look, there are hundreds of photos of seamen with arms or manning fire control systems during passage in the Straits.”

    “Another point is of interest. Our ships have also been accused of the fact that now they do not make a salute when passing the flag of Turkey in its territorial waters. Yes, there is such an unwritten tradition, but it is nowhere recorded as binding. The decision to raise or not to raise the flag is taken solely by the vessel captain. Let the Janissaries rejoice that noone shows them the latrine [the head] from the deck. That was the British tradition in sailing days.”


  4. ulvfugl says:

    Official Washington is awash with tough talk about Russia and the need to punish President Putin for his role in Ukraine and Syria. But this bravado ignores Russia’s genuine national interests, its “red lines,” and the risk that “tough-guy-ism” can lead to nuclear war, as Alastair Crooke explains.

    By Alastair Crooke

    We all know the narrative in which we (the West) are seized. It is the narrative of the Cold War: America versus the “Evil Empire.” And, as Professor Ira Chernus has written, since we are “human” and somehow they (the USSR or, now, ISIS) plainly are not, we must be their polar opposite in every way.

    “If they are absolute evil, we must be the absolute opposite. It’s the old apocalyptic tale: God’s people versus Satan’s. It ensures that we never have to admit to any meaningful connection with the enemy.” It is the basis to America’s and Europe’s claim to exceptionalism and leadership.

    And “buried in the assumption that the enemy is not in any sense human like us, is [an] absolution for whatever hand we may have had in sparking or contributing to evil’s rise and spread. How could we have fertilized the soil of absolute evil or bear any responsibility for its successes? It’s a basic postulate of wars against evil: God’s people must be innocent,” (and that the evil cannot be mediated, for how can one mediate with evil).

    Westerners may generally think ourselves to be rationalist and (mostly) secular, but Christian modes of conceptualizing the world still permeate contemporary foreign policy.

    It is this Cold War narrative of the Reagan era, with its correlates that America simply stared down the Soviet Empire through military and – as importantly – financial “pressures,” whilst making no concessions to the enemy.

    What is sometimes forgotten, is how the Bush neo-cons gave their “spin” to this narrative for the Middle East by casting Arab national secularists and Ba’athists as the offspring of “Satan”: David Wurmser was advocating in 1996, “expediting the chaotic collapse” of secular-Arab nationalism in general, and Baathism in particular. He concurred with King Hussein of Jordan that “the phenomenon of Baathism” was, from the very beginning, “an agent of foreign, namely Soviet policy.”

    Moreover, apart from being agents of socialism, these states opposed Israel, too. So, on the principle that if these were the enemy, then my enemy’s enemy (the kings, Emirs and monarchs of the Middle East) became the Bush neo-cons friends. And they remain such today – however much their interests now diverge from those of the U.S.


  5. ulvfugl says:

    @96 “War with the West was inevitable”?

    Lisa, War with the west never stopped. Of course, we need to keep in mind exactly what early 21 century war really is. it’s not “WW2” or “WW3”, any more than it is Napoleonic War.

    Ever since the Russians got their first nuclear weapon, the US has been trying to find new ways to wage war within the confines imposed by the fact that they don’t have a nuclear monopoly. And their ongoing effort to find ways to subvert and undermine opposing states without triggering a nuclear apocalypse have had some significant tactical successes, most notably including the fall of the Soviet Union, undermining the growth of the Japanese economy in the 1985-1990 period, which put Japan in the deflationary trap it has yet to fully escape from, and preventing the European Union from centralizing enough to become an independent power in the world.

    The US has also had two major tactical failures: First, they failed to completely destroy Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, despite some significant successes in the Yeltsin years, and Second, the US’s plans to deal with China were badly thrown off track by the neocon’s diversion of American resources to the middle east after 9/11.

    The George W. Bush administration originally planned to make China it’s big enemy, and tensions began to rise as an American spyplane collided with a Chinese jet. And then 9/11 changed everything, by giving the Zionist neocons, who were more focused on strengthening Israel than with breaking the growth of the Chinese economy, an excuse to pour vast American resources into the Middle East.

    Of course they thought taking over Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, etc, would give the Americans such complete control of world oil economy that it would making dealing with China later easy. But that didn’t work at all.

    So now we’ve got Obama in the White House. He seems more concerned with just getting through the next year without offending any part of the American oligarchy, so he can enjoy all the millions he expects to get after he leaves office. He was too weak to say no to either the faction who wanted to attack Russia first and China second, or to the faction that wanted to attack China first and Russia second, so he managed to attack them both at the same time. Big mistake, because it pushed Russia and China a long ways towards a real alliance that could in time end American hegemony.

    Still, over the next 20-30 years, the US still has some nasty cards to play. Because of the failure to move away from a carbon economy, global climate change is a reality that is going to become a threat to many nations in the future. The American military knows this, but seems to see it as a problem that will hurt their enemies (especially China) more than it will hurt them. The US may hope Climate change will have the sorts of effect that the first and second world wars had on their global rivals.

    Posted by: Glenn Brown | Dec 11, 2015 11:09:05 PM | 103


  6. ulvfugl says:

    In recent weeks one nation after another is falling over themselves, literally, to join the turkey shoot known, erroneously, as the war in Syria, ostensibly against the Islamic State or Daesh. The most wanted but most feared question is where will this war frenzy lead, and how can it be stopped short of dragging the entire planet into a world war of destruction?

    On September 30, responding to a formal invitation or plea from the duly-elected President of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Russian Federation began what was an initially highly effective bombing campaign in support of the Syrian Government Army.

    On 13 November following the terror attacks claimed by ISIS in Paris, the French President proclaimed France was “at war” and immediately sent her one and only aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, to Syria to join the battle. Then on December 4, the German Parliament approved sending 1,200 German soldiers and six Tornado jets to “help” France. Reports out of Germany say the Germans will not work with Russia or the Assad regime, but with CentCom command in Florida and coalition headquarters, not in Damascus, but in Kuwait. The same week the UK Parliament approved sending British planes and forces to “fight ISIS” in Syria. Again we can be sure it’s not to help Russia’s cause in cooperation with the Syrian Army of Assad to restore sovereignty to Syria.

    Then Turkey’s hot-head President Recep Erdoğan, fresh from his criminal, premeditated downing of the Russian SU-24 in Syria, orders Turkish tanks into the oil-rich Mosul region of Iraq against the vehement protests of the Iraqi government. And added to this chaos, the United States claims that its planes have been surgically bombing ISIS sites for more than a year, yet the result has been only to expand the territories controlled by ISIS and other terror groups.

    If we take a minute to step back and reflect, we can readily realize the world is literally going berzerk, with Syria as merely the ignition to a far uglier situation which has the potential to destroy our lovely, peaceful planet.


  7. ulvfugl says:

    The ‘money from bloody murder’ lobby

    As we’ve previously reported, APPS was formed by current and former officials from Raytheon, BAE, SAIC, and other major defense contractors. Lobbyists who represent the defense industry are also involved. (Mike) Rogers, the former House Intelligence Committee chairman who retired from Congress last year, also represents private clients, though he has refused to disclose them. To “help elect a president who supports Pindosi engagement and a strong foreign policy,” the group spends money on public events in primary states and encourages presidential candidates to take hawkish positions.


    Highest Paid Female CEOs in 2015
    Marillyn Hewson Lockheed Martin Corporation, $33.7 M Reported Total Compensation

  8. ulvfugl says:

    For the second time in just over six months, the BBC has been forced to admit that its flagship news and current affairs program Today has misled its audiences over the situation in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. In a broadcast in October, veteran presenter John Humphrys and Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly implied in a two-way conversation that all of those killed in that month’s violence were Israeli Jews.


  9. ulvfugl says:

    Published on 10 Dec 2015
    State Department spokesman John Kirby gets testy when RT’s Gayane Chichakyan asks if Iraq has a legitimate concern over “the situation where the US invites forces to Iraq and the US is leading this coalition… but when something goes wrong, the US says it’s none of our business – like what is happening with the Turkish troops.”

  10. ulvfugl says:

    This ‘Quartz’ entity belongs to Atlantic Media, and the below is the only non-Jewish journalist on its list – RB

    One of the terrorists behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks will be pardoned in return for information
    Itika Sharma Punit, Quartz, Dec 11 2015

    On Dec 10, an Indian court accepted a plea from David Coleman Headley, one of the accused in the Nov 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, for pardon on the condition that he would become an “approver,” The Indian Express newspaper reported. An approver is someone who was part of a crime but confesses his guilt and gives evidence against his co-conspirators. The 55-year-old is currently serving a 35-year sentence in a Pindo prison for his role in the Mumbai terror attacks. He presented his plea before a Mumbai court through video conferencing. Reading a prepared statement, Headley told the court:


  11. ulvfugl says:

    If this is true, I salute you, Warrior! If not, it doesn´t matter, you have captured in a very, very impressive way what war really means today and eternal and what it means to be a warrior on the side of truth. Thank you, thank you. You are now Russian, but your roots are German. I am German. And we fight on the same side. As it is said: No one understands war, who was not fighting in war. And no one hates war more than a true Warrior.


  12. ulvfugl says:

    Gun in Paris terror attacks linked to ‘Iran-Contra’ Florida arms dealer

    A gun linked to the Paris terror attacks that left 130 people dead and wounded 368 others has been traced back to a Florida arms dealer. It is the same arms dealer that sold arms to the Contras of Nicaragua at the time the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal.

    The revelation came during an interview with the head of a Serbian arms factory, who said the M92 semi-automatic pistol’s serial number was the same as one that his company delivered to an American online arms dealer, Century International Arms, in May 2013.

    The Palm Beach Postcontacted Century owner Michael Sucher, but calls were not returned and doors at the company’s location in Delray Beach were locked. The company also has locations in the town of Georgia, Vermont. This is not the first time Century International Arms has made news headlines, either. The Palm Beach Post reported the same dealer had benefitted from an illegal arms trade of pistols, sniper rifles and assault weapons with the help of “unauthorized brokers” – an Israeli arms dealer middleman. The weapons moved into the possession of Century from stock in a Guatemalan government warehouse in 2007, for $130 million.

    The revelation came from informationprovided by WikiLeaks’ trove of secret diplomatic cables – the same cables said by the US government to have been provided by former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year sentence in prison for the leak.

    An employee of the same arms dealer was involved in supplying arms, including rockets and grenades, to the Contras of Nicaragua during the 1980s Iran-Contra.

    source: RT.com

    How much more proof does one need that this apparently was a CIA/ISrael staged false flagOP?

    1. One gun came from a CIA stock.
    2. Owner of Bataclan theatre the former head of Airbus/EADS
    3. Non religious patsies killed or arrested were petty local criminals (those are usually being employed and paid by CIA for such conspiracy activities)

    That false flag OP stinks into one certain direction!


  13. ulvfugl says:

    How pleasing the reports of some deaths are.

    The chief of Blackwater mercenaries in Yemen has been killed in clashes with Houthi Ansarullah fighters and allied forces in the country’s southwest, reports say.

    Yemen’s Arabic-language al-Masirah news website reported that the commander-in-chief of the private security firm in the country, a Mexican national, was slain in the al-Omari district of Ta’izz Province early on Wednesday.

    According to the report, the recent fatality has brought to 15 the number of foreign forces with the Blackwater killed in clashes in Yemen since Tuesday. Some Australian, British, and French advisors and commanders — plus half a dozen Colombian soldiers — were among the dead. The mercenaries are part of the UAE forces that help Saudi Arabia in its war against the impoverished country.

    A US security services training company, Blackwater Worldwide, which is now known as Academi, is one the most notorious private security firms in the world and is responsible for killing of scores of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen.


  14. ulvfugl says:

    People are concerned, but they do quite a good job of discrediting anyone who forms a serious threat. They never stopped attacking the anti war movements.

    In the UK the Stop the War movement is painted as some kind of communist hippy free for all that hate Britain and want to see it destroyed by muslims. The Prime Minister openly calls the leader of the opposition a ‘terrorist sympathiser’. The opposition are probably controlled anyway, their arguments are pretty shit, but they are still the only opposition the masses see, and they get derided across the media.

    They’ve now put out advice to youth workers that says anyone that believes in conspiracy theories or gets aggressive about UK foreign policy is a likely extremist. The Prime Minister said that anyone who is against British institutions is a probably an extremist too.

    There was a story in the media recently about the books they found in Osama Bin Laden’s compound. Apparently he reads Chomsky and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Seriously? Why would the man who planned the attacks need to read some false idea? Clearly a planted story to discredit people like Chomsky and anyone who questions things like 9/11.

    The problem now is that while people have vastly more access to information than in the 60s, the governments also have vastly more ways to get their propaganda out. This GCHQ operation involves interconnected fake online personas, fake news sites, fake books, and much more.


    Posted by: Bill | Dec 12, 2015 4:48:16 AM | 123


  15. ulvfugl says:

    What I loved least about Schake’s essay, however, was her contention that I got Achilles and the Iliad all wrong — or at least wrong enough that she felt obliged to correct the record. But this puts me at a terrible disadvantage with the good readers of War on the Rocks. Her criticism of my view of Homer is there for all to see, but my view of Homer is nowhere to be found. This I must fix. And so I shall, right now.


    The first phase of his rage in the Iliad is indeed about what others think of him, including the honor and glory that are his due. Agamemnon (the greatest king) has shown Achilles disrespect, and he is grievously offended, brooding about a slight to his honor (even from the greatest king). His mother (a goddess) has told him about a prophecy according to which he will either leave Troy and live a long life, or remain and die but win eternal glory. At this stage, he weighs life against glory (the acclaim of others). But the second phase of his rage, against Hector for killing Patroclus — the point at which Achilles makes the final choice to stay at Troy and fight, thus ensuring he will die young — no longer has anything to do with glory. The opinions of others make no difference to him. Having lost the person dearest to him, he is done with others. The only reason to act is out of motivations from within — rage and knowledge of his own greatness.

  16. ulvfugl says:

    Among the areas hardest hit are the country’s urban centers. Honduras’ economic capital, San Pedro Sula, is, according to some, the world’s most violent city, with a homicide rate of 142 for every 100,000 people. The political capital Tegucigalpa has a homicide rate of 81 per 100,000. The third largest city, La Ceiba, has a murder rate of 95 per 100,000. These are also the areas where the gangs, in particular the two most prominent, the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) and Barrio 18, have the greatest presence and influence.

    The emergence of hyper-violent street gangs happened relatively quickly in Honduras. In the late 1990s, following legislation in the United States that led to increased deportation of ex-convicts, numerous MS13 and Barrio 18 members arrived in the country. By the early 2000s, these two gangs, along with several local groups, had begun a bloody battle for territory — and the extortion revenue and drug markets that goes with it — that continues to this day. The government responded by passing so-called “iron fist” legislation and arresting thousands of suspected gang members. Instead of slowing the growth of gangs, however, the policy allowed them to consolidate their leadership within the prison system, expand their economic portfolios and make contact with other criminal organizations.

    This report covers the current state of gangs in Honduras. Specifically, it examines the history, geographic presence, structure and modus operandi of Barrio 18 and MS13 in the country. It also analyzes how the gangs may be developing into more sophisticated criminal organizations. It looks closely at examples that illustrate how some parts of these two gangs are winning the support of the local communities in which they operate. Finally, it gives an overview of some of the other street gangs operating in Honduras.


  17. ulvfugl says:

    Gold lust is fuelling a vicious cartel feud in rural Guerrero, the embattled Mexican state where 43 student-protesters were ‘disappeared’ late last year.

    In the village of Carrizalillo, where the Canadian mining giant Goldcorp has operated its Los Filos mine since 2007, residents are caught between the rival antagonisms of two criminal factions: Guerreros Unidos and Los Rojos. The village of 1000 inhabitants receives the annual equivalent of $3 million in rent from the corporation, making it a target for extortion and intimidation.

    Former residents of Carrizalillo told Reuters that in the beginning Los Rojos sought to extort mine workers, contractors, and landowners, as well as influence the affairs of unions, village councils, and cooperatives.

    Last year, however, Guerreros Unidos encroached on their turf and a violent power struggle ensued. Pitched gun battles terrorized Carrizalillo and four mine workers were kidnapped in March 2014. Three of them were subsequently found dead in a mass grave.


  18. ulvfugl says:

    A series of detailed reports on the Paleolithic site of Schöningen in north-central Germany which is best known for the earliest known, completely preserved wooden spear findings have been published online in the Journal of Human Evolution. Altogether, they present a picture of groups of prehistoric hunters who sojourned at sites in the Schöningen area about 300,000+ years ago and hunted and processed mammalian species such as wild horse and red deer using tools/weapons made of wood, stone and bone. The findings have changed the long-accepted paradigm of a more primitive early human hunting culture during this time period that featured primarily stone tools and weapons and a somewhat more limited subsistence strategy.


  19. ulvfugl says:

    Eight buried towers and the remains of a massive spiral structure created from sand have been discovered at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

    The massive structure — almost a mile long — contains a spiral design, with several rectangular spirals that form a giant structure, archaeologists say. “This structure, which has dimensions of more than 1,500 m × 600 m (about 1 mile by 1,970 feet) is the most striking discovery associated with Angkor Wat to date. Its function remains unknown and, as yet, it has no known equivalent in the Angkorian world,” Roland Fletcher, a University of Sydney professor, said in a statement put out by the university.

    Today, the spiral structure is hard to make out on the ground, having been obscured by modern features and vegetation.


  20. ulvfugl says:

    6. “Our boys” will not be fighting ISIS, whatever the media may tell you. ISIS is on our side. ISIS is NATO. “Our boys” will be fighting alongside ISIS and a ragtag of mercenaries and lunatics and sociopathic mass murderers killing Syrian civilians, soldiers of the Syrian army, and maybe even Russians (all of whom are actually fighting ISIS). Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and all the other smirking morons are obediently lining up for WW3 to defend US imperialism. Because they’re too torpid, corrupt and stupid to know what they are doing.


  21. ulvfugl says:

    William Vahey, an American, drugged and sexually abused large numbers of boys in the many international schools in which he taught.

    Spooky teachers abusing kids at international schools / CIA-MOSSAD PEDOPHILE RING AT JIS?

    A few years ago, Robin Peverett (above) was a distinguished visitor to the British International School in Jakarta.

    Robin Peverett was an adviser to the Thatcher government and a chairman of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools.

    Robin Peverett was sentenced to 18 months in prison, after admitting nine charges of indecently assaulting a number of school pupils

    Robin Peverett.


  22. ulvfugl says:

    “Reporting of a complete loss of propulsion on USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) is deeply alarming, particularly given this ship was commissioned just 20 days ago,” Senator John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in a statement to the Times.

    The USS Milwaukee is the third ship of the Freedom class, Lockheed Martin’s contribution for the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship program. The Navy couldn’t choose between this design and the rival contender from General Dynamics, the Independence-class LCS and contracted a dozen of each class. Three of each has been commissioned so far.

    READ MORE: F-35 deathtrap: Pentagon jet’s ejection seat could snap pilot’s neck

    The LCS program was designed to produce a multipurpose warship for patrolling littoral zones, waters close to shore. It suffered from an overblown budget and concerns over the warship’s ability to survive actual combat.


  23. Tom says:

    Traces of a ‘Lost’ Stonehenge Appear in Rock Quarry


    A few tantalizing pieces of evidence hint that there may have been an earlier, lost precursor to Stonehenge somewhere in Wales.

    Some of Stonehenge’s bluestones were mined from a rocky outcrop called Craig Rhos-y-felin, part of Preseli Hills in Wales. And new research has revealed possible signs of human quarrying at the outcrop that occurred long before and long after, but not at the same time as, the erection of the bluestone megaliths at Stonehenge, according to a new study.

    This raises the possibility that one or two of the bluestones from Stonehenge may have first been used in some other, earlier henge in Wales before being removed from that monument and transported to the Salisbury Plain in England. [Stonehenge: 7 Reasons the Mysterious Monument Was Built]

    However, the evidence in support of the theory is scant: a few traces of burnt material and one oddly positioned rock. And not everyone is convinced that these clues point to an earlier Stonehenge-like monument.

    “While this work adds some detail, it doesn’t change the main picture,” said Timothy Darvill, an archaeologist at Bournemouth University in England, who has excavated at Stonehenge but was not involved in the current study. “The Preseli Hills are extensive and geologically very complicated, with the result that matching stones to particular outcrops is fraught with difficulties.”

    In addition, it’s possible that much of the archaeological material uncovered is “entirely natural” — not evidence of human work on the landscape, Darvill said.

  24. ulvfugl says:

    Thanks Tom


    It is well known that the U.S. employs a sophisticated network of non-governmental organizations to manipulate public consciousness in multiple countries across the world. NGOs also play a key role in preparing color revolutions.

    These last months I’ve been closely following the events in Montenegro, a small country anxious about the efforts of its NATO ‘partners’ doing the best to integrate that Balkan state in the alliance. Well, you’ll be greatly surprised to find out the scale of those efforts.

    It would be an understatement to say that a network of foreign controlled organizations is active in Montenegro. It’s not just a network, it is a system of its own, a ‘network of networks’.

    This scheme illustrates the structural ties between the agents of influence which attempt to manipulate and brainwash the minds of Montenegro citizens:


  25. ulvfugl says:


    The dalliance of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency with Islamic jihadist forces is nothing new. Today, the CIA provides weapons, training, and other support to jihadist-aligned domestic Syrian and foreign mercenary forces attempting to overthrow the government of the secular Syrian president, Bashar al Assad.

    Among the recipients of CIA largesse are jihadist opposition forces in Syria that include Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat al Nusra, Al Qaeda, the Khorasan Group, the Levant Front, Jabhat Ansar al-Islam, Brigade of Turkmen Mountain, Muslim Brotherhood of Syria, Ansar al-Sharia, Jabhat Ansar al-Din, Ghuraba al-Sham, Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance, Islamic Muthanna Movement, and the Imam Bukhari Jamaat. All of these groups have had alliances with or are part of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and have sworn fealty to ISIL’s elf-proclaimed caliphate. The last group on the list, Imam Bukhari Jammat, is an Uzbek jihadist mercenary group that helped ISIL capture parts of the Idlib region of Syria.

    The use of Uzbek mercenaries by the CIA is almost as old as the American spy agency itself. In fact, CIA-Uzbek jihadist cooperation dates back some 63 years. According to its own formerly TOP SECRET Central Intelligence Bulletin, dated December 4, 1952, during the waning days of the Harry Truman administration, the CIA embarked on a program to foment nationalism tinged with jihadism among the Uzbek tribes of northern Afghanistan in order that it might spill across the border into the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, a constituent republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

    This 1952 CIA policy of coopting Muslim radicals means that the current attempt by such anti-Russian U.S. official and quasi-official intelligence policy makers, including former Jimmy Carter national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, hedge fund tycoon George Soros, and CIA director John Brennan, to bring about a radical Muslim destabilization of the Russian Federation is merely a continuation of past practice. Presently, this cabal of American Russophobes see a victory by jihadist forces in Syria, and ultimately in Iraq, will spill over into Russia’s southern Caucasus region where jihadists have already been active, to central Asia.

    In 1952, the CIA covertly incubated a band of Afghan Uzbeks. The Afghan Uzbek group, called the Mogul Band by the CIA, was reported by the CIA to have had «considerable strength in the northern part of the country» and «hoped to ‘reunite’ Afghan Uzbeks with fellow tribesmen across the Soviet frontier.» The CIA also reported that the Afghan Uzbeks «tried to attract support» from mainly Shi’a Hazara tribal leaders in northern Afghanistan. However, the Sunni Uzbeks and the Shi’a Hazaras were unnatural allies, a fact that seems to have been lost on the CIA station operatives in Kabul assigned the task of radicalizing the Afghan Uzbeks into a potent anti-Soviet force.


    The CIA decided to import radical jihadists from the Middle East and North Africa into northwest Pakistan as mercenaries to assist the Afghan mujaheddin in their war against the Soviets. Much of the funding for this operation was «off-the-books» because it was provided by Saudi Arabia and certain wealthy Saudi families. One of their numbers, Osama Bin Laden, eventually arrived in northwest Pakistan to take up arms with the «Arab Afghans» fighting the Soviets and socialist and quite secular Afghan government in Kabul. To coordinate the arrival, training, and arming of the Arab Afghans was veteran CIA field agent Milton Bearden. In an interview with the BBC, Bearden said President Ronald Reagan’s CIA director, William Casey, told him, «’I want you to go to Afghanistan, I want you to go next month and I will give you whatever you need to win’… He gave me the Stinger missiles and a billion dollars!»

    Eventually, some of the Arab Afghans left Afghanistan and returned to their native Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Yemen and, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, they took up arms against their own governments. The Saudis paid off the mujaheddin veterans, including Osama Bin Laden, not to attack the «kingdom», preferring them to wage jihad in the name of the Wahhabi Islamic sect against the United States, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, and other countries. The Wahhabist jihadists also strictly avoided attacking Israel or Israeli interests.

    Today, many of the veteran Arab Afghan jihadists are fighting as senior field commanders for the ISIL and Al Qaeda in Syria, Libya, and Yemen armed with weapons provided by the CIA, now under the directorship of the pro-Saudi / pro-Israeli CIA chief Brennan. Had President Truman nixed the CIA’s dealings with jihadist members of the Mogul Gang in 1952, the Middle East and the Balkans may have become much different and more peaceful places.

  26. ulvfugl says:

    Hahahahaha, and by way of contrast to the above, Pat Lang loses his temper…

    ME/SA conspiracy BS


    Never having met the man in person, I can’t be certain, but from reading him, my impression is, that he dedicated his entire life to the fantasy of serving his country (the Empire) as an honourable soldier and officer. A man of principle. The suggestion that he might possibly have been working for something evil and monstrous that performs the most ghastly atrocities is simply unthinkable, and to infer it in the slightest way, is to cast doubt on Lang’s own integrity.

    However, the filthy despicable criminal deeds of the USA are well documented and beyond any disputing, and Lang is really not that smart, despite being head of ME intel during the invasion of Iraq, or whatever he was. That was obvious a few days ago, when he said that his readers should be ‘Very careful. Very careful.’ But he himself was not. He jumps to conclusions to suit his preferred assumptions, without any justification from the available evidence.

    It was quite interesting, after reading his blog and other stuff, re SB event and Syrian immigrants, etc, etc, I had a sort of semi lucid dream, where he, or someone like him, was the sort of ‘captain of the guard’, the person responsible for protecting the castle, the city, by seeing to it, that the gates and walls were all patrolled and that everything was safe and secure. The sort of thing you see in silly movies when people get smuggled past the guards in oxcarts hidden under loads of hay.

    If I was the King, Lord, Emperor, whatever, in the palace, would I have complete confidence that PL was keeping everything secure ? No. I’d have complete trust in his honesty and loyalty, but not for one minute that he could not be tricked, fooled ! I think if I wanted ny walls guarded, I’d give b at MoA the commander in chief job, with Saker as deputy 🙂

    No, Saker is not cunning enough. Too idealistic. When the Vikings arrived saying they were good Christians who wanted to bury their recently deceased chief, he’d open the gates and let them all in, and then everyone would be slaughtered. 🙂

    It’s a job for someone who thinks like one of those Vikings.

    Look how vain and pompous PL is. Reacting to Valissa that way, who is a very smart, perceptive lady.

    He stated at one time that the CIA got cleaned up by the Church Commission. No they did not. The MKUltra thing had little girls trained to do sex acts for old men. They did something like that for Church and secretly filmed it and told him it would remain secret so long as he stopped his enquiries. So the enquiries stopped, and we only get part of the picture.
    Does Lang not know that ?

    It does not have to be ‘CIA’ as such, does it. We know, from all sorts of sources, that the very many agencies, American, Israeli, British, have a sort of fuzzy edge where they overlap with private contractors and the criminal underworld. and they have money in vast amounts, wasn’t there a stash of $2 billion forged found by the German intel related to Ukraine, related to Vanguard Corporation ? indistinguishable from genuine. I mean, that sort of money, and the Afghan heroin and S American narco trade, all on the gray edges of CIA black ops, just as was the opium and heroin during Vietnam. That’s no secret.

    So, everything can be done one or two steps removed from any actual official involvement, so they always keep ‘plausible deniability’, like naughty children, ‘It wasn’t me did it’.

  27. ulvfugl says:

    Dedicated followers will recall that I mentioned Eratosthenes recently.

    A more accurate method was put forward by Al-burini, one of the greatest scholars of the medieval Islamic era (Al-Biruni). That method needed a mountain and and astrolobe capable of locating and measuring angles to the horizon. A good description of this method can be found here: (Geodesy: Burnini). [Must remember to reference Burini when I do the next edition of the book: I derived his method from first principles, so didn’t research whether or not it had already been done].

    Why is this of interest ?

    To stumble across the idea (of a round world) by chance needs an unusual set of geographical features. The only location I have found that the idea can both be proven and stumbled across by chance is at Preseli: At this location, Neolithic constructions of unknown age are located in precisely the correct locations to show how this might have been found.

    Immediately below these locations is the possible quarry that some archaeologists say is the source of the bluestones used at Stonehenge. Using the Geocentric Hypothesis, Stonehenge is a model of our Cosmos which shows, amongst other things, that the Earth is round (the circle of Stones representing our world).


    I can’t seem to link to that comment, but the thread is here


    amidst many more


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