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Jung, Newgrange, Fairies, Ezekiel, Elongated Skulls

However, following over two years of research into the Newgrange excavation archive and the personal papers of the O’Kelly archive held by the National Monuments Archive Unit, I believe these doubts, criticisms and conspiracy theories can finally be conclusively set … Continue reading

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Sea Sami, Selkies, Bog Butter, Dogmen, Sea Wolves, Sickness

In his book on the seal people, Gaelic historian John MacAulay puts forward an interesting theory, that the Selkie stories are actually a very old form of oral history. He suggests that for thousands of years, Eskimo type kayakers in … Continue reading

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Petrified Tracks, Fabians, Inca Walls, Fox Weddings, Diet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The faeries mean different things to different people. There is a great range in their taxonomy; they can be the archetypal characters found in faerie tales, folkloric entities existing in a liminal reality, animistic nature spirits responsible … Continue reading

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Back when birds spoke Gaelic…. that was the age of joy

‘Beast Literature’, stories where human-like, talking animals and birds are the main characters became especially popular in the twelfth century (Salisbury, 1994:124-8). But the Beast Literature tradition did not invent the concept of talking animals. There was a native tradition … Continue reading

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Bewitching Oakwoods, Kolbrin, Folkton Drums, Valentine’s Day

Katie-Jo Luxton, the director of RSPB Cymru, said: “Our beautiful, biodiverse and bewitching oak woodlands are some of the least known treasures of rural Wales. These natural forests feature strongly in Welsh folklore but have become undervalued and degraded in … Continue reading

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Donal Óg, gloves of the skin of a fish, shoes of the skin of a bird

When the Irish poet read the poem, the poem became his. It is his voice that reads the poem to me now. I have gone on to read it aloud to others, so vital does it seem to me, so … Continue reading

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WordPress… ****!*****!!********!!! Old Dog, New Tricks, Growl, Grumble, Horrible Hidden Expletives…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cinderella, for example, revolves around the perniciousness of what researchers call “female intrasexual competition”—the often-underhanded ways women compete with each other. While men evolved to be openly competitive, jockeying for position verbally or physically, female competition tends to … Continue reading

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Music, Megalithic Mysteries, Human Evolution, Vikings, Servants, Depression, Vanishing Insects

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    If you try to play in this style, you’ll need patience and a willingness to experiment, sometimes with little hope of achieving much in the short run. There are no easy shortcuts. Existing banjo arrangements almost never translate … Continue reading

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Janas, Faeries, Foel Drygarn, Denisovans, Self-domestication, Psilocybin, Wim Hof, Hyperthymesia, The Tjapwurung

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “The Janas are imaginary creatures of the Sardinian popular tradition, tiny women with a volatile temperament, a bit witches and a bit fairies, both kind and naughty” . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   What are the faeries? Where … Continue reading

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One Hundred and Ninety Eighth Blog Post

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  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is hard to claim that the design is beautiful, dazzling or engrossing. But the artwork is destined to be priceless and famous, because it seems to be the earliest evidence for a drawing in the … Continue reading

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