Miscellaneous musing, mumbling, ulvfuglarity, speculative vulgarism

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      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I came across this collection, 232 quotes about The Purpose of Life… http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/purpose-of-life My neighbour’s land is up for sale. http://www.jjmorris.com/properties.php?page=6&classification=4 I wonder if they have the spelling correct. Dolrhanog ? I wish some permaculture people … Continue reading

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So what’s this about ? Godot, God, Euler, Mites, Maths

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    Kindly inform Mr. Vajpeyi (if he is still in Paris) that I shall be waiting for him at my Paris residence on the 3rd of April at 6 o’clock in the evening. There is no need to inform … Continue reading

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Spiritual Attacks

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  Leonardo Da Vinci, arguably the central figure of the Renaissance, has long been considered by many a man of mystery. This is in spite of the fact that we have an unparalleled set of documents which illuminate his thought … Continue reading

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Fish Zen

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Golden Elixir is another name for one’s fundamental nature. There is no other Golden Elixir outside one’s fundamental nature. All human beings have this Golden Elixir complete in themselves: it is entirely realized in everybody. It is neither more in … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Experience : update iv

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  https://youtu.be/tqg-vJFLtts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The most powerful support for his doctrines, however, was the aura which surrounded him. Lacan was a handsome dandy and, like many physically attractive psychopaths, he was able to command unconditional love. He exploited this to the … Continue reading

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More chi, Tart, Jung, Frantzis, Young, etc

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      Charles T. Tart: Concerning The Scientific Study Of The Human Aura  Abstract Let me just summarize by saying that if you ask a question, “Is the aura real?” you are asking much too simple a question. Which … Continue reading

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More chi, moving the ghost, primordial wisdom, tao, nestorians

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      Tīṇimāni  bhikkhave titthāyatanāni, There are these three belief systems, monks, yāni paṇḍitehi samanuyuñjiyamānāni samanugāhiyamānāni samanubhāsiyamānāni and though questioned, queried, and discussed by wise men, param-pi gantvā akiriyāya saṇṭhahanti. (because they) have come down from others, they persist in … Continue reading

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More chi, more chi, more hesychasm, dhamma, ankh

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      So anekavihitaṁ iddhividhaṁ paccanubhoti: He experiences various kinds of psychic power: eko pi hutvā bahudhā hoti; having been one he becomes many; bahudhā pi hutvā eko hoti; having been many he becomes one; āvibhāvaṁ tirobhāvaṁ; he appears … Continue reading

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Truth on Earth, PTSD, Holy Spirit, Pneumatology, Soaring Crane

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      For visualizing the ten souls, the Baopuzi “Truth on Earth” chapter recommends taking dayao 大藥 “great medicines” and practicing a fenxing 分形 “divide/multiply the body” multilocation technique. My teacher used to say that to preserve Unity was … Continue reading

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Silence, Sacred Quietude, Thunder, Perfect Mind

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      It is now widely accepted that certain notions that we would tend to conceive as universal and immutable are in fact culturally specific. Silence is one of them. To give just one example, among the Western Apaches … Continue reading

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