Stones, Flowers, Palamism, Prelest, Makyo

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  It was so utterly wonderful to find I could go so heartily & headily mad; for you know I had been priding myself on my peculiar sanity! And it was more wonderful yet to find the madness made up … Continue reading

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Enormous Wings, Total War, Bogomils, Brynach

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One morning Elisenda was cutting some bunches of onions for lunch when a wind that seemed to come from the high seas blew into the kitchen. Then she went to the window and caught the angel in his first attempts … Continue reading

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Holy Fools, Realism, Things, The Alien Emergency Consultant

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  ..they have certeyne Eremites, (whome they call Holy men) that are like … Gymnosophists for their life and behaviour: though farre unlike for their knowledge and learning. They use to go starke naked save a clout(h) about their middle, … Continue reading

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Cro Magnon, Monkey Realism, Merchant Adventurers, Old Believers

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        So…. I spent some hours reading the website I linked to in the previous essay, which, despite some scrappy translation and occasional oddity, imo, does give a rather nicely illustrated general overview of where we came … Continue reading

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Lascaux, Mara’s Wave, Mezin, Dream of the Rood

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      In the hospital yard there stands a small lodge surrounded by a perfect forest of burdocks, nettles, and wild hemp. Its roof is rusty, the chimney is tumbling down, the steps at the front-door are rotting away … Continue reading

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making buddhas

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    Though William James is now mostly remembered as a philosopher, he was one of two ‘founding fathers’ of modern professionalized psychology. While his German counterpart, Wilhelm Wundt in Leipzig, dismissed empirical approaches to reported psychic phenomena and spiritualism, … Continue reading

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The Turge Tree, George Trakl, Tantra, Sinister Yoga

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The other important symbol of the world center is the turge tree, which creates an axis as well as a pole for ascent and descent. Siberian and Mongolian traditions locate the tree at the center of the world, but also … Continue reading

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Kafka, Kutkh, Kelet, Sweeping Zen, Marrow Washing

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  In the Geser myth the image of the fire, the world’s center, and the World Tree are beautifully united in one scene. The hero’s wife, the warrior woman and shamaness Alma Mergen, makes an offering to the fire goddess … Continue reading

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Bad trips, Hanging from The Tree, Demon-king Vinayaka, Lung-gom-pa

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 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 663 ! Continuing… I mean, continuing from the previous post, for anyone who has been foolhardy enough to follow me, along this meandering, around the labyrinth, through the smoke and fog…. Seems to me, it’s just as easy to … Continue reading

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The Pillar of Being, Axis Mundi, Avadhuta, Tengsh

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I attract all those seeking God and the truth; those alone will find the art. I am the Magnet-Stone of divine love; attracting the Iron-hard men on the road to the truth. I am the moisture which preserves everything in nature … Continue reading

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