Daughters of Albion, Story Wars, Semantic Enigmas, Beautiful Elves, Lost Children of Eve

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  ‘With what sense is it that the chicken shuns the ravenous hawk? With what sense does the tame pigeon measure out the expanse? With what sense does the bee form cells? Have not the mouse and frog        65 Eyes … Continue reading

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Propaganda, Sloth and Torpor, The Serpent, Troy, Albion

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Propaganda* is media designed to influence large numbers of people through their social networks; the integration of intent, expertise and production of programming is what gives propaganda, via a medium — media — the power to influence perception and do so scale-free. Perception is … Continue reading

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Pale Ink, Semasiography, Bluestones, Comets, Demons

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De Guignes was a scholar. He devoted much of his life to a study of the early Chinese, particularly to that which concerned navigation. During his course of study of the Classics, he came across a story, retold by Ma … Continue reading

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Justinian, Byzantium, Ottomans, Milankovitch Cycles, Hamlet’s Mill, Nabta Playa

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Why “bring out those Biblical figures again?” Because, as Johnson so deftly analyses Greek mythology, the ‘table of nations‘ and its founders were not just Biblical “phantoms”, as Wicked Pedia would have us believe, but the very same deified ascendants … Continue reading

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Stonework, Puma Punku, Tiwanaku, History, King Arthur, Albion

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How is it that we know the external world, and how do we articulate our knowledge of it in the arrays of paradigms and systems that we bundle under that singular world, “science”? For Kant, knowledge could be determined through … Continue reading

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Myths, Mendel, Mainstream History, Anomalies

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As the Greeks tell it, Pygmalion, a handsome sculptor from Cyprus, spurns the company of local women relegated to a life of loveless prostitution for failing to pay proper homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and patron deity of … Continue reading

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Scepticism, Bosnian Pyramid, Gunung Padang, Nan Madol, Mynydd Carn Ingli

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        The autumn leaves are falling like rain. Although my neighbors are all barbarians and you, you are a thousand miles away, there are always two cups at my table. T’ang Dynasty poem The 300 Tang Dynasty … Continue reading

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Kormos, Stonehenge, Tiwanaku, Pumapunku, Egyptians, Olmecs

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  Kormos An evil spirit. This spirit follows a man throughout his lifetime, recording all his deeds. It is an evil and impure spirit and son of Kayra. It was also described as a black entity living in the Underworld. … Continue reading

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Lamarck, History of Art, Stones, Ollantaytambo

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  The Ottawa Evening Herald, January 27, 1902. pic.twitter.com/P3kouSZPg2 — Soniasuponia (@Soniasuponia) October 13, 2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Perhaps the most famous—or notorious—proto-evolutionist was Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, who in 1802 adopted the word biologie to describe the study of living beings and postulated … Continue reading

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Kutkh, Prehistory, Radioactive Decay, Elgygytgyn

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      Kutkh appears in many legends: as a key figure in creation, as a fertile ancestor of mankind, as a mighty shaman and as a trickster. He is a popular subject of the animist stories of the Chukchi … Continue reading

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