Politics, Morality, Anacyclosis, Paedophilia, The Battle

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    This book in particular is a deeply pessimistic tome, and never fails to remind me of the loss of hope Benjamin Tucker experienced near the end of his life, uttering apocalyptic dirges like “We may last a couple … Continue reading

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Where Is Eric Braverman ? Art, Politics, History, Money, Power, etc.

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  The best expression of the most core techniques of your average slavemaster, are the Toynbee/Cecil method of manipulating public opinion which is always adjusted for different “publics” dependingly. Basic Slavemaster Propaganda Techniques ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This series ‘ Where is Eric Braverman … Continue reading

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Items of Interest, January 6th.

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New Format. Items of Interest, January 1st [Warning : May contain non-fake news, fake news, and nutz]

Happy New Year to all readers. I have decided to make an adjustment. The essays are time consuming and take a lot of work. I enjoy the research, investigating ideas, and finding images. But I’m also trapped inside the hamster … Continue reading

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Shorter than usual blog post, because…

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        Escapist though he professed himself to be, however, Lang could never conceal from himself, or indeed his readers, the fact that the fairy lands he wrote about sprang from and were modified by the sober realities … Continue reading

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Stones, Wolf Words, Dog Words, Dhole Words, Languages

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      How could we ever understand the function of these objects, in the absence of any contemporary account? Archaeology and scholarship have been applied to the problem of these mysterious objects, but we are apparently still none the … Continue reading

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Myth, History, Arthur, Cymru, Cimmerians, Sea Peoples

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The simple truth is that most of us live in areas of the world where the dominant culture is just not that preoccupied with spirits and magic. As a result our vocabulary to discuss these concepts has become extremely limited, … Continue reading

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Daughters of Albion, Story Wars, Semantic Enigmas, Beautiful Elves, Lost Children of Eve

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  ‘With what sense is it that the chicken shuns the ravenous hawk? With what sense does the tame pigeon measure out the expanse? With what sense does the bee form cells? Have not the mouse and frog        65 Eyes … Continue reading

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Propaganda, Sloth and Torpor, The Serpent, Troy, Albion

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Propaganda* is media designed to influence large numbers of people through their social networks; the integration of intent, expertise and production of programming is what gives propaganda, via a medium — media — the power to influence perception and do so scale-free. Perception is … Continue reading

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Pale Ink, Semasiography, Bluestones, Comets, Demons

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De Guignes was a scholar. He devoted much of his life to a study of the early Chinese, particularly to that which concerned navigation. During his course of study of the Classics, he came across a story, retold by Ma … Continue reading

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