Rough and dirty guide to samsara

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    My God, you who are the master of the whole world, what we want is to search for and encounter from where comes sickness, from where comes pain and affliction. We are the ones who speak and cure … Continue reading

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Unreasonable, illogical, irrational, and more…

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Pope Francis has specifically requested to chew coca leaves (coca being the main ingredient in cocaine) for his upcoming visit to Bolivia. via BBC: Coca, the raw ingredient for cocaine, has been used in the Andes for thousands of years … Continue reading

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Sea of God, Hitler, Jesus, God, Leaders, God

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      At a party in Chicago, a young man under the influence of LSD seized a live kitten and ate it. Later, in an effort to explain his action, he said he had felt an urgent need to … Continue reading

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Truth, truth, truth, McKenna

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The thing to take away from this information is that psychic ability is strongly related to specific physiological characteristics.  In other words, it is a genetic predisposition that we can no more alter than our sexual orientation.  We feel and … Continue reading

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NBL again, mean and vicious attack, Lord of the Flies, etc

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  “The locus of collective armed conflict has gradually expanded the battlefield to include the whole earth. In like manner, its duration may now be indefinite, without there being a declaration of war or any armistice (…) For this reason … Continue reading

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NBL, morons, mumble, mutter, grumble, rant

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    Three days of record numbers of visitors, mostly from NBL. I hope you all find something rewarding to read here ! Sabine, you said ‘When I permit you to comment’ or words to that effect. I have never … Continue reading

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Ego death, debt, money, slavery, ecological footprints

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  Ego death is the process of losing oneself to find oneself. The Ego death dismantles everything that is trivial and unimportant in life. Experiencing reality outside of the filter of being human puts things into perspective. Ego death is … Continue reading

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Bozo, Gef, Greece, Anacyclosis, Graeber, Sharp, Strauss

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In 1937 Lambert brought an action for slander against Sir Cecil Levita, after Levita suggested to a friend that Lambert was unfit to be on the board of the British Film Institute. Levita said that Lambert was “off his head” … Continue reading

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Esarhaddon, Kush, Meroë, Nubia, Icke, Soros

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  Incessant life, development, and movement are in her, but she advances not. She changes forever and ever, and rests not a moment. Quietude is inconceivable to her, and she has laid her curse upon rest. She is firm. Her … Continue reading

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Zappa, demons, physics, philosophy, farmers, moths

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  The festival itself flows the only way it can: according to the collective vibe of the musicians and audience. It’s definitely not for everyone – though this year’s 40-plus attendees include filmmakers, writers, musicians, teachers, students, social workers, artists, … Continue reading

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