the Palace of Crystal, Dugin, the Clearing for Beings, Salt

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In Notes from the Underground, Dostoevsky gives a glimpse into the thoughts of a devious, vengeful, self-absorbed, slightly sadistic man.  This petty man happens to be a typical man—a kind of everyman, yet a highly intelligent one.   The force of the … Continue reading

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Anita Garibaldi, Henoch, Saas, DMT, Tichit, Tassili

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“The generation that followed did not have the same concerns; none of its members attempted to follow the example of the past generation. There was no longer anyone with the noble determination to get to know the great men of … Continue reading

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Merz, War, Henok, His Book

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AND he was telling me all the works of heaven, earth and sea, and all the elements, their passages and goings, and the thunderings of the thunders, the sun and moon, the goings and changes of the stars, the seasons, … Continue reading

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The Anarch, The Forest Flight, The Drunken Boat

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  The forest flight confirms the independence of the anarch, who is basically a forest fleer anywhere, any time, whether in the thicket, in the metropolis, whether inside or outside society. One must distinguish not only between the forest fleer … Continue reading

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Objects, Naive Realism, Speculative Realism, Non-Philosophy

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  The Universe is, or may be, infinite. What does that word, that concept, infinite, mean ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   For Whitehead, philosophy begins in wonder. Wonder is the vague feeling we all have all the time that hovers just … Continue reading

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Unthought Knowns, Proprieties of Inference, Ecstatic Naturalism

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It starts innocently enough, perhaps the first time you recognize your own reflection.  You’re not yet 2 years old, brushing your teeth, standing on your steppy stool by the bathroom sink, when suddenly it dawns on you: That foam-flecked face … Continue reading

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The Madness, The Chairs, The Masks, The Machine..

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Talk of mysteries ! Think of our life in nature – daily to be shown matter, to come in contact with it – rocks, trees, wind on our cheeks ! the solid earth! the actual world ! the common sense … Continue reading

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How to Glow, Flies, Water Babies, Woe

Your letter has drawn me from the solitude in which I had shut myself up for nearly nine months, and from which I found it hard to stir. You will not guess what I have been about. I will tell … Continue reading

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Learning the language of Xu

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But a wonderful thing happened when I was about five. My nurse was carrying me on her shoulder; there was a field of yellow corn, and we went through it, it was very hot. Then we came to a path … Continue reading

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Significs, The Mesh, and Eating Bicycles.

And where are the windows? Where does the light come in? Bernie, old friend, forgive me, but I haven’t got the answer to that one. I’m not even sure if there are any windows in this particular house. Maybe the … Continue reading

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