Bozo, Gef, Greece, Anacyclosis, Graeber, Sharp, Strauss

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In 1937 Lambert brought an action for slander against Sir Cecil Levita, after Levita suggested to a friend that Lambert was unfit to be on the board of the British Film Institute. Levita said that Lambert was “off his head” … Continue reading

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Esarhaddon, Kush, Meroë, Nubia, Icke, Soros

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  Incessant life, development, and movement are in her, but she advances not. She changes forever and ever, and rests not a moment. Quietude is inconceivable to her, and she has laid her curse upon rest. She is firm. Her … Continue reading

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Zappa, demons, physics, philosophy, farmers, moths

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  The festival itself flows the only way it can: according to the collective vibe of the musicians and audience. It’s definitely not for everyone – though this year’s 40-plus attendees include filmmakers, writers, musicians, teachers, students, social workers, artists, … Continue reading

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Sex, death, perversion, depravity, etc

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  …I tread a terribly tenuous, indeed almost non-existent soil spread over a pit full of shadows, whence the powers of darkness emerge at will to destroy my life…   Franz Kafka, from a letter       _______________________________________________________   … Continue reading

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Ulvfuglism, Melancholy, Moths, Madness, Machiavelli

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I hear new news every day, and those ordinary rumours of war, plagues, fires, inundations, thefts, murders, massacres, meteors, comets, spectrums, prodigies, apparitions, of towns taken, cities besieged in France, Germany, Turkey, Persia, Poland, &c., daily musters and preparations, and … Continue reading

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Quick and dirty zen satori

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      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One feature of this line of thought that may strike us as particularly strange is that rather than being in direct contact with people and things, we are said to process bits of information that go … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous musing, mumbling, ulvfuglarity, speculative vulgarism

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      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I came across this collection, 232 quotes about The Purpose of Life… My neighbour’s land is up for sale. I wonder if they have the spelling correct. Dolrhanog ? I wish some permaculture people … Continue reading

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So what’s this about ? Godot, God, Euler, Mites, Maths

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    Kindly inform Mr. Vajpeyi (if he is still in Paris) that I shall be waiting for him at my Paris residence on the 3rd of April at 6 o’clock in the evening. There is no need to inform … Continue reading

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Spiritual Attacks

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  Leonardo Da Vinci, arguably the central figure of the Renaissance, has long been considered by many a man of mystery. This is in spite of the fact that we have an unparalleled set of documents which illuminate his thought … Continue reading

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Fish Zen

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Golden Elixir is another name for one’s fundamental nature. There is no other Golden Elixir outside one’s fundamental nature. All human beings have this Golden Elixir complete in themselves: it is entirely realized in everybody. It is neither more in … Continue reading

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