Reality i

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  “Any firmly held belief in the invisible, it seems to me, must somehow affect our attitude toward the visible world, and that might have been little more than a random plundering and destruction of the nearby wilderness became an … Continue reading

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Hume, Two Wolves, Feynman, Dickens, Plonkers

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In his Treatise, Hume rejected the traditional religious and philosophical accounts of human nature. Instead, he took Newton as a model and announced a new science of the mind, based on observation and experiment. That new science led him to … Continue reading

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Kropotkin, Laing, Sorenson, healing and clarity

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  It is to the young that I wish to address myself today. Let the old – I mean of course the old in heart and mind – lay the pamphlet down therefore without tiring their eyes in reading what … Continue reading

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Dreaming awake, logos, mythos, extinction, tao of equus, siddhis

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    In February 1758 the 90-year-old Charles Lullin, a retired Swiss civil servant whose sight had been progressively failing since a cataract operation five years before, began to see considerably more than he had become accustomed to. For the … Continue reading

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Open Thread re NBL Fading Away

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First, my very best wishes to Guy McPherson. Next, a change here. To make for faster and easier loading, if people wish to comment, I thought it would be interesting to try a post without any art or videos, so … Continue reading

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Mister Heartbreak, time and space, more enlightenment, the healing anchor

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The last two-thirds of the book is an extraordinary record of the mythology of the Buryats. The lore is of great interest, resembling in its fluid, dreamlike narrative the Native American tales. There are many elements found elsewhere through Asia … Continue reading

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Enlightenment, thoughts thereupon and thereabout

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  The words ‘mysticism’ and ‘mystical’ are often used as terms of mere reproach, to throw at any opinion which we regard as vague and vast and sentimental, and without a base in either facts or logic. For some writers … Continue reading

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War pigs, utopias, geometric intuition, buggery, techno…

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    Unable to deny that two of its bombs had fallen from the sky—one in a swampy meadow, the other in a field near Faro, North Carolina—the Air Force insisted that there had never been any danger of a … Continue reading

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Pied Pipers, Pandora, Ethereum, Engineers, Creative Destruction

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Inayat Khan smiled at me and asked, “Mr. Senzaki, will you tell me what the significance of Zen is? I remained silent for a little while, and then smiled at him. He smiled back at me. Our dialogue was over. … Continue reading

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Rough and dirty guide to samsara

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    My God, you who are the master of the whole world, what we want is to search for and encounter from where comes sickness, from where comes pain and affliction. We are the ones who speak and cure … Continue reading

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