Death, Part 2. Materialism, Spirituality, Annwn, Fintan and the Hawk of Achill

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The ship was one day short of completing its journey when the wind died down. Sigurd was overcome with drowsiness and left the queen and his child alone on the deck. There approached a stone boat carrying a frightening “witch” … Continue reading

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Death, Part 1. Wolves, Dogs, Mammoths, Mothers, Eog Agor

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And it is said about this King Arthur, and the English now still say it, that Morgain, his sister, took him to the Island of Brasil, which is 25 leagues off Cape Longaneas, which is in Ireland, and that she enchanted that … Continue reading

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Branwen (White Crow), the Starling, Ceasair, Banc Du, and not getting lost

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    Lady Charlotte Guest version. And Branwen reared a starling in the cover of the kneading trough, and she taught it to speak, and she taught the bird what manner of man her brother was. And she wrote a … Continue reading

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Dragon Stones, Fish, Fisc, Piscis, Vish-ap, Petroglyphs

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Practical Mysticism is a work by one of the foremost 20th century Christian mystics, Evelyn Underhill. Her book, Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness, is the authoritative text of modern mysticism. This shorter work, Practical … Continue reading

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STONEHENGE, Goldilocks, Inter-dimensional Portals, Carningli Triangle, Bishop Berkeley, Mountains of the Star

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A Philosophy of Walking – Frédéric Gros Gros illuminates a new philosophical history of walking, and provides new ways of navigating and interacting with one’s environment politically. Walking has long been held as the key to opening the mind, reconnecting with one’s self … Continue reading

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More and more stones…

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  FOREWORD. To the Average Reader. I judge that you pick up this booklet with much the same ideas on the subject that I had a few months ago. The antiquarians had not helped you or me very much, but … Continue reading

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Meini Hirion, work in progress, thinking out loud…

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  This will be what the title says, will change as my thoughts dictate… The first thing on my mind, which is something quite new, from Sunday, rather than the studies that I made twenty plus years ago, is this … Continue reading

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Meini Hirion, Long Stones, Silent Voices, Strange Quests, Sanchuniathon

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      Truly random systems cannot reveal patterns but only coincidences which humans mistake for patterns (Knuth, 1969; Tezuka, 1995). When real patterns are revealed then chaos is said to be present. Chaos, the apparent state of disorder or … Continue reading

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Meini Hirion. Some mystery about stones.

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So, dear readers. A change of format. Rather than writing an essay, and then posting it, and then putting whatever I find of interest into the blog comments, and then repeating… this now is an ongoing ‘work in progress’ which … Continue reading

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War, Bluestones, Soul, Sanity

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        THOSE, and I am one of them, who find even a small ordinary sized mole disgusting, would probably have died of disgust if they had seen the giant mole that a few years back was observed … Continue reading

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