Ulvfugl Trolls Himself, Vinay Gupta (again), The World, Planet Earth, Nature

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      The current depletion of megafauna is also due to overhunting and persecution: shooting, snaring, and poisoning by humans ranging from individuals to governments, as well as by organized criminals and terrorists (Darimont et al. 2015). Megafauna are … Continue reading

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Let Nature Decide, Vinay Gupta, Euclid, Mary Shelley’s Monster

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    Can the same be said of rewilding? George Monbiot’s compelling Feral (2013) dragged the concept of rewilding towards the UK mainstream. The book foregrounded the ecological depletion of the uplands and oceans and – in a brutally polemical … Continue reading

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Psychosis, Insanity, Madness, Stupidity, Craziness

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      The Polar Star was also named “The Smoke Hole Of The Sky” as it acts as a passageway between two worlds. This is the story of Timer Kazyk; There was a time when the Sky and Earth … Continue reading

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Postmodern Soup, Mcpherson, Kevin Moore, Jay Dyer, Darwin, God

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      Through Darwin, we discovered that man’s ancestor was not the Adam of Eden but a series of increasingly ape-like primates stretching back to an ancestor common between us and the gorilla, during the late Miocene epoch, 8 … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson, Shakespeare, Akhenaten, Nassim Taleb

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    Nonlocality and the shamanic state of consciousness Abstract. Healing methods based on the altered states of consciousness common to spiritual or shamanic traditions escape neuroscientific explanations based on classical physics and classical cognition–denoted here as ‘perceptual-cognitive’ (characteristic of … Continue reading

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Bats and Pitchers, Mutual Aid, History, Doom, Multifractals

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Mutualisms between plants and animals shape the world’s ecosystems [ 1, 2 ]. In such interactions, achieving contact with the partner species is imperative. Plants regularly advertise themselves with signals that specifically appeal to the partner’s perceptual preferences [ 3–5 … Continue reading

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Biodiversity, Hope, Despair, Meaning, Philosophy, etc.

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In an ambitious study that represents the latest merger between big data approaches and the quest to conserve the planet, scientists have found that across a majority of the Earth’s land surface — including some of its most important types of terrain and … Continue reading

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Deathnauts, Brexit, Fascism, Neoconservatives

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Those who would scientifically attempt to delve into the afterlife have long been plagued by dogma, ridicule, and misunderstanding. In one 1982 poll, it was found that a mere 16% of top scientists from various fields questioned believed that there … Continue reading

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Sorcery, Cluster Headache, Black Magic, The Royal Soceity, Dragons

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IN Ireland we hear little of the darker powers, and come across any who have seen them even more rarely, for the imagination of the people dwells rather upon the fantastic and capricious, and fantasy and caprice would lose the freedom … Continue reading

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Blog Recipe, Plato, God, Jay Dyer, Numbers

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    At current rates, Harvard biologist E.O Wilson says, “half the world’s great forests have already been leveled, and half the world’s plant and animal species may be gone by the end of this century.” Corporations aren’t necessarily evil … Continue reading

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